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  1. Mädchen talks to a morning news show about TP, her other work, etc.
  2. Donald's new nemesis:
  3. ASH was apparently in tech rehearsal for a play and apologized for being unable to come on social media. It's nice to see Kristine Sutherland outside of her lame recurring bit on OLTL as the high school principal.
  4. Charisma deserves better work. Haven't seen Emma Caulfield in forever; I worried she would disappear after her run as Brandon's spiky girlfriend on 90210 (who I loved), only for her to show up on BTVS and stay for years. Now she's going to turn up on Fear the Walking Dead and I guess I'll have to stick with that a bit.
  5. She was fantastic on the show and irreplaceable. But she needs to move on. Karyn Parsons is apparently still happily married to filmmaker Alexandre Rockwell and running her company, which makes sense, I guess. I just wish she'd act more.
    1. MissLlanviewPA


      I saw that, too. Sweet Jesus, she puts even Vicky Rowell to shame.

    2. amybrickwallace


      You're right...and that's no mean feat!!!

    3. dragonflies


      Interesting she calls Alfonso an attention whore, yet she's the biggest attention whore, who continually harps by beating "a dead horse"

  6. He's not gonna. He got humiliated.
  7. Just because he's not an Amber Alert doesn't mean he's not still good looking.
  8. Donald is at 35% on Gallup.
  9. Age is not what it used to be. Show is the right age.
  10. Just the thumbnail is hilarious tbh The original/real Michelle was a very earthy, raw character IMO. Nothing like the recast in most ways. I don't know why they seem to have actively written, dressed and cast for a Michelle who just screams delusional middle-aged hausfrau. It was never who she was. She is largely unrecognizable to me. I do think Jenna Russell is talented and playing what they give her. It's just that it's mostly so bad. I guess I'll give the reveal scenes a chance.
  11. Meanwhile: Sherilyn Fenn is having an unfortunate encounter with a garbage disposal in the extremely silly-looking horror movie Wish Upon, featuring Ryan Phillippe and Joey King, sister of Y&R's Hunter.
  12. He got into it with April Ryan today, the black reporter Trump 'asked' to get him in touch with the Black Caucus.
  13. Oh, I love Mike - I preferred him to Joel, though I like both. I don't care that he's a Republican as it never got into the show, which was always pretty liberal.
  14. I don't usually watch RiffTrax - it seems more just cranky and cynical than the actual Mystery Science Theater 3000 (which I eagerly await the return of next month) - but I might have to for this: They're doing The Five Doctors.
  15. Full article! Minus the above profiles. Click to enlarge and read.
  16. We posted the David Frum piece from The Atlantic the other day, right, the one looking back on the ACA passage in '10 and telling the GOP they need to give up on it for good? Even for someone who disagrees with Frum on so many things it was an incredible piece of writing.
  17. This is hilarious. Trump is using Jeanine Pirro to blame Ryan.