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  1. Nah. Meanwhile: TP gets strongest streaming numbers ever for Showtime.
  2. Here's the original WP piece on Kushner. Also:
  3. In case you thought it couldn't get worse for TrumpCo: Surprise! Jared Kushner tried to set up a secret communications network with the Kremlin. Meanwhile: this piece about Clinton is a must-read. Much more at the link.
  4. EW talks to Lynch about the first four episodes. Much more at the link.
  5. Yeah. After the insane binge of Sunday this wait is excruciating. There is nothing like it on TV - again.
  6. Matthew Lillard (Bill Hastings) talks to IndieWire. The cast talks to THR. Lynch talks to Variety. Looks like I may have been right about a bigger role re: Jake Wardle's character (Freddie Sykes), briefly glimpsed with James at the end of the premiere -
  7. Why the hell would she lie? That makes no sense and is a nonsensical accusation.
  8. Wow. Great to see them together. More pix here. This is my favorite of the covers:
  9. Laurie Holden (Andrea) is recurring on The Americans as Noah Emmerich's mysterious new girlfriend.
  10. I didn't notice this at first - at the diner in the second hour of the premiere, the Bad Dale/doppelganger is eating creamed corn (garmonbozia). Later, in episode 3, when Coop escapes the underworld, the Bad Dale vomits up both creamed corn and black oil.
  11. This new Vanity Fair piece on The Last Jedi is heavy on the cast and crew discussing Carrie's death - IIRC, it was done right after she passed away.