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  1. So...no one? HAHAHAHAHA I love the Nikki/Reed scenes, too.
  2. I miss Tyler and Leslie. That said...am I allowed to mention GR's hair on today's show?
  3. Well, I do find time when I can to watch now when I wasn't under Pratt. Must be doing something right.
  4. Same. If she is about the drama now, she better OWN IT.
  5. VIXEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. BACK TONIGHT!!! And word on the street is that it's juicy.
  8. LOL!!!! Understood. I just can't believe how extra and bad Erika came off looking. And I was liking her. That attack on Eileen though...
  9. What you twit to her?
  10. THE BOLD. Eileen was trying to point that out re: Erika not there for any amends but Erika was not here for that. How dare she curse Eileen out. And Lips pot stirring...ugh...no.
  11. Caught up. So over Jamal.