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  1. Eh, day to day the ratings aren't awful. Still hitting 2 million some days (the household daily numbers)
  2. Episode guarantees also play a part. When you have actors who only get 1 or 2 episodes a week it's harder to create flow. It's been a problem.
  3. Because it gives Deidre and Judi something to do. He has a reason for it. It's to give John and Marlena a challenge and it will likely reunite Justin and Adrienne. It's not like it's on 5 days a week. And @Taoboi as of right now his pacing is much better than on GH. But we'll see how long it lasts. I think DAYS has a better group of breakdown and script writers than his GH had.
  4. You should have been aware what kind of writer Ron was. You've watched when JER wrote, no? I don't mind it. Just have fun with it. It's not long-term. Heaven forbid we have some campy comedy and some fun. The show's been so dark and boring for so long. I'll take stupid over Higley The show is so much more watchable. Sorry you aren't enjoying it. Is there ANYTHING you like? lol. Ron better not screw up with Will or you'll be a cranky pants I know it's easy to complain but sometimes the constant negativity gets tiresome. Soaps are shells of their former selves. I don't know what ya'll are looking for. Maybe it's time for a break? So many little things have been improved upon. I could criticize a lot of things but I'll take Ron at his worst over Higley or Tomsell or Griffith any [!@#$%^&*] day of the week.
  5. LOL sounds about right ... I agree Graham has a bit of charm but man ... talk about bland.
  6. +1 on everything you said Bringing Marla Adams and Dina back has been the best thing. I hope Mal keeps her
  7. I agree in theory about losing another Q but having a meh actor shouldn't be reason to keep him around. I hope they recast. Wouldn't hate Clifton leaving B&B but I can't see it happening.
  8. True about Reed, Mattie and Charlie and Scott. Scott was totally miscast. The other three had potential but I can't say I care very much about them. I haven't watched everything in each episode so my commenting has been sparse. It's not holding my interest very much either. I still have three episodes on the DVR and don't feel compelled to watch lol +1 +1 Heather and Victoria Rowell are missed and very much needed to add some fire to the show. Hell I'd take Staff back too as Phyllis.
  9. Exactly. No one missed his unwashed ass.
  10. +1 Reed = meh Tessa = meh Ben = awful Ravi = meh Juliet = wasted, now a plot device (the one with the most potential) Mattie = blah Charlie = underused Scott = miscast Jordan = blah Zach = plot device Crystal = plot device Graham = boring (meh, blah, and boring = all had slight potential but not so much anymore) And not to mention most above are played by lackluster actors
  11. His stans I suppose. With Steve Burton coming back, Spinelli popping in, Franco back, deVry and Jillian sticking around. Sigh. I want to cry. LOL
  12. Yeah this story doesn't feel long term. Especially with September/October/November seeing Sami, Will, Eve, etc. all return
  13. Isn't that the truth? The last two months have been so boring. The Sonny and Sam show is back. And now Spinelli and Franco both on the same day? Kill. Me. Now.
  14. Morgan's on through this month I believe. *Maybe* next month. But it's not long. I don't think the dopplegangers last past then but who knows?
  15. That's how I felt but I don't mind her as much now for some reason. I still wouldn't mind her gone though. lol