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  1. Yes, he was Hardy. He killed Sailor in the T.R. story in 85.
  2. Or remembered for now
  3. Maybe photographing for gay magazines?
  4. On this gloomy Saturday March 25, 2017, some Australian Surfer hotness... (In honor of Beach Week and B&B's 30th...
  5. Ursula Winthrop's son was Douglas played by Robert )Bruce)Sherwood.
  6. Hank and Woo killed in part one of the finale? Looked that way tonight.
  7. So true, but amazing work from both actresses! Just amazing, Jurnee slayed it
  8. 1984, not sure when, though. Jills I found this about all of the Jills-it says Bond Gideon was only on for a day, but I believe it was more than that.
  9. I've missed you, GD! Can't blame Roxy for trying to get out of those scenes! She must have read the script! Or tried to eat it Haha
  10. "Duct tape me to a chair to cure my addiction." Gone are the days of an intervention or scenes in therapy. Franko continues to take the lead role in the Jake story. He's neither parent or step-parent. Go away. I hope Hugo Napier is all right. Lord Larry is a buffoon of a character, but there must be a reason he couldn't appear in the role today. I guess this will be
  11. I usually just hit the skip button during the openings once they have been on, one less thing to sit through.
  12. Every Wednesday, our phone rings at least twelve times a day with spam/robo-calls. The rest of the week, three to six a day. We request to be taken off the call lists, yet we get the same calls over and over. Being on the no-call list is a joke. Pollsters, charities,businesses under a year old, etc. still can call you, regardless of the list.
  13. Might as well hand out participation Emmys to everyone. So many of their recent winners have been a joke\ <Looking at you, Bryan ""constipated" Craig and Brittany Allen, to name two.>
  14. I like the new opening, a back to the basics opening with the whole casr. I guess Nicole/Zende haven't been jettisoned yet. I hope we see more of them, as well as Rick and Maya. The beach scenes are gorgeous. They didn't need the trip, but I appreciate the scenes. I still don't understand why RJ wasn't brought along for his parents' wedding. The show been lousy lately, but the flashbacks(minus Thorsten--ewww) were wonderful Happy 30th, B&B!