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  1. I can't believe they actually went "old school" with this new opening!! I approve! (but I never liked the retooled 2000-2004 theme music but oh well...)
  2. and I'm reminded once again after reading that, how the show missed an opportunity to do a Kyle/Fen pairing....haha
  3. I think Bergman once said, the idea was the get the AMC viewers to follow him to Y&R.
  4. haha thanks! but the credits goes to the person who actually did, I just found these! LOL
  5. Some random (Full/Partial) episodes I found from 1992 and 1995
  6. Thanks for this! I really wish we could see this episode as it sounds like a good one! lots of action and suspense! As for the airdate, when I looked up what episode #2821 was, it gave me the date for Victor and Nikki's wedding (4/13/84) So that can't be correct.....and I want to say that this episode probably aired before November 1981, because I thought by then Nikki was in Victor's sphere, and she was already dancing at the Bayou again, I thought maybe this might be July/August 1981.....but maybe I'm wrong.....Still a good read regardless. I remember seeing some of that Nikki/Edward scenes when MTS choose them for her 35th anniversary thing on one of her TV Guide interviews.....They definitely were really creepy, especially the portrait of Edward's mother, but I wish we saw the rest of those scenes with Paul and Carl rescuing Nikki. Overall such an odd little story for Nikki, and it definitely seemed like Bill Bell made some of the show very horror movie like with the whole Psycho rip off with Edward....along with Victor and his dungeon and of course Vanessa about to commit suicide....definitely a lot different then what the show eventually became IMO. I forget sometimes that Danny started on the show that early and was involved with Patty.....I think they forgot this later on, but It's hard to picture Danny in these different story spheres with the Abbotts and Williams, because I'm more use to the music stuff with Traci and Lauren and later his love story with Cricket...I wish we saw more of those earlier clips.....the compilation clips I have feature NONE of Danny/Patty or really any Patty/Jack, except the brief clip of their wedding... I would love to see the earlier versions of the Jabot set.....I guess the more well known look started when the rest of the Abbotts came back in 82.... I remember you talking about those Jill/Patty scenes and they sound delicious, but it's still interesting that Deborah Adair could play a more vindictive Jill too....I saw a hint of that on the compilations, but this was probably the bitchiest I've heard about her Jill being....though I can't really by Jack/Patty because of the stuff coming up with Diane and Patty shooting him, and I thought Jack was always too much of a playboy this time to really have romantic feelings towards her. Fun read overall! Can't wait to read more summaries you may have!
  7. Thanks for all this great information!! I remember you said you visited the center, and you gave me a few notes, but I can't wait to read more details about some of those episodes you saw! I need to get out there ASAP!! LOL To help out with one of the airdates on there..... Cricket and Danny w/Nan and the Crack Babies aired, July 26, 1991 ( I have that episode) That 1990 presentation sounds fantastic! please give details to that as well! I love and always prefer old interviews/events with the cast then now!
  8. It's a shame the show mostly struck Traci with all these men who went nowhere. Her and Steve were mainly an offscreen couple, yet they are now divorced. i miss the old penthouse sets! Victors and Ninas the most though! I actually thought it was Ninas old set now occupied by Chelsea?
  9. that was a very cute Victor and Hope scene! Probably the best time period for Victor overall.
  10. Not that there wouldn't be at least some true to Brenda's words. I fear if I read her book I would get a lot of negative opinions on more people from the show...haha
  11. Thanks! I didn't know Casey and Matt had any interaction. I always love that gentle guitar music playing over.....it's so timeless and would still work on the show today I think.
  12. Not a surprise or great loss.
  13. I'm still upset the show won't go back to using some classic scores, even though I guess they can't since Jack Allocco and whoever else owns the rights don't work there anymore.....and I can't picture a classic character like Dina coming back without all those old soapy Y&R scores.
  14. Could be true, but still shocking and fascinating to hear about that. haha I actually always loved hearing Katherine refer to Brenda Dickson's Jill, or as the "contemptible tramp!" Jeanne always had fantastic diction when she would utter lines like that. Honestly, It seems like out of all the female characters on Y&R, Lauren use to be the one who would use "bitch" the most, at least when Sheila was concerned haha. even Katherine and Jill rarely called each other that till like the middle 90's/late though Katherine does let it slip in a few early 90's I have. Of course with B&B, Stephanie Forrester's go to insults from the get go, were "Bitch, Slut and Tramp" to Brooke 70's/early 80's ABC soaps seemed too family friendly to let that type of language slip.....I guess it's because ABC soap characters are supposedly more endearing then the colder CBS/Bell characters, it just seemed in bad taste to go that far with the language....I know that changed later, but back then definitely. Do you remember when Y&R or the other soaps first did catfights?