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  1. Might as well try to turn Abby into Dru.
  2. I think the only answer is to completely shut out things like twitter and MBs. Some of them obviously enjoy sparring with fans, but for anyone else it's smart to avoid reading the comments at all cost.
  3. ^ I agree with you, I just mean they aren't solely to blame. Still they are the ones with the power and they could change it, the audience can't.
  4. I used to blame people like Ron and JFP for this, but look how brutal the audience is. Just one look at twitter and the boards and you see all the ugly things people say when these actors are just a hair overweight. Then when you have an actor/actress who is truly overweight it's unrelenting in certain quarters. Hell, even pregnant women don't get a pass. Jennifer Gareis for example.
  5. That really was an all time low. Gives me the creeps just to think about it.
  6. Truth. She should be back full time. That would instantly make the show so much better for me. I like Cane turning (back) to the dark side. The character hasn't had a purpose in ages.
  7. She would be though at least on some level. It's bizarre that she never mentions him. Meanwhile, I just wish Nicole would STFU about Daniel. It's enough already.
  8. I knew this trip would be one gaffe after the next, although I expected it to be even worse tbh.
  9. ^ Our leader is a complete dolt.
  10. Pro tip: If you plagiarized don't take an appointment.
  11. How many ways can 45 embarrass us during this Middle East trip?
  12. Yes, but it helps too be rich too.
  13. Thanks Carl.
  14. Did Dina visit GC when Colleen died?
  15. Good thing. THis is what the democrat have been asking for. He's going to have open access to anything he needs, ability to investigate, subpoena, hire investigators, and prosecute. He has a fairly stellar reputation. I believe he was asked by Obama to stay on beyond his 10 year term. Thank God. Even if we're stuck with Pence for 3 years I'll take it.
  16. Yep. Who knew all this crazy was lurking in our society? I keep reminding myself he did not win the popular vote.
  17. I wonder if he ever really did? I think there were a lot of wealthy Jewish donors and Israeli politicians who hoped to use Trump. A deal with the Devil so to speak. I think Netanyahu and Trump were close to an unholy alliance that would have had potentially awful consequences, so if this intelligence betrayal throws a wrench in this we are all better off. Like @DramatistDreamermy husband thinks Netanyahu is an extremist. I'm less sure or at least I'm more sympathetic to people trying to govern is a country with constant terrorist attacks. Is it possible to govern justly and keep your population safe? I think Trump has inadvertently saved BN from his worst impulses though. Moving that damn embassy to Jerusalem would have been nothing but trouble. I also saw an article today lamenting Bernie keeping the door open to a run in 2020 when he will be 79 years old. I like Sanders more than some here, but I think he needs to step aside and support someone younger, for so many reasons.
  18. I'll take it!
  19. He was better than Guza for me, so at GH I also consider him a relative success. Days has even more challenges than GH though, so I'm not sure anyone can turn the ship around.
  20. It almost can't be worse than it is, so I'll say he'll be a relative success.
  21. ^ Wow. This is just next level insanity. We really can't go on much longer like this can we?
  22. If this is true he basically got a source within Isis killed. Not to mention alienating all of our allies. Can this administration get any more f*cked up? A question I ask myself daily.
  23. After today I'd like to see more of Devon and Abby. I think they would be way better than Devon and Mariah. I like Nikki/Tessa. Nikki needed a story outside of Victor.
  24. I'd be for it. It would make sense considering David is a doctor and he knows people in Port Charles.
  25. I would have been fine with Adam coming back in a few years, but it's just too soon now. Also, I think one of the other Newman children should leave before he's brought back. Oh well, maybe Summer will stay gone awhile longer.