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  1. Yayyy!!! I've been wondering how you were enjoying the fabulousness that is Katherine Pierce...and you stumbled into Klaus.
  2. You go the Dad vibe, too, huh? And I see you guys were right about Billy/Dina.
  3. Agree. it might have been long, but I never felt like they were missing the beats. Right now I don't mind that the only character I feel invested in is Sharon. It's a test for the reset Sharon. However, the stakes are pretty low now and maybe it will be higher soon.
  4. It would make it interesting for sure. And I was right there with Jesse and Angie during that Cassandra story. I miss the onlines.
  5. But who was Higs wanting?
  6. OMFG!!! I saw Friday and Hilary is positively scandalous!!!! Nice buildup to that coda at the end...as it was with Lily/Jordan kiss, too.
  7. While I am the same way, from time to time I do get surprised. And that surprised me. Like others mentioned I didn't care for the sex ring story that much outside of it has Sharon in it so it never occur to me that someone might get linked to it more. Well, not by a relative connection at least. lol. LOVE.
  8. That regardless of what the naysayers said, the current writers aka who should have been the heirs to the throne (or at least KA) had us talking again.
  9. Halfway through last week and wow. It has gone from having some sense of direction to be aimless. I see the potential of Victor v Nick with Abby in the middle, but don't feel it will get to where it needs to go. And so the parents as obstacles to Mattie/Reed begins... That is what has really stood out...oh, and Cane continued to bury himself in a hole. LIke that Billy wants to tell Jill EVERYTHING and it being suggested that Cane might be staying at the mansion, but that is probably because she doesn't know all he did.
  10. Same here. There was a blind item here a long time that I always attached to those two. Besides the aforementioned I made about the blind item here...there was another one I saw in SOD about there was an on screen couple that was happy when they broke up storywise because in real life they hated each other. The BI also mentioned that what they didn't know was that while there would be a storyline to keep them apart they would wind up back together. And that I remembering thinking was the whole Sasha storyline because it went one way and then it abruptly changed to get Nicole/Zende back together.
  11. Given how RC works (re: Robin's return on GH), I can see him building up to the wedding. That said, I do hope he does not make Paul into a bad guy so viewers' rooting value is bias.
  12. That's good to hear. Gives me hope when I get around to tuning in again. And I agree with your reasons for the doppelganger story. Very sound indeed.
  13. The Bold = + 1 People have mentioned the pacing in this thread and I wanted to say at the time...did you not see his pacing on GH?
  14. Hahaha at that spoiler. And agree on that backside. lol