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  1. Looks like the other kid from the grocery store is just outta frame here. I wonder if Sarah ate him.
  2. That's 2000 but I'll allow it
  3. Maybe some Anita Baker? Brian McKnight? "Anytime"? They have to be sad songs or it doesn't fly
  4. Heard good things about the Showtime doc on Whitney Houston coming out on the 25th. Trailer here: 


  5. We'll see if he really turns on Trump. But there is this:
  6. As always, I'll believe it when I see it:
  7. Countdown to Trump attacking Heather Heyer's mom! I give it six hours, tops!
  8. And he seemed like such a nice fellow when he was lurking on TP forums:
  9. Radio Times reports on the possibility of another big return for Capaldi's finale.