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  1. KMan101 added a post in a topic DAYS: Major Bo News   

    Thank you for that summary Angela! Cleared things up for me. Good on Peter for wanting to be there with his daughter. He had his decades with the show. I can't say I blame him at all.
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  2. KMan101 added a post in a topic GH: November 2015 Discussion Thread   

    Instead of thrusting Valerie into some stupid quadrangle with Dillon, Lulu and Dante they should have had her interact with Bobbie and the rest of the family more so we can, you know, actually give a damn. But she was nothing but a plot point and it was clear nearly from the start what her purpose was. Which is a shame. And yeah, the actress is pretty bad. Between Dillon, Valerie, Kiki, Morgan .... the show remains focused on all the wrong people
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  3. KMan101 added a post in a topic Days: November 2015 Discussion Thread   

    It shouldn't have happened off-screen but the less Sami for me the better, so I'm good with it.
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  4. KMan101 added a post in a topic GH: November 2015 Discussion Thread   

    Don't lecture me, thanks.
    Go have some turkey and stop obsessing over this woman.
    Yeah, he clearly has some awful taste based on numerous castings from both OLTL and GH.
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  5. KMan101 added a post in a topic GH: November 2015 Discussion Thread   

    I agree. It's all so dumb and pointless IMO. Carlos should have stayed dead. I was sooo happy that grungy loser was killed off. Who on earth is fascinated by this guy?  He's not even that great of an actor.
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  6. KMan101 added a post in a topic GH: November 2015 Discussion Thread   

    Honestly Carlos back from the dead from the way he died is exactly what Ronnie would have done, even if the show was telling us otherwise. He constantly started going in one direction and then when it became obvious he'd switch it around to something that makes no sense and then claim that was the plan all along. I'm guessing maybe he was indeed slated to stay dead but please, Ron's probably loving him some Pissy over this.
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  7. KMan101 added a post in a topic Days: November 2015 Discussion Thread   

    It doesn't seem like there's much interest in Paul. But hasn't he been filming Hawaii Five-O? I'm guessing they just wrote him out for the time being (well, "time being" six months ago) and use him when he's available.
    Actually it doesn't seem like there's any interest in half the cast. I love that Steve, Kayla, Hope, John and Marlena are featured so heavily but we have Jennifer, JJ, Eric, Nicole, Kate, Lucas, Adrienne, Theresa, Brady, Justin, Eve among many others who really have nothing going on. I'm guessing it could change but then you add in all the new teens and all the newbies (Fynn, Lani, Eduardo, Vincent Irizarry, Vilasuso, Gabi/Rafe's mother) ... I'm slightly blah towards the show for the lack of ability to really involve the whole cast. The balance is better. I love seeing Doug and Julie regularly and Maggie and Caroline are used effectively and often enough that they matter but it's not really coming together yet.
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  8. KMan101 added a post in a topic Empire: Discussion Thread   

    Maybe Chit's right and Chaiken is indeed the problem.
    The show is a hot mess IMO and they're pulling a lot of stuff out of their behind.
    I have no doubts Carol and Lucious probably screwed. I'm sure like many villains over the years that Lucious will have many bastards that the writers pull out of their behind and that's fine.
    Carl stated why the Jamal kiss thing bugs me. I think it's another thing they pulled out of their asses and I'm not sure why it's so hard to write a gay man as just another person on a tv show. Why does it have to be the "gay man" and the "gay storyline". It's a man in a storyline who likes men. It's tough because if you don't want to be labeled everyone side eyes you but I think our culture of labeling everyone is more problematic than anything. I think the kiss was more Jamal trying to be powerful. Everytime they try to make Jamal "strong" I sort of laugh. Jussie just does better playing a sweeter, nicer character.
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  9. KMan101 added a post in a topic Days: November 2015 Discussion Thread   

    I'm more than OK with them aging Ciara, Chase, Theo and Joey. Funny thing is I'm not sold on the actors yet. On the other hand, they shouldn't have aged Claire but the actress with few lines is already better. Shawn and Belle don't need a teenager.
    Allie would have been a better fit for many reasons. Blonde, played with Ciara, has Sami for a mother .... would give Kate and Lucas family ... sigh. Allie was the better choice all around. She already lumbered over Johnny so why not just age her too? And not that  I'm begging to see her again but it gives Sami a brat in Salem to pop in a visit.
    And to be fair, all the ages of the kids are messed up. Brady and Abby should be the same age. Philip was aged over Will and they should be the same age. Belle was born in 1993 and aged to high school in 1999 ... DAYS has a bizarre history of this. Not to mention the absolute worst example: EJ. He was born in 1997 and aged in 2006 and then paired with Sami, who's own son that EJ interacted with who was born two years BEFORE him. It's one of the many reasons I've always disliked the EJ introduction and character.
    And since the token gay finally got an appearance yesterday, anyone else think Paul's new man will be
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  10. KMan101 added a post in a topic Days: November 2015 Discussion Thread   

    They should have aged Allie instead of Claire. Johnny's off-screen so what would it matter? Allie would have much more of a story due to Will's murder, being Lucas and Sami's daughter, she has had scenes with Ciara ... it would all be there. Oh well. Another missed opportunity. But I still really like the actress playing Claire already, I just think Allie would be a better and more interesting fit.
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  11. KMan101 added a post in a topic GH: November 2015 Discussion Thread   

    Decent Thanksgiving episode, for what it's worth. Lots of people on.
    Tracy/Paul/Dillon ... I like Jane's hair this way and the color is nice. I'm glad PodTracy is gone.
    Monica/Michael/Sabrina/Jason/Lizbitch/Borg Junior ... I still care about Monica so I was happy for her that the Pudged One showed up for her. Child of the corn Borg Junior is gonna have some issues ... LOL
    Sam/Patrick/Emma/Anna/Anna'sNewLoveInterestThat'sAlreadyContrived are together.
    Julian/Alexis/Olivia/Ava/Kristina, etc. are on and I could do without them but OMG I think I liked 12 year old Kristina for the first time ever. Her with Ava was LOL
    Valerie and Dante being shoved together continues. Valerie getting into the football game was the most animated Sarpy has ever been. Oh, the best part was that she and her mom took food to the cops on Thanksgiving in the past. What A SAINT she is. Swoon over her everyone. Yuck.
    LOL at Lulu, Laura and Rocco in the MetroCourt. Like, really? But at least they're sharing scenes.
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  12. KMan101 added a post in a topic Days: November 2015 Discussion Thread   

    Ugh.  I sort of get it but I hate JJ and Jen get nothing in regards to Abby. Not that I needed to see the kidnapping on this Thanksgiving episode.
    Caroline gave a great speech and it's so awesome to see most of the Brady's together. Theresa was missing (I'm gonna just assume she's celebrating with Anne), and they didn't mention Will.
    Really could have done without the crowd at the Kiriakis place. I liked the moment they gave Victor.
    I also could have done without Eve, Justin, Gabi, Rafe and Eduardo on too but they weren't bad. More huffing and puffing from the supercop about his daddy issues. Little Ari was so cute with Eduardo and Rafe.
    Nice that Paul spent the holiday with John and Marlena. I LOL'd at Brady's face over Marlena cooking turkey.
    But yay! Belle and Claire are back! Claire's already ten times better and more natural than nuCiara. I had to LMAO as Claire met her family and then asked Chase "who are you related to" LOL. Oh Salem, where nearly everyone is related somehow.
    Marlena was so happy to see her daughter. It was cute.
    Good episode today for Thanksgiving.
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  13. KMan101 added a post in a topic R.I.P. David Canary (AMC)   

    Canary WAS so damn good at playing Stuart and Adam. I've always loved him and was so happy to see him pop up on the AMC reboot. Just two years ago and now he's gone. Such a loss.  Really sad. And seemed like a great guy. May he RIP.
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  14. KMan101 added a post in a topic GH: November 2015 Discussion Thread   

    Ugh. Watching yesterday's episode. But LMAO at Carly "nobody wants Kiki. Nobody wants her" Truer words have never been spoken. I truly can't believe how awful Bryan Craig is. Ugh.
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  15. KMan101 added a post in a topic DAYS: Major Bo News   

    True. I completely agree with you. That kind of story is what soaps are made of. Vanessa Marcil could have logged so many years and be Sonny's little woman now if she had just stuck around. I think she needs to move on and live on her little 'farm' she created and call it a day. And didn't Jax and Brenda leave town with that brat anyway? It's all sort of a blur because I was half-watching at the time.  I can't keep track of all of her returns and exits (and Ingo's too).
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