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  1. I haven't watched it, all the death and murders on 'Oaks makes me nauseous now. I genuinely worry about what message it sends out to its young audience.
  2. LOL. Scott is atrocious, how has he lasted so long? And it's a disgrace that Lisa - one of the show's best characters - has to share her opening credits spot with him.
  3. The whole 'Oh, she only heard the second half of Emma's words in the church' twist was very unclear and doesn't really make sense, IMHO.
  4. Thanks, CassieFan!
  5. Hi Bright Eyes, am just getting into Shortland Street, please could you tell me how this affair reveal happened? Thanks.
  6. What era was that, DRW50? Did certain characters live in Leeds and work in the village? You'd think that some characters would do the opposite - live in the village but work in Leeds. Also, what happened to Chrissie's "chain of hair salons"? Have they vanished?
  7. So Tabby whisks Alfie off to LA via limousine while her grieving daughter commits some light arson and is then essentially committed to a mental hospital? OK then.
  8. Yes, it is a shame what this has done to Lisa, who was such a wildly vibrant character. And it's quite staggering to think that within 16 months of arriving, the Nightingales have suffered the deaths of one son's fiancee (Rachel); the youngest son's girlfriend (Jade) and now one of their sons (Nathan)! I do still love the Nightingales though, and think they've been a successful new family overall. I read that the actors all made a point of going out for dinner together regularly within their first couple of months on the show so they could bond, and it's worked.
  9. Agreed, but at least the best Nightingale son - James - is still with us...
  10. Yes, she must be, surely?
  11. It's a shame, because Zak actually used to be one of my favourite characters, but he has been spineless for too long now.
  12. Are we meant to feel sorry for Zak now that he's guilt-ridden and in danger of misplacing his marbles again? Well, I feel nothing. He treated Joanie abysmally and I was cheering Kerry on during her eulogy. I'm surprised that at the wake, Belle didn't reminisce about all the good times, like when she spat in Joanie's face. Uggh, that family!