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  1. DEAD at Ashley reading Victoria, Hilary, and Juliet on Jabot product in the ladies room.
  2. Welll....DAMMMMMMMMNNNNN!!! And THAT? is why I love Dorinda. Kept it real.
  3. I admit that Lips was one of my fave actresses. Not anymore. Just vile.
  4. RHoNY ATTEMPT THREE!!! LOL!!! My apologies for the big information dump. On good internet today. Like I said before the laptop deleted it (hate how laptops are now aka no undo button now for deleted text... THANK YOU BRAVO FOR THE MARATHON THIS WEEKEND!!!! RAMONA: LOVE her tagline by episode 3. And her pot stirring has not bugged me at all...YET. Loved her and LuAnn's tagteam of Bethanny. BETHANNY: Agree with everyone else that she has gotten the nice edit this season. this is Season 7 Bethanny without the crying. However, I wonder how long that will last. And how funny she now runs away from confrontation when she was all BIG DOG. SONJA. SMH. But I loved her tagline, too. DORINDA: Continues to keep it real and I love her for it. And I love her friendship with LuAnn. LUANN: VIVA LA COUNTESS!!!! Mistake or not re: marriage, I love her happy and that she is going after her happiness. TINSLEY: Nothing to say yet, but I agree with what she said about B at the tea party. CAROL: Who?
  5. RHoBH Granted I haven't seen Part 2 or part 3 completely yet...BUT... KYLE: I liked that she had Kim's back for once. And going toe to toe with Lips was so Season 1 Kyle and I LOVED the bite Season 1 Kyle had. LVP: Cruise control for the most part. So came out of the season unburned. ERIKA: Over her. Most of the drama was due to her not getting over Pantygate or not just calling Dorit out in the first place. So darn petty. I guess her hype has gotten to her and that has taken my love away. EILEEN: Redeemed her in my eyes this season. HOWEVER...a spade a spade, Kim is right that she and Lips have a blood pact (@ Daytime Fan) and is too ride or die for Lips and that will eventually damage her. After all, Lips was friends with all of these girls outside the show at one time. EDEN. Uh...who? LIPS: this reunion is no good look on her. Hate her now. RHoA SHEREE: Awwww...*HUGS* KENYA: I also liked when she called Shady Phae Phae out on her rehearsed reads. And I liked she does own her crap on sleeping with Matt. Something Shady could learn how to do (re: chocolate, air mattress, etc). PORYOTA: The egg can't get on her face soon enough. CYNTHIA: Nothing to say though I hearted that clip about her discussing the divorce. KANDI: at the moment, QUEEN. I want her to drag Shady Phae Phae back. I just can't believe that that wannabe lawyer is sitting there hurting her closest friend like how she has been doing. And I liked that Kandi is calling her out step by step. It's like a chess game with them. SHADY PHAE PHAE: That pride sure does come before the fall. Sunday can't get her quick enough. RHoPotamac It's been a nice slow burn so far. Still liking Gizelle through all of that hating. Karen is giving good shade. uh...I am actually feeling for Charisse which I find suprising since I did not at all like her last year. Ashley needs to stop with the pot stirring she has coming and focus on her marriage. I can watch Monique v Gizelle all day. It's been good so far.
  6. FINALLY!!!! (
  7. Yaaaassss, Shamea, yassss!!!!! Get 'er!!!
  8. Agree about Gloria. While I like Reed, I'm finding the stuff with Tessa just...C so far. I like her though. And exepect a curveball. You know Victor won't let them see him in pain. Hehe...Nick be right on that.
  9. Which I will find sad. I wanted them to get back together. and while jarring I do like them together.
  10. Playing catchup. And @MoTheGreat, you were right. Episode 10 WAS Juicy. DEAD at Tiana snatching that weave. And loving that the pacing appeared good so far... EXCEPT...I didn't know that Hakeem and Ttiana were back together. I just thought they were in an alliance. So that was jarring. However, I loved that so far (watching episode 11) that there is organic conflict there with the baby between them. And yes, Grandma is a schemer. And DEAD again at her calling Anika Boo Boo Kitty.
  11. + 1