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  1. In the new magazine issue? I haven't seen any article online except for those wondering if he's back
  2. Where did you get that info?
  3. If P&G gave a damn, something could've been done
  4. The Shick v. Phick wars, ayye
  5. that's why my university professor said, she used to be a writer on a few primetime shows like Touched By An Angel and Beverly Hills: 90210.
  6. Seems like most are complaining about the stories because their favorite couples aren't together anymore
  7. Isn't Brash & Sassy the cosmetics division of Chancellor Industries?
  8. I mostly see Hevon, Philly, Villy fans pissed
  9. Corbin Bernsen is on his way back for another visit
  10. Will be airing on DC's new digital streaming service Called Titans, the same name as the pilot they tried to sell to TNT. Written by Akiva Goldsman (“Batman Forever,” “Transformers: The Last Knight”), DC Entertainment President Geoff Johns and Greg Berlanti, “Titans” is billed as an action-adventure based on the enduring DC Comics franchise, and will feature such characters as Dick Grayson (presumably as Nightwing), Starfire and Raven. “Titans” will be executive produced by Johns, Goldsman, Berlanti and Sarah Schechter (“Arrow,” “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,” “The Flash,” “Supergirl”). Geoff Johns hints of Beast Boy being a part of the team
  11. What a waste of these actors
  12. Guess he didn't want to accept that Jack was a certain age.
  13. Taken from Peter Bergman's interview with SOD As for what’s ahead, Bergman teases, “Jack is foundering a bit and I just got news that someone is walking back into his life who he thought was long gone, and I’m very excited about it. It takes Jack into a whole new direction. I sit in my dressing room and they drop a script with me and I open it up and I say, ‘Oh, my God. This could be incredible!’ And so, it just goes on. It has been a treasure trove of jewels that I’ve gotten to play and I feel like the luckiest guy in the world.”
  14. She's ALWAYS done that, and it is still as aggravating as ever
  15. Hahaha