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  1. The show seemed to find it's footing since LA but this week has not been good. At all. This recital bullshit story just makes no sense to me. The stakes aren't high enough for the characters to do what they are doing. Is Victor blind?!? He can't see Nikki is in pain?!? Please. MTS is doing a good job with it, but the premise is weak. Kevin/Chloe ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ This week, I'm here for Mishael and (I never thought I'd say this) Cane's story.
  2. It started, right? With Graham in the sauna the other day...
  3. Dina + Jill are life. Not a bad show today. But now I'm wondering what's up with Hilary. They have written her as so one-note the last few weeks, it was hard to read her today with Juliet. I'm hoping that she was genuine. Everything flowed very nicely today.
  4. Mmmm hmmm
  5. Ugh. Thanks for the info.
  6. You gotta fill me in on that one. What's up?
  7. "It was Trump's idea, he just didn't know it". Ugh. Seriously?!?
  8. I figured that this was an angle to revive Jack/Nikki. They actually never bothered me as a couple but this setup is weak. If anything, Nikki finding out that Victor had a hand in "killing" Adam should have been more that enough to start things up with Jack. She leaves the Ranch to get some time alone, happens upon Jack and they reminisce about what could have writes itself. This Charity crap is just weak. Bobby would have been great here, I agree! The actor playing Graham looks damn good for 42. Hell, he looks good for any age. I vote for more shirtless Graham. LOL.
  9. Am I missing something with this Charity Concert? So...Victor set it up because he thought Nikki would like to play again, but she despises him for it. And he is coming off like a d.ick. Why are they writing him so confrontational if he's thinking he's doing something that Nikki wants? And if she is dreading it so much and her MS is getting the best of her, why is she so damned determined to do it? They are barely talking and she seems to loathe him. If I disliked someone that much and they set me up to perform at a concert, I'd laugh in their face. What gives? It just makes no sense. Y'all please fill me in if I've missed something. They have definitely switched up the Dina story. No doubt. Her scenes with Ashley at the end of the show were nicely done. Graham shirtless. A nice way to end the week. But why ruin it with a sweaty ass Gloria. Yuck.
  10. That tweet was clearly meant to intimidate Comey. PROOF of obstruction of justice, end of story. And why even bother unless the "President" is nervous about something? Actions speak louder than words.
  11. GL - Agreed. Lucille was a nut job from hell. I'll add: Bradley Raines (GL)
  12. IKR? That gets on my muthafuckin nerves. Speak the f.uck up!
  13. Steve Burton Burgess Jenkins Melissa Ordway Cady McClain Kelly Sullivan That's all.
  14. IA with all y'all on this. The existing Dem leadership in Congress AND at the DNC need to go. They're 0-4. Granted, in very red districts but one of them should have fallen our way. It needs to happen NOW to prepare for the midterms. If a pro sports team was starting out like this, the GM would have some questions to answer! We need leadership that will communicate our platform, plan very clearly and IMO If the Senate pushes through this bill, it's going to impact a whole buncha people that voted for Trump. We need a leadership team that will craft the plan and keep on message. Hammer that shyt home. Every chance you get. FRESH BLOOD. I have a childhood friend who is Republican and voted for Trump. She owns a winery that isn't profitable and therefore is on Obamacare for a very reasonable, affordable payment. I asked her what she was going to do when this healthcare bill passes. She doesn't know. She's worried. But she won't ever vote Democrat. She also regularly partakes in lighting up a blunt. Regularly, y'all. I asked her about Sessions' plan to roll back some allowances for smoking, but she didn't have an answer. She called him an [!@#$%^&*]. Prior to the election, she told me that refer wasn't a partisan issue but hopefully now she sees that it is. Again, I don't think she'll ever vote Democrat. It's infuriating.
  15. But...didn't Phyl live there before it was Summer's? And wasn't there a period of time when Daniel lived there too? She was there because at the time, Phyllis and Jack were fuckin. At least, that's my recollection.