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  1. Sure seems like it. Very frustrating.
  2. I'm way behind. Are they trying to make Amy an obstacle for Maxie and Nathan? I like seeing Liz and Hayden bond, too little too late though.
  3. Sometimes it seems like they want to put him with Liz. Maybe just wishful thinking on my part.
  4. At least the Republicans won't be able to push this through fast while no one is looking.
  5. Thank you!
  6. Just a little thread to keep the people interested informed about the SON baby. :-) I'm 13 weeks along and due on April 8th. I had the new genetic testing (MaterniT21) done because I'm over 35. It's just a simple blood draw, that's less invasive than an amnio. Luckily, is well on that front. You can also find out the gender of the baby with this new test. I'm having a boy. I'm a little nervous about that, since I guess being a woman I just feel like I have more of a sense of how to parent a girl, but I guess I'll figure it out. Thanks to the people who've asked about how I'm feeling and who have wished us well. I really appreciate it. I'm feeling pretty good now that I'm out of the first trimester. Still a little tired, but I was lucky and didn't have terrible morning sickness. Mostly what I'm hoping for is things to stay uneventful for the next six months. If anyone has name ideas, I'm open to suggestions. Right now, Elijah is in the running.
  7. Thanks Slick! I feel very lucky they were both born healthy given my age. I had some pretty severe postpartum anxiety after my first. It's been nice to really enjoy the first months this time around.
  8. I've always liked RB, so I'll miss her a little.
  9. ^ With any luck that won't help them in 2018.
  10. I liked the way Billy was written when Billy Miller was in the role. All of the fun and humor has been leeched from the character. Still, I like JT and I justify the change with Delia's death.
  11. ^ Thanks! I feel very lucky I was able to have my family while the ACA was in place. I truly feel terrible for all the younger women out there who may not have maternity coverage.
  12. Thanks Chit! It sure does. Thanks Khan. I can't believe how fast the last two years have gone by.
  13. That would be so bad it would be funny.
  14. I did, but given the way I constructed the post I can see why that wasn't clear. Damn, I never thought Burton would be fired. I won't gloat, but I was so sick of the way he was treated as a god at GH. I can only hope that doesn't happen again. Thanks for answering @Cat that makes sense.
  15. He was fired? Why? I thought he chose to leave. I can't believe they are so invested in Miller that they would dump JT to bring him back. I'm going to have to see it to believe it. I think JT isn't doing just fine in the role. Why take someone who isn't committed? Anyway, I like Miller well enough, I just don't see why Y&R would recast with him at this point.
  16. I really hope they do not change Billy Abbots again. That character needs stability to be viable after all the recasts.
  17. Lord yes! And I believe it's GH. It wouldn't effect five fanbases or cause a fan war if he came back to Y&R.
  18. I'd bet anything it is Burton. Logan flat out said it was. No one else could ignite that kind of fan war.
  19. Of course! Update #1. The SON baby's little sister Rachel born in early May. Here's Nate last month.
  20. Dear God, me too. There are not many billionaires who know what the average person's life is like. You see every day how so many celebrities lose touch. Having more money then a person can truly conceive of has the same effect, if not worse, imo. The billionaire I have the most respect for is Warren Buffet (yes, partly because of AMC), but also because I've seen some of how he lives, how much he gives and how he treats people around town. Even he has made money off the backs of the truly poor recently (modular homes with insane interest rates). Add to that his daughter said he didn't start giving more money away sooner because accumulating it was a game to him. It's life and death to hundreds of millions of people in this world, but even the best billionaires are so far removed it's all just a game. At least he's pledged to give it all away when he passes. Just my opinion obviously, but I hate seeing them have such a huge role in government.
  21. And that's a fact.Then there are the lives that till be lost or damaged forever. It's just so sad and infuriating.
  22. It's like a Days departure. Feels like we've known he was out for a year and yet he's still on the air.
  23. I feel like she's basically an empty vessel to the degree that she even exists. Such a let down from where things started.
  24. Me too, which is my point. It was never about the baby to me, but the fact that she was conceived while his wife battled cancer and he denied her. He denied his baby daughter and she will know that. It's despicable. I feel character should matter, but all I care about are results right now. Well, not all. I do have limits, but they aren't what they used to be.
  25. I guess nothing that comes out about any politician will truly shock me at this point. So many of them have been shown to have major skeletons in the closet. I've reached the cynical place of not caring that much. A democrat would have to be unbelievably awful for me to vote against him or her in the political climate we are now in. John Edwards is the perfect example. He ended up being a horrible person (imo), but I could never vote for someone who wants to take healthcare from our must vulnerable citizens instead.