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  1. I haven't watch GH in a few months, and I have a couple of questions. Is Kim Mac pregnant in real life? Is Charlotte Lulu's daughter that came from the result of the Cassadines having her frozen eggs?
  2. Hannity's five groups that he believes that is out to destroy Trump.
  3. Bernie, Bernie.
  4. I'm one of those Democrats that voted for Hillary over Obama in 2008 primary, and if that makes me a troll, so be it. The only conservative that posts on here is GregNYC, and he doesn't really defend his positions. I'm a member of other forums, where there's more diverse political viewpoints (Conservatives, Libetarians, Bernie Bros, Liberals), and we go back and forth with each other.
  5. True. Most of them voted for Obama over Hillary because he passed the liberal litmus test at the, the Iraq War. Many of them couldn't vote for Hillary because she voted for the war, and they want to deal with Clinton baggage of the 90s. Any Democrats that did support Hillary over Obama, were either racists (if they weren't black) or sellouts (if they were black) by the MSM and the Urban Media.
  6. At least some of the out-of-touch response is due to the effectiveness of conservative propaganda/messaging. The idea of the "limousine liberal" has been pounded into people's brains for a long time. For some reason, Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton having substantial wealth makes them out-of-touch, but the Koch brothers being richer than Croesus isn't a problem. And the Dems continued support of "science." Don't people realize that intellectuals and eggheads just don't get it?
  7. I think both Putin and Trump both need a war. But they don't want one against each other. Both men want to use each other to gain money and power. I'm sure Trump fantasizes about millions from Russian oil and being credited with a new world order where the US and Russia destroy the browns and rule over all and the history books laud him as the REAL Ender-of-the-Cold War. Putin is undoubtedly more realistic and intends to use Trump until he becomes a liability. The problem is that they're engaging in a public game of chicken and at least one of these men is mentally unstable and easily swayed. The best hope military families had was that Trump actually meant it about being isolationist. That was a hope I never shared in the slightest, but I could see why others had reason to believe it. We're now on the clock for the next move in this 3D chess game and our player is really ******* stupid but thinks he's a Grand Master.
  8. “This election, I saw members of my party marginalizing and condemning minorities, ethnic or otherwise, and making demeaning comments towards women,” Rep. Beth Fukumoto wrote in a letter announcing her resignation on Wednesday. “So, when I listened as our now top office holder refused to condemn the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, speaking out didn’t seem like a choice.”
  9. All I ever heard the Right when do listen to them, is the same old, failed policies that they have used in the past. There's nothing that they don't do that doesn't end up screwing somebody over.
  10. The Right weeding out those who are more likely to use medical insurance. They just love eugenics and natural selection.
  11. This new healthcare plan doesn't accomplish anything they claim they want. It literally only accomplishes the thing they won't say out loud that they want, which is major tax breaks for the extremely rich and industry special interests. And it helps people that don't want coverage as long as they never ever get sick.
  12. I wonder if the MSM will mention this.
  13. Here's comes the wall and mass banning of refugees and immigrants.
  14. I remember when W was president and some people were saying at least Nixon, Reagan, and GHWB wasn't THAT bad compared to him.
  15. Zoe has carved a niche in Sci-Fi because Avatar and Guardians of the Galaxy were hits. The Right is spinning all these singers backing out as Hollywood being out of touch coastal elites.