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  1. I am respectful but I am also exasperated. You have a version of events you are committed to believing, but it's not the truth and it's not binary. You see any discussion of this in terms more complex than one person wanting Steve gone vs. wanting him around as being about excusing someone - it's not. The fact is Frank wanted to keep Steve but make him do things his way. Steve left. And both are bad for the show.
  2. No, what he wanted was to play a triangle in perpetuity with Jason, Sam and McBain so he could play all their fanbases for maximum viewership. And likely with Jason in a losing role to McBain for a good portion of that time, pairing up Sam and McBain for at least a good stretch as he was clearly moving towards, which is what Steve objected to along with the de-emphasis of Sonny, Jason and the mob. This is what I keep trying to explain to you, but you don't listen because you think like a fanbase where everything is about X or Y - 'Frank couldn't possibly have wanted to keep Steve because he loves the OLTL stars!' Yes he does, but he also wanted to keep Steve - on his terms. Frank has almost zero loyalty to any fanbases or actors if they do not serve his goals. With the exception of a few terrible people he discards most favorites when they cease to be of use to him (Budig, many others) without any remorse, though he will try very hard to run them into the ground first. Same with most couples. He doesn't give a fúck about anything other than maximizing results, and if those fail he blames them and moves on while preserving his own job. To him playing out an endless story with Monaco, Easton and Steve Burton with all their fans tearing each other to pieces on social media for years was seen as ratings heaven on Earth. That's all. You choose to be unable to conceive of a show where Frank could have had both actors - what I am telling you is he wanted it and wanted Steve/Jason in a sub-optimal role where Jason wasn't 'winning' the triangle or the story the whole time, and that's what Steve could not tolerate. I am not saying it would have been a good story, but it is 100% what was intended. Take it or leave it, it's the truth. If you view this development as a binary choice between Frank and Steve then sure, it's good. I don't. They're both bad and Steve ate the show for decades. Frank has been ruining the show for years. Neither is good news.
  3. Chit, you can believe whatever you want that makes you feel good but I'm telling you what actually happened. He wanted it all while downgrading Jason and refusing to bend much in negotiation - he believed Steve, like Benard and many others, would take the knee and cooperate and he could continue making Jason a lesser focus while leaning on his fanbase and Sam's in a triangle. He never wanted to lose Jason because he intended to keep leveraging that massive fanbase while telling stories that were not Jason-centric (and yes, likely shifting more to McBain and Todd - which Steve could not abide). And Steve, who has a huge ego and was insulted by both the negotiation and the story, walked away. Frank tried to get him back, Steve took another job. So he waited. This is how Frank rolls for everyone who isn't a favorite of the moment or Tony Geary. He put Burton on notice, but unlike others Burton walked. As I said it's a miscalculation Frank has made before, several times, but often it worked. And when he's bored or needs to get someone else (in this case, Burton), Frank will cut you without a thought (Budig). He alternates between accommodating and rolling out the red carpet, and freezing people out. His only constant blind spot seems to be Roger Howarth, who was thisclose to leaving recently. I am not defending or praising it - I think Frank should be gone, myself. I am just stating the facts. This is how he operates. Story is often irrelevant vs. his favorite of the moment, or when those fail, cold hard numbers. Steve Burton brought numbers. Frank wanted them, but he also wanted to break Burton. When he couldn't he waited it out. Now Burton is back and Frank doesn't give a [!@#$%^&*] about the past. All Frank cares about is Frank and the numbers.
  4. LOL, let's be clear, Frank was always trying to get Steve back. And I hate Steve Burton, but it's true. This shīt isn't new or Frank changing his mind. It was his goal five years ago and he never forgot it. He gambled and lost that Steve would come to terms in 2012, because Frank had bruised Steve's ego by not centering the show around Jason as much and not catering to his needs. Then Frank and Ron made the same mistake they made with TSJ at OLTL during the Two Todds, thinking they could keep him around on a semi-regular basis and that they could keep writing story for Jason (which is why they brought back Sean Kanan as A.J., then lost interest in him when Steve signed at CBS). Frank thought they could manhandle Steve like he does most actors (see: Budig's abrupt firing, among many many others), but Steve has way too much ego for that. He had a job as long as JFP did. So Frank moved on but he knew Steve wouldn't be gone forever, and so did I. There is no one to root for here. I knew from Day 1 that Frank (and Ron) would ultimately want to rehash Two Todds with Two Jasons and Burton/Miller, and I have always said so. I knew Steve would come sniffing around at GH when Jill lost her job. And I knew Frank would drop everything to get him back (and cut many expensive people to do it), and redo the same story which will end with Steve phoning it in, wearing black t-shirts and staring into space for the next 5-10 years. Frank sees it as a net win for the show and his job. That's all he cares about. He'll cut almost anyone or anything for the sake of the next goal. His GH may be terrible but he's like a shark, he never stops moving.
  5. I know I hate on Katy Perry a lot as is, but this happened? It wasn't a sketch? 


    1. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      I can't stand her, but I loved this lol

    2. DRW50


      Did you see that embarrassing museum video she did where her head was in a platter and they had to pretend like everyone knew her?

    3. Vee


      She looked like Edward Norton in American History X

  6. Jill always defers to the men she likes (Miller, Burton, etc.). Women have a harder time.
  7. As usual, Frank gets bored, moves on to the next shiny thing. I do think she and ME will go together.
  8. It actually was allegedly set during Eisenhower's inauguration, which I guess also fell on the night I Love Lucy aired the episode where Lucy gave birth? And those elements were going to come into play in some way, and somehow the Lodge beings' arrival was to be depicted with insects and a Formica table? I have no idea.
  9. Full disclosure: I had heard something about "glowing balls" with people's faces in them - devoid of any context whatsoever, I might add - and Laura's face was mentioned. But even if I hadn't known that I would've expected Laura to be in that ball. Lynch/Frost just elevated her to the level of creation myth. I do suspect the young girl may have been Sarah.
  10. Laura is Kal-El! Some of that stuff (1956, etc.) goes back to elements from the original script of FWWM, where they'd apparently intended another flashback sequence to show Lodge spirits emerging in our world. I loved that, but whoo it'll be divisive.
  11. Laura Palmer will save us all

  12. Even more hype from show DP Peter Deming (Lynch's longtime director of photography, from Mulholland Drive, etc.):
  13. Well, they're not my tweets - one is from TP Archive and the other is from Lynch's right hand producer Sabrina Sutherland (who also appeared as a casino attendant in Parts 3 and 4). I really have no idea what will happen in the episode and I wouldn't assume just yet. There are rumors about how long the Dougie saga may or may not go on, but I don't know. I think a lot of people are banking on it wrapping here to coincide with the two-week break, but I have my doubts. I know Jim Belushi and Robert Knepper, the Vegas crime boss brothers, are supposed to have substantial roles so I think if things do change they'll simply enter a new phase.
  14. Fun fact: Allegedly, the black figure in the cell in Episode 2 and the one walking in the morgue last week were played by two different actors. This is supposedly confirmed by the actor from Episode 2 on FB, but I'm not 100%.
  15. I don't think it's any different than any other series. As for conflict they're just being honest about the same thing the franchise has always done. Roddenberry talked a big game but most of his stories involved interpersonal conflict and often violence. Same with most of the best of Trek.
  16. I mean, if that's the worst thinkpiece we get in several months I'll call it a win.