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  1. It's so obvious that they blew their budget on the first 3 nurses balls under Frank and Ron....I'm ready to hear there won't be anymore after this.
  2. I guess they will do some sort of Sally/Thomas/Caroline arc......but I'm betting Steffy or Ridge is gonna push Caroline to go after Thomas.... It's still nice to see the original Logo.
  3. Isn't she in the opening? I don't know if she was ever really off contract... hahaha
  4. LOL....I guess I'm just trying to keep the ball rolling....I always have a blast revisiting the 2013-2015 Nurses Ball threads, where there was like a 50 page discussion on the entire event.
  5. So, any comments on the Nurses Ball so far?? LOL.... I thought the "Brave" number was kind of cute....Lexi Anisworth is definitely not a singer....overall it was just to highlight Amy and Emma..... rolled my eyes over Valentin's performance, with Stafford's constipated looks.... Josslyn is actually a decent singer though...
  6. It's a shame Adriana's brief encounter with Katherine didn't last long either....mostly because of Jeanne's death she could have still stuck around to maybe butt heads with Jill.....I don't remember the actress being the best, but she could have maybe grown into more of a "Hilary" role by this point too.
  7. LOL I forgot all about Adrianna....
  8. I swear it's like I'm watching "Teen Wolf" whenever I hear "Chimera"
  9. I feel bad for replying so so late to this, but I just wanted to say thanks for keeping up this amazing work and yes keep going I'm very curious about 1999-2003 if you get to those! its amazing the changes (slow changes mind you) Alden made after her first full month... I bet viewers were excited to see Leanna reappear after being MIA for at least 6 years before...they definitely gave her some juicy stuff dealing with Victor and Diane's divorce. It's still interesting how they sent JD and John Abbott on an extended vacation for a year until he came back with Billy...I feel like John was mostly a supporting player under most of Alden's run, as well as being the caring father/grandfather, and that brief fling with Gina...he definitely filled the true moral center role... is it just me or is Leanna's TV set and the Forrester living room one of the same?? Lol cant wait for more of these!
  10. Twitter Ads info & Privacy What’s Broken At General Hospital? In a December 2016 interview with Michael Fairman of On Air on Soaps, Shelly Altman told Fairman, “You may know by now we are really fond of umbrella stories, and how this would have more global implications.” In theory, umbrella stories seem interesting and a tool to encompass more of General Hospital’s bloated cast, but by and large, audience criticism has been harsh on these long-lagging plots. Twitter Ads info & Privacy Twitter Ads info & Privacy One such umbrella story that failed with audiences regarding both ratings and feedback was the Paul Hornsby (Richard Burgi) GH serial killer storyline. When the murders began, Altman and Passanante had yet to decide who the culprit would be, so they started a whodunit mystery with no end game in mind; they even admitted it in a Soap Opera Digest interview. Fan outcry was vocal and harsh because of inevitable misalignment. Will The Chimera Destroy Jelly? When General Hospital spoilers introduced fans to another umbrella story, the Chimera Project, fans shuddered collectively on social media. This swollen plot brings in resurrected Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers), Jason Morgan (Billy Miller), Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco), Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth), Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst), Jake Spencer (Hudson West), Liz’s other kids — Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart), Anna Devane, and Alex Devane (Finola Hughes) — the WSB, possibly Cesar Faison (Anders Hove), and anyone remotely entangled with any of these characters. View image on Twitter Twitter Ads info & Privacy When a General Hospital spoilers promo showed Helena alive and on Cassadine Island, a collective cheer went up, but if GH showrunners brought back the matriarch and Spencer arch-nemesis for flashbacks only, the jeers might resonate even more loudly. If the Chimera Project plot is well-written, it could spike May sweeps ratings and salvage Jelly’s reputation. If it flops, ABC may initiate changes. Jean Passanante Fights With Fans On Twitter Adding fuel to this General Hospital rumor of Jean and Shelly being on the firing bubble is a Twitter war Jean Passanante sparked with fans in late April over criticism that they were rewriting Jason’s timeline to create an alternate history where he was on Cassadine Island with Helena as her personal assassin. The tweet that got fans going was in response to a fan calling out Jean on the improbable timeline that was clearly hijacked and rewritten. Twitter Ads info & Privacy The fan tweeted, “Neither Jason nor Helena were on that d*mned island! They were both frozen at Crichton Clark in upstate NY! They can’t just rewrite history!” Jean Passanante tweeted back, “How do you know?” and then outrage erupted among long-time General Hospital fans that pride themselves on knowing the history of their soap. Fans were insulted and piled on with responses, including these. Twitter Ads info & Privacy Twitter Ads info & Privacy Twitter Ads info & Privacy Perhaps Jean wasn’t expecting the vitriol and tried to temper the volatile fan response by tweeting, “Since years pass off camera, it’s possible things happen that you are never shown. Before CC. Before the Caribbean.” That didn’t stop the outrage, and if you scroll through Jean Passanante’s tweets and replies tab for April 28, you’ll see a barrage of video clips and still shots substantiating the real history. The fans know this timeline to be true – that Jason was shot, frozen, thawed, ran away, was hit by a car, had plastic surgery, and woke as Jake Doe. There was never a free moment for Jason to be on the island, according to General Hospital history. It would be one thing for a head writer to acknowledge they were tampering with General Hospital history, but antagonizing viewers by insisting fans’ knowledge of the timeline was inaccurate might have been a major misstep and the nail in the coffin for the Jelly writing team. View image on Twitter Twitter Ads info & Privacy Will Low Ratings And Fan Backlash Lead To Firing? General Hospital spoilers tease May sweeps and summer ratings will make or break Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman’s tenure at the ABC soap. If the GH rumor about this do-or-die deadline is true, there could be another writing regime shakeup at General Hospital in the coming months. It was late in July of 2015 that Ron Carlivati’s firing from GH made the news. Could a similar announcement come in July of 2017? The same week Carlivati’s termination was announced, Soap Opera Network ran an article on the GH ratings that saw him fired. From March through June of 2015, ratings in women age 18-49 ranged from 418,000 to 503,000. Currently, ratings are on the low end of that spectrum with no signs of improvement. With these numbers in mind, this could be more than a rumor and a leak from behind the scenes of things to come. GH won’t confirm any movement on a writer change until it’s a done deal and there are new writers in place. If this happens after the summer deadline, viewers will learn more in upcoming General Hospital spoilers. SHARE601 TWEET SHARE SHARE PIN IT TRENDING NOW ‘AND JOY, SU WAS A ‘TWIN PEAKS’ REBOOT 25 YEARS LATER A COINCIDENCE? DAVID LYNCH WEIGHS IN STEVE HARVEY’S EX-WIFE SAYS ‘FAMILY FEUD’ HOST ‘MURDERED’ HER SOUL, WANTS $60 MILLION IN DAMAGES SPONSORED LOL............ M-E-S-S!!!
  11. I actually liked the Julie Chen interview scenes with Hilary, thought they were pretty well done.
  12. Yeah I saw that lol...rare occasion for them to be brought up though.
  13. Thanks for this Sheilaforever!! ?? Ive actually been watching some of those polish dubbed episodes! Frustrating but again great that almost full consecutive years like 1990-1991 are included! I see the original fab 4 (Flannery, JMc, Moss, Lang) claimed the top 4 spots, but it's amazing yet sad to see Trachta Thorne in so many episodes.....right below KKL...back when they still gave a damn about him. i didn't realize Kristen left and Felicia just came on board...weird how the 2 Forrester sisters have never shared a real story together....and even now this show refuses to acknowledge their existence. such better variety of stories too...yet the Taylor/Storm engagement flashback sounds hysterical...interesting how she wasn't even in Brooke's orbit for at least a whole other year!
  14. Despite everything, hopefully he adds humor back to this show, as outlandish as that maybe.