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  1. I wonder if the MSM will mention this.
  2. Here's comes the wall and mass banning of refugees and immigrants.
  3. I remember when W was president and some people were saying at least Nixon, Reagan, and GHWB wasn't THAT bad compared to him.
  4. Zoe has carved a niche in Sci-Fi because Avatar and Guardians of the Galaxy were hits. The Right is spinning all these singers backing out as Hollywood being out of touch coastal elites.
  5. Zoe Saldana believes Trump won because Hollywood "bullied" Trump, and some people for him for that very reason.
  6. The Right will blamed the Democrats like they always do. They blamed the Democratic Congress for the recession in the 80s, they blamed Clinton for the tech bubble bursting, and they blamed Clinton and 911 for the Great Recession of 2000s. All they believe in the flawed supply side economics. Supply side economics may stimulate the economy for a couple of years, but it will cause a recession that will take many years to recover.
  7. A right winger asked this question on another board to the liberals " Let's say after 2-4 years, the Trump presidency manages to be successful (booming economy, manufacturing jobs added. wall built, illegal immigration under control, treaties renegotiated in favor of the U.S., etc) will you be willing to admit that Obama was an amateur who could give a good speech, but was completely out of his depth and had no clue how to govern?
  8. What do you consider Fox News, and conservative talk radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Michael Savage?
  9. Trump has bases covered if anybody wants to take him out. It didn't long for him to reach Joe Stalin Cold War levels of paranoia.
  10. Summer is slowly being stripped of her 20s too. She should be going to the mall with her friends, partying instead of what she's doing now.
  11. The patio story on Brookside was actually good from what I've seen. It wasn't over-the-top and the audience actually loved that story from what I've seen. I've yet to see anyone say they hated it. Trevor Jordache, the character that got buried on the patio, was so loathed by the audience, I think they enjoyed watching his wife and daughters kill and bury his ass after beating and sexually abusing them. I'm optimistic as UK soap producers tend to listen to the audience a bit more than ours over here. They just need to scrap Pratt though. I'll never trust his vision for Y&R. I'm wary about producers listening to the audience because of who they will be actually listening to. There's has been some crazy fanbases that held shows hostage for years and destroyed them because producers bent over backwards to cater to them.
  12. I think they pattern Marisa's Aunt May persona and character after the one that is on the Ultimate Spider Man cartoon show because the Aunt May on that show is in her late 30s - early 40s and she's ditzy and used for comic relief.
  13. Hayden would've been better off if she was really a brainwashed Emily than a non entity.
  14. Sarah Buxton (ex Morgan Dewitt, B&B) made an appearance on The Shark Tank. She was trying to get the Sharks to invest in her bodysuit swimwear business and they all rejected her. I thought she looked familiar when I first saw her but I knew who she was once she said she was an actress.