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  1. Right now, the only story interesting to me is Ava and her panic over Morgan's pills. My list of things uninteresting is much longer. The mystery of Jake and the Scarecrow has not grabbed my interest. I do not care about Hayden, Finn, or his addiction. I absolutely hate how they have dumbed down and de-clawed Jordan. The whole mystery of Tracy's painting was boring, too, until she came home with it and there was all that Quartermaine banter. That was fantastic! I thought it would have been alot more interesting if the painting had disappeared for longer and was hidden somewhere in the house. The search within the mansion have been hilarious, but, then, what do I know ? I guess they had to hurry everything with Jane's imminent departure. I think she will be missed even more than most fans have thought.20171110851666820171110851666
  2. He looked good and it was nice to see him, but wow! What an otherwise ho-hum episode. YAWN!
  3. I enjoyed the Q's banter on the 4/17/17 episode. It was so much fun to watch, but at the same time, it made me sad, because I think that may have been the last time ever of watching scenes like that with JE on her way out. For how good the scenes were, I especially felt the loss of Stuart Damon as Alan on this particular episode, even after all this time that Alan has been gone.
  4. I wish I could find the interview about it, but, if I am remembering correctly, Mr. Carlivati mentioned that it was decided to change Franco's paternity in order to connect him with characters that were currently on the canvas (Scotty, Heather), rather than to those that were dead and gone (Alan Quartermaine, Susan Moore, etc.). I guess that would mean a character like Griffin would not have been created under Mr. Carlivati's pen. I agree with other posters here that making the character of Lee's death about Franco would be a disservice to everyone.
  5. To be honest, I don't think they had any plans to bring back Alex, but then, an ABC suit will read all the fan speculation and might order Jelly to make it fit. I have my doubts that this duo of headwriters has a story bible of any kind. All the evidence points to them starting up stories with no plans for the outcome. That explains why there are no great payoffs during sweep periods with them. I truly don't mean to trash Jelly. They have created some interesting characters and some of their ideas have been good, but I have said for a long time that they need a good story consultant to help them with formulating a story bible and how to follow through on it. I am probably in a minority that don't see the need to fire them. With help, they can succeed, I think.
  6. I pray that they do. Just to dedicate an episode to his memory would be more than fitting and proper. If I am not mistaken, he was the first actor from GH to win an Emmy. For his solid work, he brought the show prestige when the ratings were finally on the rise at the time. In retrospect, for all the drama that Lee was involved in, the writers of GH were remarkably slow in having Lee, a character established early on as an alcoholic, to start up drinking again.
  7. I thought it was nice that they did an onscreen tribute to Barbara Tarbuck, who had played Lady Jane, Jax's mom. I really wish soaps did this kind of thing more often for actors that played characters no longer on the current canvas but still much loved by fans. For example, on-air tributes to Bob Hastings and Todd Davis would have been great.
  8. At least so far, he doesn't play Larry Ashton as comedically as Hugo Napier did, but, I do like this guy. If I didn't know the character's history, the way Oliver carries himself, I'd really think Larry Ashton was distinguished!
  9. As much as I like ME, I just can't invest in the kooky Dr. Finn. I'm not sure why not. It could be because the character kind of violates GH's traditional portrayal of doctors. Even if a doctor or nurse was a villain, somehow, they still had professional integrity (that is, if they were a regular, permanent character). I really don't know if Dr. Finn is worth rooting for or not. He cares, but not in a Dr. Hardy kind of way.
  10. Awesome! I am so glad they brought Olivia Jerome back from the dead. Speaking of bringing back the dead, I've often wondered why they don't bring the character of Cheryl Stansbury back from that same era. She was Julian's true love, not Alexis. And it would give RC and JZ both something to do, that's for sure. I think alot of viewers would love for JZ to have a real story. I know I would.
  11. It appears that the Olivia Jerome story was wrapped up and I was sorry to see TW leave. The wrap-up was less than spectacular, though. Carly was talking too much while holding the gun on OJ, so, viewers knew that someone was going to prevent her from pulling the fatal trigger. I did call one thing right--the writers did miss the Lucy Coe connection with OJ. I know alot of people didn't care for it, but I liked this story and thought it was fun. I really can't think of anything else going on with the show right now that will similarly hold my interest, except for maybe seeing how they are going to handle JE's impending departure.
  12. I agree that a big part of the OJ return has been a transparent effort to rehabilitate the character of Julian's image that most viewers will simply not forgive. However, I have still enjoyed Olivia J's return. This time, the writers made good use of history and used it to tremendous advantage. While it is true that under Marcus/Palumbo, Olivia was not a comic book villain, if you view the old footage, the character of Victor Jerome, Olivia J. and Julian's father was. So, now as the "elder Jerome", perhaps Olivia J. has taken over his spot.
  13. Though neither brought GH stellar ratings, I liked both Marcus and Palumbo. Marcus was the first writer since Marland to truly give characters like Steve, Audrey, and Jessie some decent scenes, and the fact that both Mr. Carlivati and Jelly have used so much of Palumbo's old story material for the present speaks for itself. I never thought about Olivia J and her possible boy-toy collection--hey, maybe she has Morgan locked up somewhere as a willing sex slave! That idea isn't any less campy than Casey the Space Alien!
  14. I know I stand alone, but I have really enjoyed the ride with this Olivia Jerome story. I think Olivia should give up on the whole Duke thing already and just hook up with Rudge. A woman has needs, after all. Anyone could become a bit unhinged if they haven't, well, you know, in 26 years.
  15. Hallelujah! We now know who Nelle really is! To me, while in a way the reveal was interesting to watch, I found this "big reveal" to be remarkably restrained compared to, for example, the reveal that Carly slept with Sonny and that Sonny killed AJ at Carly and Franco's wedding, which was written under Mr. Carlivati's tenure. I'm just glad this Nelle thing is finally over. The brightest spot in the story for me was Bobbie and Felicia's involvement in it. On a more positive note, I disagree with some of the other posters here. I have loved every second of Tonja Walker's return as Liv Jerome, and I'll be sad to see her go. I think the Liv storyline has probably been Jelly's best since they took over at GH. The only thing I think they have missed with it so far is the Lucy Coe connection, and my guess is it won't be mentioned or addressed.