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  1. Absolutely. Courtney Hope is fantastic to watch. It's amazing, I literally gave up on this show in January, and then they suck me right back in with the Spectras'. And as overly fast as it's been playing out, I'm even loving her and Thomas.
  2. My memory could no doubt be foggy on this one, but wasn't she slightly above average when she first started as Victoria? Light years from HT of course, but I recall her having a little more backbone and confidence until LML arrived on the scene.
  3. You're not wrong. I never had a clue they were together until now.
  4. Oh no, not at all, no hard feelings It's going to be a long progress. I hope they find their feet soon enough though. I shudder to think of another LML/Pratt arriving on scene a year from now...
  5. Oh, don't worry. I never said don't discuss. I don't expect anybody to praise the show, nothing is ever going to get it back to its former glory days. it's still flawed as sh*t. Having said that, for me personally, the little things have been making all the difference. With the exception of Dylan in Miami, I've enjoyed most days over the past two months. Feels pretty good to look forward to watching this show again.
  6. Well, call me easily pleased, but I just have to think of the disaster we were watching ten years ago this week and it just makes me appreciate what's onscreen now even more...
  7. Again, I'm a little behind, but I just witnessed the phone call between little Sally and the 'big Sally' impersonator. I'll just leave this here...
  8. I've lapsed this show for weeks now and only just started Monday's episode. I really haven't missed a thing, have I. On a side note, it was music to my ears hearing Heather Tom utter the words Genoa City.
  9. She really is. Most days I have to remind myself that she's a recast, I feel like she's been here for years and years.
  10. I'm excited to hear this. Better late than never I guess. I'm just amazed MAB never ushered the character in. I wonder if this means the shadow of a former nurse will be cast over GC soon
  11. Because LML had nearly two years worth of contribution to Y&R and it was all pathetic. Sussman and Alden have been here a month, in the wake of LML, MAB and Pratt's mess that they now have to clean up, and until they get into the groove of things, I won't judge them. This one month of Y&R has been more enjoyable than 90% of Y&R in the past ten years. I'd be lying if I said I didn't find him amusing on some level. It's my petty nature.
  12. The worst? I'm aware you're trolling, don't get me wrong, but all I have to do is think of where we were ten years ago today and suddenly I have nothing to complain about - one word: Pheila.
  13. No. Michael's cancer story that your precious Jelly wrote trumps this any day.
  14. I still enjoy Y&R until the second half of 2006. I know it's pretty much split between whether 2003 or 2005 was the last decent year, but I think 2006 had quite a bit to offer. It's funny to me seeing these scenes and actually enjoying the build up of Phyllis and Nick's relationship, even if I hated them by the time LML had complete control. The scene where Nikki gets shot while Victor beats the crap out of the mugger is where the doom began for me. I just remember thinking how out of place that scene felt on the show. The epilepsy storyline wasn't without some decent scenes when Victor starts to lose control, but was pretty bad for the most part. The Nazis and then Pheila was the nail in the coffin for me though, especially the latter. I always watch it if a need a good laugh
  15. I loathe Phick as much as the next person, but for anybody such as myself that didn't mind the first year or so, a fan's been uploading clips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDIAxLppDk8