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  1. CK is a classic crap actress.
  2. Things seemed very messy at AW in the late 90's - If I remember correctly, JFP left on her own accord and gave an exit interview where she alluded or talked about what a challenge it was to work on the show and how that there were a ton of cooks in that kitchen...
  3. Well, look at the soap that replaced AW, and the success they had with Reilly's DAYS in the 90's...
  4. The Carters were ruined to begin with. I will always applaud him for killing off Ronnie and Roxy with no remorse...
  5. Eileen Davidson looked amazing on Friday's episode with that red dress. I can see why she only does DAYS in short stints, given the wardrobe on that show alone...
  6. I remember disgruntled OLTL fans at the time saying that Lindsay was JFP projecting herself as a character on the show. The character was VERY unpopular during the JFP era with a lot of longtime fans.
  7. I wonder if Yorke may actually stick around longer than this "temporary" basis if they can't find someone to replace SOC. Remember when Loraine Newman was supposed to be temporary as well?
  8. Jensen absolutely ruined Marley (and Vicky, if we want to be honest).
  9. Wait, so John Yorke is back on a temporary basis? As much as I love the early 00's, the show has tried and has never been able to recreate it. Yorke keeps coming back in some capacity...
  10. Watros was more like Anne's Vicky in those few episodes than Jensen ever was.
  11. Didn't Lemay actually mentor Marland at AW? Maybe Marland was just being grateful and giving him a job. Actually, would have been interesting if Lemay actually got to HW GL. I wonder how he would've fared with this type of show.
  12. I don't know, I think Sherry was just a hard act to follow and LK, though competent, just didn't have the same appeal/charisma. I don't think I ever stopped missing Sherry's interpretation of Blake.
  13. Who knows how much of that is just hyperbole...
  14. Sharon being back at Crimson Lights just feels right.
  15. I find Lauren highly hypocritical given her own history/past (even taking away the kidnapping element - she has no room to judge anyone's character).
  16. Too bad Valentini had to have her crossover as Nora, but I think Hillary. B Smith would have been a decent choice.
  17. The scenes with Ross and David at the diner after his acquittal were also touching:
  18. If I remember correctly, the story also had an indirect impact on quite a number of characters on the show at the time, and it felt like all of Spingfield was united behind David (even Roger!).
  19. Yeah, that is strange. I wonder if the aversion had to do with them being a younger interracial couple. The CBS soaps tended to skew more towards Middle America and the South - a few years later, Y&R had a ton of backlash from that segment when they toyed with Victoria and Neil. The P&G soaps never got the credit when they did socially relevant storytelling right - a lot of the time they were less preachy and more soulful than the ABC soaps, which always got all the credit for socially relevant storytelling.
  20. David also helped Bridget deliver Peter, and I don't think I've seen those episodes since they aired (were they ever on YouTube?). Bridget/David just had a really great bond that I don't think the characters ever really shared with anyone else. Patrick Mulcahey later tried to pair them as well after Curlee left and he was Co-HW with like 100 other people - he later said that was the exact reason he quit the show because CBS/P&G just wouldn't allow them do an interracial relationship.
  21. I wonder how things would have netted out with Bridget and Kat had Curlee and team been allowed to do the Bridget/David relationship they wanted. I liked Kat/David, but always felt that David was weirdly Bridget's soulmate (even if they never became romantic). David doesn't show up for another year or so, so definitely interesting to see how he's introduced to Bridget/Kat (as I can't for the life of me remember his introduction).
  22. Jack is Hilary's only friend. Due to her loyalty to Jack, I don't see Hilary ever wanting to be friends with Phyllis (at least, not at the moment).
  23. The replaceable are easily replaced.