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  1. The stories all make it sound like he holes up inside his house like a hermit or that he's being held there but there are reports that he does go out, perhaps less conspicuously. Can't really blame him for wanting the privacy. Apart from the celebrity, he's got people always wanting his help and he's an extremely empathetic person, by accounts. My own speculation is that it's a combination of needing the me-time, age catching up and I think he had knee surgery a few years ago which affected his fitness level. Kym Herjavec recently took over his old studio and she posted a photo on Instagram which includes herself, him, her mom and I think one of her instructors and it appears fairly recent, as I think I can make out her wedding rings. He looks a little older and a little out of shape but otherwise fine.
  2. Anybody else seeing the late Frank Maxwell (Dan Rooney, GH) popping up on that Optimum Cable commercial?
  3. Another familiar face from classic tv, probably most recognized from Star Trek. His daughter posted on FB that he died Friday morning. He was 86. Interesting bit of Trekkie trivia. He said in an interview that they had him sign a contract to replace Leonard Nimoy when Nimoy was considering leaving Trek for Mission:Impossible. Nimoy ended up staying (only joining MI after Trek ended) and Montaigne ended up getting cast as Stonn. Just thinking how pretty much all the major players in the "Amok Time" episode are gone, except for William Shatner. Leonard, Lawrence, De Kelley, Celia Lovsky, Arlene Martel, Majel Barrett...
  4. Her nephew.
  5. Don't know if this has been mentioned but Kamar de los Reyes (OLTL) has been playing a demon on "Sleepy Hollow" since this season premiered.
  6. The LAPD once again went to Richard Simmons' (GH) house to do a welfare check on him and they report that he seems fine. All the speculation, podcasts, etc., are like way out of control. The man just wants his privacy. Side note...his old studio space, Slimmons, has now been taken over by DWTS' Kym Herjavec for her new dance exercise studio.
  7. One thing that I was really able appreciate from the first time I was able to rewatch the early years of RH on Soapnet was that the "villains" weren't evil, monstrous people. They weren't committing murder, taking hostages, torturing, etc. (Well, except for Kenneth Castle because he obsessed over Faith...and even then, he thought he could protect her and get her to love him.) They were basically just people whose motives and desires put them in conflict with other characters. Even though you could pick out who were supposed to be the heroes and who were supposed to be the spoilers or threats, all of them were essentially everyday people trying to figure out how to get what they wanted. Nobody had all-knowing abilities or was necessarily wanting to inflict harm to people. Characters like Roger and Delia resorted to lies and blackmail for personal gain and not to be sadistic. Jack, ostensibly more hero than villain, had so much emotional baggage he acted like a class-A jerk. Seneca was basically a good man who wasn't above trying to exert control. Joe (#1) was so charming and fell so hard for Siobhan, all the while lying to everyone about his and uncle's business. Alongside them you have the supposed "good guys" who come with their own flaws, like extramarital relationships (Frank & Jill), a "salt of the Earth" Irish Catholic family whose staunch beliefs led to some harsh attitudes with their own children. Nobody was perfect, or perfectly evil. They were human.
  8. I've always wondered about the whole validity of the "Neilsen" ratings. Never in my life was Neilsen tracking my viewing or that of anyone that I knew. Like, how much of the population were they basing their ratings on? It's like those polls where they say "90% of Americans" think this way and, in the fine print, you see that it's one publication surveying 1,000 people (presumably their own readers).
  9. One thing that contributed to turning me off to certain soaps, and I found a cop-out, was making a villain an uber-villain, like they had supernatural powers or something to terrorize the entire town. It's like "deus ex machina" except it's devil ex machina. Instead of a convenient problem-solving device, you now have a convenient problem-creating device. The character is involved in multiple stories, causing havoc and seemingly has the ability to know all the secrets, come up with these elaborate, gothic locations and situations, survive death over and over, etc. Most people seemed to love to hate characters like Mitch Laurence and Helena Cassadine. I despised them and would have enjoyed those shows more without them there.
  10. I add my yes as well. I would say all of the above and then some. As far as just the passage of time itself, you figure the longer something is on, the more repetitive the stories become, like how many times can a couple split then reunite, how many long-lost children can someone have, how many "back from the dead" and "who's your daddy" stories can there be...eventually, things reach a point where you've seen it all before and it can be mind-numbingly boring, especially if badly written. Also throw in things that have eaten away at the viewer base like more women working, the OJ Simpson trial, which preempted multiple soaps for multiple days (one article stated it cost the soaps 10% of the audience that didn't come back), more channel and viewing options. Soaps require a time commitment and a lot of people either don't want to or can't make that commitment anymore.(Look at now with weekly shows, how many people don't watch "live" anymore, opting instead for recording or streaming.) It was interesting to note that when Ryan's Hope (which started in 1975) was rerun decades later on a cable channel Soapnet, some viewers found the slower pace boring. Like if 2 characters had a conversation, you'd hear about it again and again because they would tell their friends and family and basically counsel one another about it. When that happens on a 22-minute show, stories take a long time to develop. People were now used to faster-paced, more action-filled storytelling. As far as the quality, I think soaps had more of a niche or a sort of style about them that gave some of them a kind of uniqueness in the genre, even if, ironically, they tended to copy one another in some things, esp. in the late 70s-early 90s. GH was the action/adventure soap, Edge of Night was the mystery/film noir soap, Days of our Lives was on a roll in the 80s with creating multiple supercouples with amazing chemistry--even though they copied GH's whole anti-hero, supercouple, adventure thing, they did it quite well. Stories and characters seemed new and fresh then--a sexy "bad" guy with an eyepatch who falls for a nice girl (Days), a family of Texas cowboys in Pennsylvania (One Life to Live), secret agents with exotic accents (General Hospital) was all just loads of fun. But, as styles go, things eventually become outdated or shift their focus...and if that focus becomes so narrow, that can turn people off, too. (Heaven knows, I only took about a decade's worth, if that, of the Sonny/Jason mob infestation of GH until it (and uber-villainous Cassadines who don't stay dead) bored me out of the show for good.) You know what they say about Hollywood now, that they don't make originals anymore and just keep remaking things? I think the soaps reached that stage a long time ago.
  11. Okay, guys. The Library of Congress guy (aka Cary) sent me a few more, asking if they might be soap actors. So, do these folks look familiar? The first two look familiar to me but, again, nothing. (I thought it might be James MacArthur but this guy's cuter, lol). The second one reminds me a bit of Anna Marie Horsford but I don't think it's her.
  12. Jeff Branson (Jonathan Lavery, AMC) did an episode of Grimm. Rachel Melvin (Chelsea, DOOL) started as a regular on "Sleepy Hollow" this season.
  13. That's funny that you said this. I'm subscribed to MrEdge80's youtube channel. I haven't yet gotten around to starting my rewatching of EON from his youtube starting point but I've seen when he adds new videos and there are a couple with the image of Holder and Gabet that he added about a month ago right there on my screen, lol.
  14. Yes!!! I think I saw him on AMC. That's where I knew him from. You guys are the best! BTW, if you're into this sort of thing and want to try to help identify some old pictures of all sorts of people, here's a link to the LOC site. Every so often they post a series of unidentified photos. My (ahem) background in soap viewing got Larkin Malloy & Sharon Gabet, and he just sent me an email that included a 1980s pic of Lisa Trusel (Melissa Anderson, DOOL).
  15. Hi guys, I belong to a classic tv FB group and there's a guy from the Library of Congress there who puts out all these old unidentified photos, asking us if we can help identify any of the people...can be obscure movie stars, newsmen, soap actors, etc., maybe even just wannabes. Anyway, I know this guy was on soaps because he looks familiar but I can't place him. Anybody know who this is?