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  1. It dropped today. I'm surprised to be really enjoying it. First episode is hilarious. I like seeing more diversity on the screen. The cast is good and Rita Moreno is fabulous. They cast Schneider well. Yum. LOL And they of course kept the wonderful theme song. Updated of course but I was happy it's an actual OPENING. Love it. I miss opening theme songs and credits on shows.
  2. LOL ... after 2 episodes!
  3. LOL, why wouldn't they include him? I hope they do Steven justice but I won't hold my breath I'm assuming Vee meant Alexis
  4. Agreed. I've really enjoyed that it's an actual umbrella story involving most of the cast. I agree that the custody hearing was a missed opportunity. They really could have milked that. But I'm SO sick of Nicole crying. I've watched every day and the teens really haven't been on at all. Claire's only been on the 2/16 episode. Ciara's been on three times this month and her last was on 2/16. Same for Theo and Joey. They're on this week and next though.
  5. Those clips And Gregg Marx Do we know what Nora's "story" will be when she's in Port Charles? I love HBS so I'm really glad to see her and Nora again. I wonder what how, of everyone from OLTL and AMC, she was the first one to be brought on. Curious what the thought process was. I'm thrilled it was her, but it just seems so random, lol.
  6. Well, in that vein, yes, he has fought for his show, but I don't like to give him much credit LOL. He's often checked out and clueless, I mean, you've read his interviews. He'll check in, push his favorites (or his wife's) and then hit the golf course. But I think without him DAYS probably would have been dead a long time ago. It's clear the cast and crew fight for their show. As does the fanbase. It burns me as well how P&G treated their soaps. I really don't understand why they couldn't sell them if they didn't want to do anything. Sucks. They almost have more cast on recurring than contract. Well, not literally but it seems like it, LOL. And I'd rather watch most of them than about half of who are on contract. I'm sure they are. I'd hope so. They have to know the reality. I'm happy for the cast and crew. I really am, but I just can't find myself getting as excited as I used to get about these renewals.
  7. That's true. January was much better in terms of balance. Much. I feel like she's being forced to write for them but who knows? I just think the stories are all sort of a ... miss and stories for some characters should be given to others. It doesn't help that they have several meh actors on the cast and many of them have had such poor writing ... Involving Billy with Jill though was smart. I wasn't here for him sniffing around Victoria and butting into her relationship with Reed and using it as a means to try and get back in with her. I much prefer him in scenes with Jill/JW. They have great mother/son chemistry, IMO. They look like they could be related. And I've said it before but Sally is clearly wanting to write for characters that were in a different place 10/12 years ago when she was last around.
  8. The jazz/porn opening has really grown on me. When I watched it with the jazz then switched it back to Nadia's I actually missed the porn music .... go figure LOL
  9. Yep. This. I wouldn't say Cane until just recently but it's been an overload on them. Victoria's had one day off this month. That's it. Meanwhile other actors only have 1 or 2 appearances. Balance could be a lot better. I also think there needs to be slightly better continuity day to day. Too many characters appear in one episode but then not the next. Between Monday and Tuesday's episode I felt like I missed an episode or two and that there should have been followup to some things.
  10. Claudia and Pamela Bellwood were always my favorite (of course aside from Joan). Adored her. Definitely underrated.
  11. Looks that way (Ashley/Ravi) ... Agreed completely on Morrow and his pairings.
  12. Wow, it really does
  13. LOL "participation award" ... that's about all they are at this point
  14. Yes to the bold. I think it's a bit about something else and not so much fighting over him, per say. Or maybe it's just wishful thinking. I know the Chloe reference was hypothetical, I just wanted to point out she hasn't really been on at all. I like her and don't mind Chloe either but I also don't miss her. I just happened to think about her when you mentioned her and realized how little Sally has used her. Hell, Esther's had more airtime than Chloe this month. Chloe's only appearance has been on 2/7. The other problem is they're not giving us POV on why Ashley or Phyllis would want to fight over Ravi. Sure they think he's sweet and nice, but we're not getting any actual ... story. Does that make sense?
  15. Chloe who? LOL. I'm shocked they haven't dumped her. But yeah, I'm wondering why they're fighting over him too. I also feel like at their ages they're just beyond this. And people can be attracted to all sorts of different people in life. I can see why Ashley finds Ravi appealing. But I also semi-like Ravi's type. Do I think he's "worth" fighting over between Ashley and Phyllis? Nope. I do love Ashley on Jack's ass about everything and not letting things go and wanting to hold him responsible. I enjoy seeing their back and forths again.
  16. That's kind of what they're doing with her and Lulu and Valentin and the little brat but it's getting no airtime and Laura averages like four episodes a month.
  17. Clearly this is why. She had to be excited about her return, too. I figured Ashley would benefit immensely and while Sally IS writing for her and giving her a story, it's .... ugh. LOL. I like Ravi/Ashley but the story itself ... I can see why Eileen isn't thrilled.
  18. Loved Hilary today. I really do like her friendship with Jack. I have to say, while I like Ravi, I'm really not here for Ravi/Ashley/Phyllis. You can tell Eileen is slightly annoyed and probably believes the character is beyond all of this. I'd have to agree. I don't need to see Ashley pouting behind closed doors, snapping at Ravi, or picking fights with Phyllis like she's a jealous high school girl. And yeah, soaps need to learn to grow their fanbase but at this point, catering to the one they have is hard enough at times. But soaps don't seem to know how to introduce a character or develop one anymore. Or re-establish long gone characters to make the newer viewers care.
  19. I'll take Tristan Rogers but noooooo to the other one. Sally clearly wants to write for Victoria. I doubt it has anything to do with them wanting to feature the amazing thespian talents of Amelia Heinle (yes, that is sarcasm, LOL).
  20. I do wonder what it's streaming numbers are. I know it's not available on demand from Xfinity, which is a shame. Jeff Zucker or some other moron at NBC all but said it was dead ten years ago and look where we are ... The show is the pits right now but I don't understand WANTING these things cancelled. These shows employ hundreds of people. I'm happy for them.
  21. Yeah, I wouldn't say "fought" ... sorry but I don't think he's as invested or as involved as some think, for better OR worse. He's a figurehead and that's it. They are VERY VERY VERY lucky to be getting these renewals. They've taken several for granted but this time they NEED to work for it. People know my stance on Ron, I was CHEERING when he was fired from GH but I think DAYS is more up his alley. I think he will do well for a while, and hopefully ensure another renewal next year but it's just hard to get excited anymore. I'm happy for the cast and the crew, they work their asses off. I love the show so I'm glad it's surviving but the one year renewal, with the bad taping schedule ... it just leaves me mixed. We'll be once again in this boat next year, praying, hoping and wondering. I just see these as stays of execution.
  22. I figured it would be with the writer switch. But the show will never be out of the woods. I know many will celebrate but I'm not. We'll be in the same position next year. A two year renewal would have me a little more reassured and more celebratory. Congrats to my show though, but a year from now we'll be in the same boat.
  23. Lucy has popped up here and there but it's been a little while now. They didn't use her for Maxie and Nathan's second wedding but she was there for their non-wedding. Odd. I guess they wanted Spinelli to marry them? Laura should be on more but it's clear that she won't be driving a story anytime soon. I mean, they're giving Anna a disease storyline. They couldn't have given it to Laura?
  24. Well, that's the show. It moves at a ridiculous pace. I agree with you though. I was rolling my eyes as within the first week or two Thomas and Sally were kissing and couldn't stop thinking about each other. It's ridiculous. There's no real balance on this show. You get overloaded and then they'll be sidelined. And I know they wanted direct nods/copies of the original Spectra gang, but Darlita? LOL. Seriously?
  25. I'm not really watching regularly, but I like them enough. Any particular reason why not? Because you know they'll be gone or sidelined in months? Because you know Brad will lose interest?