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  1. I thank God for the iphone. I guess I just had my head in my ass, but I had no idea how awful some people are until I had the video proof. At the same time there are nearly 350 million people in the country, so I try to remind myself that it's still a small sample. It's like how everyday there is a story on Yahoo about a toddler who has been killed by her parents or caregiver. It makes me a little paranoid, but in a country this big awful things are going to happen regularly, but it's still not the norm. Not yet.
  2. Do you live in a small city and is your Mom's boss from a family of billionaires and the subject of tabloids and scandal? Everyone in Omaha knows who Susie Buffet is, promise.
  3. So we are supposed to believe that Charlie has no idea who Reed is, even though his father works for Reed's mother? Nope.
  4. That's the thing. I'm happy to interact with economic conservatives. I think they have some good points. We really cannot run huge deficits forever, for example. However when people come into the thread with an "in your face" attitude they are only here to get a reaction, not to interact. That said, the responses they elicited were pretty spot on.
  5. Hell, yes. I can't bang my head against troll bridges at this stage of my life. It's block and forget for me.
  6. Truth. I have to laugh at this nonsense. The alternative is too grim.
  7. I think that depends on how you define powerful. I'd agree she's more powerful on a personal level. The thing I find absolutely terrifying about Trump is the sheer amount of military power he has at his disposal. It's like having a two year old in a room with a button that could destroy the world. Trump has the might of the world's largest military at his fingertips, but he clearly doesn't have the intellect that should go with that kind of power. I used to think that we could at least count on Congress to intervene if he tried to do something really crazy, but that was just fantasy. If we get rid of this bastard without some sort of large scale military atrocity occurring it will be a miracle.
  8. Yes to both.
  9. Maybe at some point it's time to admit Noah is the problem. They've never found the right actor, imo. I have no idea who this guy is other than bland as can be 20 something. Maybe the actors aren't even the problem. A character has to be given direction before anyone can cast or play them well. I consider Noah one of Y&R's greatest fails.
  10. Might as well try to turn Abby into Dru.
  11. I think the only answer is to completely shut out things like twitter and MBs. Some of them obviously enjoy sparring with fans, but for anyone else it's smart to avoid reading the comments at all cost.
  12. ^ I agree with you, I just mean they aren't solely to blame. Still they are the ones with the power and they could change it, the audience can't.
  13. I used to blame people like Ron and JFP for this, but look how brutal the audience is. Just one look at twitter and the boards and you see all the ugly things people say when these actors are just a hair overweight. Then when you have an actor/actress who is truly overweight it's unrelenting in certain quarters. Hell, even pregnant women don't get a pass. Jennifer Gareis for example.
  14. That really was an all time low. Gives me the creeps just to think about it.
  15. Truth. She should be back full time. That would instantly make the show so much better for me. I like Cane turning (back) to the dark side. The character hasn't had a purpose in ages.