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  1. I've tried and in some ways I do, but when I see people getting shot like that guy in Kansas it gets harder and harder.
  2. Me too. It's going to be really frustrating if the Democrats can't get it together for the next couple of election cycles.
  3. I think this is really one of the major dilemmas the original recipe ACA faces. Without the mandate and the power (fine) to back it up some healthy people will just opt out. I don't blame them because when you are living hand to mouth like that you tend to live in the moment when it comes to finances. However that raises the prices for other people and makes the whole thing unworkable. I'm sure there are ways around that, but not ones a Republican congress will pass. I'm pretty skeptical that tax credits will help people who aren't already well into the middle class, but I'll wait to see what actually gets passed. I've never been more grateful to have employer based insurance, but at the same time most of us are one job loss away from needing the ACA to fall back on.
  4. I would have liked that because at least it's a character we already know and I'd like her to stick around. At the same time Sally can't even pay the people she has. I don't see how she can steal anyone from Forrester who actual wants or needs to get paid.
  5. Jones’s presentation was repeatedly interrupted by comments about killing Muslims from Frank del Valle, a staunchly anticommunist Cuban immigrant, with little or no pushback from the others in the room. “Can we not kill them all?” Del Valle asked, about 15 minutes into the presentation, during a discussion about the differences between the Sunni and Shia sects of Islam. Since Trump was elected I've been worried that various groups would join the white supremacists in scapegoating Muslims, so this story is pretty horrifying to me. I guess we should just be thankful that 45 wasn't President during 9/11. W screwed a lot of things up, but I think he quelled the Muslim hate instead of leading the charge.
  6. I almost invested in CCA, before I understood how bad private prisons are. My husband convinced me it's blood money and since then I've learned he couldn't have been more right. Not that my pittance makes any difference, but just for my own peace of mind I'm glad I never had any part in it. To think these people are making policy that will imprison more people and then making money from it is seriously sick. I'm not sure, but I do know that the legislature has come close to over turning his tax plan, so even some of the Republicans realize it's a complete disaster. Of course, Brownback vetoed it. Some people can never admit when they completely f*cked up.
  7. I wasn't talking about recently, since she's relatively thin now. This was a couple of years ago and it stood out to me because she was clearly in the matriarch role at that point. I'm not even saying you are wrong about body shaming being a bad thing. You'll be hard pressed to find a post of mine talking negatively about anyone's body. I've blocked people who are relentless about it, but I do think context matters. When the show actively tries to sell someone as "beefcake" the opinions are going to fly. I guess I just find it a lot worse when people are dragged daily just for being who they are. Anyway, moving on. Today's show was decent. I liked the Noah and Nikki scenes, although I wonder what the point is of Nikki letting part of the truth about Dylan slip. Is this going somewhere or is this just so Noah doesn't think Dylan is an ass? Either way, Nikki needs to button it. I hope Jill sticks to her guns when it comes to dumping Colin. I'm so ready for him to leave. I just had a horrible thought, which is Colin and Gloria hooking up. They are birds of a feather, so I could see that happening. I like this new direction Sharon is taking. I'd like to see her be emotionally independent and even helping others for awhile.
  8. It's not about justifying it. You said you wouldn't expect people to do that to Nikki and my point is they do. Not just Nikki, but all the women on this show, so where have you been? When it comes to critiquing soaps lots of things are subjective, I don't know how or why that would invalidate anyone's opinion. Quite the opposite. When things aren't subjective is when opinions are irrelevant. If the show is going to present someone to us as sexy people are going to have opinions on that. No point pearl clutching on that because it's not going to change. Also, let's not pretend there isn't such a thing as conventional attractiveness. Almost everyone knows what it is when they see it and the people who cast for TV rarely miss the mark or deviate from it. Selling mostly conventional sex and attractiveness to people is how Hollywood makes it's money. Everyone involved in the industry know the deal and signs on to it to get their piece of the pie. If anything about this is going to change it's almost certainly going to have to come from the top down, since Hollywood created this basically toxic construct and unleashed it upon us in the first place. I won't be holding my breath.
  9. The implosion of the Kansas economy continues, but I doubt the Republicans will take the warning. http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2017/02/sam-brownback-kansas-tax-cuts-donald-trump
  10. No kidding! Fans rip apart every aspect of women's bodies and faces and so do TPTB. Maybe that shouldn't happen, but the reality is it does. ETA: When the show puts these guys on shirtless it's done to be sexy, so that's going to invite a critique. MTS was well into her 50's and people were ripping her gaining weight when the show was never even trying to sexualize her, so I'd call that unfair. I remember someone actually saying that Nikki was "diminished" but by overweight. People are entitled to their opinion, but I'm just saying women who are past the role of being sex objects on the show aren't even given a pass.
  11. I didn't think DG looked bad. In comparison, sure, but the way people were talking I was expecting something truly awful. I'm guessing he's more fit then 90% of the guys in his age group. Looks are the least of my issues with Cane. Not that I even blame DG for Cane's issues. It was the terrible back stories that made it really hard from me to like the character. I think I could like him if they moved him on to a new pairing. It's past time for that, not that I know who he would work well with at this point. Like many of you, I'm waiting for some actual drama to occur.
  12. Bill Maher on video defending sex between a 35 year old teacher and a 12 year old boy. "How can a woman rape a man?" http://thehill.com/homenews/media/320680-video-bill-maher-condoned-sex-between-35-year-old-woman-12-year-old-boy
  13. The only thing that surprises me is that Betsy DeVos tried to stand against him.
  14. I do agree that this show is lacking in the romance/sex department. Y&R was never all about couples, but they always had some good ones at any given time. I've said before I can't think of one couple on this show that I'm truly rooting for. I kind of like Devon and Hillary, but they need a reset. So I think the problem is partly the writing, but there is a lack of interesting men too.
  15. ^ I've wondered the same thing. I remembering hearing on one of the news shows that Trump can limit the number of refugees to 50,000 as has been announced and that we are basically at that number for the year anyway. I'm not sure what that means for the Syrians who were on track to come though. Hopefully they can get in. I think it's basically a myth the the majority of the American public has ever been welcoming to new comers. At the same time at least we do take a large number of people overall and there are a lot of good people who work hard to help people settle in. There are plenty of countries who won't take anyone, including Japan. Abe was quoted not that long ago saying something along the lines of 'We need to get our native population growing before we can take in other people'. Meanwhile their economy has been floundering for years in part because they have negative population growth. Pure madness and if Bannon has his way we'll be headed down the same path. http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2016/01/japan-rejected-99-percent-refugees-2015-160124070011926.html