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  1. Had she not been written into a corner, Elena could have easily filled the place of Eden when MW CHOSE to leave. Between Elena and Kelly, they could have had filled Eden's place--Kelly the heroine and Elena with Cruz.
  2. Some fun between Andre and Kate. Rafe/Gabi/Dario having monthly breakfast while Hope is questioning Myron about his hacking. Abby trying to get Chad to back off Dario because of Dario's evidence, then going to Andre. She told Andre that Dario has proof Chad killed Deimos. Eli was ticked off that Lani didn't hurry to the station . She was very busy with JJ and ran late. When Eli said the FBI traced things back to Myron, and she reminded him that she traced it to him, the FBI just followed up on it. Eli was clearly jealous of her time with JJ. Overall a decent episode.
  3. Half of Y&R. None of B&B. No GH in CT yet
  4. I got Days here in CT. It airs at noon. I get CT and NY ABCs, CT airs GH at 2, NY at 3, so we'll see what happens there
  5. I think the Ramirez family (Emilio, Rosa, Monty, April, Julio) were around for a short span (two years for Emilio, three for April).
  6. Oh! Mr. Emerson!
  7. Floating out there with Dr. Casey Reed in the ether....With Mamie and Joanna Manning, unfortunately.
  8. I did. thirty years ago. When the conversation would matter. Bottoms was on Days for a month and a half, two months tops, then portrayed by Wotham Krimmer for a year. I don't even remember Bottoms in his scenes, that's what I've got
  9. Where was Dr Bensch the other day? Sam ended up going to Griffin because "Dr. Bensch" had an emergency. After all that promotion we got 1 episode. One. <coughs> should have been Jeff Webber<coughs>
  10. I really didn't see a big difference today. I actually didn't mind John today, so there's that. I wish he didn't start off with doppelgangers, though we saw enough masks on GH for a lifetime. I am happy Dario is getting caught out, and that Abby is finally smart again. I like her friendship with Andre. Kate's reaction at the mansion was hilarious. All in all the episode was better than anything Higs has done.I'm hoping Hattie is there to mess with Andre,though.
  11. I see a restraining order in someone's future

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    2. slick jones

      slick jones

      Nope, missed that one. I'm used to crazy spit but necrophilia and Judas Priest?


    3. beebs


      Just in his future? I'm sure there's a gallery in their den.

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      I'm late to the party. What happened here with the Marcy Walker stuff? 

  12. Every weekend in the 70s I would fiddle with the antenna to get Space 1999 and Mission Impossible reruns. Loved ML! Very sad.
  13. Quietly praying for Farah Fath not following Bonnie back to Salem.
  14. I have casts for both the Radio and television (OMF) versions. It will take some time to track down, but I'll put them both up this week.