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  1. Vee added a post in a topic HBO: Game of Thrones   

    So: Rickon and Osha were sent to stay with House Umber at the end of Season 3. The banners of House Umber were seen in the next week preview, possibly visiting Ramsay with a 'gift,' and I know that both
    I don't think House Umber would bend for Ramsay, though Roose did claim they had finally agreed to align themselves with the Boltons. I think if that were really true they would've given up Rickon a while ago. I do hope this isn't a setup just for Ramsay to kill Rickon - given the circumstances I find myself suspecting it is a bluff. We know Ramsay is likely getting his big-time this year which I'm happy about, but he just killed his dad and had Walda Frey and her kid mauled by dogs, we don't need to underline his deep evil yet again.
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  2. Vee added a post in a topic Twin Peaks   

    I would highly recommend you do so if you haven't seen it in a long time. There's a lot of smaller players and plot points returning.
    I have seen the show about 20 times including a recent rewatch not long ago simply because I love it, but I will be rewatching once more, probably when Showtime begins reairing the original series as well (I think they're still planning to do that). Also essential is Fire Walk with Me, which will be relevant to the new series in addition to being pretty great.
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  3. Vee added a post in a topic Twin Peaks   

    I still heard a slightly different story on Piper, but it amounts to the same. I do wish she'd turned up if just for a brief bit. As for MJA, he made a stink about money a week or so before he was intended to film and walked away. He's a little nuts.
    I do find it odd that Heather Graham is now refusing to comment on the story since she openly said on Bravo a couple months ago that she had not been contacted. So that is curious and makes me wonder.
    I am more surprised that they couldn't figure out a little something weird for Josie, considering it was Lynch's idea to do what they did with her and there were more Josie appearances in the wood/the Black Lodge cut from the last few episodes of Season 2.
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  4. Vee added a post in a topic DAYS: Réal Andrews Joins!   

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  5. Vee added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

  6. Vee added a post in a topic Twin Peaks   

    EW talks to Piper Laurie and discusses Joan Chen as well.
    This does not match with some info I had on Piper, but I guess it corresponds well enough in the end. I am glad she seems to be pleasant enough about it. I will miss them both.
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  8. Vee added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    And then there was one.
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  9. Vee added a post in a topic AMC: Fear The Walking Dead   

    I did. Colman Domingo comes off very arch, and I think Strand's always been eyeing Nick (along with apparently every director on the show).
    I liked that they humanized Strand a bit, or at least fleshed him out without sanitizing his amorality. I agree the show has come a long way quickly. Nick's descent into warriorhood is especially gripping.
    They may or may not have faked us out on Michelle Ang/Alex last week - her name was out of the regular credits this time. I don't believe she's done for after all that build-up, so I suspect she may turn up as one of Connor's prisoners.
    I don't watch Talking Dead, but I did see Yvette Nicole Brown's reaction to Nick's nude scene. We're of like minds!
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  10. Vee added a post in a topic AMC: Fear The Walking Dead   

    I have at least five or six years on Jesse McCartney. How does he look older (and far rougher) than me? I hope most of that was for the show.
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  11. Vee added a post in a topic Y&R Actress Out   

    Who wanted her out, CBS or Sony?

    The character, or what she became within months of her arrival, didn't work. I thought she was fine in doses when she came on as a quieter, more mysterious character with dark hair, working with Hartley in that shadowy mansion - that was an idea that was decent. But the character couldn't have gone very far regardless, and pairing her with Nick (and turning her blonde again) was a mistake. It was just another lame triangle. She overstayed her welcome.
    The brutal way they killed her here actually reminds me a bit of how we hear about the old, old school soaps of the '60s and '70s viciously dispensing with characters at key moments to prolong drama. That's not to say any of this is at that level at all, but there is a basis. Sage was extraneous to the show and could've ended a (lame) story. She had served her function. So they iced her.
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  12. Vee added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    For the love of God:
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  13. Vee added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    Chuck Todd had the audacity to whine that he can't accept the new political reality that the two most unpopular candidates in America are the nominees. Really, Chuck? I know the media has hated Hillary for 20+ years but come on.
    Bernie's speech where he basically said he intended to try to bully the superdelegates and cited a few random polls was so torturous MSNBC cut away.
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  14. Vee added a post in a topic Twin Peaks   

    Marv Rosand's daughter posts pix on Facebook, showing her father on location with Amanda Seyfried.

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  15. Vee added a post in a topic Doctor Who   

    The Radio Times discusses the possibility of Chibnall introducing a writers' room for Series 11 in 2018, something virtually unheard of in the UK though common in the States.
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