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  1. No problem! ?
  2. I agree 1999-2003ish were great, and seemed to still put more of a focus on everybody, after 2004 it just became Theresa/Ethan/Gwen nonsense non stop and while at the time I was a Theresa fan and hated Gwen with a Passion....the fact nothing ever got resolved with them drove me crazy. I hated that Timmy/JRE's death resulted in Tabitha being backburned for most of the final few years too.....though the departures of Charity, Grace, the angel girl, and all the Kay recasts sort of diminished the original supernatural aspect of the show that I thought worked better until it just seemed like it became comic relief with Tabitha/Endora.
  3. Haha thanks! I know I can be a bit obsessive, but I just think having the original air dates helps a lot! To answer your question I actually do have an episode guide in French that was sent to me that has episode descriptions from Jan 1986-1995. It's not the most accurate in some places and kind of vague but for the most part it's basically the correct info for all those years! Here' the download link, but you will have to use google translate of course. http://www.mediafire.com/file/krvplk0hch5x7ko/Résumés+Magazines+TV+(1).pdf I also read old summaries that were saved on the google groups archives.
  4. Please tell me there will be more....Taylor Anne Mountz who was the first Kay was even there!
  5. So...any videos from the reunion panel???
  6. Thanks! I believe this one is from August 22, 1988! I have seen more of John/Jessica in the 1989 episodes when Jim is in the picture, and their story always was a bit boring to me though I appreciate the importance of the aids stuff. I guess this was the first sign they were transitioning Jill's character with Jess from Brenda Dickson with her confiding about her past with John....i wonder when was the moment she fully turned on David though. the Chase/Nina stuff sounds fun, I hate how ultimately it wasn't meant to be with them but I'm glad Chase developed genuine feelings for her later. Nikki scheming against Leanna sounds fun.
  7. Not only that, but even after David threatening Cricket with messing up her face a few months before, I will never get how she didn't just arrest him right then and there.....it's all really creepy in retrospect but I guess there wouldn't be a story if things ended realistically! Oh I'm sure Braeden just loved all of that!! LOL
  8. Thanks so much again for taking the time to post these! ?? I can help out even more by saying I believed this aired on July 16, 1990! sounds like an overall simple episode but with lots of emotions and build up! its still interesting how much Brad and Ashley were apart of Drus initial intro story at this Point! I like that Brad comforted Mamie. ive seen a bit of Dru lashing out at Nathan about her illiteracy to Nathan from this episode thanks to the montage of clips of them used for Bill Bells lifetime achievement award at the 1992 emmys! It seemed to be a powerful scene! Danny/Cricket/Nina/David stuff just seems like filler or stuff moving along, but I didn't known Vivian actually contacted David before she moved across the hall to spy on him and Nina... i actually remember reading about this Victor/Cassandra scene and people were blown away at how romantic and exotic it was! Lucky you got to see it! Haha cant wait for the 1988 one! ?
  9. Bonnie?!?!.....Talk about a blast of Salem Stalker's past!
  10. I don't remember hearing about any significant scenes between Stuart and DA's Jill, so I guess it was all mostly stuff in passing with Liz. Stuart seemed like he didn't have much story of his own, besides being married to Liz, but they both seemed to be around just to support their children at this point. In a way that's how I feel the show should be now, with the older characters taking more of a back seat to support the younger ones! it just seems like back then they had the perfect balance of Jack,Patty along with Paul, while Mary and Carl were looking out for them, and same with Stuart and Liz with Jill, Snapper, Leslie, Lorie etc.... I'm not saying I want the vets backburned but I'm just making a note that it seemed better back then.
  11. Thanks for sharing this recap! it's kind of strange how the show was indeed transitioning yet John Conboy would still be around as the original EP till the following March I think...from the little I've seen the show already seemed way different then the 70's Y&R, though I guess that was mostly because it was now a year past being 1 hr. It always seems like the show had a tradition of going to Aspen around New Years/the holiday seasons....It's still strange to think of Jack having this much to do or have this much interaction with the Williams, even though I know he was with Patty.I wish scenes of him with Mary and Carl would surface. I heard about April's twin, it seems like Paul had a lot of bizarre stories for the first 5-6 years of his run, though I guess this was before the transition to more of the leading man. I had to laugh a little at the part when Liz offered Jill to spend New Year's with her and Stuart....I'd figured Stuart would totally blow that idea down considering what he went through with Jill during their brief marriage but I guess things were patched between them at this point. Interesting and kind of cool that Lucas interacted with Andy.....him and so many others would be gone by the following year it's interesting to hear about these brief encounters between the "newer" characters and the ones getting phased out. I'm glad this episode did indeed have the famous "dirty stinker" scene between Nikki and Victor!
  12. I'm liking Dina's return right now, but honestly Grace's return on Y&R a few years ago was actually really decent, and they seemed to use Jennifer Gareis a lot better then they did on B&B.
  13. I think MTS would go for that! she said before she always wanted Nikki to go (in her words) "Stark Raving Mad!" LOL
  14. Actually MR'S Mamie did get to interact with Drucilla, i have Drus first and second episodes and MR was still playing Mamie and had a scene with her.
  15. That seemed to be the case with most of 1994-2001 for Cricket! besides the Phyllis stuff of course.