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  1. Nathan hasn't been on either. I last have him on in February! I have to admit I haven't noticed .... so if he was on, I never marked it down for this month :/
  2. Lawd, this Chad/Gabi/Dario/Abby mess has to STOP. I really hope Ron changes this or ends it because it's terrible. As are all the actors involved. Then you have the actors playing Jade and Joey sucking the life out of THAT story. Then you have moron Brady ready to run off and live with Nicole. Lawd. This show is a freaking disaster
  3. I can't believe he got an Emmy nomination. Lord. The Emmy's haven't meant anything since Susan Lucci won anyway.
  4. He's needed a haircut for a long time now. It looks ridiculous.
  5. Why are they going out of their way to make Jack such an unlikeable bastard? Or is it just the way Bergman plays it? I just can't stand him anymore.
  6. Yeah, the CGI was terrible. It wasn't good at all. I love that they went with the glamour shots again. I never expected that!
  7. Much like DAYS, I have to say this has been one of the worst months for all of the soaps.
  8. This week has been one of the worst weeks in the history of this show. Just terrible on every level. Bad acting, directing, lighting, everything. Lani/Eli were both shockingly bad in their scenes. I was meh to Sal and didn't really want a Lani recast but yeah, she's so blah. The writing has also been awful. What a mess. I do like the actor playing Tripp. Initially. So far. He's better than James Lastovic. I'd still rather not have Ava and Steve's bastard but I'm not hating him ....
  9. And of course this trash is from Florida. Sigh. I love my state but we give off some of the worst news ever. Sigh. This girl needs help, not people fawning over her and creating a social media mogul out of her.
  10. Exactly! That's the problem with ALL the soaps. They don't take the time to build anything anymore. We're TOLD about it and expected to go along with it. The music in the opening doesn't bother me. Close enough to the original. I've watched it numerous times. Love the old opening. Can't believe they brought it back! I still miss GH's "Faces of the Heart" and cringe at their TERRIBLE CGI opening. Frank should be ashamed of that opening. I'm team Sally too. Steffy's coming off awful. I'd rather have seen Steffy take a dive. I'm still not sold on the instant Thomas/Sally romance but I like her. And Ridge/Quinn remains awful, but the actors together work. It's bizarre. Ridge/Quinn and Eric/Brooke looks much better on paper. Just not how they went about it.
  11. I know they want Steffy and Sally to be rivals like Stephanie and Sally were but it comes off petty, especially on Steffy's end .... not quite the same
  13. Whish all three of them were just taken out right then and there. None of them are likable or sympathic anymore. This incredibly horribly forced quadrangle/triangle has done SO much damage to these characters. I wanted to give Marci Miller time, and while she's not awful, I don't like her Abigail. I could never picture Mansi's Abby putting up with any of this [!@#$%^&*]. I didn't think I'd miss her so much.
  14. I mean, I do feel sympathy for her. Addiction is not an easy thing to deal with. But there comes a point where you have to get your [!@#$%^&*] together. Does no one care about her? Does no one help her? And as someone who has battled an addiction, I do get it, but again, you have to get your life together. You have a child. A job that is seen by millions of people on a daily basis ....
  15. PREACH! They never should have recast to begin with ... lol should have just dumped her back then