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  1. I could think of a few times that there were legitimately good stories that ended up failing not for being too over-the-top or unrealistic, but not maximising the drama when it could have. *DAYS: Theresa and JJ should have been explored further. Pairing her with Brady and de-fanging her was a waste of Jen Lilley's talents. *AMC: Michael Cambias being murdered by Bianca out of self-defense when it should have been Kendall as the one who put the creep away. That could have been a way to finally bring closure to the story started by SMG back in the mid-90s. It would have been poetic justice for her to, in a way, break the cycle of sexual abuse in the Kane family. *OLTL: Killing off Stacy Morasco. She was just starting to become interesting with the addition of her BFF Kim and the incoming fight for Sierra Rose v. Kish. As much as I prefer Farah Fath as a person compared to the glass-crushing CH, I liked what Stacy brought to the show vis-à-vis Gigi. Had she stayed a bit longer, I could have seen a great triangle with Fake Aubrey and Cutter. *OLTL again: Victor Lord coming back from the dead, thus erasing a core part of what made Dorian, Dorian.
  2. Oh, look, a job opening...these ladies better sharpen their resumés/casting couch skills.
  3. Now's the perfect time, to be honest. They could have Ciara find out that Patrick's her real dad...and in swoops Aunt Mimi to mix it up with her old comrades and guide her niece in her adolescence.
  4. I'm pissed he was invited back for a soap gig while his much more talented and beautiful ex is still in career limbo.
  5. I ship Ciara and Chase. The history alone would carry them.
  6. They should have Scott join Missy again on DAYS.
  7. DAYS was hearbreaking today. That hug between Kate and Sami as well as the scene where Sami hugs her son's daughter (Hi, Susan Lucci) were spectacular.

  8. All these great stories with Steve and Kayla's family..and no Stephanie on canvas. WTF. 

  9. I'm loving the new Joey character. After JJ being such a let-down, I hope they unleash Joey as a new villain/psycho in Salem to give Kayla and One-Eye Steve some grief.
  10. DAYS: *Not calling Farah Fath's agent as soon as Jason Cook was set on returning as Shawn-D. *Not casting Cosgrove as either Peter Blake or Frankie Brady. *Picking up that PP reject Rob Wilson as Ben, when someone like Drew Garrett would have done the trick. *I'll echo what people said about MA being cast as Serena instead of Sarah Horton. *Guy general. I would've rather they killed Will off than that travesty. GH: *Howarth as Franco. *Not having Michael Easton come in as "Silas", a Caleb disguise...
  11. Good set...though Chase's hair is stuck in 2009.
  12. The wait for Dena's return to DAYS has been troubling. What's worse is that Monday's episode was prolly filmed in '07.

  13. I came here hoping it wasn't Terri Conn and Austin Peck. Now I can breathe again.
  14. Howarth as Peter Blake (DAYS)? Perhaps as a manager in the local Salem Chik-Fil-A.

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      Bright Eyes

      Pet peeve: It's always annoyed me when people randomly play casting director. 99% it's completely unnecessary or no one asked.

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      You make this bad suggestions just to get reaction, don't you?

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      I don't know what's worse. Your taste in actors/actresses or doing this intentionally to get attention? Either way, absolutely not. Howarth can't act at all.