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  1. Agreed, JC hasn't been seen much lately and her place in the Fenmore's story was a WTF move. But if they used the character in the right stories to stir the pot, it wouldn't be a bad thing IMO. I was just wondering that about Ravi as well. Looks like the higher ups weren't feeling it.
  2. Not following the Gloria involvement in the Dina story, I don't what you mean that Dina's story has been about her. They only shared a 1 min scene - that's it.
  3. The pacing is still way off, but lately the show doesn't feel as disjointed to me for some reason. It's getting somewhat of a rhythm back. Now if they could just tell some decent stories lol. I'm here for Evil Cane. Way better than that bland Aussie good guy, and there's ample history between him and Billy to justify what he did in LA. Completely. They have been bitching at each other for friggin YEARS, at least now one of them is putting their money where their mouth is. I'm enjoying the Dina stuff. Marla has chemistry with every single person she's interacted with during this visit. Love that. I want to see her tell Gloria a thing or two before she's leaves town. They really need to ask her to stay on, even recurring. As someone else mentioned, the Abbots need her as head of the family. And lastly. I love Mishael. That is all.
  4. Here's another gem. Trump's visit to Israel and he makes a remark about "just getting back from the Middle East" This is day two of the trip, and he’s about to do more flying. He’s only going to get crankier and more error-prone from here:
  5. I thought the location shots this week were well done, along with some of the stories. I like the turn Cane is taking, at least it makes him a little more interesting and IMO there is sound reasons why he would want to jeopardize Billy. They've been building that up for months and to say it's out of the blue simply isn't true. OTOH, the Scott/Victor story is not good and neither is his "investigation" into Abby. Talk about a weak premise - this is one. There's no reason for Victor to 1. suddenly doubt Abby's ability in running Newman and 2. think she's hiding something. THAT came out of the blue. Cane/Billy did not. All in all, it wasn't a bad week. Not stellar by any means, but improved over the last month. The pacing is still shitty.
  6. Do we really have to do this again?!?!?
  7. I believe he could be fined or jailed (maybe both?).
  8. I've noticed that too over the last few weeks. I actually liked the "location" shots today, with the exception of DG. And the ending provided a reason to tune in tomorrow with Dina and Ashley. Yes, it's a retcon but it's still interesting to me to see what happens.
  9. These are great story ideas. :-) I'd watch that!
  10. I think CG could work, but she was much more interesting as a smart ass, sarcastic non-conformist. Trying to turn Mariah into Cassie is a mistake. She is attractive, but like someone else has said, not in the traditional soap mold. If they were to cast a similar male part, it could work. But that's just my two cents. Today's show was a complete and utter train wreck. That cat fight was horrible. Jordan the ex-mastermind passport maker was equally pathetic. The scenes with him and Chelsea just had me thinking "why are either of these people still in GC?". Back in the day, before network interference, new characters were allowed to develop. Not all of them were popular right away, but the TPTB had a story for them and they kept them in the story and developed their throughline. The characters of Jordan and Scott are glaring examples of what happens once they stray into stories that make no sense with other characters in an effort to "make them work". @ajsp35801 is right - I think SSM has other people sticking their noses into the mix and it is getting everything fuckd up. It's pathetic. Have they even explored Jordan and Lily's history? Why the hell was that story dropped? If they want to write by committee, do what GL did in the early 90s. 4 head writers. Fuc it. That's probably the only example of a soap flourishing with that many HWs, but to hell with it. Anyway, I have to stop. I'm getting frustrated AF.
  11. I don't get it. So there was absolutely NO PLAN for this character, other than a "hot guy" to join the cast? The show does need younger men, but if there's no story for the character once he shows up, no one is going to give a [!@#$%^&*] about him.
  12. Honestly, I have no idea. This latest round of changes we're seeing? No, I don't think she is behind that. This latest change is a huge shift in how the show feels and the stories it's trying to tell. However, when she first joined, I started noticing these awkward story arcs (ramping up quickly or out of nowhere and wrapped up in a few weeks) and pacing problems. It could be a coincidence but IDK seems fishy to me. Just sayin...
  13. That is crazy! I hadn't heard that! Let me start searching around up in here to see what I can find the f out
  14. It most definitely could be MY driving some of these stories. Regardless of whom is responsible - MY, SSM or some network meddler - they are going to have to start telling stories that people want to see with characters we care about. I'm assuming they've dropped the Lily Stalker story? Or was it meant to only last a week? Cane's addiction and cheating with the therapist was another one dropped like a hot potato. Lauren and Fenmore's was supposed to be something bigger, IMO. It feels like that was dropped, I can't imagine that that was the story they wanted to tell. The only casting issue I have is with Jordan. It's been well stated by others in this thread why he is a miss (as it stands now). The other choices they have made with Reed, Zoe, Scott, Juliet - aren't bad IMO. Their stories need work but the actors have potential. Dude playing Scott is good looking and I dig the hair - why do y'all want him to cut it?!?! Those curls?? Are you kidding me!! Sara Bibel's name is featured more prominently in the opening credits these days. IMO, things started feeling "off" when I noticed her name popping up but that's just me. I don't think it's a coincidence.
  15. Thank y'all. @Cat I love the UK. Even after that happened, it's a beautiful country and I am dying to go back to my old stomping grounds of Montrose, Edzell, Brechin, Aberdeen... and of course Glasgow. Edinburgh was nice too but somehow I preferred the grittier nature of Glasgow, although I have no idea if it's still like it was when I was there. @DramatistDreamer It's been many many years ago but I have never forgotten it. I often wonder what happened to those Scottish thugs - were they trying to hide or fight their own homosexuality? or were they truly that angry at a man they didn't know for doing something that they found that repulsive? It was a lesson learned - and believe it or not, I'm not sure I would change anything about it. It happened, I got through it and I'd like to think maybe I'm a bit better or it. Am I crazy or what? lol Anyway, thanks again for your kind thoughts. :-)
  16. I traveled through a lot of Western Europe when I as in the service and was actually stationed in Scotland for several years for the last part of my enlistment. I was getting tired of hiding my man love (haha) so I started venturing out to some fairly local gay bars. The part of the country I was in was fairly rural, so I had to travel about an hour or so to Edinburgh or Glasgow - usually a lesbian friend would accompany me. One night I ventured out alone, my friend on leave back in the states. I stayed out fairly late, the guys at the bar were super friendly that night and I felt good when I left the bar. I hadn't noticed that a couple of guys had been following me around the bar for about 30 minutes and left when I did. The parking area was about 5 blocks away, when I got to my car they attacked me. One held my hands behind my back, the other started punching me, jump kicking (!) me and calling me faggot over and over. It was horrible. I couldn't call the cops because they took nothing. I couldn't claim robbery. I was petrified I would be found out. My glasses were destroyed. Ribs bruised. Eye swollen shut. And had to drive back home to my flat, barely able to see, crying the entire time (mostly out of anger) and feeling completely helpless. There are intolerant people everywhere. I guess I had deluded myself into thinking I was in some enlightened society.
  17. He has spoken pretty highly of CG. True story. @DramatistDreamer I wish you were writing - or at least consulting - on Y&R. :-) Yes, I think they initially wanted him with Lily. But don't look now - did you see the previews for Monday's show? I don't know why MCE is still on this show. She needs to go off into the sunset, on the hunt for her bestie. Redaric Williams! Thank you! Lawd have mercy, that man was and you're right - he had chemistry with everyone (even CK). Like I said, I want to like this Jordan guy, but RW/ comparison. He was a find.
  18. And what's up with that ridiculous looking "The Hilary Hour" sign that looks like a 9th grader printed on their home computer and hung it on the set?!?!? GC Buzz in it's current incarnation isn't working. could work if they would make some changes that we've all mentioned here. Leanna is definitely needed if they're going to continue down that road. I could see Mariah continuing to work there if that happened, but Hilary needs to be moved to corporate life. Gorgeous. Mishael should be one of the prominently featured stars on this show. They finally have a viable young leading lady and they're giving her crap to play. Hell, I liked AC and the actor that played her brother (his name escapes me atm) and they wasted them too. I know it was a different regime but how tragic.
  19. Absolutely. She is I would fuckin love that!
  20. It's scary to ask, but whom will be deciding what living a "good life" is?
  21. So true. I so dig Diva Dina. :-) The pacing is still so off. The same stories featured practically everyday this week. Ugh. It's hard to tell what the A/B/C stories are when they are presented so randomly week after week. Oh, correction.. Hilary seems to be a B story these days I enjoyed the flashbacks and I really liked ED's hair style in those scenes. I just can't buy The Great Philly Love Story. Yes, JT/GT have chemistry but it doesn't mean they have to write them as some kind of The Purest Love That Ever Existed. It makes me want to hurl. Just write them as two people that enjoy fuckin one another. I can't sit through listening them proclaim their love for each other every damn day.
  22. What the hell is going on in this country? This man is a scab and he needs to account for this underhanded bullshit.
  23. IA, it wasn't a bad show. And you're right - Chelsea/Nick was the low point. Snoozeville. I think Top of the Tower is in the Newman building, not GCAC. But I could be wrong... The bathroom scene was pretty good. It worked. The actress playing Juliet oozes sex IMO. They need to take advantage of that and get her the [!@#$%^&*] away from Cane. Unless it results in his running away to Australia. Then I'm down. It would be so much more watchable if they had Cane/Juliet just fuckin. Jack/Nikki is definitely more interesting than him and Gloria. Speaking of which, they have lessened her time on screen lately from what I can tell... another BTS change from the "new" writers??
  24. Truth.
  25. The tone of today's show alone is proof that something has happened in the writing room. What a difference. Even aspects of the production - they are using a lot more exterior shots (the ranch, Jabot) that frankly, I haven't missed but I noticed them today. The show felt very...JFP.