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  1. Happy that they kept Ben's age the same
  2. Wonder if Jade leaves first
  3. How long did Bond Gideon last as Jill?
  4. I wonder why they aged them from 15/16 to 18, was it because of the Ciara's rape storyline?
  5. According to Jess Walton, Sally Sussman talked to the writers (who despised the story) to finish the Music Box story
  6. when she become Associate head writer when Pratt took over or was she already Associate Head Writer when Josh Griffith took over then was promoted?
  7. They could've kept the teens and had JJ in college. Although Claire, JJ, Theo and Ciara should be around the same age range
  8. The horrible writing and no direction to the kids
  9. A shame that now both of Steve and Kayla's kids will be off the canvas
  10. PF is good on the eyes
  11. That's Dena's hackery
  12. When is her contract up?
  13. People forgive and move on, though Abby should always give her the side eye for what happened to her dad because of Gabi's obsession with Chad
  14. Again I think this is what Jess Walton wants