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  1. Does this mean that any trace of my favorite soap storyline , the Stephanie Martin murder case on Edge Of Night, doesn't exist?
  2. The return of James Stenbeck (the FIRST time) was fantastic on ATWT. Also, when Shannon O'Hara reappeared, it was so under-wraps and unexpected, it was the last time a soap ever REALLY surprised me. The follow-up stories for both weren't all that great, but the initial returns for James and Shannon were great surprises.
  3. Usually when one-half of a supercouple moves on, the audience doesn't accept it. There are rare exceptions (Lily/Damien), but most times it's an impossible situation. What made it worse was that the character of Steve was ridiculously changed (hero to drug-dealer), everyone was comparing Lindsay to Meg (Lindsay was a better actress, but Meg had star quality), and nuBetsy went from being the center of storylines to a supporting player. Lastly, they put her with Iva's rapist. The writing was on the wall.
  4. The pairing of Rod and Betsy was ridiculous. Steve and Betsy were one of the five most important couples in ATWT history. Why didn't they just let them ride off into the sunset together, instead of destroying both characters? I know Frank Runyeon and Lindsay Frost had zero chemistry, but still they could have wrapped up a quick little exit storyline for them.
  5. James Stenbeck fro As The World Turns. This guy was THE uber-villain from the show and had returned from the dead more than anyone in daytime (except for Stefano from DAYS). So when he is finally killed for real, who does it? Not Barbara, the woman he tortured for years, not Paul the son he screwed up forever, not John Dixon , his arch-enemy in the early days. No, it was HENRY COLEMAN'S MOTHER, somebody nobody today even remembers. What a waste.
  6. Sorry juniorz1, but Danny Romalotti an iconic what universe?
  7. As The World Turns: Lucinda Walsh, fiercely devoted to her children (although she favored Lily by a huge margin).
  8. It's understandable that characters are written off of soaps.Actors and actresses leave, new writers want to change the direction of the show, etc. I'm fine with that, as long as the character we've invested time and affection forget the proper send-off, an acknowledgement of what they meant to the show and it's fans. My favorite soap was As The World Turns. The character Steve Andropoulous carried the show for two years during his whirlwind romance with Betsy Stewart. When new writer Douglas Marland came on board, he wanted less of a super-couple focus, and Steve was not among his favorite people. Fair enough, but to suddenly turn the former hero into a drug-dealer rotting away in a Greek prison was a slap in the face of the people who rooted for Steve and Betsy for years. And so unnecessary, since the Betsy character was written off shortly after. Another was Emma Snyder, the matriarch of the Snyder clan, who counseled all six of her nitwit children through crisis after crisis, but received virtually no decent sendoff. Who were the characters on your soaps that deserved better at the end of their road?
  9. Dark Shadows: Barnabas Angelique Victoria Winters Julia Hoffman Quentin
  10. ATWT: Lisa Miller Penny Hughes John Dixon James Stenbeck Lucinda Walsh Lily Walsh Carly Tenney
  11. In all fairness, she did a very good job with the Jen/Gwen baby switch. It was the type of umbrella story that involved everyone in the ATWT cast. Everything else she did on the show was crap.
  12. The talk about Kirk reminded me how much I loved the office intrigue at WorldWide. At it's peak, Lucinda's company was a hotbed of conspiracy (Connor, Evan), quirky supporting characters (Ambrose, Jane), and assistants/antagonists and flirt-targets (Craig, Kirk). The show lost an interesting facet when it fazed out the business angle.
  13. I can't figure why they made Iva SO, SO depressing. Wasn't her character on GL fun and full of fantasy (I rarely watched GL). Why would she want to play such a dour character? The final nail in the coffin was sticking her with that doofus they married her off to.
  14. I vaguely remember the character of Mike Karr, when I watched the show as a wee youngster. He was played by Laurence Hugo, and seemed to be a major character, who was always in the center of the action. I remember popping in on the show years later when Forrest Compton had the role, and his character seemed much less important. Am I remembering this right?