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  1. I remember something about Franco's big reveal on the Haunted Star and some videotaped footage of Franco asking Carter to do something to Michael, not necessarily raping him. And Carter kind took that idea and attacked Michael on his own, or something like that.
  2. My post is in no way in defense of the character of Franco, I just wanted to clear something up. Franco had Carter rape Michael in prison, not Sam. But Franco did lead Sam to believe that he had raped her. And both acts are irredeemable IMO. Like I said, I'm not defending Franco.
  3. That's a big fat nope to this Spinelli stand-in, and I'm not even a fan of the Jackal.
  4. Who's Who on General Hospital, TV Star Parade, June 1965:
  5. The only thing I took away from GH today is that Anna's birthday is October 29th, which is FH's birthday IRL.
  6. According to ABCSoapsInDepth's Instagram, Ryan Carnes appears on GH on Dec. 27th.
  7. Confirmed! Daytime TV, March 1972 has an article about the wedding of Lucille March to Al Weeks. Accompanying the article is the infamous 1971 cast portrait with Joan Blackman in it. The caption all but confirms what character Miss Blackman portrayed in 1971.
  8. She played Ray Finkle's mom in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. "Laces out!"
  9. Yep, they are keeping GH going...right down the toilet.
  10. I'm usually a staunch defender of GH, when firing on all cylinders, but the last few episodes have felt flat, hollow, and a bit too text book for my liking.
  11. I admit, I had the ugly cry going on when Epiphany (lip sync) sang "You're not alive, er, alone anymore". But it could have been the five or so beers I had beforehand, so there's that.
  12. I swear to all that's Holy, that if Monica Quartermaine is killed off of this show, I will fly to California, find FV and Jelly, and string them up by their hack ass toes.
  13. You think Sharon Case was the best of the four Dawns? Most definitely...followed by Jennifer Guthrie (#4), Kim Valentine (#1, who we barley got to even know) and lastly Lisa Fuller (#3).
  14. I floved Dawn and Decker! I am still bitter they killed Dawn off after having gone through four actresses.
  15. My memory is poor, but I'd swear Jessie's niece was young Carol Murray (who ran off with that awful Teddy Holmes after he swindled poor Jessie), and I thought Lee's wife was Carolyn (and played by Augusta Dabney, if I remember right). By the time Jessie's niece and nephew, Kent and Carol were written into the story, poor Emily Maclaughlin was aging poorly, and rather than simply going with it and giving her age-appropriate story, they brought in the niece and nephew to make her character more "with it", and I don't think Kent and Carol were around all that long, so it was a bad decision. What they did with Jessie's character later on was scandalous in my eyes. While John Beradino fared better, I think Emily and her contribution to soaps have been largely forgotten. Awesome, thanks! I know Mark Hamill was Kent and Anne Wyndham was Carol, opposite James Westmoreland's (aka Rad Fulton) naughty Teddy Holmes.