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  1. I would love to see Neil get a story line; he has two if written right for him; the Devon story line and the one he is in now regarding his being the father of Moses.
  2. It has been a very long time since I've posted on the message board... Lots of things happened over the end of the year....Hopefully, I'll be able to get back to posting here....I truly have missed posting with everyone on here....
  3. Haven't really been posting on here unless it's to get the previews out, but I wanted to pass the word to those who know me, that I have a 'wicked' fan fic site.... When I say wicked I mean it's racy.... This is strictly fan fiction; nothing but pure enjoyment of what I love to do and I'm willing to share that with you all if you are interested in taking a look....Keep in mind that not everyone will like to read mature audience fiction but for those that do, don't hesitate to take a look Go to the following to see: Keep in mind that as most blogs go, the recent is up at the top where the beginnings of the stories are at the bottom There are two so far/ Say it Again and Somethin' Special Get a Glimpse
  4. I just want Gloria to fade far, far away....it makes no sense to have her at all in anything revolving around Katherine or any other character...I guess they must be bored with her because they rarely have her in scenes with Michael or Kevin...
  5. According to SOD the actor who plays Grady is OUT..... Phillip did in one encounter what nobody could do since Grady has been Springfield...Take care of his sorry butt in one go-round.... and I hope Grady doesn't return
  6. Didn't watch the show at all, but I'll take your word for it... Did get a cool email from Chris Engen (Adam) today....He's simply a sweetie
  7. Just my opinion, but if they can write Lily with an edge the minute Noelle Beck came on the scene, why couldn't they have done the same thing all those years that Martha Byrne was in the role... I am not going to say that it's all Martha that didn't bring depth and spunk to the role of Lily, but possibly the way the powers that be dumbed her down so much. That's just a thought to think on. Can't always blame the actors/actresses for the way the character is or say that they didn't bring this or that to the role; it also takes the writing material too, and there were way too many times in recent years that the writers just gave out crappy stories that could have been excellent ones for the character of Lily.
  8. I've been chatting for awhile now...He's extremely sweet and nice.
  9. Going to the actual episode from today: Jack: Once again willing to use anyone and anything to stick it to Victor. Granted Victor's deep in his mood, but still....even Victor took a break from trying to destroy Jack when Jack lost his father (not saying the death of Sabrina is the same as the loss of John Abbott, but it's still a loss)....I knew immediately that Jack would be using Adam in his scheme to hurt Victor. Gloria/Jeff/Kevin/Jana: Yawn....I fast forward them. Kevin cracked me up upset that he was missing his devious mojo, LOL Victor: Dang, he let go of his entire STAFF Sorry but Sabrina wasn't all that to be going to those extremes, but wow. Oh and on a very personal note: I got the most awesome email from Chris Engen today.....We've been emailing back and forth from the day he started on the show...He's such a sweetie and I love getting his thoughts about how his character is going so far....Talk about a wonderful thing to come to the computer for :wub:
  10. I'm giving the change a chance..... I barely come on this board as is, except to drop my soaps and rant about some of the ATWT/Y&R stuff...
  11. Exactly...contracts can become null and void at the drop of a dime...and that dime dropped on her like nobody's business.
  12. What tickles me is this: based on the previews they show...It's quite alright for Jack to do Janet after only knowing her for a week (what does he really know about her except for the fact that she was Brad's girl, that she has a kid w/Brad and that she still in fact WANTS Brad----don't tell me different, because if Brad came up to that girl and said "Spread em'" she'd be like "See ya Jack" in a heartbeat.....but the minute Jack found out that Carly was going to go to Paris with Neal (in an effort to get away from Holden and what was happening) he read her the riot act; always throwing the kids in her face "I guess you don't mind Parker thinking you're walking out on them again." (Jack uses those kids as a crutch and threat way too much.... he should think about that the next time Parker voices his dislike for him sniffing up on Janet)....It's perfectly FINE for the Snyder men to do anything that stands on two legs but the minute the women waver and stray they are on them like nobody's business. Jack flaunts Janet like Holden flaunted Julia Larabee----- but will be the first Yahoo to sudden want to tell someone else how to live their lives----- Trust me when I say this...Jack will turn this all on Carly; he will most definitely accuse Carly of stalking Holden till she had her way with him; purposely setting out to ruin a marriage....Jack will be mad at Holden but he'll basically accuse Carly as the instigator... I have been a Holden/Lily fan and CarJack fan for years and I will be the first to say that they need to break these four up for a good long time... Also the more I think about it, I'm surprised that they didn't do some pairing of Jack and Lily rather than Jack and Jump Your Bones Janet.
  13. Are you talking about at the end of the show previews for what's coming for the next day?
  14. Janet is the ditzy version of Julia Larabee to me....What is it about that farm house that EVERYONE can move in? WTH...Sure Noah, you're my boyfriend, come and move in. Janet, Big Bad and Mean Brad won't foot your bill to the Lakeview so we can have disgusting friends with bennies sex together? No problem pack your stuff and come and move in with me at the farm house. No offense but I'd be fumigating that house with all the women that came in and out of there.