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  1. Lol all very true!
  2. So I think we can confirm Rolf brings EJ back from the dead and probably Will too. It's all likely connected somehow.
  3. Oh, I know Maybe they'll surprise me. I didn't hate 2013 Days. It was pretty fun. It eventually went off the rails though and became awful
  4. Grace and Frankie? Nah. I imagine it'll be Golden Girls and Knots Landing again. If this were a UK soap that would have already happened. I wish our soaps were more adventerous but then we'd have the usuals whining. Look at the negative reaction to OLTL and AMC online.
  5. LOL I'm not surprised at all
  6. Why is GH so adverse to actually having Robert and Tristan on-screen? They can't afford him for a phone call? A brief visit? Is it Frank?
  7. Agreed with this. Moses would have been a better use of the actor playing Charlie. Lane's twins did not need to be aged. I don't mind Ashley and Ravi as friends but he'd work a lot better in scenes with his contemporaries. I like Tessa too but the writing is somewhat flat. They need to pick it up with her a bit. I guess she's tied to Zack (the cutie tech guy Abby brought in). A few too many newbies though and not enough other characters getting airtime. Where's Paul? Lauren? To name just two. And why does Beth Maitland get an episode or two yet Chapman gets airtime like she's on contract?
  8. Why would she lie? The show probably noticed how bad it looked after it came out she hasn't heard from them and brought her back. And why on earth was Brewer put back on contract? And why is Darin Brooks still there? Brad can write for Darin Brooks but never seemed to be able to write for Zack Conroy. And couldn't write for Ashlyn Pearce. It boggles my mind the types soaps keep on yet get rid of others.
  9. Yep. The constant interruptions are tiresome.
  10. I agree with this. Absolutely terrible.
  11. Heh, perfect. Thank you! That works too. Pretty much captures my look at seeing him. At least he had a haircut and didn't look messy like he did for most of his time on the show. I just can't get over how big of a deal this show made him out to be for so long. Awful.
  12. Sorry but if you put yourself on TV or in front of any camera you open yourself up. I'd expect criticism if it were me on TV. Sorry but I say something when someone looks unhealthy or unkempt. If you don't like it, not really my problem. I'm personally not trying to be catty or mean or bitchy. Some do it for that reason but I usually don't. You know what they say about assumptions ... And I'm glad Freddie is losing the weight. But these episodes were taped 5/6 months ago, so we're talking about it. I'll talk about how good he looks again six months from now. Maybe if the show actually gave us things to talk about ... BTW, wasn't it just lovely and magical and special to see Daniel appear to Brady and Victor. Where's the vomit emoticon when you need one?
  13. LOL. But agreed. Although Freddie has gained some weight and his hair does him no favors. He looks slightly unhealthy. Meanwhile, I don't think Christopher Sean needs to bulk up anymore. It's enough.
  14. I agree about killing off Dina and the show absolutely wastes RA
  15. Yep! I do. They're really not that bad ya'll
  16. The dialogue is horrible. LOL I like Ravi and Tessa as well.
  17. I like him too. He gets some flack on here but I think he's good.
  18. The actor playing Reed could use a haircut, it looks ridiculous IMO.
  19. I didn't mind Gabi and JJ but they never had any airtime together and then the breakup was forced and ridiculous and she treated him like crap acting holier than thou. The Chad/Abby stuff hasn't helped and my like for Gabi (around the time she was interacting with Sami and Kate and involved with Nick) has quickly gone out the window due to her propping.
  20. Really couldn't care less about the red carpet they keep on insisting on doing. And they of course had to find a way to make Nina the center of attention to some degree. I have no doubts they'd dump Lucy for the host and put Nina in there if there wouldn't be a ton of complaints over it. I agree about Emme Rylan's gown. Lawd ...
  21. Lol. It was more sarcasm. It's not about her - yet.
  22. But these stories are all really about Gloria, no? Fenmores became about Gloria. I have no doubt the Dina story will end up being about Gloria. It should have been Jill who ran into Dina at the Athletic Club. They can only use Maitland for two days but Chapman gets episode after episode.