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  1. Katy Mixon is great and the show is better than I expected it to be.
  2. I just recently saw a few episodes of this. Pretty funny
  3. Great pics as always @YRBB
  4. @saynotoursoap I saw you recently posted on the board. If you have a little time, take a peek through this thread and let me know about any errors I may have in the cast lists. I really respect/appreciate any input you may have to share. I have some updates to post this weekend.
  5. It hasn't even been three months. Stop. Some of us aren't ready to call for a new writer yet. Some of us like the characters more than we have in years. I'd rather watch this than the last ten years Watch out or we'll end up with someone like Higley.
  6. Chris Hoider was also Mark on EON. His character kidnapped Raven while Sharon Gabet was pregnant and had to be off camera. Mark Hamilton(Aldrich) , I think. James Douglas (Grant, ATWT among otheras) portrayed his father, Desmond.
  7. Never liked Lonnie McCullough as Linc, he was like a different character. His mother had also been recast, Carole Demas originated the role, Lee Bryant was next as Hannah Lafferty.
  8. Maggie constantly bringing up Daniel needs to stop soon. I really have started to detest her. Hope thinks she has food poisoning---Good job with the picnic, Rafe. But seriously, Hope grew up with David as her "big brother" in a way, you would think the character could have been more useful at the funeral. Just think how good a cameo for Denise Alexander sittiing in the back of the church, Susan was his first mother. Not here for phony -ass Claire. SSH has been wonderful as ever. What a mistake all of her years on the outside have been. With good writing, any character, no matter how old, can have viable story. When the characters of Doug and Julie were written off in 1984, thirty years ago, a very bad decision was made. Chloe scenes are way too repetitive. I wish that they would not start Chloe/Brady/Nicole again....
  9. I kept thinking Disney Villainess outfits...
  10. The Beastmaster days are long since over...
  11. You mean two time Emmy-winning actress Amelia Heinle---- At this point, everyone should just get a participation award for all they are worth.
  12. They were great!
  13. Not with Pissmelly and ValenVarni in charge! It won't benefit GH under this Production Staff and writers.
  14. Posted a comment on another board about General Hospital, and it was removed ten minutes later. Why have a comments section if people's opinions are subject to being censored.  <cough> Looking at you<cough>

  15. That's right Susan Lucci, "that I'd be in the right hands" Don't accept under this regime, please. ValenVarni will ruin your character. Wait for better powers-that -be!