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  1. Ah yep Liz and Franco. Ugh. Another toxic couple and yeah I saw Coleman on DAYS. Dude hasn't aged a day!
  2. I really like Curtis too. Both relationships are toxic and demeaning. Carry HAS been wasted so true. LW is better when she's playing the real Carly. Thanks and lol at the Ron comments. I think it's more Frank but we will see.
  3. And it's so true ... Carly and Sonny will be back together in no time. It's like the Newmans hating Victor on Y&R. It means nothing in the long run.
  4. Kevin has long overstayed his welcome. It's absolutely ridiculous to me the lengths soaps go to in order to reform a character, like Kevin, or Franco on GH or many other examples ... it's one of the many reasons soaps have lost any bit of credibility they may have once had. That and bringing people back from the dead left and right as if it's nothing.
  5. She was written well from 1996-2001. I personally don't think anything after has done her any favors. She's had some good times and moments but that doesn't mean she's played out. Poison apples, blue streaks in her hair, piss-poor pairings .... and for her age I think she looks great. Yeah maybe ease up on the lips and botox but overall she looks great. I'm sick of the blue streak though.
  6. Maya could have still be written as a bitch, trans or not. I don't know why they had to declaw her. I know it wasn't exactly appealing to see Rick and Maya so nasty and ordering Aly around but now they do absolutely nothing.
  7. I second all of this. If only ...
  8. Ugh. I wish they'd get over Colin and Jill. Jill being with him makes no sense to me. I don't know why Jess think she needs him. I'm sure she likes Tristan but the role is awful.
  9. I always forget about Leanna. I'd love to see her back. Now's a good time. They've at least name dropped her a few times. Finally! Thank you! Where has she been this month? There needs to be consistency ... I don't even remember how they wrote her out?
  10. Oooh, Duffy as Bill? I'd take that. Though I liked John Martin in the role. I can't believe they didn't keep him around and I wish they'd use Laura a lot more. Marie should have been used in Eric's priest story, and she should have been brought back in 2006 when Nick was introduced ... So many characters that could/should be on the canvas. Like we had nearly a decade of St. Daniel Jonas but that should of been Mike on the canvas. Pretty sure it's Fairchild though. I'll take her. I wouldn't mind Mills but I think Mills was like Joan and not that fond of the daytime grind, even though I think she more or less liked her time at GH. I agree about a name and pulling in ratings. The soaps are past that point. The ratings are what they are. They'll fluctuate and probably go down but to see significant rises? I doubt it. For anyone. Fans that were lost aren't going to flock to see Morgan Fairchild. Or even Alison Sweeney. She may bump them a tad but it won't be significant. We're past that point. Even primetime ratings are pitiful compared to what they used to be. DVR usage tells the story.
  11. Well, considering Abe and Val moved at lightspeed and are off-screen most of the time I doubt they'd get that much focus. Maybe Ron will write for them but I have my doubts. It's gotta be either JJ or Rafe. Or maybe Paul and Sonny? Marriage was mentioned the other day with them, sort of. A lot of options. For a lot of non-couples ...
  12. Yes! To all of this. Sharon's in a much better spot but it's all sort of falling flat ...
  13. LOL yep. The storyline is old and tired. I'm so ready for a long break from Nicole. I wish she'd take Brady and Martsolf with her. And yeah I think it's all about Daniel's heart. LAWD Dena's hard-on for this man is ridiculous. Xander ... zzzz. He grew on me in his last return and if he offed them both I'd love him forever.
  14. Couldn't he just be talking about Dina? When does she even appear again? I have about four or five episodes sitting on the DVR ... I feel like her return visit was announced eons ago. Yep, I figure Dina too I doubt that kind of talk would be for Kyle, though he should be on the canvas with a competent actor. Why can't this show actually write for their younger characters? Any exes he could be talking about though? Doesn't seem all that likely. But anything would be better than forcing him with Gloria
  15. Yep. Time to get rid of the pets, who are clearly Frank's pets, not Ron's They've had the perfect timing for deVry numerous times ... I can tolerate Miller. Again, I'd rather him than Burton, but then again I'd rather NO Jason and I'd rather have AJ but that's never going to happen ... I feel like Howarth/Franco took AJ's spot on the canvas so I resent him even more. Irrational, I know but I don't like him on GH anyway. He looks unwashed and dirty and I hope to never see him in a manbun again.