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  1. Gabi & Julie throwing shade at each other was fun. I only wish the scenes were longer. Its great to see SSH being used.
  2. Liz's grandaughter Julia was murdered in 1984. From what i've seen of Julia on youtube she was likable and had tons of potential. Taylor Miller didn't work out as the new Sally but there was no need to kill her. I don't understand why they killed Zane either. Sally & Zane where killed off a couple of months before the Sin Stalker serial killings started. Both penned by Margaret DePriest
  3. Yes Alice was in Africa treating sick people. Aunt Liz was the only member of the Matthews family at the funeral. I recently saw the episode where Aunt Liz explained why Alice couldn't attend. I forgot the episodes date or i would've post it.
  4. SB could've easily played the scrappy survivor side of Cassie's personality. I hated San Cristobal and dopey and bland King Richard. 2 good things came out of San Cristobal Edmund & Olivia.
  5. 'The continuity is ridiculously bad!' EastEnders fans go wild over blunder as they see Michelle Fowler's hair grow inches in a matter of minutes during Grand National scene Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
  6. Marland's vixen/diva version of Barbara was great. Sheffer's camp queen version made BarBar a cartoon.
  7. Kelley's offbeat & quirky style is reminiscent of Slesar's David E Kelly would've done a wonderful job as HW on Edge.
  8. JJ has been watered down and aged way too much. I loved him as a weed selling cougar loving bad boy. The kid that plays Tripp has looks and talent. I hope RC keep him.
  9. This story has ruined Michelle. In a moment of cougar madness she might have killed 3 people. Susan Tully was right not to come back to this. Three EastEnders characters possibly dead as Michelle Fowler crashes car into Beales' after Preston affair exposed Kush Kazemi and Cathy Beale's lives hang in the balance
  10. Not enjoying FakeMichelle's doomed cougarmance with Pressy. It all feels flat to me. That said i can't wait to see the fallout. I can't envision Susan Tully playing this. I'm dreading Sylvie's death.
  11. Days completely squandered their next gen legacy kids. One min they were 15 the next 18
  12. EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER EastEnders viewers emotions DESTROYED as Ben Mitchell and Johnny Carter bed each other but then decide to remain just friends Fans of the BBC One soap didn't like having their emotions toyed with