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  1. Marcy Walker never got this much attention when she was actually relevant...
  2. The only version of this song that I care about. Definitely not Aretha's overrated whaling.
  3. Roger and Holly on GL in the late 80's...
  4. Ugh, I hate that I'll be an emotional wreck saying goodbye to a co-worker/subordinate over the next week. I know people come and go often at work, and I'm happy for him and his new opportunity, but I hired this kid right out of college and mentored him for two years. I never really had that experience with anyone else (he was the first). I really invested a lot in him, and I hope he leaves knowing how much he's made me a better manager. 

    1. DramatistDreamer


      Very nice sentiment. All managers/supervisors/bosses should exude this attitude.

    2. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      Beautiful words, BF. Similar to how I feel every year around graduation time.

  5. Interesting JFP tidbit - this was posted in the GL thread, but looks like the first episode of GL she produced aired in July 1991. This channel is currently posting episodes from 1991, so very interesting to see how the change from Robert Calhoun to JFP may have impacted the show (obviously, Curlee and team are still writing it at this point).
  6. Yeah, looks like that was JFP's first episode, very interesting to see how the switch may have impacted the show in the beginning now...
  7. On a sidenote, I always wished ATWT and GL did some type of corporate crossover storyline in the late 80's/early 90's. I would have loved to see Beverlee and Elizabeth Hubbard in scenes together and bitching it up in their oh so classy ways...
  8. Bev also accomplished an incredible feat if you think about it - Iris was such a definitive and iconic soap role, to then have similar success and create another strong character is not an easy task. I wonder how AW fans felt seeing her in a different role at this point. I know she given the choice to return to AW as Iris in the late 80's, but refused and wanted to continue as Alexandra. GL had such an amazing cast of women during this time - Bev, Maureen Garrett, Maeve Kinkead, Ellen Parker, etc. All so different, but amazing in their own right.
  9. No one f.ucks with Ms. McKinsey! I'm surprised at just how great the picture quality is in this video.
  10. Cady did her best work in daytime during her first stint as Rosanna.