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  1. That would be a ballsy exit, to be honest. He feels so burned by Genoa City and his many fake babies and lying lovers that he just disappears into the cover. Comes back in a few years.
  2. I think the problem is Sussman isn't ignoring it as much as we would like, in an ideal world. Several story repercussions and character issues were in mid-stream. But it's a hard balance to find. She still provided a strong and sudden reset for me on several character and family throughlines. I like Robert Adamson but I'd be fine with a Noah recast, provided there is a purpose for the character. I think he's perfectly serviceable but it's a shame they lost Kevin Schmidt.
  3. It doesn't have to be too relevant, it just has to be a locale. The bigger issue for me, and I thought SS, was that Nick is a fortysomething man slumming it there. He needs to be out of it, give it to his son.
  4. In order for me to campaign for DAYS, DAYS would have to show a commitment to quality for longer than six minutes.
  5. Hillary did good work as SoS. It wasn't perfect, but it wasn't terrible either.
  6. I think you can see the real Hillary when she talks to people one on one. Most of that doesn't end up on TV, or is caught by accident. I don't think it's that far removed from the Hillary we see in the public eye, but speeches have never been her forte. I just don't think there's that intense a divide. I don't think people have ever given her humanity enough credit. She wouldn't be just a wife, so people decided to make her into a thing.
  7. I think they put a lot out there about her, more than she's given credit for. And we hear a lot about her when she's one on one with people in appearances, rallies, etc. vs. being scripted. But they still could've done more. And the fatal flaw was taking certain Democratic strongholds and the Rust Belt for granted, and that was tin-eared. There was a piece about this months ago, but I don't think the problem with Hillary is that she's insincere - the problem is she's had to put on a 'perfect' public face since the early '90s, when she was savaged for speaking her mind and talking from the heart. Since then she's had to retreat into being a calculated version of herself to get things done. That's not all her fault. In a lot of parts of the country and in a lot of circles in the press, Hillary Clinton has never been able to win for losing simply because she is a woman with a brain and power.
  8. I feel like they keep wanting to pull the trigger on Noah taking over that damn bar and pushing Nick out. I don't know what the hold up is. Just do it.
  9. Biden might well have won, I don't know. There is a piece in the Times, I think, about him saying he wished he had spent more time in the Rust Belt for Hillary, that he blames himself. Joe Biden's a great man. But the fact is - IMO, anyway - that Hillary Clinton, despite the ingrained hatred and prejudice against her in the press and segments of the public going back 25 years, was insanely qualified and deserved to be President on every level. She will be a martyr for women for generations to come now, and you can bet that someday, if we survive this, and a woman does become President, she will name-check Hillary Clinton and I will cry my eyes out. And part of me does ask myself whether we really deserved better, when that squishy, apathetic, uncurious and/or racially anxious middle America couldn't look at these two choices - between an incredibly competent and professional woman and a childlike narcissist who can't stop tweeting (even today, Trump voters are decrying his tweets while trying to convince themselves he didn't mean the things they didn't like but did mean the things they did) - and still had to pick the man just because the woman is - by definition and stereotype and caricature going back almost thirty years - a bitch for saying she didn't want to bake cookies. What would we have proven if we'd run Biden? That we can still elect the right white guy?
  10. Not going to happen, IMO. Time and age are against that generation. I do believe this is a last gasp of a dying old America, provided we fight against it and stay alive.
  11. Catherine Hickland (OLTL, Loving/The City, etc) talks about her relationships with her mother-in-law Debbie Reynolds and sister-in-law Carrie Fisher.
  12. Cat Hickland talks about Debbie and Carrie.
  13. Well, that URL is misleading.
  14. I'm mostly enjoying it. I think it has its flaws which have been amply noted recently and is taking its sweet time on moving some stuff, but there is a lot more character work that was necessary. It feels like clean, simple soap. Sometimes too simple, LOL. It needs to pick it up and there need to be less mistakes on certain points of order. I am over the Nick and Faith Family Hour and over seeing Victor cleaned up; they've done enough on him right now. I don't think you dislike Hilary. I do think you get so focused on worrying over gaming out what the show will someday, at some point, do to various characters including Devon and Hilary that certain characters become sort of demonized, and yes, I do think that's extended to both Hilary and Mariah depending on who you're worried about. This is Mariah's first major airtime in years and I don't think she's getting the Lauralee Bell treatment. And I don't think the show is crushing Devon under Hilary's wheels, either. And that's how your posts about all of these topics and characters come off sometimes. I don't want Neil gone but dude needs a rest. Pratt made his character completely toxic around his family. I can't believe he's daring to talk sideways at Hilary after what he did. It's like Tad Martin moralizing after burying a man alive.
  15. I mean, in fairness you guys have been predicting poor cute old Jay will get it for like years now and he hasn't. So I'll wait and see, but yeah, it's all just so grim.