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  1. Now that Claire King has apparently quit Coronation Street here's my idea of how she could return to Emmerdale: The Reskovs: Nicky (Nicolai) Reskov-early 50's , handsome, wealthy, charismatic Russian who's lived in the UK for the past ten years. From a very powerful Soviet Russian family. Finds it easy to present himself as a warmand amusing gentleman but is actually cold as ice and downright ruthless at times.Yelena Reskov-early 30s. Nicky's daughter by his first marriage. Beautiful, sweet, kind, hard working. Could be a love interest for Pete, Ross or David.Sasha Reskov-early 30s. Yelena's twin. Quirky, a "do gooder." Also gay. Could be a love interest for Finn.Petr Reskov-late teens. Nicky's son by his second marriage. Likeable and easygoing but gives as good he gets when provoked. Would be a love interest for Belle. Possible casting: Martin Anzor (Preston, EE)Gaia Reskov-mid 40s. Nicky's younger sister. Stern and somewhat blunt but actually a good, moral sounding board for Nicky. Will be in his corner no matter what because Nicky stood up to their father who was physically abusive to her.Oh, yes, Nicky's current wife would be Kim. She would be dragged kicking and screaming back to Home Farm with them and ultimately reclaiming the throne as Queen Bee. She is deeply in love with her husband. There's a lot of tension between her and Gaia, though. They assimilate into village life well enough but then their place in Emmerdale reaches a melting point by the time the passenger jet explosion approaches its 30th anniversary in December 2018. Nicky's first wife was on that plane. And Nicky (or his family back in Moscow) might have had something to do with it...
  2. The WLIW/PBS episode on Wednesday began with Pauline gazing at a photo of newborn Dennis. There was a close up shot of Mark's photo on the shelf. Later in the episode she told Joe that she still felt intense anger that she had outlived one of her children. I guess it's the last time Pauline was ever shown in anything resembling a sympathetic light.In the same episode Ian was taking Bobby to the creche and Bobby emerged from the house wearing Lucy's old Cinderella costume. Tee hee. Maybe he clocked her because he found out she'd given it to Oxfam? Britbox has Redwater-first episode is already up.
  3. Dan Wooton is a genuine horror and I can only guess he's got the goods on somebody to manage to keep his jobs in print and on air. His face is revolting and his Kiwi accent is even worse.
  4. Excellent news, YRBB! Thanks! I think that must be because the contract with Hulu ran out.
  5. Moira's headbutt of Charity was pretty awesome. So I guess Emma's "confession" is on one of those videos Ashley made? How convenient.
  6. It just smacks to me of writers room "Oooo, wouldn't this be fun?" shenanigans. Putting Harriet and Cain together is such a big mistake.
  7. The episodes of the final season of The Leftovers which were shot in Australia are now starting to air. Just when I was starting to wonder if any former Neighbours actors would pop up there was Meyne Wyatt (Nate Kinski) on my screen. And one of his first lines was actually "I know Chris"!
  8. Ooooo, thanks for the heads-up! I will definitely watch Lisa Kincaid's return. Sorry for the delay responding to your two earlier questions: I think Adam might have been just finishing his gig on SFT when I became friends with Angela. We never really chatted much. To be honest I found him to be somewhat cold and snobby. He was a privileged Upper West Side NY kid and I suspect he thought his s##t didn't stink. Angela obviously adored both her children, though. She was a great mother and I feel terribly sorry for them now-they were both very, very close to her. As to Geri's feelings about James Pritchett I think she liked him fine. He was a thorough professional and a family man who was grateful to have a steady, relatively lucrative gig. One little detail I remember Geri telling me: Armand Assante had terrible body odor. Some of the cast actually walked up to Joe Stuart's office to complain. It took a while but Assante eventually took care of the problem. I remember when Geri got that Kate & Allie role-she was so excited to do it. She was really hoping to break out of soaps to do more primetime work but it just wasn't plentiful in NYC in those days.
  9. I enjoyed Marlon calling the diminutive Victoria "Little Chef." Little Chef is the name for a chain of fast food truck stops in the UK.
  10. Oh, right, I thought he was Billy's son! Well, at least there's a family resemblance!
  11. The casting of Ben is brilliant because the actor really does look strikingly similar to Jesse Spencer, who played his father.
  12. What was with the excessive make up on Jonathan Wrather (Pierce) in tonight's episode? It was distracting. He's a fine specimen of a man, I don't think he needed a truckload of rouge to look good for the wedding episode. Does anybody else think it might turn out that Pierce had raped Tess on their wedding night, too? That could have been what Pierce's mother was referring to?
  13. Where the hell is Tina Dingle is all I want to know.
  14. Is a Jay/Donna pairing actually going to happen? It might be interesting.
  15. Cain and Harriet? Uh uh. Doesn't work AT ALL.