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  1. I suggest giving Ron time. But not everyone will always love everything, is what it is. I won't like everything he does but I look for smaller things. It was easy to throw Marlena and Adrienne into story because Dena gave them nothing. I don't love he started with the dopplegangers but i guess now is better than later and he probably wanted some buzz, which this show hasn't had in ages. Let's see where the show is in six months. Right now it's not going to be fixed overnight.
  2. I agree the writing is all over the place for Hilary. Like I said I haven't seen the scenes yet but while I love her I can look at it a tad more objectively. I know it's frustrating to see a favorite get knocked by those you aren't fans of but I don't know that they deliberately go out of their way to make Hil look less than in these situations, but who knows, maybe they do? LOL I just don't think there's some big agenda behind it and again, I could be wrong. I think they know Hil and Michaels can wipe the floor with them so maybe a part of it is having her be put in her place, but the fact is they're going about it the wrong way. IDK. And while I like Grimes and Mariah doesn't bother me, I wouldn't care if Hil wiped the floor with her and made her slink away in shame. I can like both girls for different reasons which is why I never liked their 'rivalry'. These two should actually be friends. Well, pre-Cassiah Mariah. To be fair, you don't like her so you're going to think she's more propped than she is and that she gets the better of Hilary when I don't always see it the same way.
  3. Yes ranger, Morrow is bad. He's not very good. I don't like him very much as an actor. He's likeable otherwise. I don't mind looking at him. But no I don't think he's very good and I'll keep saying it he's not going anywhere but when I don't think he gives his all I'm going to say it. He's passable. It's ok us all having different opinions. You like him and that's great but you don't need to launch to his defense anytime someone says anything about him. IMO. And maybe Morrow and Case just aren't fond of each other LOL. I mean they work well together. I think he doesn't want to get stuck in the same pairing but none of his other pairings have really worked despite what his stan wants to insist. Morrow comes off desperate to make a mark in a new pairing. I mean, how many at this point has he had? I wouldn't hate Nick/Christine again. Maybe. Have Phyllis [!@#$%^&*] bricks. I wouldn't hate Noah/Hilary. She'd maybe liven him up but Adamson is so low-key and quiet as an actor she needs someone who can challenge her. I haven't seen Hilary vs Tessa/Mariah yet to comment. I know people like to think Hilary is supposed to look bad in all of this but I just don't believe that to be the case. But I'll see when I watch those scenes. I think we make up our minds on how something is when sometimes it really doesn't play out like that.
  4. It's a shame Morrow fights so hard against Sharon and Nick, but at this point I'd prefer Sharon to stay away from him unless they remain just friends. The ship has sailed on them IMHO. I do prefer Nick around Sharon, he's much more likeable and tolerable. Why does he fight so hard against it. Meanwhile, his pairing with Chelsea is DOA. (Cue the arrival of the Nick stan to insist everyone else but Sharon is the better pairing). And nope, I don't think Jill got any sort of final scene or anything. But I still have a couple of episodes on the DVR ...
  5. LOL I do try and find SOME things to enjoy on the soaps I watch (Y&R, GH, DAYS) even though they're all bad in their own way. Not everything is awful and horrible But man, I'd riot hard if they paired Hilary and Nick. Shame on anyone for even thinking that pairing would work.
  6. Agreed on giving Hilary a friend. It could have been Juliet but that's not gonna happen. Jordan could have been a bit better but they've written him to be so dull ... It does feel like Hilary gets ganged up on. I like her with David Faustino's character, that's a nice partner in crime for her so it kind of gives her someone but it isn't the same. HELL NO to Nick and Hilary. I'd stop watching if they wasted her on him. No f'ing way.
  7. LOL. Well, different opinions make the world go round I guess I just have such low expectations ...
  8. I could give two craps about the killer and the investigation LOL. I just liked seeing them on my screen I've thought they've been styling Adrienne more like Bonnie and now that you mention it Bonnie's hair more reminded me of Adrienne's. I did crack up at the Lisa Rinna mention and Bonnie ranting about "Old Red" and Hattie feeding into it and Bonnie calling the island "Gilligan's Island" ... Kreizman actually wrote a solid script for the most part but I think Hattie/Bonnie could have had one less scene today. Jen/Eric and Marlena/Adrienne (both of them wishing there were "two of them" LOL) were nice but nothing eart-shattering interesting.
  9. The show wasn't too bad. I liked Jen/Eric's flirting they had some cute scenes. I liked Marlena and Adrienne interacting even if it was a bit boring. I thought Hattie and Bonnie were a bit much but I still LOL'd a few times. Sometimes less is more ... Always nice to see John, Paul and Xander. I think they should have just sent Arianne and Nicole off when she got the kid back from Chloe. I'm so sick of her crying and whining. We still have months to go of her. Ugh. Maggie is so annoying. She used to be so warm and now she just seems cold and stern. Suzanne supporting Egg-Baby hasn't helped my opinion either, much like Arianne pushing the Daniel garbage. Not a bad show. Nothing awfully exciting. I just realized they didn't follow up with Dario's arrest ... The shout-out to Lisa Rinna is such a Ron thing. Tired of Nicole crying. The show wasn't THAT bad though I thought Judi and Deidre went a bit too over the top at times but I wouldn't say awful bad but to each their own.
  10. Aw warms my Passions loving heart to see so many of them together again 1999-2001 was SO different than the later years. Once Josh Ryan Evans passed in 2002 JER went off the rails and never recovered
  11. Jacob Young? He's very much being wasted. As is most of the cast. It's the Quinn, Ridge and Eric (and Sheila now) show with a side of Liam and Steffy and a dash of Thomas, Steffy and Caroline. I guess Katie and Wyatt too when they need to trot out Heather Tom to cry, rage or get an emmy reel.
  12. What kills me is I see on Twitter people just eating this crap up. I'll never understand the general public when it comes to their opinions on soaps.
  13. Unless you have the inside track it's all just speculation ...
  14. You think everyone looks horrible But yeah James Hyde looks rough. Swaby looks his age. Loved Donn and Travis Hated their recasts (I never liked Eric as Ethan but I'm fine with him as Brady, visually he works as Drake's kid) Brook Kerr looks exactly the same LOL
  15. Agreed. I don't really see the need to have her wrangle all these dopplegangers to do her bidding. And Bonnie was never supposed to look like Adrienne, she was her own character, like Josh Taylor as Roman. It's lead to some fun comedy and Judi Evans and Dee Hall are clearly having a ball but meh ... at least he's getting his doppleganger fix out of the way now I guess. Fairchild is only around until Aug or Sept so it's not like it will be super long I guess.