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  1. I will always love Sheila. Just not the Phyllis Sheila. However I did think Michelle Stafford rocked it.
  2. The show needs Taylor to come back and puts Ridge in his spot regarding Thomas.
  3. Thorsten will never be Ridge. Ron Moss is Ridge. Although Moss was a horrible actor, he was Ridge.
  4. Is it time for Taylor to return yet?
  5. I voted for all Hollyoaks. It is the only British Soap I watch.
  6. Hollyoaks Spring Trailer..
  7. Nice work Jcar!
  8. The You tube channel I have been watching has copyright issues again. The last episode I saw was when Leah told Ste they were moving to America...
  9. Link to YouTube version of new opening..
  10. those answers were horrible! lol I Love the new opening. I rewound it 5 times. BTW only one shot of Wyatt.
  12. I like the actress that is playing Coco. Just hate the name. It's like another Whipple....
  13. so much dislike. To each their own. I find myself more intrigued with the show, and cannot wait to come home and watch it. I like Colin, and I am enjoying Jill's story. The whole hostage thing is just okay. I don't think it is needed to bring Scott back. I thought little Johnny was cute. I don't think that whole part was needed at all. Overall though, I find myself less everyday fast forwarding like I was under Pratt.
  14. Thanks for these.