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  1. So any guesses on who the Ring Leader is?
  2. Same as DS Armstrong!
  3. She has won 2
  4. Kimberlin Brown Cynthia Watros
  5. I am enjoying the flashbacks and some of the older B&B background music. Anyone else noticing that?
  6. Ravi is the only one with a brain at this point.
  7. With Andy and Faron too. I think they are with Jazz and Amy.
  8. Maybe we will go all 80's again and have Ashley and Victor, and Jack and Nikki. Where is Matt when you need him?
  9. I cannot stand Darcy. Maybe it is just the actress? I don't know. And don't get me started with Maxine. I cannot stand her either. She causes her own drama and has way too much hair!
  10. You Got That?
  11. Destiny
  12. I enjoyed Charlie and Sheila. Reminds me of her time with Mike the security guard. I am loving this run for Sheila.
  13. Belief
  14. I like Caroline's hair if that matters. lol
  15. They should invest and get some of the British Soap Writers to come to America. I know that Hollyoaks is the least popular in the UK, but I find myself rushing everyday home to watch. The stories are fast, and they are usually way over the top, but it is fun. There are numerous gays/lesbians/transgenders on the show. Including a lesbian Muslim. The show has real explosions, car wrecks, and deaths. The acting is good too. Emmerdale is the soap queen right now in the UK. They had a great Alzheimer's story, and have a great gay super couple, Aaron and Robert. I myself cannot get into it because of the accents, but I wish I could.