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  1. I liked Mariah/Devon today. I wouldn't mind if they dated casually until Hevon get back together and then drop it.
  2. I could not agree more. Even the ones who had potential have been ruined.
  3. So JW tweeted that Jill and Colin will be back in June.
  4. ^ Aren't the AARP crowd baby boomers who used to be hippies? I feel like I'm missing something. How did these people become so conservative? I know a lot of people become more conservative as they age, but this seems extreme.
  5. Gloria: "Come on Jack. You have o admit I've become an asset inside and outside of the office. Whatever you need I do". Dear God in heaven why must this show rub our noses this couples sex life?
  6. ^ If Jill only comes with Collin then I hope their travels take them long and far. I know that's harsh, but I really cannot stand him.
  7. Maybe. She mentioned her bucket list and traveling a lot. I liked Ashley's scenes today. I hope she does get Jabot from Jack at least for awhile.
  8. ^ So embarrassing. I wonder why he snubbed her, but maybe there is just no understanding that man.
  9. "However unsavory she and her countrymen may find Trump, Germany has no viable alternative to the U.S. partnership, either in economic or security terms." If that's true poor Germany and poor Merkel. I'm sickened by how many strong women have been demeaned by having to deal with Trump. As for the handshake that didn't happen, I wonder if he didn't hear her? They did hand shakes throughout the day, so what would be he point of snubbing her in the Oval Office? I'm not one to give Trump the benefit of the doubt, but maybe this one time he wasn't an ass on purpose? OK, that's probably a longshot.
  10. Desperate Claire is just plain sad. This should not be happening. At least not without Belle and Marlana trying harder to reign her in and talk some self esteem into her. I'm glad Eric is back and I like Jen and Eric together.
  11. Wow. And then something about HUD cuts being part of infrastructure. I'm not sure what that means. Other than we are going to have more hungry, homeless people in our country, while he ultra rich rake in more money.
  12. Yes and I for one will welcome them back into the fold of sanity. As for Trump being a racist, of course he is!! Does anyone even deny it at this point? He's shown it at every opportunity. I would argue that most people have bias whether they know it or not, but Trump has clearly embraced it. He enjoys hurting people.
  13. That's going to have to be the answer for all of us who oppose this madness. Our JCC got a bomb threat yesterday. It struck me as especially sad because an old age home is attached to the main building. So in addition to scared little kids they had to evacuate the sick and old. I'm looking in to volunteering there on weekends, since I don't know what else I can do. As DeeeDeee said it's going to be a long four years.
  14. ^ It's really disheartening. I feel like every day we wake up to find out something awful that's being done to the most vulnerable among us. I've read Meals on Wheels doesn't just serve food, but gives seniors a tiny bit of company and someone to check in and make sure they are ok. I hope people are really waking up and vote out everyone who is going along with these terrible policies.