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  1. I look forward to your daily summary. Just saying ... lol It usually sums up how I'm feeling exactly Poor yummy Eric wasted on Hopeless Yep. No more chemistry between Rafe and Carrie. Gone. Shame.
  2. Agreed. I think Quan is the reason the show isn't the absolute pits at the moment.
  3. The Dylan stuff is painfully bad.
  4. That's true. And no they don't always.
  5. Ugh. I forgot about him.
  6. Actually sounds like Deimos may be going a bit ... nuttier but can we make that whip cream on JJs chest a reality though? Lol
  7. Sorry, Erika Slezak on OLTL.
  8. I know Ravi has a crush on Ashley. I think it's all just meant to showcase how awkward his is socially. I don't even know that they plan on doing anything with Ravi/Ashley beyond what we've seen. Are they? Why do we all assume they're the next couple going to be forcefed down our throat? I'm fine as it is now but it can't go on forever, something has to change and I'd prefer him with someone else, even though it wouldn't bother me, they just don't seem all that compatible, even though opposites attract. Is Ashley flipping out over Ravi/Phyllis' lunch supposed to show us that she's falling for him, was there more to it, or was it just what it was, her being pissed/annoyed at the situation/Phyllis? Yes, Phyllis and Lauren have been on point with their looks lately. Looking flawless and amazing. I'm so glad Tognoni stopped playing Phyllis like a butch lesbian though. I really don't get the Gloria airtime. I'd rather watch Faith on every day all day reading the phone book at this point.
  9. As long as we're spared the cheesy CGI they couldn't pull off for the life of them ...
  10. Home & Family comes off so awkward. Like the hosts are "known" but the guests seem to have no idea why they're there being interviewed, or when they're shoved onto barstools next to each other to eat, or out in the backyard .... The format remains clunky. I like what they've tried to do, but zzzzz. I also like that they don't seem to have an aversion to having daytime stars on. I really quite enjoyed seeing Mary Beth Evans, Jackie Zeman, Ronn Moss and Matt Ashford on there a few weeks ago promoting The Bay. They even have Jerry Douglas's wife Kym as some style/fashion/health/whatever consultant. But it's just such a ... clunky show. I caught Julie Berman on there, last week or the week before and she looked both scared, confused and terrified, sometimes all at the same time (and GH, well mostly Tony Geary, was definitely brought up). I've always thought As The World Turns would be an ideal Hallmark soap. That and The Doctors. Maybe Edge of Night ... GL, maybe but I always thought that would have thrived online. But to me any of those soaps resurrected and put on their schedule would fit right in to me. Sure SOME things could be toned down but I think soaps COULD work on Hallmark. Never will but in my land of make believe I've always thought the P&G soaps fit Hallmark the best.
  11. God, she really does? Must be nice to be the teacher's pet this year. Frank will eventually find a new leading lady. Remember how Maura West was on just about every day and Ava was in everything? At least I liked her and Ava .... Ninny is pointless and Stafford is not nearly as good as an actress. Like, the writing for Ninny and Woe is me Valentin is so off. Are we supposed to root for them? Against them? For for one of them? Both of them? Frankly I don't care and I have to LOL at the little brat not wanting Lulu as her mother just because Lulu's become a baby shrew for the last few years.
  12. They already got rid of her and recast. Her name was Lauren Boles! LOL and the girl still acts better than the tragedy that replaced her. Thankfully DAYS doesn't have the kidlet problems the other soaps do. At least Sami's brats are all off-canvas. We'd be seeing Johnny all day every day. It'd be different if he focused on one who could act ... but then the girl who plays Faith on Y&R can act but I can't stand seeing her nearly day in and day out either .... kids on soaps do not need to be driving a storyline.
  13. Like he did on OLTL and GH where he basically re-wrote a lot of stories but his own way and they all sucked? LOL
  14. I just hope there isn't a casting blood bath, though they could stand bring some people back on a permanent basis, like most of who they've brought back and aren't keeping around, though Carrie had zilch chemistry with Rafe today, not like before, so like Daniel I hope we're finally rid of Rafe. It's so laughable anytime they try and present his and Hope's love as epic or anything of substance. Aiden and Hope as back burnered as they were had more substance!