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  1. For anyone wanting to relive (or see) the magical ending of the two-hour premiere. Love Chromatics, and I love James here:
  2. Alan Sepinwall surprisingly bends the knee and admits he loved it. SPOILERS aplenty.
  3. Yeah, I linked it up top. The new show is dividing even hardcore fans. I love it, but I'm all in with most things Lynch. You have to be when there's an extended sequence in a casino of a shellshocked, near-catatonic Cooper getting jackpots at slot machines while guided by floating, flaming Black Lodge portals done up in (deliberately) wacky CGI. From the final sequence in the Roadhouse with Shelly, James and co. in episode 2, the incredible music of Chromatics:
  4. That was either in the chamber where Cooper escaped. What a world! Same actress, though not credited as Ronette.
  5. Never expected to see OLTL's Deanna butt naked in bed with a bewigged Kyle MacLachlan but here we are #twinpeaks2017

    1. DRW50


      Was he holding a folder?

    2. Vee
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      LMAO to DRW50. And her acting is still [!@#$%^&*], even under Lynch's direction. Thought he might be able to pull some sort of unnatural acting ability out of her, but alas, it was not meant to me.

  6. I'm taking a few hours to read fan reactions and talk to people before doing the other two. I'll be rewatching these all week. And yeah, the bit about James was satisfying - and I think a defiant stance by Lynch/Frost to fans who pick him as an easy target. James takes a lot of abuse for Marshall's, uh, raw performance and some lousy story turns, but I liked him in FWWM and when Lynch and the show used him well. Liked him here too. I am very curious to see what's become of that lonely boy years later. I also suspect the cute Brit with him (Jake Wardle, playing Freddie Sykes) may be intended for Shelly's daughter Becky
  7. No, Showtime is behind it. That BI is on a show on ABC - some overpriced Romeo and Juliet sequel series shot in Europe which Shonda Rhimes backed. Ausiello says he hates S2 and FWWM, so I've written him off. Todd VanDerWerff raves on Vox.
  8. Some of the first reviews: NYT's is decent if guarded, but waffles on calling it good enough yet. It's also wrong on one story point: James is Michael Ausiello hates it and is very upset. THR admits it is impossible to review. Deadline says Lynch has schooled TV again.
  9. Holy shït. Twin Peaks is still way, way ahead of anything else on television. Eat that, Leftovers.
  10. Twin Peaks leaked on Italy's Sky on Demand. Haven't spoiled myself much but it definitely sounds like a dark premiere in the vein of Lynch's later films, which no one can call a "nostalgia fest".

  11. Price Peterson from Yahoo reviews the new show (spoiler-free, after a few light things were scrubbed from the earlier version of the piece) - he digs it. Mashable on the premiere.
  12. I don't agree with all of this Matt Zoller Seitz piece, but I think it's mostly right on, and right on about Lynch: He does not give a fúck about audience/critical expectation and this will be wild. From the piece, and important:
  13. (One of) the key WH staff under investigation:
  14. Premiere day in LA! Mädchen Amick blogs about her career and TP. Mark Frost and Sherilyn Fenn talk to the Australian press. Kyle and Lynch talk to the LA Times. GQ's oral history of David Lynch. Lynch talks to Deadline.