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  1. I read BBC was blocked as well!
  2. Grrr. And from the article..."reporters "shouldn't be allowed" to use unnamed sources." from Trump @ cpac Just when you think it can't get worse, it somehow does.
  3. When Devon approached Hilary about feeling jealous and then kissed her, I fully expected to see Hilary "snap out of it". My first impulse was that it was a fantasy. OTOH, Devon has been shown to be on the fence about going through with the divorce though (with others, not Hils). And apparently the hint of another man finding Hilary attractive and flirting with her pushed him to take action. I would have liked a little more build. Several days of her flirting with Jordan for example and seeing Devon seethe a little. There should have been follow up the next day. I don't know how much influence she has or what her role is, but I noticed more story misses since Sara Bibel joined the writing team. I have no idea if there's a connection there, just my observation.
  4. What in the hell... In-T-Way... I thought the same about Nikki/Noah. I wonder if he's getting story from it? That at is a horrible thought, J! lol I really really really want TR to go back to GH. I've never liked Colin. He's an underdeveloped, shallow character full of cliches and plot points. Buh bye. I hope this is an actual change for Sharon, but just the other day she was staring a hole through Chelsea. It might just be a put on to show Chels that they share a lot of history. The way she was talking about Noah was a lil funky.
  5. Anyway...the Colin/Jill scenes were painful for me to sit through. Parts of it weren't all bad (Katherine) but the majority could have been done in 1/2 the time the show gave them today. Are there really fans of this couple that warrants this kind of ending (hopefully) for them?!? Why did it take so long for Sharon to apologize to Nikki about the Milk Incident? It seemed odd, her just showing up at the main house - there should have been a phone call or something prior to that meeting. It was awkward. Just sayin. I really like Reed, and given the opportunity I think he and AH/Victoria could have some good scenes together if not for Billy. Maybe they will give Noah something to do now that he found some cracks as to why Dylan left town? I think that he and Mariah would be great story, investigating what really happened and come across something that they didn't expect to find. They both have a valid reason to be looking.
  6. DG really shouldn't take his shirt off. I liked the show today. Hilary is everything. The flashbacks with Jill and Katherine were wonderful and was a good way to show how Jill will handle Colin. The end with JC cut into the scene was a little freaky to me though. Again, there's a problem with pacing. We haven't seen anything of Lauren since she was losing her sh!t on Monday's show.
  7. I'm feeling the bearded bro at GC Buzz
  8. Not a fan of that sax
  9. momma was born and raised in the south, so on the rare occasion she said that, you KNEW somethin wasn't right lol
  10. Grrrrrrr! As my dearly missed momma would say...well sh!t fire and save the matches! Why do these people keep voting against their own interests?? And in the larger scheme of things, cutting programs for the underprivileged doesn't even make a dent in the deficit compared to, oh I don't know, military, fair tax of the richest Americans. Hell, even regulating marijuana nationwide could provide a windfall.
  11. Look, I'm pretty much Team Sally but yesterday's show was simply not good. Lauren mentioning Scott in a couple throwaway lines weeks ago did nothing to build the story we saw yesterday. I'm not saying we need months of setup, but most definitely more than what was done here. Ditto to Jill. Her mentioning some acid reflux one time is sufficient build up?!? Comon. Any momentum the Fenmore story had was sidelined by the abrupt pivots in their stories. I enjoyed todays show, mostly because of Hilary/Devon. But again, their story has suffered by their being offscreen for what? A week and a half? Once ubiquitous Gloria has now been MIA for a week as well (I know that is ok with most of you). But all this shows a fundamental problem with pacing. I don't hold out hope that the days of M/W/F for A stories and Tu/Th for B stories will return, but there is a great need for improvement here.
  12. I liked that too. I also dig Sharon's turn.
  13. Exactly. I care about these characters, so I am invested. I would have liked to see more of a setup. Hilary is on today :-)
  15. Yea, this insta-drama doesn't work. At all. And I agree, there was loads of story left to tell with Fenmore's, but now BOTH Jill and Lauren are in a new story?!? We should have seen Lauren at the hospital as well. Where has Hilary been? She was featured for weeks, now nothing for the last two. Sharon now suddenly staring down Chelsea. Please no. She's shown zero interest in reuniting with Nick, and this is another story coming outta nowhere. I'm still holding out hope, but the cracks are starting to become gaping holes. Tighten it up, Sally.