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  1. Jack died a year before JJ came back
  2. That is such BS, you've been bashing Sally and Mal since day 1
  3. They should've been sleeping together months ago
  4. I'm sorry but this question is inappropriate, like your questions about rape and necrophilia
  5. Chester Bennington, Lead Singer of Linkin Park, Commits Suicide (Report)
  6. Does the Walker family count?
  7. we get it.
  8. SOD has his exit as July, but Jason47 has it as September. I'm going to believe Jason because he gets things right
  9. Since this type of thread popped up a minute after Sally started at Y&R. It's only fair and equal to do it with Ron.
  10. That's so funny because you're one the people asking her firing one month into Sally's tenure