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  1. I think you're speaking too soon.
  2. My issue with B&S started in the very beginning when it had 3 CEOs doing the work that low level employees did. They could have hired some of the younger cast members to work there to give it a more legit feel. But as things stand, it comes across as exactly what it is. Some plot point to push the pairings and rivalries the show wants to feature. It's much like GC buzz that way.
  3. Ah okay. For sure
  4. +1 @MoTheGreat ain't no way Sharon will be with Adam. He will act like he doesn't know her despite the fight over that baby.
  5. Scott and Abby won't every set the world on fire but I don't think they are bad. They'll do. Which isn't good I suppose. Lol @ChitHappens Starting this thing with Hilary then seemingly (might not last) backing out is just another round of wasted viewer trust with no payoff for the character. It was pointless and did the character no favors in the long run. EB is never happy when Victor's family is allowed to call Victor to the carpet. Besides, victor does nothing when he's on. I don't think it's being bored so much as not being given anything to do. What's the purpose of Scott and Sharon? Just so she can be hurt. Angst for Scott who wants Abby? It's not like Scott and Sharon have much that prevents him from pursuing Abby if he wants. Very low stakes her.
  6. @KMan101 I agree. The writing for Hilary is terrible. Why again did she insert herself into this Juliet story? And why did she take herself out and grow a concious about it? How hard would it have been to write her ONE scene with, say Mattie, talking about how important her family is to her to give Hilary a change of heart. This is out of thin air to me although I think Jordan dumping her was supposed to be some turning point and a wake up call. But I'd have to believe she cared about him to buy that. Or was it that she was silently struggling with what to do anyway since she wanted to talk to Devon prior to being dumped by Jordan? Needing his guidance. Ugh. She's not a child. So is the story that Devon was right to try to control her cause she's incapable of controlling herself? This mess is all over the place and bordering on offensive. Why don't you like Abby and Scott? I think the show is phasing EB out. He's on but not ON. If you get my meaning.
  7. What was purpose? And do you think the show did a decent job using him for said purpose?
  8. According to current writing for Devon, Mariah is more deserving than Hilary. So Devon thinks she stacks up very well. Matter of fact, she's better than Hilary according to him and everyone else onscreen. But my point was, it doesn't matter whether devon and hilary are end game when viewers no longer care for the outcome. I think writers lost the audience with those two 3 stories ago. I think they want the option to bring Chloe back when Adam is recast. Explain it now rather than bogging his re-entrance down with those details. It's not a totally dumb move. I'm just not feeling Jordan. I really wanted to but I'm not.
  9. I concur. Not just characters are bring warped but story also. They bend stories to breaking in order to focus on whatever beat they want to play whether it makes sense or not.
  10. It's not as severely lacking as it is with Devon and Lauren but I catch your meaning. But we, both, can admit that the show has a different feel with the increased female visibility. Devon and Hilary may be the end game but, at this point, do fans want them to be?
  11. I don't think it's a stretch at all. There are males centered in story (Billy and Cane). But everything else seems told from a female POV....oh and I forgot Scott of the many professions and back stories. I agree.
  12. Not really when you think about it. Sally immediately went back to this being a female led soap. So it makes sense.
  13. Praise the soap Gods for that. All Newmans all the time was so tedious.
  14. No. He bought it for her using Phyllis' money.
  15. Jack sold the old place to use the money to buy this one. He handled the business aspects but it's owned by Summer. He can't kick anyone out.
  16. That's true. It was always a long lost relative. Folks give Devon's connection to Kay the side eye but if I recall correctly, MacKenzie materialized out of thin air the same way. Was her mother and Brock's story ever on-screen? Could have been before my time. I mind even more cause he's Adam's and I know exactly what JFP was trying to do. Had Nick been the more popular one, he'd been his. Lol
  17. Typically, soap babies are used to secure some EP/writer/network pet to canvas and to make them relevant. That Christian is cute but he shouldn't exist.
  18. I get it. :-)
  19. -1 Sometimes a PM is in order instead of open chastisement. I know...it ain't my business. And I'm horid for stiring the pot. Don't worry. If you think the show is giving Hilary a concious or humanity, think again. I'm fairly certain we will find out she was playing Devon and working a different angle. She's never allowed to be sincere..ever. She's lying. Wait for it... You can't really be held responsible with the many Billy recasts.
  20. Not me. I can admit I was wrong instead of lying about my original position.
  21. His grey hair is more than enough. Television is a visual medium and cause of it, I perceive him as about 55. I was shocked to learn the actor was 42. I've had a problem with Y&Rs lack of investment in younger males for quite some time. I've consistently argued for more younger males and less young female/older male pairings. I'm not going to change my opinion for Max Shipee's Graham. I think he looks good with Ashley. They have chemistry. Why not? However, I'm also not against him being paired with Vikki, Nikki, Gloria, Chelsea, Sharon or any other woman close to or older than 40. However, these childless 30 and under ladies should be with younger men. It's really just my preference more than anything.
  22. I most definitely think he's played as there contemporary and looks it. So that makes the entire argument moot.
  23. I think Graham is being played as Ashley and Jack's age despite the actor being only 42 or so. Plus he looks much older than his age with all that grey. If they are going to do another May December they might as well pair Neil with one of the ladies you mentioned.
  24. Graham is not connected to canvas that we know of. Pairing him with Juliet or Hilary make very little sense. Folks would care about that as much as they care about Hilary paired with Jordan now. Not at all.
  25. There are plenty triangles though some are just getting started and others have few beats played: Phyllis/Billy/Vikki Cane/lily/Jordan/Hilary/Devon/Mariah Sharon/Scott/Abby Ravi/Ashley/Graham possibly Graham seems a bit too long in the tooth for those women. The show needs more men under 35 for those women. Not some May December. So I'll have to pass on that one.