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  1. Days completely squandered their next gen legacy kids. One min they were 15 the next 18
  2. EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER EastEnders viewers emotions DESTROYED as Ben Mitchell and Johnny Carter bed each other but then decide to remain just friends Fans of the BBC One soap didn't like having their emotions toyed with
  3. Your right about that YRBB. Days needs another girl around the same age range as Gabi & Abby.
  4. Looks like they were chem testing Eli and Gabi. But i found that Eli had more chemistry with his second cousin Abby. I hope basic & bland Gabi isn't going to devour yet another male member of the Horton clan. Oh WOW! Another appearances of Fancy Face's bathroom With Rafe in the bathtub covered in bubble's. I'm not a fan of that shady hacky queen RC but his stuff has to be better than DH.
  5. Did they upload more video's? That last time i checked there wasn't much of ATWT circa 1983-84. i always been interested in seeing the story where John gets Marcy to say that Bob sexual harassed her.
  6. I do hope the big reveal is well handled. You would never see a cool trailer on an American soap. Like the on Michelle & yummy Pressy got.
  7. Michelle is a shell of her former self. All her pluckiness is gone. Seeing Michelle subservient towards Preston is the worse. The original old recipe Michelle i remember never took any crap from anyone.
  8. Even through i'm not fan of this story i love this trailer. Preston comes of as unlikable and bland. Michelle is being written out of character. I can't imagine Susan Tully version playing this.
  9. I was never a fan of Casey the Space Alien yet that story had heart. Olivia was always obsessed with Duke. But that didn't stop her from having a brief romance with Colton Shore. An usually pairing that worked. Sadly Olivia was resurrected to make her lame big bro Julian look good. After terrorizing Alexis and even trying to kill her lame ass. What little i saw last week was atrocious and embarrassing.
  10. I hate Preston he needs to be shipped off back to America. This story is making the new fake Michelle look pathetic. Something a tough and plucky Michelle never was.
  11. Seeing Olivia J turned into a campy cartoon villainess doesn't work for me. Under better scribes like Marcus & Palumbo Olivia wasn't a pathetic one note loon. She was a scary gangster witch.. I'm sure Olivia J devoured plenty of yummy boy toys in the last 27 yrs.
  12. I liked Laura she was a great adversary for Gina. I think Laura going full tit bonkers was due to a change in HW's.
  13. So Olivia J wants Duke's soul to enter Griffin body? The only saving grace of this lunacy was a shirtless Matt Cohen. Anna & Olivia's reunion after nearly 30 yrs should've been better than this. Anna & Olivia's fight scenes look like a bad parody. A skilled spy like Anna can't kick a chubby Olivia J butt. I did like them using classic clips during the fight.
  14. I loved Tonja Walker as Olivia Jerome. But Alex was so bland and underdeveloped. Alex only became entertaining when she got fatal attraction on Bo. I was surprised when Gottieb/Malone brought her back. Gottieb/Malone did a great job redefining Alex. l liked Stephanie she had so much potential. A shame she was written out. How i miss the days when soaps had a budget and would go on location all the time. I'm pretty sure this was Rauch/Carlson. Malone/Gottieb's run was right around the corner.
  15. Fancy & Rafe all touchy feely while rolling dough I did like Fancy Face's metallic gold and sliver nail polish. Rafe and Fancy Face throwing flour at each other is supposed to be a lighthearted moment. But it feels so hollow to me. I do like Sonny vs Deimos. Nicole and Chloe's scenes are unbearable. Wow! Days actually showed Hope's bathroom Jade's on today i forgot she exist. Fancy Face & Rafe knocking boots to some sappy song. Good thing the Rope sex scene lasted a couple seconds. I like seeing nice guy Sonny more ruthless and tougher sides. Paulson keep getting minuscule crumbs.
  16. Nicole was once one of my favorites. But bad writing and bad hair don'ts have ruined Nicole.
  17. Eric was delectable today. I was scared my TV was going exploded. Jenn & Eric have great chemistry. The steamy chemistry between Jenn & Eric was the only hightlight.
  18. Susan Seaforth Hayes was amazing. I was shocked that David got a church funeral. I already like Eli he sure is hot. Vanessa Williams and Susan Seaforth Hayes are bringing it. Interesting Eli took a Ancestry DNA test which revealed he has English & Irish blood. Horton is a British surname. I'm surprised they paid attention to that detail. Lamon Archey hit the ground running. Bland Lani looking at Eli with her big thirsty bug eyes
  19. I remember the first blonde Linc being a nice guy. In the summer of 1993 the new brunette LInc #2 came back to Oakdale. This new Linc had a personality transplant while away. I wonder if this story was plotted by Doug before he passed away. Or was it written by the new writers. It was all rather meh.
  20. Wow! I had no idea Greg Marx is gay. I did know that his the grandson of Gummo Marx