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  1. I don't know. I'm watching the August 3rd episode On Demand. Needless to say GH is not must see TV for me these days.
  2. Genie looks refreshed. I wonder if she's had work done.
  3. My expectations are so low that I'm actually heartened by the number of Republicans that haven't defended it. I know it's because they want to have a career 4 years from now, but I expected more of them to stick with him.
  4. I wish. She was such a good trouble maker. I loved her!
  5. I'm only half way through the MotherJones article that was posted, but it's a sobering reminder that something like the Holocaust is exactly what a portion of these people want. The most disturbing part of the article is how casually it's stated. One admits that she voted for Trump so he would "do away with some of these African American types". She said it in front of an AA woman who thought they were friends. I know we aren't allowed to be stunned any more, but I just don't know how to process some of this stuff. I guess we can hope that their numbers are small. That's really all I've got right now.
  6. He sure did, but he was still playing games back then. He'd give a dog whistle then look around "who me? Oh no, I'm the least racist person ever". So Republicans could pretend. He gave them just enough cover. The mask is off now though. When you are defending actual Nazi and Klan members there's no pretending. It does serve to show how completely tribal political parties have become though. When I see people trying to deflect this, I'm amazed. It proves that nothing will convince them they were wrong to vote this monster in.
  7. Yep. And I keep hearing people say, but all those people will be dead soon. Yeah, well that's not really how it works. I didn't see a lot of 80 year olds marching on Saturday. They don't need to have huge numbers to do a lot of damage to our society. The internet is such a good tool for the Nazis to recruit directionless young people. It's terrifying.
  8. ^ Good lord. It's not all about you *****! (referring to Melissa) I want to believe that we will find ourselves in a better place after the smoke clears, but I don't. One look at recent world history tells me that people are probably not going to become more tolerant any time soon. One thing that really hamstrings our country in the regard is not having a national educational system. If you could start socializing people to be tolerant as children you might be able to counter some of the other more negative messages they receive elsewhere.
  9. Yeah me too, but it's probably here to stay. I'm hopeful the Republicans will pressure him to resign because he's humiliating them. Maybe this is finally the straw that breaks the camel's back, but Trump is crazy good at manipulating the news cycle. That's his one undeniable talent.
  10. Except for that part where you thought he could never win in the first place. Of course, I was right there with you but, just sayin'.
  11. ^ I hope so. I guess it will be true if the GOP thinks this is the point where they are stronger without him. I'm not giving them any points for breaking with him though. After everything that happened in the primary they never should have stood by him in the first place.
  12. Yeah, I tend to fit that category. Or I look for reasons why people are the way they are, so that I can understand and maybe not hate them. I'm working hard to get over all that.
  13. Don Lemon was doing well today.
  14. It's so odd to me seeing some of the reporters on CNN say things like the president "missed an opportunity" or he missed his moment. What does he have to do before these people admit he is a white supremacist? Does he have to raise the Confederate flag over the white house? I hadn't actually seen the Nazis march before today, but CNN was practically playing it on a loop. I have to wonder if all of this coverage won't embolden them further.
  15. Yeah. His Dad was arrested at a Klan meeting right? I don't agree with guilt by association. However, I think Trump is showing us that his father was a great influence on him.