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  1. +1 I agree. I just saw the fainting scene. And I thought she did a good job, subtly hinting she was not feeling well. And yes, I like her voice. SOmeone mentioned that she had a classic Y&R look and I agree with that. I feel she has been added organically and while not major, pleasing. That was like I liked about Nick when I was younger. The fact that he wanted to branch out...that he wanted to make something of himself by starting Crimson Lights and its branches. He strived for his own independence. I would love to see him do that again. Well...that has been hinted re: Scott. You just know that Nick will have to 'mark his territory' aka Sharon with Scott.
  2. I wouldn't mind that because she would probably bring Toyota down once and for all. SInce she's thirsty for that peach.
  3. Sorry, SS, but... Now as for last week...I kinda liked it. But it's clear for me (other than the breathtaking scenery) that I'm here for Sheila. THOUGH I liked the Avant story. PS. PF could get it...tan be darned...
  4. I have been popping in and out of this OC marathon and I keep coming to the same conclusion: I really, really love Lizzie. I find her so relatable...how she sees herself, her background, balancing life. Just...love.

  5. Wait!?!


    They are doing a THIRD Southern Charm series?

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    2. Taoboi


      TBF, getting Daniel with no clothes has been enjoyable about the second and so (not all) of Ashley's issues.


      And yep...I agree...I watched that finale last night for SC and it was nothing compared to the finales of seasons past. At this point all I want is for Kat to be with her kids...and well...she kinda is the show so I can see that hype, but I think it's time for her to get better off screen.

    3. Cat


      Oh, she definitely IS the show. People watch for Kathryn. But the line between what is real drama and what is induced has been blurred beyond recognition. Whitney (aka the Crypt Keeper) once said that Thomas and Kathryn think they are Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor: their drunken antics and push-pull love affair are fuelled by constant public display. Both are addicted to the reality spotlight and the drama. It eggs on their behaviour. Their small children seem a secondary consideration (and ofc the fact they met on the show and had children together on the show is fascinating to watch but also -- wow!). I think it would be best if they both went away to dry out and get their act together. Even though there would probably be no show without them. But that is unimportant compared to the well-being of themselves and their children.

    4. Taoboi


      LOL. That is funny, Kathryn touched on that description re: Elizabeth Taylor during the finale.


      That said...I agree with you. However, I feel that Kathryn will get her act together long before T Rev will.

  6. So, so true.
  7. Yeah, Jack/Victor did pepper out at the end, but I started well. Oh...how I miss Alex Donnelly. She...and her feud/catfights with Nikki...are what stood out for me as a kid. Never...other than Viki/Dorian have I've seen such hatred between two women. Loved that moment with Sharon as well.
  8. CAUGHT UP!!! It's been a while since there has been a Victor/Jack confrontation so I didn't mind it at all and as a Friday cliffhanger. Just when Hilary was going to leave well enough alone, Cane had to get in her face. Guess who's back tomorrow? hehe. I thought last week ending strong. And today's episode also started strong with a nice mix of stories...most of which (Dina-which btw I agree story is stalling, B&S, and Nikki) are the ones I want to see so good. First Monday that felt like it is continuing on from last week versus jarring...which the last two Mondays have been.
  9. Forgot to mention that I'm loving the camera angles. The camera from the stairs on Nikki practicing on the piano. There was just an angle to make the Newman ranch Living room look like it's bigger than it is. Just....love.
  10. lol. Right. But let's see... Carly/Sonny, Sam/Jason, Carly/Jax (cuz they would make him have an appearance), Franco/Liz (cuz they would maybe want to see if VM/RH spark), Dante/Lulu...if they want to play that past beat again, Michael/Nelle
  11. Brenda?
  12. THURSDAY How interesting that as Ashley is warming up to Dina that Jack appears to be having problems with her. Love the dynamic. Nick needs to shave. While I'm understanding the need to show some of the other stories, I'm finding the rhythm that was started with the week being jarred.
  13. See? I honestly believe she (or KA?) have found a way to her stories across interference be darned now. By the time, the interference try to interfere, fans will be hooked and they can bow down.