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  1. Eeesh. She's aged since her DW episode.
  2. I know, baffling!
  3. Still can't believe that shît happened! I like both movies but God bless Moonlight, a masterpiece.

  4. If he was setting the tone and winning he wouldn't be angrily tweeting every morning at 4 AM, hiding from the press and the WHCD, and sinking below 38% rapidly. This is done to bait him and drive him mad, because it is extremely easy to do so. Countless articles from leaks inside prove this. He is infuriated. But he must be responded to, not ignored.
  5. I'm glad for votes that cross the aisle. But I don't necessarily think ex-Republican voters are the voice of the soul of the Democratic Party anymore than all Sanders voters are. To me, I would've been happy with either man but the fact is Perez is a solid choice, and there's not much ideological daylight between him and Ellison for anyone who isn't simply interested in refighting a proxy war over Sanders and Clinton. As for the Perez commentary on Trump, a friend of mine today - a fairly politically disengaged Latino Democratic voter - saw the news about the vote and was encouraged by the news, and loved what he had to say. So take that anecdote however anyone will, or not.
  6. Eh, Donna was always only there for a year, so I'm willing to give Bill the same consideration.
  7. Cress Williams (formerly D'Shawn of the original 90210, also known for Fox's Living Single) is the last guy I expected to get cast as the CW's Black Lightning, a DC Comics superhero.
  8. Huh: Cress Williams (D'Shawn Hardell) is the CW's new Black Lightning.
  9. I think the story was a total mess from what I've seen of just the last two months. I think the ending episode worked for me.
  10. I am very pleased with the DNC results but would've been happy for either man. They're both good. Meanwhile, yes, some forums I've seen are melting down with younger folks insisting "the passion" was not there for Perez. When challenged as to how passion or millennial support online translates to votes they calm down and listen, at least. They'll get over it. Eventually.