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  1. How long did the Pollocks write for this show? What were the stories under their watch? I ask because they are the headwriters on the episodes of The Doctors that are rerunning on Retro TV right now.
  2. He just never seemed to fit in on OLTL, at least as Kevin Buchanan.
  3. Another real treat about these episodes is that we are seeing Julia Duffy in her first big role before she headed west and became a beloved sitcom actress. She definitely had the same pout and whine down cold a decade before they became trademarks of her Stephanie Vanderkellen character on Newhart!!!
  4. Was that Dorothy Lyman's first big role?
  5. Kim Zimmer's book is one of the best in terms of behind the scenes stories (both good and bad) and personal life. She is very candid about her battles with Ellen Wheeler, the problems with the production model, and her own problems with the final years of GL that led her to drink (and get arrested for DUI).
  6. I'm trying to think of how many cast members TD and DS had in common. The only ones I can think of right now are Nancy Barrett, Virginia Vestoff and James Storm.
  7. Supposedly, he had a thing for Susan Misner (Grace Davidson, OLTL) and she didn't reciprocate. He began a short-lived marriage with a different woman not too long afterwards. Other than that, I don't know.
  8. I went back and looked it up. According to the DS Movie Book by Kathryn Leigh Scott, VV was going to be in Night of Dark Shadows. The role was re-written as "Laura" and played by Diana Millay (who had played a different Laura on the soap).
  9. Thank you. It was also fun seeing Tim Gibbs in a Teen Family Feud week from the mid-80s. Some of the other teens on that week were Missy Gold, Kim Fields and Glenn Scarpelli.
  10. I've been able to get in touch with Marie, and not only is she now watching the reruns but so are her now-grown children. Her son was a little boy when she was on TD, and her daughter wasn't even born yet. Marie said that her son would see her on TV when she was working and he was with the babysitter. He would toddle over to the TV and tell his mom to come out!! LOL
  11. I checked Harding Lemay's book out of the library years ago and it was an interesting read. I really enjoyed Llanview in the Afternoon. I'm hoping the author can talk to more OLTL people and make an expanded, updated version!!
  12. I think Hank didn't come on until December 1970. Palmer Deane, however, did do a day or two earlier that year as a member of the Board of Health Commission. Obviously, TD liked him so much that they brought him back to play Hank. He's great - and so is Marie Thomas as his love interest, nurse-turned-singer-turned-nurse Lauri James.
  13. Has Tim Gibbs been on daytime at all since leaving OLTL? Last I heard, he had returned to voiceover work. He was good on AW. On the other hand, if he hadn't left - John Littlefield and Nadine Stenovitch (the final Gary and Josie, 1998-99) may have never met! I believe they are still married.
  14. Those were the days!!!
  15. If she had never left DAYS, I wonder how Ken Corday/Sony would be handling her situation.
  16. We have a copy of Michael Zaslow's book in our home, but it's been a long time since I read it. We also bought the book because the proceeds went to his charitable foundation for ALS - my grandfather also died of that horrible disease.
  17. Remember when Dick Clark had those bloopers shows? On one of them, they had a blooper from AW. John Bolger and Tim Gibbs (Gary Sinclair) were in it. It was supposedly a serious scene that quickly descended into hysterics - John Bolger was literally rolling on the floor laughing!!!
  18. Sweet!! Again, a big boo-hiss to P&G for not saving their episodes!!
  19. John Bolger and Hillary B. Smith played a married couple and parents of troubled twins on an episode of SVU years ago. They both did good work there.
  20. Yes, I believe you're right. I knew it was closer to the time that Liz Hubbard came back. It would have been nice to keep Anna around, but at least she got a decent farewell and didn't just vanish without being heard from again (Jody Lee, Liz, etc.)...
  21. When was Melinda Fee on?
  22. Last I heard, it was a three-month break. That's one 13-week contract cycle right there.
  23. Thanks. I wonder whatever happened to him.
  24. She's been on GH for well over a decade now, hasn't she? Hard to believe.
  25. No problem!! You'll have Anna around for some time yet - she does get a nice sendoff and doesn't leave until sometime in the summer of 1970. Zaida Coles' departure is sometime between the departure of Virginia Vestoff and the return of Liz Hubbard. Speaking of Virginia Vestoff, she was still on Broadway in 1776 at the same time she started on TD. Maybe it was a combination of nerves and burnout, or maybe she just wasn't comfortable with the horrible changes that the new writing regime had put into Althea's character. Couple the change in writing with the recast of a popular character (and actress) - maybe the viewer backlash made her nervous. We'll never really know, but at least on DS she got to originate a role and she seemed more comfortable in the costumes and the much more theatrical and gothic nature of that soap. VV was originally set to reprise Samantha in one of the DS movies (I can't remember which one), but she had a scheduling conflict and had to back out. I think the movie version of 1776 was filming at the same time and she couldn't do both. William Daniels (who was the John Adams to her Abigail in both the play and the movie) mentions her in his recently published autobiography. When the word reached him that she was terminally ill, he ordered flowers for her and signed the card, "Yours, John" - in reference to their famous duet "Yours, Yours, Yours". Sadly, the flowers and card never reached her because the delivery truck drivers were on strike, as he found out later. Sure, they can put the names of temporary recasts in the credits along with the supporting players, but can't change the last name of a leading character with star billing!!!