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  1. Really really loving Jess Walton and Beth Maitland today. Like was said, they really bring it
  2. Well, yeah, but the overall point remains, lol.
  3. And what was most funny to me in SSM's interview on TVLine she even made mention of not having enough younger men. So, what do you do? Get rid of one that you have? I mean .....
  4. True. I guess I brushed that off as people hot for Robert Scott Wilson.
  5. Saw that coming. He's cute and was trying to improve. I hope he ends up somewhere. He would have been a better Billy or Adam recast. But since Hartley seems un-recastable (to the show, not to me) at this point and Adam needs a very long break ... Travis and Luca were completely wasted. As was Carmine back when. And Tyler.
  6. And most of us never want to hear a word from you about propping them up so ... tough
  7. Yeah, she's far from 9 or 10. LOL. I don't care about the SORAS. It is what it is. Soaps do it and don't care about a kids age. Just go with it. It's not really worth questioning IMO. She looks close enough to the age.
  8. LOL everyone wants to have a reaction and I don't know what people want from a first episode? I don't know why anyone cares what they say on Twitter or Facebook. And what "media"? Bitchy Jamey at DC or that annoying guy from SID? Let's put stock into their thoughts ...
  9. I hate how they're writing Abby because it's all for plot. It makes her look awful, which is what they want. Gabi looks better in the process. I just detest this kind of writing. It's so obvious. And Chad's thirst for Gabi is a bit much. Abby would barely be cold in her grave if she were actually dead. It just comes off incredibly forced. JJ has also been thrown under the bus to make all of this work but I loved him yesterday. I don't know why so many disliked her so much. I thought she could be great when given the material but the writing was messy because one minute she'd be an annoying nag and the next she'd be strong and not so annoying. I also think the EJami (gag) stans led the charge because of their precious couple. And then look what happened anyway, lol. He's shot dead like an extra that doesn't matter and she was shoved off on some Hollywood adventure. LOL. Just awful.
  10. Yeah, I've been waiting for it.
  11. It seems that way. Anvils were dropping left and right and fast and furious yesterday. And that staredown? I think we all know where this is heading.
  12. Same. It was too much too soon, as much a I like the storyline and appreciated what they were trying to do. Loved the potential of Angie/David/Jesse. Sigh. And wanted to say, glad to see you posting again @EricMontreal22
  13. AW could have, but it was cancelled far too soon for that to ever be a possibility. GL, IMO, should have once they started the Peapack dreck. I think they could have thrived. I miss GL a ton. More than I thought I would. I agree that OLTL seems perfect for online. And same for Edge of Night.
  14. I will forever be grateful to the AMC revival for bringing Brooke and Dimitri back. And using Francesca James on camera (should have been Kelly though). I also love how the OLTL reboot used Kelley Missal and Dani. I also felt AMC did a great job with recasting roles and the casting of AJ and Miranda. I also remember many bitching about the Cassandra kidnapping story. I think the beginning of it could have been written differently, make us care about the recast of her before shoving her into that kind of story, but I know they had limited time. THAT is modern soap storytelling, Jonny. AMC and OLTL were prime examples of actually becoming smarttv and trying to evolve.