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  1. Jake Weary has turned out super hot. Still, all I can see is his mother's (Kim Zimmer) eyes. I guess "knowing" a guys mother tends to ruin their sexy for me.

  2. Yep. We saw this condition effect McCain, so it's a legitimate question as far as I can see.
  3. Like Marceline said he will almost certainly vote for this bill when it comes down to it. He's not going to have some big epiphany just because he has terminal cancer.
  4. They all know how valuable it is. They just don't care because they (and their families) will have healthcare no matter what and they want to give billions in tax cuts to the rich. It's a pretty cynical money grab.
  5. http://thehill.com/policy/finance/343642-senators-mock-trump-on-hot-mic Two Senators (one a Republican) caught on a hot mic worrying about the Presidents mental state.
  6. I wonder that too. It surprises me because he seems like someone who just comes to work to get that paycheck (nothing wrong with that). Chelsea and Nick were just too easy. They needed something to give them depth and it just never came. I mostly blame the writing. Chemistry really isn't that hard to create. It mostly comes down to what I think of as expressive eye contact. Part of the problem for me is that it's hard to imagine anything deep doing on behind Nick's eyes.
  7. I hear you. I feel bad asking it, but it's a crucial question at the moment. We saw that he was having problems in that one Senate hearing.
  8. So if they do trot John McCain out for this healthcare bill do they have the votes? I don't wish the man any ill, but do we even know that he's competent?
  9. ^ Plus two on one is very rarely something I can root for. They need to give Hillary a real friend, so it doesn't feel like she's being ganged up on.
  10. Yeah, the kitchen floor stuff was bad. I think we were supposed to think Tessa was completely making up the chemistry between Devon/Mariah. It's the exact thing a 15 year old would do for her bestie. If it were really there Messa wouldn't have to rub it in Hillary's face.
  11. He had chances, so at first I wondered why he didn't over power her, but then I realized he didn't have access to the key. Also, I agree with you. This is nothing more than a psycho holding a man prisoner and raping/torturing him. It wouldn't be funny if it were happening to Jen or Desna and it isn't funny because the captive is a man. It's one of the only missteps this show has made, imo
  12. Which is why I think it's entirely possible that these scoundrels are going to get away with all of these ethics violations. I want to believe Mueller will bring them down, but I won't until I see it. I'd seeing tweets about Trump having the power to pardon himself. I wish he had to specify exactly what the pardon is for.
  13. Yeah, and a bad one I'll agree. Yet, I keep forgetting he exists.
  14. I don't find it funny at all.