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  1. Today in awful: Cultural vampire Katy Perry dragged Dustin from Stranger Things into her music video. Where will she strike next? Withdraw, succubus!

    1. DRW50


      Why are they doing a video for a single that flopped months ago?

  2. Sarah was superimposed on FWWM's Jumping Man briefly tonight: And the final frame at the end of the credits:
  3. I never thought Michael Cera's girlfriend/ex? (Charlyne Yi) - the stoner chick from Knocked Up - would have one of the most incredible sequences in Twin Peaks history, but here we are. What an episode. And the convenience store! (Complete with the wallpaper from Laura's painting in FWWM) "In memory of Margaret Lanterman."
  4. "Who is Judy?" I never thought I'd see this shït in my life.
  5. Wild to see Sansa on GOT occupying Ned and Catelyn's chambers as Wardeness of the North.

    1. Graham


      Do you get a thrill out of spoiling [!@#$%^&*]?


      I'm going to post every Twin Peaks spoiler I find dumbass.

    2. Vee


      That was two weeks ago, bitch.

  6. He'll do as he goddamn well pleases while you keep your fetishes to yourself.
  7. Looks like the other kid from the grocery store is just outta frame here. I wonder if Sarah ate him.
  8. That's 2000 but I'll allow it
  9. Maybe some Anita Baker? Brian McKnight? "Anytime"? They have to be sad songs or it doesn't fly
  10. Heard good things about the Showtime doc on Whitney Houston coming out on the 25th. Trailer here: