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  1. KMan101 added a post in a topic Days: video preview   

    Full Brady Pub, John and Marlena's townhouse, the pier, Bope's house ... all of them are coming back. Finally.
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  2. KMan101 added a post in a topic Days: video preview   

    I never felt like DAYS was "full of egos" though. I'm sure there's been a few over the years but it always comes off as a set that's like a family and actors all talk about how great everyone is there. Maybe Nichols is confusing Y&R and DAYS ...
    Looking forward to what they have to say.
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  3. KMan101 added a post in a topic GH: August 2015 Discussion Thread   

    I don't think they're here to 'finish up the show'. I don't see it going. Not sure why everyone wants to harp on it getting the axe when it just needs better writers. "Jelly" won't do it.
    And where is this SID or whatever interview? Can anyone post some highlights of what Jonny's amazing duo have in store?
    To me, they're here to tow the line and do what they're told. I don't see anything exciting or interesting coming from them. It will look good as they wrap up the dreck and start fresh but I don't see them long-term. JMO. They're cheap and do what they're told. And maybe they'll end up fitting but IDK.
    I know Ron's still at the helm but I do notice the show is less ... chaotic. I still can't sit through a full episode. I turned it off about 20 minutes in. I take it I missed nothing.
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  4. KMan101 added a post in a topic Days: August 2015 Discussion thread   

    DAYS definitely became a chore. It's not even that great ATM but the improvements are already noticable and I find myself actually looking forward to watching. It's only going to get better.
    I just like that I recognize these people again and we're getting solid vet interaction and cast integration. The lighting is improved and there's an energy that was missing. It's hard to explain it all but I do notice a difference.
    Rafe's already being a bit too pimped again, but not yet Daniel levels. Reminds me of how they were trying too hard with Rafe back in the Sami/baby storyline.
    Love seeing Julie an active part of the show again. Just gives me LIFE. Yesss. And I didn't want someone to smash a bottle of liquor over Maggie's head for a change! Maggie interacting with the people she belongs with and not crying over Daniel. This is how they should be used.
    Looking forward to tomorrow ...
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  5. KMan101 added a post in a topic Days: video preview   

    It was old clips mixed with new clips. You can see Andre's goons grabbing Sami and him shushing her. You can see Marlena and Hope both being attacked. Shawn Douglas and Bo embracing at the Pub with Jen and Abe in the background. Bo on a stretcher and escaping his restraints. Julie bashing someone over the head with a bottle. I'm not ready to call Steve/Kayla kissing new, but maybe it is. Chad/Ben fighting. Chad in the hospital asking Abby to believe he's not the killer ... sigh
    Oh the feels I have with this promo. Chills. The show looks amazing. WELCOME BACK DAYS! I'll enjoy it for as long as it lasts.
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  6. KMan101 added a post in a topic Days: August 2015 Discussion thread   

    Lighting is much improved. A lot better.
    Serena and Chad were fun while they lasted.
    So Aiden's mission has been 'Hope Brady' ... yeah sort of a cop out but I'll wait and see how this actually plays out.
    Nice to see Doug, Julie, etc. rallying around Caroline. I know some question why that group but they're all friends and extended family. Why not? Kayla was there. Just think come Friday Kayla will be relevant again. Finally, even though I like how they've used her.
    Wow, Eve with an adult, having an adult conversation. Eve and Justin is interesting.
    Lucas and Adrienne were cute but eh ... at least the new writers are giving the couples on the show more depth and more romantic/cute scenes. Amazing what a little characterization can do.
    Lots of people were on today ...
    Liked Marlena and Will, even if I cringed with Will pursing his lips and blaming Paul. Meanwhile, cute and adorable Paul is bonding with daddy John. Yeah, give me Paul anyday.
    Then you had this JJ/Kyle crap and the creepy Ben and Abby sex scenes ... meh
    Not terrible but felt like GH with too many people and too many things going on. I liked a lot of the individual scenes. I feel life again.
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  7. KMan101 added a post in a topic GH: August 2015 Discussion Thread   

    LOL. Ron taints every relationship, sometimes before they began. Under Ron though Liz's actions would get pushed under the rug and no one would treat her differently at the end of the day. JMO. And really, who cares at this point? I don't. I don't care if the Jason thing ever comes out. Over it. Just as bad as Fluke/Puke at this point. Liz and Nikolas were trashed. Sam looks like a saint as always. Jake gets propped. Meh.
    Good lord how long is this coutroom [!@#$%^&*] going on for? Seriously? LOL at how the pet can get a days long trial. And I swear all Ron knows how to do is write Nina in jail, a hotel room or the psycho ward. Seriously. Let's stop.
    I have noticed the scenes are a bit longer and the show is jumping from one story to the next in every episode (although the lazy-but-he-thinks-it's-clever storybeat flashbacks are still there). It's better focused but still crap. The show has zero energy and is lifeless and the show just feels washed out. It reminds me of DAYS right before Higriff took over.
    Boring Valerie is pregnant? I'm SHOCKED. Not. Raise your hand if you were. No one? Anyone? Dillon is such a waste on such a boring actor. Seems like a nice enough guy but can you say generic? So many generic meh and boring actors in this quadrangle. Dante needs to be away from all of them.
    Alexis and Tracy continue to be window dressing ...
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  8. KMan101 added a post in a topic Days: August 2015 Discussion thread   

    LOVED Nicole. That's the Nicole I want to see. Bitchy, proactive ... even Daniel was tolerable. I love that Nicole wants to have her own business and she donated the blood money to charity. I also like how bothered she was by Eric's reaction. I'm not loving the writing for Eric, I feel they regressed him but Serena was really enjoyable.
    Chad and Serena were a lot of fun. More proof Archer was completely wasted. Billy Flynn is doing such good work. I like the murder setup of creepy Clyde and psycho in training Ben watching them, all disgusted.
    Will was boring and wishy washy about Chabby. Nothing new here. I like that Will and Abby are close though. They should be and I like that's consistent.
    I see that bus backing over Aiden as I type this. Meh. Bye. Wasted. I'm OK with Rafe/Hope but I don't need Rafe getting the Daniel treatment again. Cool it down Higs. I'm sure she's tripping over herself to write Rafe/Hope. I know Bope fans are all pissy over Hope agreeing that she and Rafe as a team are almost as good as her and Bo were but eh, relax. I think Rafe/Hope is where they should have been going and they should have put Aiden with Kayla or Adrienne.
    I like Theresa but she comes off as so pathetic going after Brady like she does. She has awful schemes, too. IDK, something just isn't working here. Theresa could be a mini Sami Brady and they clearly want her to be, as Brady is now near Austin levels of dumb (but always a tiny bit smarter) but none of it works for me. I think Brady and Theresa could do better than each other. I like that Brady is back in Nicole's orbit. Nice to see them have a friend who's not Eric or Daniel.
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  9. KMan101 added a post in a topic The View   

    Yesss ... welcome back Joy! I'm glad they backed up the Brinks truck and unloaded the cash for her. I'm surprised they'll have six co-hosts at the table, but Paula and Candice will be MIA at times, Paula won't be working Friday's.
    I don't think Paula was needed. I wish they hadn't fired Nicolle. Ugh. I'd rather have her.
    LOL at all the contributors. Ana is an interesting choice. I like Stacy. Padma and Molly are meh, kinda boring and basically fill-ins. And what the hell is Sherri going to contribute? At least she can generate buzz for the show, I guess. Basically they're keeping a bunch of women around to be the fill-ins. The show needs consistency so it's not a terrible group ...
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  10. KMan101 added a post in a topic Days: August 2015 Discussion thread   

    From the attitude to the hair to the hooker outfit ... welcome back Nicole Walker!
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  11. KMan101 added a post in a topic New Full House Reunion Series "Fuller House" bound for Netflix   

    Eva La Rue was on Home and Family on Hallmark this morning and they showed a photo of John, Lori, Bob and Dave in front of the kitchen from Full House so it looks like they rebuilt the set.
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  12. KMan101 added a post in a topic GH: August 2015 Discussion Thread   

    LOL at Madeline. Donna Mills
    Morgan just looks so ... ridiculous all angry. Let's not. And bipolar? So I'm assuming it's NOT that as Carly keeps saying it every other word. But Ron also doesn't know how to be subtle so maybe it is.
    I can't take Ava seriously with that push up bra and awful wig. Just tragic.
    Why are we wasting all of this time on Franco, Kiki and Morgan? PRIORITIES. Lord. Why are these people pushed on us? I feel so sorry for Kin being saddled with Scott having Franco as a kid. I still don't think Franco really is and that Heather is full of crap.
    I liked Carly/Michael and TJ/Molly/Sonny, actually.
    I said this before but does anyone else notice the scenes are starting to feel a bit longer? Not great but I feel like I see an improvement. And the focus is a little better. I don't like what's being focused on but something feels different.
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  13. KMan101 added a post in a topic Days: August 2015 Discussion thread   

    UGH. Just awful. She and Guy Wilson spent way too long at the top of the episode charts. BYE FELICIA!
    You can tell TomSell are gone. Marlena and John were involved, together, with Aiden/Hope and the 'break-in', where before neither would be included or just John would have been. And Marlena and John were talking like Marlena and John should talk to each other. It's refreshing. Clearly it's not that hard. We also got a Belle mention and Stella Lombard mention. Amazing.
    Hope and Aiden needed to have more scenes like yesterday. I actually gave a slight damn and believed them as people who care about each other. And the anvils were all over the place regarding Daniel [and the future Rafe/Hope pairing].
    Just so much improvement even if the episode wasn't all that. Longer scenes, character driven, cast interaction ... it's all I want.
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  14. KMan101 added a post in a topic Days: August 2015 Discussion thread   

    LOL. Jelly. I swear I can't look at any real jelly the same now and not think of that Jonny word.
    I like Rafe too but he's not really needed. IDK. I just think they'll ultimately be boring together but I've always liked the Hope/Rafe friendship, and Rafe's relationship with Ciara. I also liked his friendship with Nicole.
    Pretty sure Julie and Doug were telegraphed as the new Tom and Alice and I couldn't be happier about it.
    Paige, Clyde and Aiden, in ONE episode, became a lot better. Amazing, isn't it. I may actually give a crap when Paige exits. Maybe.
    And as for Xander and Serena ... next week looks like a pretty good and eventful week.
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  15. KMan101 added a post in a topic TV's POP Station To Air Same-Day Eps Of Days Of Our Lives   

    Yay! Happy about this. As Gray Bunny pointed out, it's basically SoapNet. LOL. They have Dynasty, Melrose Place, both 90210s ... can we get Knots Landing? Pretty please?
    I really hope they do a marathon for the 50th but I don't know if they would. Have they done anything special for Y&R or B&B?
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