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  1. Thanks! I hear you - it is time consuming keeping up with the soaps. I like Deb from what I saw of her - there's something quite 'old school soap' about her.
  2. Is it just me that found Sally's "I wish everyone at Y&R at least three more years of continuing success" comment to be quite loaded? Subtext: "Because that's all you're going to get."
  3. I skipped a couple of months, so missed the introduction of Deb. Anything I need to know about her apart from her morphine addiction?
  5. So after weeks of wall-to-wall programming (including documentaries featuring men who went through the gay aversion therapy, like Lawrence) and events here in the UK to mark 50 years since homosexuality was partially decriminalised in Britain, Emmerdale breaks up its older gay male couple.
  6. Well, it helps if your mother is the head writer...
  7. They have become a 'thing' here in the UK over the last ten years or so, but yes we didn't used to have them.
  8. Does anyone know why Ron's first episode was a Wednesday? It seems odd for him to have started midweek rather than on a Monday...
  9. Thank you for the information, it sounds like those were a juicy few years on DAYS!
  10. So Doug married his own stepdaughter?! Lordy. How was that received by the characters and viewers at the time?
  11. I stopped watching after Ashley died, and am only dipping back in now to see how Lawrence and Emma's stories play out. Why is Nel unsalvageable? And are Rebecca and Debbie friends now? I wouldn't be averse to Debbie being in another relationship with a woman.
  12. And another thing - it's preposterous to suggest that Lawrence, who had a horrific time in prison, would then go on to frame an innocent man and get him sent down. (Although he was willing to do the same to Andy, so I guess he's got form).
  13. Absolutely not! Although I can see it happening - I did wonder if Victoria would end up fighting for custody of her niece/nephew thanks to Adam's infertility, if Rebecca died. Lawrence could have funded the legal battle as a way to spite Robert, but that ship has now seemingly sailed. Charity and Declan's year-long reign of terror is one of my favourite soap story lines ever. It just kept going and going. And I've said it before, but I wanted Charity to emerge from prison humbled and affected from her time inside - not as 'punishment' but just to see her having to work hard to rebuild herself from the ground up and earn her family's trust again. And also to see her deal with the fact that Moira of all people looked after Noah for a year. But instead we see her arrive in a stolen red sports car, just because. And I love the idea of her being a mentor to a young woman and moulding her in her image. Would put Debbie's nose out of joint. BTW, I've been fast-forwarding most of Frank and Megan's scenes, but has Megan talked about Robbie and Declan in relation to her history with the Dingle viper?
  14. Speakers are confirmed now, if anyone's interested: Daniel Brocklebank, Actor, Coronation StreetOliver Kent, Head of Continuing Drama Series, BBC StudiosPete Lawson, Writer, EastEndersIain MacLeod, Series Producer, EmmerdaleKieron Richardson, Actor, HollyoaksAnnie Wallace, Actress, Hollyoaks