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  1. Over the last couple of days, things seem to be moving. Finally. Where has Hilary been?
  2. Exactly.
  3. Anyone else watching? Let's discuss
  4. Both of these ideas are So much better than what the "story" turned out to be...
  5. I like that Ravi has a crush on Ashley, but there's not enough chemistry there for it to turn into a full blown romance. Nor is it there with Ravi/Phyllis. Ravi would do better I think with Mariah or Abby (only if he's not still carrying a torch for her mom). Hell, try him with Jill if he's only into older women. But once they started turning Ash into "seeing him differently" after he wore a tux, it doesn't work. That thing works best as a crush/infatuation/fantasy for Ravi and nothing more. I love the idea of Neil/Ashley. I missed a few too. But IA, it seems like he's put this together out of nowhere. The pacing is still not improving. What happened after February?!? It almost seems like they have no idea what stories to tell week to week or how to structure them. They have not played Chloe for months. This would have been much more dramatic if we would have seen her. They could have thrown her in a couple episodes once a week to keep the story bubbling until this "revelation" of Nick's. I actually want to like Jordan, but the show is giving me no reason to invest in him. @ajsp35801 IA that the Hilary/Jordan and Devon/Mariah scenes were very lightweight. If they want to drive story with those pairings, the writers are gonna have to give us more than instasex and smiles over coffee. Gloria today "Kevin is a good man". What?!?! The show seems so...disjointed.
  6. I just can't help myself sometimes and I hate that I share a name with his ass...
  7. The London attacks confirm nothing and Trump hasn't done anything to make us safer. Name one piece of legislation or EO that supports your statement. What's keeping us safe now are the policies of the Obama Administration.
  8. I had the show on in the background while I was doing some things around the house. But yes, she did. It's bad. Really bad. I fail to see what TPTB see in the Colin character and his relationship with Jill. It wasn't good under MAB. Forgotten about under JFP. And now this. It's really a disservice to Jill and IMO a better story would be her and Jack. Its past time Colin and his spawn go back Down Under.
  9. She's kick ass
  10. Yes, esp a Jack/Jill redo.
  11. No, jorm and villy are not enjoyable. I don't see Jill crawling, but perception is reality. Look. Has SS "wowed" me? Not consistently. What she's done so far with structuring story isn't impressive. But the moments that have worked have been wonderful. Sharon saying goodbye to Dylan. The Hevon "goodbye" scene earlier this week. The story of "the ring" from Katherine's letter. The Abbot breakfast scene. You get the picture. There are others. These character interactions are more important to me than plane crashes, high rise infernos and doppelgängers. They are genuine. I fell in love with this medium to cry and laugh with characters I care about, not for shock value. I most certainly don't watch for a "fun hate watch". All I see then is a character that looks like Neil, but isn't.
  12. Yea, that's pretty bad. A Keemo comeback would be a helluva better story for Jack than this. I could take a Jack/Gloria ONS with Gloria going after Jabot on harassment charges. That was soapy. A Glorack affair is not.
  13. LOL! It so wasn't. It was disgraceful. Hilary's amnesia and love for her ex-husband father-in-law kidnapper?!? That wasn't fun to watch. Not even hate watch. IKWYDLS rip-off with Abby's retcon affair with Austin? 2 years of Crazy Sharon under Pratt. Victor porking the prison doctor and walking around the prison willy nilly. Shall I go on? You enjoyed this trash?
  14. Gloria hasn't been on everyday, and the show needs an antagonist so her presence isn't that much of a turn off for me. Granted, there have been times that they have used her too much but not so much right now. Everyone can't be a goody two shoes or fan favorites.
  15. Half-baked storylines like an internationally known South American drug kingpin that looks EXACTLY like a local prominent business man, that has no accent and is brought to town to assume his identity? Please. Let's not pretend that prior to Sally that the show was watchable. It wasn't.
  16. Today was so so. Not bad, not great. I actually like the opera stuff and the montage at the end of the episode. The Phyllis/Scott stuff was not good, I hope this isn't a future pairing. They simply don't work. The actor in the role is attractive and pretty fuckin sexy. Give him other options than Phyllis' Grand Central Station uterus. Lauren smothering Scott is... idk. Something seems off to me. Now Juliet...she has the potential to be an interesting bad girl. DG was painful to watch today. The worst hangover in history. Why is he still on this show? We all knew that a Transformed Ravi was coming and here he is. I think he was cuter with the glasses :-)
  17. I really liked Jana. She was the only one of GRs pairings that worked.
  18. I noticed that, but they're hanging on to Tracy Thomson. Why?
  19. Kevin as Special Agent Wonder Boy doesn't work.
  20. +1 I feel you regarding Victoria yesterday with Reed and Zoe. It felt quite genuine to me, not sure about "fire", but it was one of the AH's better moments for sure. I was thinking something was different about them, but you're right. I felt that too.
  21. That's true, but I can't pretend to understand how evangelicals reconcile their support of a man that is the antithesis of everything they claim to believe in. The only logical conclusion is that they are all hypocrites.