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  1. That's the entire show in a nutshell!
  2. Those are the people I understand trying to hold out to protect their agencies. I guess Charlottesville was a breaking point for some people.
  3. This clusterf*ck of an administration gets more surreal by the day. At this point, I don't quite get the people resigning in outrage. He's been awful from the start. Are they just figuring it out? Why did they take the job? I can see people who are there to do what little they can to protect the nation from Trump, but otherwise, what took you so long?
  4. Well hopefully it was a scientific sampling and 10% is their upper limit, although that's still a disturbing number.
  5. You know he will. Days loves messy weddings.
  6. If I'm honest I miss Brad more than Lucas, but they should both be on.
  7. It might be too late, but towards the beginning of her run it would have worked. When they bring on a new person just to play a same sex love interest it never seems to go far. Maybe if GH is finally committed, but if they are they should Lucas some airtime as well.
  8. They should have made the pairing Kiki/Kristina. The drama writes itself and it would play better onscreen.
  9. Thanks @slick jones Sounds like a good episode.
  10. I would if you have the time to give it.
  11. But then Summer would be back on the show and that is unacceptable. Well, I suppose it would give Phyllis something to do other than obsess over Billy, so there's that.
  12. ^ We've really made a huge mess in the Middle East. I wonder if we'll completely get out of it in my lifetime.
  13. I had no idea that could even be hidden. Unbelievable.
  14. ^ Can Trump really be blamed for a collision between a navel vessel and a merchant ship? Granted I don't know much about it, but that seems like a stretch.
  15. I agree, but I wouldn't mind of they would just save the episode for the next day. Does anyone know when Eve is coming back? We heard she was months ago.
  16. I find him appealing physically. If anyone can bring some personality out in him I think it's Maura. If she can't do it no one can, imo.
  17. I think it's impossible to overestimate how blind some people can be. The way I think of it now is it's hard to wake up to these issues if you don't even know you're asleep. I went to college in southwest Virginia and despite being a northerner I sort of fell for the whole "This is our heritage thing" at the time. Partially because in the north we (poor white kids with a middling education) hardly gave the Civil War a second thought. Virginia was a different world and I don't think it would be much of an exaggeration to say they were still fighting the war down there, at least culturally. Plus look at shows like The Duke's of Hazard that normalized the Confederate flag for kids. Once you really see what it means though, there's no going back and you see how completely unacceptable that flag and these statues are. I can't even say when I came to associate the Confederate flag as a racist symbol. I didn't have a come to Jesus moment, but I moved to Brandon FL around 2006 and there was a humongous Confederate Flag flying above the highway. I just gasped the first time I saw it and said "They can't!". My much older friend said "Yeah they can. It's gone to court". It was clear she saw it as racist too.
  18. Same here. I like her overall. They gave her some terrible material with keeping Nicole's baby from her, but if she's sticking around I'm hopeful she'll go in a better direction. As for Nicole, I'm ready for that character to take a nice long break. Anyway, I have no idea how Ron's run is going to pan out. All I know is that before I got to his material I had 15 episodes waiting on my DVR. Now I have one. Watching doesn't feel like an annoying chore I keep putting off.
  19. One of the things I like about Bonnie and Hattie is they are just enjoying themselves and reveling in the wealth. I guess I just like seeing people having simple fun once in awhile. If I found myself in prison for a few years and then ended up with millions of dollars at my disposal, I'd be hitting the mini bar too. I also like that the show has sidestepped having these characters rape their counterparts sexual partners. At least so far and I hope it stays that way.
  20. Considering the alternative is Hope/Rafe, I wish it were. I like that Lucas is getting more to do. I'm hoping he has a fling with Ann. I'm hoping Eve comes back and makes a play for Justin. Another thing Ron has done is make Claire immediately likable again. She was written as so shrill for awhile there, which is why the audience seemed to turn on her. I hope it's not too late.
  21. Going back to this. She's right about how unfair the Standing Rock protesters were treated too.
  22. Really? That's wonderful news. After today's statement I figured he was right up their alley. I can't even say I'm sorry if Nebraska is stuck with him because this state is determined not to do better. He's a master of playing both sides.
  23. Well, Ben Sasse seems to be gearing up to take on Trump and he's not the bottom of the barrel (well he is, but not in the same way). He's my nightmare candidate because he's smart, well educated and better at the game then Trump will ever be. I thank God he's from Nebraska, which might hamstring him.
  24. The show is more watchable for me. I'm just going with it and having fun as you say.
  25. Now that I've had a little distance from the initial incident, I'll agree with that for now. It's not that I'm even against Nazi/KKK punching. I'll admit it, I don't care. It's just that I don't think it will stop them. I'm all for doxing though. I wish I had a better sense of the big picture. Are these groups really managing to recruit in meaningful numbers or was that rally essentially all they've got?