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  1. I hope Days doesn't squander her like Melrose Place did.
  2. Abe being arrested for counterfeiting came out nowhere. Yet it was interesting and gives Abe a much needed story. Rope's treatment of Abe was appalling. Hope has known Abe for years. She's going to blindly believe that Abe is capable of counterfeiting. A bland undeveloped Lani showed flashes of a personality as she angrily defended her father to Eli. Loved the defying way Val threw the jewelry to the floor.
  3. I like Alla Korot but it will be a boring forgettable role. The whole Krissy/Parker story has been forgettable. Shelly's world will be as monotonous as "Jelly's World''.
  4. SB biggest flaw was never investing in characters outside of the Capwells & Cruz orbit.
  5. Oh God, this is getting boring Rub your eyes in disbelief and question why you watched the whole thing Now let's get out of here! SHARE ON FAC Watch TMZ on TV: Enter your Zip Code AD OCHOCIN
  6. SHARE O Watch TMZ TV: Enter your Zip Code ED HUGS ...
  7. I don't think these improvements will last very long. Nevertheless i liked when Bonnie mentioned that she sold Maggie's chachkies. During the time Maggie was believed dead and Bon Bon was married to Mickey. Marlena mentioning her late twin Samantha taking her place was another great use of history. I can't remember the last time Lucas interacted with John or Brady. The problem with Lucas and Adrienne is so much of their relationship happened offscreen. Even Adrienne's breast cancer story wasn't much of a story. I'm just jaded and don't have the blind faith to believe this latest reboot will work.
  8. In the very beginning the show was episodic and self contained. It became a full fledged soap during it's summer season in 1991.
  9. WoW! Super Troll has gotten even more annoying.
  10. JONNYSBRO/Jerry675