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  1. I thought Nancy Curlee's vision was more of the Marland/Long hybrid, but obviously, she quit the industry and was never able to bring her skills to other shows. She actually almost came close to replacing the Labines at GH (before Guza was hired). I've always wondered how that would have turned out.
  2. Terrible and so unnecessary.
  3. Since day one.
  4. Mary Tyler Moore’s Grieving Husband Speaks Out: ‘Oh to See Her Smile Just Once More’
  5. Nothing against HBS, who I like, but why is Frank doing this sh!t again? Let OLTL rest in peace.
  6. I hadn't seen this before - Mary winning her first Lead Actress Emmy for TMTMS (she had won twice before for TDVDS). Florence Henderson is one of the presenters - hard to believe they're both gone now. Her "Category A, Category, Category A" comment apparently referred to the sweep the show had that year with Valerie Harper, Ted Knight, and Jay Sandrich (director) all winning previously that evening. Though it wouldn't be until 1975 (in its 5th season) when the show would win its first of 3 consecutive Emmy's for Outstanding Comedy Series.
  7. I didn't realize just how much MTM's passing would impact me, more so than a lot of the recent celebrity deaths. It goes to show what a powerful medium television is and can be - I wasn't even alive when TMTMS ended, but through reruns, I felt like I knew Mary and she and her show bought so much enjoyment into my life. Also, goes to show that quality writing and acting transcends age. I was in grade school when I first started watching the reruns of TMTMS, but I always knew there was something special about the quality of the writing and acting that I rarely saw anywhere else. I have to admit, I'll probably be extra emotional the next time I watch the finale episode's last scene with Mary taking one last look at the office and turning off the lights...
  8. Betty White finally commented on her Instagram. You could always tell how close they seemed in real life.
  9. James L. Brooks Remembers Mary Tyler Moore: "She Was Brilliant. Nobody Ever Found the Thing She Couldn’t Do"
  10. They really should ask Susan Seaforth Hayes to do some guest appearances or a guest stint as Lauren's mother as well. I feel Joanna should have had the role Gloria is currently playing in this story...
  11. Not to mention, MTM and Grant Tinker nurtured so much talent on the show (and other MTM Enterprises shows) that went on to do so many amazing things. James Brooks, Allan Burns, Jay Sandrich, Glen Charles/Les Charles/James Burrows to name a few... Cloris Leachman Shares Touching Mary Tyler Moore Memory: ‘I Had a Feeling I Wouldn’t See Her Again’ Mary Tyler Moore Dies: Robert Redford, Carol Burnett and More Stars Mourn the TV Icon's Death