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  1. +1 Absolutely agreed. I wish we could erase and forget Diane and Brad's deaths, and Colleen's too. I'd be willing to look past it LOL but I'm also one who's tired of back from the dead plots I think Don and Heather Tom are absolutely wasted on B&B despite often getting quite a bit of airtime at times. I would too. I'd overlook it and forget that ever happened. I thought Kristen always looked pretty good. Agreed that Eileen looked amazing on Friday. But yeah, overall DAYS does an awful job dressing their people. Really bad actually. Is it me or does anyone else dislike the outside park cafe? I don't know why but I don't really care for it.
  2. Good point ...
  3. I'm not sure how I feel on that. I'd hope it is. I also wonder if they may move Ashley and Victor towards each other. I think both would be snoozeville at this point but who knows?
  4. Yep it sure did LOL
  5. A more diverse writing room would certainly help. But yes, the writing talent is lacking and a great writer should be able to write for anyone, regardless of color. I mean, women write trash for fellow women and gay men write trash for gay men, so ...
  6. I don't think she'll carry to term but who knows? The last thing this couple needs is a baby.
  7. The house looks ... better than normal, I suppose. I like it but it's always such a mishmash. It's still sort of ugly. BBCAN and BBUK do it SO much better. Why can't this show get their [!@#$%^&*] together? I mean they brought BBCAN's comps person in last year and they didn't want him to change anything. I swear Grodner has to go. I also get sick of everything being about showmances. It's asked about in interviews, Jeff hammers it home in his video interviews ... lawd. I wish they'd cast 16 married people. There's always a promising female player who gets suckered in with a moron that ruins their game. (Canada's showmances aside, actually) Rumors also have Paul from last year going into the house. I LOVE Paul but I really hope not (though I can already see it). They wasted vets in BB13, BB14 and BB18. I'm tired of returning players being wasted on newbies (although a vet won BB13 and BB18, and Dan SHOULD have won BB14 to be the only BB two-time winner, but Ian wasn't the worst, Steve, Andy, Boogie and Adam take that crown)
  8. +1
  9. I think June 27th is when Sheri will be listed as story consultant (from what I've seen elsewhere). Not sure though, guess we'll have to keep an eye out on the credits Good to know today wasn't too awful I haven't watched it yet
  10. He's on today
  11. +1 I agree. I think they changed course on the Dina story. Seems that way to me
  12. Dina's only been back since May. It's not THAT dragged out, but it has started to stall a bit.
  13. Exactly. To me, they made Maya transgender because it was a hot topic at the time and they had no idea what to do with her anymore, so, voila. I doubt much thought or time went into it.
  14. I like Aunt Stella too. VWJ is great as always so that helps. I also like we've seen TJ a bit more lately. I hope she sticks around.
  15. Yep. Not a doubt in my mind that Nick and Sharon will be back together at some point. +1 Not surprised that I agree with you 100%