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  1. Can someone tell me what the point of the whole Fight Club/Ryan going ballistic storyline considering how that changed toward the end of the year and 2006
  2. Makes you wonder how Curlee would've been at GH, wasn't she rumored to be in consideration for the HW position?
  3. Do UK soaps do serial killer stories well?
  4. That would've been better then what we watched. If only Y&R did this since they got someone from the UK
  5. They never did explain what happened to Kirk and Samantha Did Julie, Caleb ever come back before Aaron was aged?
  6. was Seyfried better on ATWT?
  7. You know TomSell will be the new HWs when Jelly eventually get fired
  8. Or his cousin
  9. What was the original vision for Loving? Also I don't know if this has been posted yet but there are clips of Chip Albers as Curtis on YouTube
  10. Didn't Dena do a story almost exactly like this in 2008
  11. I wish Jack had a daughter and was in a romance with Victor's son of course it would've played out in the 80s and 90s
  12. Janice and Natalie should've clued Sally in on that
  13. I think we do know and most of the NB under Wendy Riche are 1 million times better than RC's and Jelly's
  14. I hope that happens soon
  15. You have no idea what stories could happen