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  1. I'm wondering if my theory about Kasim remembering Emma pushing James off the bridge might have actually occurred if the actor chosen to play Kasim wasn't so poor. It would have made for a good storyline and might have hastened Emma's exit. I love Gillian Kearney but enough is enough. Has Chrissie actually left already? And when is Laurence leaving? Mark Moraghan posted a pic on Instagram yesterday with his stunt double so I guess Tim is making one more appearance that's possibly tied into Lawrence's exit.
  2. Josh, who Tracy attacked, is facing jail time for using a shotgun (only Jack Sugden's gravestone got harmed). The boy playing Josh really did bear an unfortunate physical resemblance to the banjo playing inbred kid in Deliverance. So I guess he was good casting.
  3. Monday night's episode was absolutely unbearable. That Jimmy/Dan "competition" seemed endless. And Dan's little girl Amelia is just obnoxious beyond belief. I realize they're sort of making her a mini Nicola but that's not a good idea.
  4. It isn't. It's floundering. Shame.
  5. Star was in one very brief scene at Walford High school earlier this year when she told Bex to call her if those bullies were giving her trouble. And then we never saw her again, not even at the prom!
  6. Falling apart over penis! I love that! But it does seem likely that there will be some sort of conflict between Michelle and Carla over Robert. Perhaps Michelle and Robert are planning a Christmas wedding and Carla arrives to help Steve throw a wrench in the proceedings?
  7. He does look better with a beard. I'm guessing Carla will be on an "opposing side" from Michelle over Robert. Had forgotten she'd slept with Robert early last year when she found out Johnny was her father. It wouldn't be right time-wise for her to show up with his baby, would it? She'd have been at least five months pregnant when she left Weatherfield.
  8. I saw Aaron Sidwell on stage in the musical Grey Gardens where he played the dual roles of the eldest Kennedy son (the one who was killed in World War II) and a Long Island slacker. He was terrific. I'm glad he's returning to theatre work.
  9. I'm hoping Kasim will show up soon and tell Finn that HE saw Emma push James off that bridge. Kasim's distancing himself from Finn back in the winter didn't make sense then but it would now if it turned out that Kasim had recovered the rest of his memory but couldn't tell Finn for various reasons. But he can now. Maybe he could show up on Pete and Leyla's wedding day and the mother of the groom would then finally be arrested? For those who think he'd have said something by now: he was obviously frightened by Emma back then and maybe he cared enough about Finn to keep Emma's responsibility for James' death from him. He'd know if Finn knew the truth he'd be destroyed. There was never a proper explanation as to why he suddenly shut himself off from Finn in the first place, only some vagaries about Finn being too clingy. FlagQuote
  10. I agree that she'd better not be placed into Peter's orbit although I have a sneaking suspicion that she'll be landlady of the Rovers pretty soon after her return. I think Georgia Taylor may have only signed a one year contract and she'll be going around Christmas.
  11. Alison King is returning at Christmas? Wow. And apparently Carla and Michelle will be on opposing sides over something (or someone).
  12. That Pam look-alike supporting artist is really starting to bug me now. Why was she put in a floral print blouse and placed prominently behind Max at the cafe? And will someone PLEASE give that Chinese lady a job? All she ever does is shop.
  13. Oh, swell, Rishi's back from Canada and he's brought his unbearable cutesiness with him. Is this Hugh Brian guy a new character? The actor's terrible. This show is really falling off a cliff.
  14. I'm afraid it seems to be.
  15. Georgia Taylor's always been wonderful with those huge, expressive eyes of hers. I always thought of Toyah as a Northern version of Michelle on EE-full of common sense, feisty but also soulful and yearning.