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  1. I was too. Maybe they changed the plan when KS got sick.
  2. I think while Maura West is around as Ava, Kiki ain't going anywhere. I am wondering if they are going to try to form a Nelle-Michael-Kiki triangle.
  3. I wish RPW the very best. No matter how anyone felt about his performance as Dillon, I don't care if it is a major actor or a person who scrubs the toilet, I am NEVER happy to hear about a person suddenly losing their job. Did they REALLY have to do it that way, without notice or warning? I fully realize that soaps are businesses, and businesses, like people, will make brilliant moves at times, and other times, moves so stupid that they utterly defy logic. I don't know why, and of course this is pure speculation on my part, but I don't think this latest move is Valentini at work. I think this must be the network making cost cuts. No matter who has the title of EP, even they aren't really the boss.
  4. Agreed. However, you can't but help think that between this story between Griffin and Ava and Anna and Valentin that this group of writers is obviously crazy about "Beauty and the Beast" types of themes!
  5. I remember reading rumors a few months back that there was going to be love interest for the Griffin character, and I remember a few people speculating that it will probably be Ava. I think when it comes to pairings on GH, the two best actresses who can create chemistry with practically anyone is either Maura West or Rebecca Herbst. I think it is way past time time to give MC, who plays Griffin, something to do. He's good eye candy and he can act. MW is a good choice to pair him with.
  6. FV dfid mention giving Jacklyn Zeman some "fun" material, but, to be honest, under his watch, the way vets are being used under him often feels to me like faithful viewers are being thrown crumbs. Case in point, the scenes lately where Mac and Felicia were caught by Aunt Stella while having sex in the bushes in the park. Sure it was all done for laughs, but then, if one goes on to YouTube and watches the Mac/Felicia scenes from the 90s where the whole Maxie/BJ's heart story unfolds, it doesn't take Einstein to figure out that the current writers/regime has little to no interest in giving vets any "meat" to play. Anyone who reads the threads here would know that that is what the viewers really want,
  7. Wrong thread, my apologies.
  8. I have never watched "Y&R", but this latest news underscores how crazy the soap world has become. My guess is, the days of a headwriter lasting 15 years like Henry Slesar did for EON or Bill Bell for Y&R are never to return. Actors would take work in daytime because it was a steady paycheck. They may have to re-think that idea too. I view this move with alot skepticism. Everywhere one looks there is instability and mayhem. This may be the beginning of the end for all U.S. daytime soaps.
  9. I thought for sure the job would have gone to Whitesell, but, I'd rather see a person like Van Etten, who knows the show get the job than a repeat of Pratt, Jr. or someone who would try plot-driven catastrophes with characters no one knows or cares about to drive up ratings. GH already went that route in '76='77 and was thisclose to getting cancelled as a result. I don't know much about this guy, but I think he'll be okay.
  10. I wish Jean P. well in her retirement. As a result of Jonny fanning the flames, for too long, the GH threads have been all about Jean P. on this site. My hope is that it does not morph into "All About Shelly" and what a "gem" she is. It was funny at first, but, the joke has gotten way too old, and enough is enough.
  11. This is the first time I heard of this. You could be right, though, I think I would have preferred the kidnapper to be a very much alive Nicholas trying to whisk his son out of the country and out of a Port Charles where the character of Spencer doesn't fit in with its residents anyway.
  12. The scenes were okay, in my opinion, but, they didn't ring true to me and here's why. In real families, when a close family member dies, family will bend over backwards to run to the widow's side and then, undergo the ordeal of funeral services. No mention was made of those, unless I missed something, which is possible. I don't know of any family in the real world who would simply gather for a champagne toast. Still, it was preferable to saying and doing nothing....
  13. I couldn't agree more, and furthermore, I was always dissatisfied that they never gave Lesley the chance to rail against a Cassadine after one of their own kept her a prisoner for all those years. As you rightly point out, the missed opportunities abounded!
  14. I have my doubts on that. Shelly is a traditional P&G soap-style storyteller, or at least, that is what I think her collaboration with Jean P. has shown me. I don't view that as a crime, but rather as a great strength. Shelly needs someone as a co-headwriter with a Ron C. type of sensibility to deliver spectacular payoffs to her long stories. That has been noticeably missing under Jelly's tenure. Now Jonny, you of all people isn't suggesting that Jean Passanante has held Shelly back all this time, are you???????
  15. What is too bad is, most current viewers of GH have no idea who Lucille was or how good she was on the show. Not much footage is available of her for public viewing, sadly. Gloria Monty arrived after the bloodbath of 1975, where Lucille and a few other long-running characters were written out, and most current viewers look at Monty's reign as the beginning of GH, though the show was already on the air for almost 15 years prior to her arrival.