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  1. I feel like she's basically an empty vessel to the degree that she even exists. Such a let down from where things started.
  2. Me too, which is my point. It was never about the baby to me, but the fact that she was conceived while his wife battled cancer and he denied her. He denied his baby daughter and she will know that. It's despicable. I feel character should matter, but all I care about are results right now. Well, not all. I do have limits, but they aren't what they used to be.
  3. I guess nothing that comes out about any politician will truly shock me at this point. So many of them have been shown to have major skeletons in the closet. I've reached the cynical place of not caring that much. A democrat would have to be unbelievably awful for me to vote against him or her in the political climate we are now in. John Edwards is the perfect example. He ended up being a horrible person (imo), but I could never vote for someone who wants to take healthcare from our must vulnerable citizens instead.
  4. If they exist at all it's in the beginning of their career. Even then they are "unicorns".
  5. GH sure proved that.
  6. Now that Jack isn't being written "Aunt Jack" anymore, I'm interested in Jack and Nikki. They need to stop faking the audience out when it comes to Nikki moving on though. Let it really happen this time. I'm not saying forever, but just for a few years and definitively. I'd also love to see Victor get someone new. Not because I want to see Victor in a romance, but because I think it could be an opportunity for conflict and drama.
  7. Adam vs Nick was good at one point. If they hadn't taken Adam to such dark places that rivalry could have gone on for decades. Kyle vs Nick or Noah would make some sense if they could have found the right actor for Kyle but they never really did. People always talk about women having the classic Y&R look, but Y&R had that for men too. Some of their casting mistakes have been going for guys who can't be both love interests and believable when it comes to business.
  8. Yep. It was so obvious that they turned on a dime. One minute Maya was a delicious social climber and Rick was dreaming about Caroline when he was in bed with her. The next Rick and Maya are in love. Then they still could have saved it to some degree, but they had to turn Maya "good". It just kills me because Maya is just one more example of this show on the edge of something good and then they eff it up. That's the history this show though. I've played Charlie Brown to Brad Bell's Lucy so many times, but at some point I can only blame myself for thinking this time will be different.
  9. Obviously, but if they wanted to do that story they should have created a new character. What they did do is a laughable disgrace that both disrespected the audience (nothing new there I admit) and ruined an established character. I took the longest break I have ever taken after they screwed over Maya. It was such a waste and no one is believing she was ever a man. I'm the master of suspending disbelief, but nope! Then when they brought on trans actresses to try to justify the mess. Just pathetic.
  10. ^ Oh, absolutely. They are wrecking Zende's character with this BS. This show has never had consistent characterization, but they always manage to take it to the next level.
  11. They were way too chicken to really play this story out, which is fine, but then don't start what you don't have the guts to do right. Totally agree with @DeeeDee that they should have used a trans actress for this role. It lacked all credibility as soon as they didn't, but then maybe that's fitting. I'm also a little disgusted with Lizzie's story. That Nicole would even seriously think about ripping a child from the only mother she's known is gross. I also hate the way these shows insist on making infertile women obsessed or downright insane.
  12. I do. I even see it in this healthcare bill. Sure, he isn't murdering the disabled, but he's making it a lot more likely that they'll die. I can't get over how despicable it is, although I think Paul Ryan is even more responsible in this case. We all know he's just been waiting for his chance to bleed the poor, old and disabled.
  13. ^ I think Hitler killed 11 million. I hope that doesn't seem like a nitpick.
  14. I agree. They will all be bought off or pressured into complying. I hope not, but it just seems like that's how it goes.
  15. Looks like he's going to try it though. Damn, some men just have endless nerve. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/other/bill-cosby-to-hold-‘town-halls’-on-sexual-assault-following-mistrial/ar-BBD320X?li=BBnbcA1