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  1. So far, I'm liking Aunt Stella. I think it would be cool if it's revealed that Aunt Stella is an R.N. and she decided to stay in town and work at GH. Could you imagine her and Epiphany locking horns? It would make the Julian/Sonny rivalry look like the Tom and Jerry cartoon characters, in comparison AND it would actually be a story inside General Hospital. What a concept!
  2. Anna Stuart already appeared on GH as Gina (Dante) Lansing#1 eons ago. I could more readily buy her as Lesley's long lost sister and Laura's new aunt!
  3. I think when Frank and Doris Hursley, the creators wrote the show, Steve and Jessie being platonic friends was probably part of the show's original "bible", right along with the concept of never giving the show a specific location. Up until around '76 or '77, there was no "Port Charles", which in retrospect, seems so strange! I agree with the other posters in this thread that Gloria Monty did not do right by either of the show's original leads.
  4. GH The forgotten heroes, Steve and Jessie, without whom there would have been no Luke and Laura later. Especially Emily McLaughlin as Jessie--she, with John Beradino as Steve carried the show for years--years unfortunately, that did not survive "wiping", that insidious practice of erasing and reusing videotape to save money. If their work could be seen again, they'd be lauded all over again.
  5. On the 6/15 episode, the good doctor-priest, Griffin, told Sam that he had "anxiety issues" after being held by Olivia Jerome! Really? This could happen only on a soap. A person who suffers from "anxiety issues" has a perfect physique, a mop of hair to die for, shiny-bright teeth, smoldering good looks, etc. If that is the way Griffin looks from having anxiety issues, he damn well should bottle whatever the anxiety did to him. I'd be the first to buy it because I wouldn't mind looking like that lad!
  6. I wish Ms. Passanante well in her retirement. Under her pen, I liked the Olivia Jerome return and I think she saved the character of Anna by reversing Carlos's murder by Anna to avenge Duke's death. I did not care for the Hospital Serial Killer storyline or the whole Nelle thing, but Ms. Passanante has acknowledged and conceded that no writer will satisfy everyone, which is true. Since GH has time to either promote from within or hire a good writer from the outside, my hope is that they do not make some sort of hasty, ridiculous move and put a reckless hack in Ms. Passanante's place. I never thought Ms. Passanante was a hack. On GH, I feel she never got the help she needed with mystery/adventure stories, which GH viewers expect, but as a traditional soap writer, was not her strong suit..
  7. I do too. Ever since RC got axed after that ratings slide, I think something definitely changed. As for Jean P's replacement, my guess would be that Chris Whitesell will take her spot.
  8. I completely forgot about the Anna/Celia rivalry in every detail. What did Celia have against Anna? I do recall that later writers made Celia a very fickle character. If I remember right, Monica and Celia got along, so, I'm sure Monica would open up and share "her" house to Celia and family.
  9. Alot of the overexposure of certain characters is probably an EP problem, rather than a HW problem, though, I can not prove that definitively. The predictable storytelling also points to a need for a good story consultant. I do think Jelly has created a character or two with potential, like Andre and Curtis, so, I don't think they are all bad. I like ME, but Finn never did it for me. I still liked him best as McBain.
  10. My problem is not their pace. As traditional Procter and Gamble soap storytellers, Jean and Shelly were probably well-schooled on keeping a slow pace, BUT, to be sure to reward their viewer's patience with a big payoff. That is where their problem lies, and that is why I have said over and over again that they need a good story consultant to help them out, having a story consultant that could properly plan a story that will make sense, make use of history, and pack a wallop with the payoff at the right time. I don't think they need to be replaced, they just need the right assistance.
  11. I am not a fan of constant headwriter changes in general. Just like under Mr. Carlivati, I think what the show needed/needs is a good story consultant, though I am not sure who a good candidate would be. To be fair, I think lately the writing has improved with Kate Hall's return and Lucky Gold now on board.
  12. Not a fan of the Chimera story line, but I will say I loved seeing Constance Towers again despite that. As of late, I am liking the hospital intrigue with Brad and Ava's attempt to get full custody of her daughter. So, i.e., I like the traditional soap material much more than the mystery/adventure stories, at least as written by Jean and Shelly. I did like the Olivia Jerome return a while back but other than that, I have found Jean and Shelly's mystery/adventure stories to be too "talky" for my tastes. No one can be good at everything, and I acknowledge that.
  13. I love Finola Hughes, and I also love Anna, but I know already that I do not like this story of a "double" running around. Storylines using a double have become a very tired soap cliche, almost as tired as the endless cups of coffee poured on soaps in their early days.
  14. It was great to see Constance Towers back yesterday as Helena. With Tony Geary's departure, I didn't think we'd see her again. Though she plays a cruel, murderous villain, there is no hiding the class and beauty of Ms. Towers.