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  1. I've never understood all the hype about him. I can't imagine that trained journalists like Robin R., George S., etc., being too thrilled with all his airtime.
  2. Judy Collins also supposedly appeared in that storyline, but not as herself. I think she played a patient. Brooke Shields played a friend of Erich's named Elizabeth. Tony Randall did play himself. He had been signing autographs at "Madison Mall" when he had suffered some minor mishap that required him to get stitches. The nurse who tended him was Carolee, who introduced him to Steve. Then Tony gave Steve a long lecture about smoking.
  3. When does Sonny NOT yell - or throw glassware across the room, etc.? That sounds like a spinoff of Scarecrow & Mrs. King. Make that three of us!!!
  4. I don't know, but the scenes of Mason going into rehab to stop drinking and Julia coming to terms with how her father's alcoholism had so deeply affected her were nothing short of amazing. NLG deserved the Emmy she won for that story.
  5. It was. In late 1982, very close to the show's end, there was a storyline about Steve trying to stop smoking. Actors like Tony Randall and Brooke Shields made cameos in that plot. I don't know if the annual November "smoke out" was around in 1982, but the story was airing during that month, so it would make sense.
  6. I wonder if he was even approached.
  7. Sonny yelling? Surely you jest!
  8. Last night, I was watching a L&O rerun (2009's "Crimebusters") that featured Victoria Wyndham's son, Christian Camargo. He played a defense attorney.
  9. I don't know when stomach stapling was around in the early 1970s, but can you imagine if TD had Richard Simmons on their show instead of GH? That would have been...interesting!!!
  10. What did you guys think of John Aniston on SFT? Did he work well as Jo's love interest?
  11. There might have been a fan mutiny if they had tried that.
  12. She was great in the SVU episode "Downloaded Child". I wish her all the best on this new show.
  13. Or they know it and don't care. Either explanation is plausible.
  14. Though some of the bizarre stories Michael Landon came up with could put LHOP in question here...
  15. Yes...that's what made DS so popular, and it remains popular to this day!!
  16. I'm looking forward to seeing him. I know that in more recent years, Gil Gerard has battled weight problems - so serious that he developed Type 2 diabetes and had to undergo surgery. Imagine if gastric bypass had been around back in the early 1970s? It would have been very interesting had TD dealt with that topic.
  17. Not to mention the reactions of his kids!!!
  18. I'd buy TD on DVD, too!!!
  19. That might have made it all worthwhile.
  20. At least those stories featured beloved veteran characters, and helped establish new characters.
  21. Really? Angie had to be younger than his daughters. I think the fairly conservative viewers of that time would have been against such a May/December romance like that. OTOH, a May/December romance between Rachel and Mac turned out well - so who knows?
  22. I'm so glad that her kids recorded her scenes on SFT, EDGE and LOV and were able to upload them to YouTube years later. I just wish we could see her as the original Maggie on TD.
  23. Do you mean Angie's mother, Rose? She was played by Kathleen Widdoes, pre-ATWT.
  24. That's a terrific site. He would have appeared not long after the show debuted. I'm guessing this was still Dane Witherspoon playing Joe.