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  1. Hmm?? Could it be Leanna???...nah we can't get too lucky.....
  2. Well the easy thing to do would just be to hire a new HW and just have Brad be EP....he's unfortunately never gonna leave anyways.
  3. I would gladly trade Ridge for Felicia and Kristen all day, everyday...
  4. I hate it too honestly.
  5. It should just be Sally and Shirley and no one else...
  6. Yeah, at least he kept his cool...though I've never really seen him get impatient in interviews anyways. (maybe some of his Emmy Legends one)
  7. That interview turned awkward the moment they made that "Scrooge" joke, and Braeden didnt play along...he didn't say anything but you could tell he didn't want to be there.
  8. Maybe Sally thinks Victor needed to suffer more for the last decade of damage... I would be more into this story if they didn't just do it last year, because IMO it would make sense to ultimately try to redeem Victor by having his family turn against him, and him having to work his way back into their trust....but the fact that they just did this story and even allowed Victor to be "redeemed" for a short while and they are now messing it all up again, make it contrived. I wish Nikki at least had Victor's back.....Nick and Victoria are ungrateful little $^%&^*s! so I don't care if they want nothing to do with Victor, but it bothers me more that Nikki has suddenly turned against Victor....I was enjoying the whole " I got your back no matter what" angle.
  9. I honestly don't mind Daniel Hall so far.....but I still personally think Scotty should have been younger too, an actor in the 28-30 range IRL
  10. did you steal Bradley's notes??.....
  11. I don't know if it was terrible or hilarious when Faith walked in our her father punching her grandfather.
  12. i'm sorry but nuSaul totally wants to bang Thomas.....
  13. I've never seen that one before! it's crazy it's been almost 20 years,(and next year 10 since it was cancelled) because Passions was the first soap I ever really got into, and I basically stuck with it till the end.......It makes me miss my elementary/middle school days when my dad would tape it for me to watch after school, till I learned myself, LOL. I know lots of the episodes are online, but I still kind of wish for some reason we had all the original NBC broadcast episodes (or the ones from 1999-2001)......something seemed more artificial about the Super Channel repeats if that makes sense? 2003 was probably one of my favorite years and the LAST year that Passions was decent.....It got wayyy off track the years to follow.
  14. Who knows why SONY/CBS does this crap..... I'm glad I'm able to keep all my uploads unlisted since my first channel became terminated, but I still wish I could make my videos public...it's just not fair....I really am starting to believe all the jokes that they don't like people watching any classics because they want them to like the current stuff. There are actually almost consecutive episodes of B&B 1989-1991 uploaded, but it's dubbed over in Polish...or you can hear the English voices, but this monotone polish voiceover is thrown over top of the voices, so it's not the greatest, but still, since hardly any early B&B really services this is the closest we have! I still wish I had watched or even saved all of those Y&R German dubbed 86-87 episodes way back.....again I can't understand any of it, but that was the only time consecutive episodes of those 2 years were posted....I think they also had some of 1988, and late 1995 too.
  15. Nick punched Victor years ago too in 2003 when he learned he kissed Sharon... I don't know how Braeden let this one slide, since he swore he would never do scenes again where his own children hit him..