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  1. KMan101 added a post in a topic DAYS: Réal Andrews Joins!   

    lol. I forgot all about this. Ridiculous taping schedule.
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  2. KMan101 added a post in a topic GH Casts New Nurse   

    I liked her, I guess. Nice to see an actress that isn't a stick figure, though. I do lol at her being like an encyclopedia on the gossip and history of Port Charles.
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  3. KMan101 added a post in a topic Daytime Emmy Winners 2016   

    LOL what a joke. No wonder that [!@#$%^&*] wasn't televised.
    And LOL at how Jessica Collins and Sean Blakemore are no longer with their shows. Happy for their wins though.
    LMAO at True and Bryan winning. True started to grow on me but I don't think Bryan's good at all, sorry.
    I guess B&B should get best writing. None of the others deserved it. And GH winning best show isn't a huge surprise considering it's based on an episode or two.
    LOL at Tyler Christopher beating Geary. I'm glad he won, I've always liked him and he can turn in work if given the chance, or he's not being lazy.
    LOOOOOVE Mary Beth Evans! So happy for her.
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  4. KMan101 added a post in a topic Former GH EP Joins The Bay   

    Interesting. Too bad she's not on her way back to GH instead. I always forget about The Bay but I guess it keeps chugging along somehow.
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  5. KMan101 added a post in a topic GH: April 2016 Discussion Thread   

    Don't bother with today's show.
    Dillon/Kiki, Hayden/Curtis, Finn/Tracy/Epiphany, Julian/Alexis, Morgan/Kristina and Jason/Sam all on. Mostly all the wrong people (everyone besides Tracy and Curtis) and what's helping me tune out. Sigh.
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  6. KMan101 added a post in a topic GH: April 2016 Discussion Thread   

    Why is this show so unbelievably determined to keep that scuzzball Carrrrrlos around? Ugh
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  7. KMan101 added a post in a topic GH: April 2016 Discussion Thread   

    Yeah they Sonny butt licking was as present as ever.
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  8. KMan101 added a post in a topic Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan exit drama   

    Well, to be fair we don't really know she really could have had that planned for their 20th. And she wouldn't have to run to an island she could have just holed up in her house for those days. She addressed it this morning and talked to the audience with a solo shot. It's a bit awkward as if you've just fought with a friend and things are tense and emotional. But it's awkward. I think people are going to read into it how they want, I doubt these two despise each other, but now they might. It probably became tense between them, it's not like they were ever besties and hung out. People act surprised when others don't like each other but it's like any job. Just because they're on TV doesn't mean they're hanging out on and talk every day. But it's not always what the media makes it out to be.
    I still think they're both fake and full of themselves. LOL
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  9. KMan101 added a post in a topic GH: April 2016 Discussion Thread   

    I'm good with the Jake recast too.
    Today wasn't awful, but it wasn't great, and it's still boring as hell. I suppose I could call it watchable, aside from Howarth and Stafford, as usual.
    But holy damn did Molly let Alexis have it.
    And Sabrina's aunt has the baby. Guess not Sabrina. I'm a little annoyed they've wasted days on this. LOL
    Nice to see Ric. Not as much Sonny's butt licker but they're not super besties like they were becoming.
    Always love seeing Monica. It's nice they're finally using Leslie Charleson again.
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  10. KMan101 added a post in a topic What soap should Kassie DePaivia go to?   

    I agree. Another case of "wasted potential", which seems to be a never-ending trend with this show.
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  11. KMan101 added a post in a topic The Young and the Restless - One Dark Secret   

    I used to find Josh hot. I'm not saying he's fugly or anything. Just some men don't age as well. He's still attractive but just doesn't do it for me anymore and I feel like he's playing Josh Morrow most of the time instead of Nick Newman. I'm not saying I'm some adonis either ... lol. But Josh is hands down aging better than Steve Burton, for what it's worth. Burton's another one not aging as well. (Sorry I know some here don't like the constant "shaming")
    I'd love to see Sharon Case move over to B&B
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  12. KMan101 added a post in a topic Fuller House   

    Hush. Fuller House is a NATIONAL TREASURE!!!
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  13. KMan101 added a post in a topic Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan exit drama   

    I bet they act like nothing is different. We shall see. I don't think anyone has come out of this smelling like a rose.
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  14. KMan101 added a post in a topic The View   

    100% agreed
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  15. KMan101 added a post in a topic Fuller House   

    I didn't like Matt because it felt like they were quietly trashing Steve (agreed with you on this Dragonflies!). In the end I liked them both but just didn't care who she chose. I think Steve is the better fit and when we saw him with her kids on their date? That was the Steve I wanted to see and it just felt natural like he should be their father figure. I think they started to change course a bit to make it more balanced with the triangle. Weinger still looks good but it's clear why they wanted to push Matt. I think it's something they can play for a while if they choose to do so because the stans of the show won't let them leave out Steve.
    I don't agree, but I do, lol. I thought the same at first (I was like, why is Steve now DJ's stalker and has he been stalking her for 20 years?) but I think they thought it would be endearing. It's clear somewhere along the way it was changed up a bit. JMO.
    Weinger's gay? He has a wife. Not that it means anything, of course. He can be bisexual. We throw out "gay" "straight" but he could play for both teams. I was sort of surprised to find out he had a wife ...
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