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  1. Not sure why the show clings to Gabi and Rafe. I'm all for diverse representation on soaps but they need to axe those two as well. Maybe Ron can turn Gabi into a bitch on wheels like he did Adriana on OLTL. She'd be far more interesting. I got real sick of everything revolving around Gabi and being told how great and wonderful she is, etc. Lawd.
  2. It did seem that way. I hope it keeps up. I like Abby being proactive again instead of reactive.
  3. The episode kept my interest though. I laughed a lot with the Anjelica and Hattie back and forth. I'm glad to see comedy coming back to DAYS. I'm willing to give it a shot even though it already seems convoluted and not necessary. The Dario/Abby and Chabby angst was already better in just one episode. I loved Abby having some fire again and slapping Dario, who's turned into a major sleaze. It's been one day can we not with the hack stuff. I cheered his exit from GH but I'm willing to give him a chance here.
  4. I'm not. I rolled my eyes really hard that he's pulling out the dopplegangers in his first week. But I'm also willing to have some fun with it and give it a chance.
  5. +1 Another +1 +1 You mean Ron doesn't like Ravi? What? This is BRAND NEW INFORMATION Love ya Ron but Ravi really isn't that bad. Boring and pointless NOW but he had potential. He's FAR too isolated. And why is it considered propping of him? He's barely on anymore.
  6. Eh. I'm willing to go along for the ride and give him a chance. Lots of these characters should be on the show as it is. We're already dooming him to fail a day into his reign? I hated the mess GH became under him and partied when he was fired. I also think a lot of his OLTL was overrated but I'm still willing to give it a shot here. I also think Madison has improved a lot. I've enjoyed her much more in her returns than I did originally. But to each their own. I'd rather have Madison than Kirsten Storms any day of the week. Now personally I'd prefer Jason Cook over Brandon Beemer but Beemer is passable and did a better job this last go around when Shawn was playing cop, supporting Hope and Ciara, it worked and filled a bit of the Bo void for me. Again though, to each their own. Neither are amazing thespians but they work in the roles. The originals are gone and aren't coming back. And it all basically amounted to a couple of episodes spread out over a bit of time. Typical Dena trash.
  7. Ugh. I was looking forward to watching DAYS today too. This is what news channels and online streaming are for. But I get it. They know it will bring eyes to their networks.
  8. Traci's been on a few times every couple of months. She appeared in December and at least once in May and once in June I believe. Or something like that. No reason Traci can't be on for more than that. They find things for Gloria to do, why not Traci? The show is badly in need of veterans like Traci and Mamie/Olivia that the characters can turn to. That's one of the reasons Dina's return has been so good. It adds SO much to the canvas. And Marla Adams is just wonderful of course. And it's why it's so noticable when Jill is absent for months on time. She adds SO much to the canvas. I totally support Jess wanting to be with her family and grandkids but her presence on a regular basis is sorely missed by me. To me, two of the best things Sussman has done is bringing back Dina and re-setting Sharon (Scott relationship aside). And pivoting Hilary into other storylines, though I still think the writing for Hil remains hit or miss.
  9. Well said. Wasn't trying to come for you or anything but I appreciate you explaining this the way you did. I agree it sometimes borders on absurdity at times. Actors looks are personal taste, someone we find attractive others don't but it does become a bit ridiculous. I'm sorry but to say Morrow doesn't have a nice body because he's a terrible actor? One doesn't negate the other. But I get personal tastes and all ... I really expected better from her in regards to both of them. I'd also have loved returns of Nina and Olivia. But nope. So disappointed in this regard. No reason Traci can't be on a few times a month, every month. The Winters clan could use a matriarch. Be it Olivia or Mamie I think they're missing that go-to person. She also seems completely uninterested in Neil, who I agree needed a slight rest from his damsel of the year but still ... he's recovered as a character much like Sharon has.
  10. Very dumb
  11. LOL I know he's no Chandler Massey but he's not bad with his shirt off. He comes off attractive to me at times. His body is fine.
  12. LOL. Such disappointment in the shift in the Anjelica story and using dopplegangers. She's not Stefano DiMera. And I try to not criticize because you never know if it's a medical condition Fairchild has but her face unable to move is very very distracting. Anjelica coming back after 20+ years away makes little sense especially with suddenly wanting Justin back. Zzzzz. I mean, come on ... I sort of bought it that she wanted the Spectator and petty revenge against Adrienne (at least she owned up to it being petty) but lawd ... they wrapped that up really quick. I don't even think Anjelica and Justin have shared one scene since her return.
  13. I don't necessarily disagree with you ... and yes the writing doesn't help. Writers used to be able to have complex characters neither "good" or "bad". Real people have flaws. Too many times they make someone "good" incredibly boring and sanctimonious. And you need other characters to be able to call them out and not have it be written as if they're a joke or in the wrong.
  14. It's one episode folks ... lol. Miracles don't happen overnight. I'm personally not thrilled he's dragging out the dopplegangers his first week but I shouldn't be surprised. I'd still take him at his worst over Higley and Tomsell. I don't mind Justin/Adrienne/Lucas because I figure he's going to reunite Justin and Adrienne (who I find incredibly boring despite two good actors in the roles) so they need to actually have airtime. Their triangle under Tomsell/Griffith/Higs was basically all off-screen so there was nothing to invest in or care about. I'm also not sure I care that Hattie is working with Anjelica. I haven't watched today yet so I don't know the context but Hattie was written differently in prison, with helping Hope, etc. I'd be disappointed to see her wanting to say take over Marlena's life again or something like that. That storyline should have taken place back in 2000/2001, not now (not saying that's what's happening)
  15. Instead of complaining about the complainers, what do you think is good about it? (And I'm seriously asking). I think some things are OK, the show is watchable, but it's lacking in a lot of ways. To each their own. We're not all ever going to always agree. The world would be a boring place if we did. And even if some of us find some good things, more times than not the boards here are a place to vent frustration. Would I like a bit more balance from the negativity (which I sometimes contribute to)? Sure ... but we're passionate superfans who nitpick everything to death. It's what we do. We criticize because we care. Eh, the actor is fine. You just want a more generic "hunk" in the role and you're certainly entitled to your opinion. I'd be totally onboard with this. Tessa/Mariah definitely have chemistry. Tessa and Noah, on paper, had some potential but zzzzz. Adamson hasn't really had any good chemistry with anyone they've thrown at him. I notice someone mentioned he had it with MCE and I tend to agree, I think that could be slightly hot. I think he'd probably have chemistry if they tossed a dude his way ... And @Soapsuds I laugh so hard everytime Morrow "acts" and grits his teeth and tries to emote. He took me right out of the Victor/Nick parking lot scenes. He needs to just be shirtless and not speak.
  16. I agree that Celeste should have a presence on the canvas. I miss the character, especially Tanya Boyd's version.
  17. Cancer? I thought she had a heart attack and couldn't return at the time because of it?
  18. I mean, it's Tyler Perry, first off, so I expect it to be very heavy handed. I started the thread because up until now, I had no idea who would be in the cast. Apparently John Schneider, Tika Sumpter, Eva Tamargo (Passions' Pilar) and Peter Parros (OLTL/ATWT) will be in it. Again, it's Tyler Perry, so I don't expect it to be anywhere near amazing soap. It's one hour, but is it comedy, drama? Curious if anyone is going to watch?
  19. +1 I love ya Ron, but this ...
  20. Leaked cast ... more to come later
  21. +1 Lastovic and Vivian Jovanni were terrible young actors. They weren't working. It just took them a while to pull the plug on both of them. "A condition of Ron's" ? LMAO
  22. Beemer was better in his return, there are a lot worse actors than him. He does fine playing cop and supporting Hope and Ciara. He doesn't really need to lead any storyline. Belle and Shawn should be on the canvas whether they light your world on fire or not.
  23. Agreed. I have little doubt Will won't be Will and alive. I'm sure the story will be a mess and dragged out but I don't think they'll do a doppleganger here. Ron wasn't going to say in the interview "Will's alive I'm bringing him back from the dead" but he implied it was a wrong he seemed willing to right.
  24. And I bet they're both tied to Anjelica in a moustache villain twirling way. Ron did this crap at GH and while it flies a bit more easily on DAYS because of Reilly, I really don't see the need for it. Dopplegangers everywhere!! Ugh. It just screams lazy to me as if they'd rather write for the more "interesting" dopplegangers instead of the "boring" originals. I forget how the Rafe doppleganger story ended up lawd I hope they don't revisit that even though Gering was partially enjoyable doing that. One of the only times I didn't mind him. Gering does comedy a bit better.
  25. Took the words out of my mouth. Ugh +1