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  1. I thank God he isn't competent. Also that the Republicans have their own infighting to worry about. At the very least these issues are slowing down their destructive agenda.
  2. Well, I don't know how impotent it was. I feel pretty well fucked over.
  3. Coleman popped on Days as a pimp. I guess the actor's been type cast. And how could I forget rape survivor Liz and fake rapist Franco, played by an actor best known for his role as an actual rapist. Keep it classy GH.
  4. The chutzpah these people have continues to amaze me. The Republicans propose to exempt themselves from the worst of their own healthcare plan. https://www.vox.com/2017/4/25/15429982/gop-exemption-ahca-amendment
  5. I agree. While I deeply resent being ruled by billionaires, once someone is out of office, I don't care how much money someone makes. I say good luck to him and make that money.
  6. I can't decide which couple is more demeaning to women Sonny/Carly or Julian/Alexis. They both set my teeth on edge. I guess one difference is Carly and Sonny can't be rewritten as anything other than the abusive mess that they are. Plus Carly has been wasted for years now. It makes me sad. I feel like LW hardly got the chance to play the best parts of the character. On the bright side I do like Curtis quite a bit. The show has done a decent job of building his character through friendships and that's always a plus for me.
  7. You make some good points. I'm hoping someone with real talent and charisma comes along to bring people together. I guess at this point we can also hope that Trump screws up so badly that the Democrats 2020 message is irrelevant. Someone asked Michael Moore if he thought Trump would be impeached and he said something like "Yes, somewhere in the middle of his second term". Normally, I can at least smile at gallows humor, but not this time.
  8. I won't even bother to read this post, since I don't care what you think. I've had you on block since about two years ago went you went off on me about my alleged hate for Josh Morrow, which was pure nonsense. Your last post was enough for me to never hit "show this post anyway".
  9. Spare me the lecture. Even his parents asked his teacher to wait for him to turn 18. There are parts of the world where it's legal and acceptable for middle aged men to marry 12 year olds. That doesn't make it ok.
  10. Women's health care in Haiti going to hell thanks to Trump. This is truly infuriating. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/22/opinion/sunday/trump-thinks-this-is-pro-life.html?smid=tw-share&_r=0
  11. I think they are going to use Wyatt as a spoiler for Sally2 and Thomas. At least that's the impression I had when Wyatt was listening to Jared and Bill discuss Sally a week or so ago. Truth.
  12. I saw that. It started when he was 17, which is kind of gross.
  13. I prefer the way Miller's Jason is written, that's for sure. He's no longer a God who is always right. I'm not keen to see that change.
  14. ^ I found that scene to be completely demeaning to Brooke. I don't know what they were thinking and the horse thing needs to end. I'm also pissed at what they've done with Sally2. Having her practically beg for Stephenie's approval? Screw that. Maybe 5 years from now (not that I think the Spectras will last that long). They've made Sally a boring, love sick girl with no ambition of her own in record time. Good thing I expect this show to disappoint me.
  15. Yes. Totally disgusting. Ugh!