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  1. Marland's GL could be very campy and melodramatic at times, if you ask me. It's strange that the Dobson's interpretation of GL seemed much more naturalistic by comparison, given their tendencies... Regardless of his health, I'm sure P&G would have forced Marland our at some point in the mid-90's. Not sure if he would've worked in daytime again or tried again to create a new show.
  2. Also, it was Calhoun who installed the Curlee/Demorest team in the first place, and I know Curlee in particular has mentioned he went to bat for her material several times in the beginning. I don't understand why Marland has issues writing for her, but thankfully (unlike many from her era), she came back and flourished for a few years.
  3. Holly is such a unique soap character (almost un-soap in many ways), there really isn't a prototype of someone I can easily compare her to. She also felt so real to me, and Garrett played the part as realistically as possible. She felt like a lot of people I knew, and I identified strongly with certain aspects of the character. To me, what's what made GL special for a long time - there were just these wonderfully complicated characters (female characters in particular) that were grounded in reality. That obviously withered away throughout the years, but it was good while it lasted.
  4. Maureen Garrett/Holly looks stunning here. Too bad Robert Calhoun didn't stick around for much longer or work longer with the Curlee/Demorest team. He really deserves credit for re-positioning this show and for grounding Pam Long's material in her second stint (which is far superior to her first, IMO).
  5. I thought Nancy Curlee's vision was more of the Marland/Long hybrid, but obviously, she quit the industry and was never able to bring her skills to other shows. She actually almost came close to replacing the Labines at GH (before Guza was hired). I've always wondered how that would have turned out.
  6. Terrible and so unnecessary.
  7. Since day one.
  8. Mary Tyler Moore’s Grieving Husband Speaks Out: ‘Oh to See Her Smile Just Once More’