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  1. *uncorks champagne* Love ya long term Kendall, but we all need a big fat break. See ya next spring or something. So long, Alexander Cambius, Jr. Hopefully forever. The show's ratings may or may not improve without Zach's/Zendall's presence but I will still be a happier viewer with Zach long damn gone. Enjoyed AM and SL's goodbye scenes very much. In the minority most likely, but I am glad to have Greenlee back even though Rylee is an unfortunate inevitability.
  2. That got my attention also during the show. I guess Adam supposedly had another copy hidden away there. What do you guys make of Scott's little bit to Erica on honesty today? Just his turn at the hypocricy-go-round? Scott's certainly no bastion of honesty. He can make an argument for his lies being well-intentioned "protection" towards family and those he cares about (at least as things appear now) but honest? Nah.
  3. Ack! I liked BAB on Soap Star, missed her run on OLTL, was only kind of meh on her (very short) GL and AMC (so far) performances. Maybe Kat and Tad's upcoming interactions would change my mind.....but the idea of them romantically entangled makes me grimace. *waves at Marissa*
  4. I am an Erica fan and appreciate her "charms". I like her one-on-one interactions with Adam. I don't think she was particularly awful in her manner today, I just am tired of the Pursue Annie and Adam at All Costs storyline. I like Ryan's manner with Erica most the time. He's more subdued and gentlemanly around Erica. He pushing stuff too far again with Annie. It's his bulling his way around into people's hospital rooms, etc. expecting everyone should give into his agenda that bug.
  5. Agreed. I was giving Ryan a bit of credit there for a while. Credit expended, he's back to screeching, demanding, prying and cajoling to *get* Annie. Must. *Get* Her. Bleh. Please stop swallowing loudly after a couple words you utter, Adam Mayfield. Hydrate yourself and/or get a grip on the tic. TIA. Found the scene with Scott and Erica interesting in a way. Never really seen them interact like that. Bring on Greenlee. I need a change of scenery. Liked that Adam was back on the leading edge of things with Annie and Scott. Mostly boring or rather kind of tedious.
  6. Opal staying on makes me happy. I do think it Jonathan could be correct if they're not offering her contract status, just recurring that would be something Jill Larson could help her get by as she auditioned for other, more numerous projects in LA. Maybe Jill Larson still needs to work. *shrugs* I miss Opal and Erica's friendship quite a bit. I imagine Pratt has Martin bonding time in line for Opal though.
  7. I missed the live run, but must admit the goings-on you've described doesn't inspire me to catch today's eppy. More of the same ole.
  8. Today was kind of boring for me, too overall. I found myself moved a couple of times by DC's layered reaction as the guilt about Stuart presses him. Today it was external forces, JR and The Three Stooges helping that guilt along. Denise Vasi returns to not act some more. Glad Madison's back. Frankie's got it bad because he believes her and his good guy self won't be able to hold back from helping. No tears for Randi from me. I agree R, the stuff about Zach and Kendall using all but no attempt to disguise their identities on the message board when it's been mentioned many times that Zach was under surveillance. I am not sure what's in plan for Beigissa and Junior but those two characters could fall away from the current landscape and few would notice, imo. I'm someone who thinks the JR ought to be around as a legacy character, too. The writers have isolated them during the cancer storyline and it sounds now like JR wants to officially de-Chandlerize himself (for the forty-seventh time, but there we are). Perhaps we'll see more interaction now that JY and BA are going to LA. I was hoping JR would get entangled in the Chandler family drama with the new Step Mommy. I hope it's not in the Martinized version...which sounds likely now. Junior was a piece of work today--renouncing his family and throwing in his cousin's face Scott's lack of Chandler blood. JR is such a big, big, baby still.
  9. Canary wasn't in the scene. I would be surprised if the connection to DC had anything to do with the reference, which as Cheap has suggested seemed sort of random. I think it was just a clunky jokey reference to the upcoming soapy hijinx getting ready to happen at Kat's boarding house. Who knows though seems like there's been a bit of unusal references this eppy. Maybe LeClerc was right and
  10. The contract with David is ridiculous but to Amanda doing a little research and thinking through the consequences of what she signed, I can only say, "Ya think?" Jeez. I am having trouble feeling sympathy in principle but no woman should be forced contractually use her body in such a manner if she changes her mind. There are going to be a lot of problems whether she backs out of the contract or not now. Timing seemed odd to me. I assumed Randi's first post-honeymoon mystery text message was Madison-related but didn't expect her to get discovered by a Hubbard on the very same day. Agreed. Very tiresome and punchable sort of fella. Liza's got the size and reach to do it. Hope she does. Bailey's portrayer reminds me so much of Teen Teresa Lopez Fitzgerald somehow I find it distracting. Not digging the actress and I am sure we'll be seeing more of "baby deedy dude" and baby mama dudette than I care to for the next while.
  11. Cheap, the joke is Peyton Place (the old 60s soapy novel and soap opera). I thought the reference funny but random as well, LeClerc. Now will someone please explain the "420" reference for me? I didn't get it.
  12. Adam Mayfield really held his own today and went toe-to-toe with TK. Scott held his eye contact with Zach while calmly making his point then stepped right into Zach's personal space for emphasis and Zach moved ever so slightly back. Usually it's Zach dominating scene partners physically. Something small but I loved it. I was looking forward to the David as the Devil (or one of his bureaucrats in Purgatory) but like Jonathan said I don't think the scenes really came off entirely. VI really threw his all into into. I absolutely loved the red suit, hair and makeup but found the goatee distracting. I do absolutely love that little gif of Devil Dave, reallyhates. Annie came off as an angel at first but MCE hyped her delivery enough to make Annie seem like the SchemerCleverAnnie instead of Angel Annie. I am not sure that was the intent. I am looking forward to the Chandler Family upset over the new step mom. I found myself quite bored and FF-y with Aidan and Kendall scenes. I was startled by Ryan again having some self-awareness (this time about his role in Adam's keeling over). Of course Erica disavowed Ryan of any culpability but I take any bit of increased likeability for Ryan if he's going to stay on the scene.
  13. Debi Morgan. Wow. Just terrific. *swoon* Those quiet moments in the window with Jesse. Angie so preoccupied, so filled with mixed-feelings. Just great and subtle acting. Loved it. I thought Angie might really go public. I see why David caved. I would have rooted her on if she had. While okay with Angie keeping the COS position, I am also glad she is torn and questioning herself. That feels real and human. I want Angie active and wouldn't at this point mind seeing her leave Jesse. Really, really liked the dialogue today. I'd much prefer some overwritten dialogue to the inadequate, mechanical or absent dialogue which has been a problem under Pratt, imo. I am excited about Kimberly Hamiliton's possibilities. I think that lack of character motivation and poor quality/insufficient dialogue have been Chuckles' biggest issues. I don't dare dream yet that it may remain consistent. I also liked Ryan bringing up Jonathan to Adam it makes sense based on character history and Ryan's objective in trying to get Adam to spill. I don't even agree with what Ryan and Erica are doing, but I liked how it was written and how Ryan/Cam played it. Cam resisted emphatically. spitting. out. each. word. Ryan built his point and then got a little assy at the end with Scott. It's Ryan, I expect him to be assy. Was there foreshadowing of Ryan becoming Police Chief or was that just a throwaway line to Jesse? I actually think that would be a good role for Ryan, he would have a badge which would give him at least the role of law enforcer to support his usual sanctimony. I realize Ryan doesn't have the career background for it but in PV that doesn't seem to matter much, so who knows. If Jesse wasn't a corrupt as the day is long, I'd love for him to stay on as COP. I think he needs to get busted some ranks at the very minimum this now chronic gaming of the system and breaking the law for his family and the Slaters. I am going to miss Aidan. AT's never meant for high drama. But for a good-guy, super spy and soap hunk, he's easy on the eyes and has never gotten on my nerves. Some of the dialogue with Kendall and Aidan seemed stilted, imo. Mostly because the writers were trying to fit in a lot of logistical issues over the messages hijinix and Kendall getting suspicious. Not bad though. MCE is still firing on all cylinders. The stuff with Lucretia was funny and just how I kind of imagined Annie as Lady Chandler of the Mansion. DC is terrific with Erica, Ryan, everyone really, though we should be seeing more mental torture for Adam over the realization of him killing Stuart, imo. You guys covered that territory on another day's thread. Adam Mayfield is improving and trying very hard. I still find his expressions/acting distracting often, however. I watched 3 episodes in row yesterday to catch up and enjoyed it mostly. Thursday was the best of those, imo. I FF JR and Marissa. And also, please keep Jake and Amanda out of onscreen sexual situations, implied or otherwise, they make me cringe. TIA.
  14. I am afraid we are in for a bit of the Zendall cyberpoetry slam. I am glad for then attempt at romance which has all but vanished in PV and want to see more with all couples. The poetry angle will get/is already(?) wearying for non-Zendall fans quickly, including me. Trying to give Mabe and edge today, I see. Is she going to go from boring to stabby? How sad to see Jesse tending to poor exhausted Zach, noble knight on a mission. Oh he musn't miss his sleep, keep up his strength. I don't want to see Jesse being Zach's attendant, all but tucking him in. Good on the show for continuing the cancer support group scenes. Amanda Dillon, dimmer by the minute. Since I've criticized him for a while now, I must give Jake some credit for the last couple of episodes. I like him leaving the choice to Amanda on more than one occasion. Though it may not last, it feel like an upgrade in behavior. It puzzled me at first as it seemed to puzzle Tad. No matter the initial reaction, it looks good on Jake. Vincent is just on lately, imo. Like David and Liza interacting they seem like two of a kind though she denies it. RPG and Luner also do well in scenes together.
  15. I am just catching up after missing the end of last week when aired. I agree, nothing to write home about. Adam Mayfield is awful at playing drunk. Mabe is...Mabe. She and Junior have become FF for me pretty much. JR's being a real prince right now though. It's nice to see that side of him again, just can't enjoy the interaction with her.