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  1. I loved when Kat joined Bridget as her partner in crime. I started watching GL full time in 1991. I loved all the great characters and exciting stories from that year. I'm glad i caught GL during it last golden age. During this time GL was firing on all Cylinder's. After 1993 we would see the slow ruination of GL.
  2. For yrs now Corrie has been doing things for the shock valve. I hope neither Nick or Chesney is killed off, in an over the top manner. Nick's a legacy kid. I hate when writers kill their next gen characters. I liked Chesney as a kid but he grew into rather boring adult. I miss the days when Corrie had light comedic stories. These dark, trashy shock valve stories need to go.
  3. Coronation Street spoilers: Chesney Brown to be left for dead after being stabbed Duncan Lindsay for 28 May 2017 9:24 am Read more:
  4. A popular long serving character like Kirk deserved more than ''Mysteriously disappearing''. I liked Kirk with original recipe Sam. 2#Sam was a bad recast that hurt Kirk. Kirk Anderson was one of the many casualties of a post- Doug Marland era.
  5. I loved seeing Stacey. Trisha and Shana goofing around. We never get scenes like this on soaps today. I could be wrong but i think Burnell's was in a mall. I was surprised to see Paul walking. I thought Paul was already paralyzed by this point.
  6. The Nurses Ball is so beyond boring. Endless boring repetitive conversations. If only Chimera would annihilate all the meandering characters. The heart, soul & humanity the 1990's NB's had are long gone. In it's place is a boring, awkward & soulless non event.
  7. Poor Brad & Lucas are treated like non entities by Jeanine P.
  8. The mockery that is the Nurses Ball has begun. First scene the red menace {Nina} campying it up with Mario Lopez. With all the sponsors GH gets for the NB the production valves still look cheap. Time to change the channel. I don't want to torture myself watching gibberish.
  9. Haven't watched Days in a couple of months. Sonny looks like a mob grease ball. Deimos's reign of terror is a convoluted hot mess. A once strong & fierce Nicole has been reduced to a shell of her former self. Xander has Eric in a cage. I don't see Ron being Days savior but his stuff has to be better than this.
  10. I like sweet Sonny not ''edgy'' & pudgy slicked back hair Sonny.
  11. That's supposed to be Sonny's edgy look