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  1. Raven tends to think that if they can rattle off a bunch of random crew names that their opinion holds more weight. You get used to it.
  2. Peter Parker only has eyes for Destiny Evans in Spider-Man: Homecoming. On a side note, really impressed that the two female leads in the new Spidey are both women of color - Laura Harrier from OLTL 2.0 plays Liz Allan and I believe Zendaya plays "Michelle" who is heavily rumored to actually be Mary Jane Watson.
  3. I think Gina has chemistry with plenty of men (including Jason Thompson, but that pairing is radioactive for a reason) and is soaring in this role, but I like her best with Peter Bergman to be honest. As he himself has said, she sold Phyllis' utter devotion to Jack from Day 1, something Stafford apparently was less than dedicated to. Gina gives it her all and they work really well together.
  4. I'm pretty sure they'll put Jack and Phyllis back together. This is just a realistic pause.
  5. I lived in NYC for over a decade. And yes, 70K is not the same there, but anyone who lives in NY proper knows what they signed up for. You either room with people, as many do, or you make enough, period.
  6. I like them together a lot. She really commits. Why are you linking Gina Tognoni's wikipedia page?
  7. 70K is the rock bottom minimum people make in my field in a staff position, though granted I am a "coastal elite" working in the liberal media. It is also a damn good wage. Yet I know some stupid people in my field voted for Trump from a position of comfort and 'crashing the system.'
  8. Finn Jones talks Loras' fate and the future of GOT.
  9. I think Lemay's book is fascinating and indispensable for any soap opera buff, but you can only go with him so far before you form your own opinion. The first time I ever saw Jacquie Courtney was in that '70s episode of OLTL they used to trot out all the time, the one where Viki gives birth to her son Kevin. Jacquie is there as Pat Ashley and immediately segues into doing a Groucho Marx bit, she's a trip and totally self-assured. I was always impressed by what I saw of her AW work later on, and I think Lemay didn't know how to deal with her because she was her own unique type, without having to be written into one by him. He seemed much more comfortable crafting characters from scratch, and uncomfortable with any performers who had star personas before he came aboard. I did think the original Willis Frame was really interesting from what I've seen of him - young, brash and a little off-kilter or disturbed. You wouldn't see that many guys like that today.
  10. Yeah, Hulu's original programming is only just now beginning to come into its own; they have that show The Path and some others, and a new one I worked on a bit is premiering soon. AMC and OLTL were a little too early. I do think there is something to be said for a staggered daily or weekly release for soaps, as I think Netflix is supposed to be experimenting with that release schedule with some new shows - maybe Chelsea Handler's talk show as well? But all in all, yes, I think arc-based releases (40-60 30-minute eps at a time) would be best for the shows and for rotating the ensemble. I do think one thing PP did well was reintroduce AMC and OLTL as the sister shows that were tonally different, as you say. OLTL was darker and urban, AMC was more family, Americana and lighter tones. It even showed in their photo shoots. That could be highlighted even more.
  11. Well, that was really interesting. In a good way. I am a casual viewer of Y&R at best and my grasp of its long-term history is pretty basic, but this was a great primer for not only me but any newer or lapsed viewers - reintroducing this much-hailed Abbott family breakfast, informing and explaining to newer viewers Traci's importance to the scheme of things, etc etc. They seemed really keen on venerating family, history, special characters like her, and to me those kind of things are what soaps are all about. I'm sure for longtime fans these touchstones were love letters, but they also serve the purpose of educating the current audience about the show's roots. It reminds me a bit of how AMC and OLTL were 'reset' online and went about re-explaining to viewers the key tenets of the shows or the family ties after a year away, or when trying to get back to some older characters who hadn't been seen in many years. There's a freshness to being able to cut bait and say 'this means this and this is why,' and most soaps don't do that with creative handovers; they tend to be bound to join things mid-stream and pick up the baton without jarring things too much out of place right away. Maybe they should more often. Also bold was apparently skipping over a custody battle. Was that only just in progress, or had the verdict come in before today? I was impressed with that bit of maneuvering. Anyway, Beth Maitland is a spitfire and I hope she hangs around. It was nice seeing her raise her voice and take control of that room. Also of a piece with what I said above: The preview where Jack lays out Michael and Lauren's status quo and history while also, again, reminding the current audience of his own past with Phyllis. That's skillful work. It was slow, it was careful, it was heartfelt and it was good. It wasn't showy, but it was direct, firm and bold in what it wanted to emphasize and/or go away from. Even those weird location shoots looked okay.
  12. Costume designer Nancy Steiner - replacing longtime TP designer Patricia Norris, who passed away not long ago - talks about the new show.
  13. Oh, that's a shame. He did have a lovely swan song on the show, IIRC.
  14. Oh lord! Per IMDB that kid was in Superman Returns, he was Superman's little illegitimate son. Now I feel old and disgusting.