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  1. EB is so petty.
  2. Bwahahaha...I'd be shocked.
  3. Same. Which is why I thought you were being sarcastic. I wish...thats good work she's doing if you can get it.
  4. I can't even take you seriously.
  5. It's definitely a chore to watch. This company is probably just a step toward Devon losing all his money
  6. I'm not disagreeing with you.
  7. I also enjoyed that bathroom scene. It worked really well.
  8. Devon sure did but @Aback said they didn't get a dime and that's untrue. Why cast characters just to sit at a funeral and be gone the next day? Those new faces might as well be day players. The show should have used her death to relaunch her family. I agree with that.
  9. All Katherine's children and grandchildren were mentioned in her will. All! They all got a boatload of money. Why people insist on perpetuating this falsehood is beyond me. And none of those characters were onscreen during her death. Why would they get airtime out of it?
  10. You're quoting Y&R from 2011 as fact of something that happened 30 something years prior. Come now, we all know that's not credible.
  11. I don't blame HHK. I was just pointing out the difference in how the show has continually tried to make a white version of what they already have. He ran the music division of CI. He quit after he found out Kay only created it for him because she knew he was her grandson and lied about it. Kay also said that she'd have asked Devon to run CI but she knew he had no interest in it. I can't recall whether it was Jack or Neil she was trying to get to run it for her at the time. According to all I've read, this is accurate. Phillip merved it with his company I do believe.
  12. You're arguing against a point I didn't make. I only reminded NBA of the story point. Nothing more or less. Whether it meant something to him or not is irrelevant to that.
  13. He still snatched it. That was hos intro story. True. Wasn't Tucker created as a backup an for EBs contract negotiations?
  14. If Y&R were able to create a young white couple with this level of chemistry and as popular, now polarizing too, as Devon and Hilary with the female lead having Mishael Morgan's looks, acting ability, and charisma, it would have been centered around them after 3 months. Just, look how many times they've tried to hand the show to HHK!
  15. Tucker did snatch Chancellor. He just put it under McCall Unlimited.
  16. Ain't gonna happen. Lol.
  17. You'd think since these folks write a TV show they'd be able to write a story about one. It's not like they don't know how these shows work. Where are advertisers, network execs, writing meetings, etc. I think that in their effort to keep it small and unimportant, they destroyed it Mariah is insubordinate. Just once, I'd like to hear someone tell Mariah just what you said. She's an employee. Yet somehow Hilary is wrong and the villain for running her own show how she sees fit. How? You know fully well Charlie won't be getting any story onscreen that showcases his sexuality. It'll be 10 years from now before he gets a real onscreen love interest....which will probably be aunt Hilary.
  18. I don't think he will get even that. He hasn't taken off at all. Very limited interest in him. He will just disappear after Hilary admits she never loved him. Re: Hilary though. What's the difference between Devon being with Mariah versus Hilary with Noah? If they'll do one, why not the other? @deedee @detroitpiston I agree that Jordan would be better if they allowed him to be something other than Malcolm 2.0. He's ill suited for that. His line delivery is terrible. TERRIBLE, I say! I really wanted to like him, too. He was hired because he is super tall with nice pecs. I figured TPTB thought that'd even the playing field between him and a short billionaire Devon. Misfire, imo. Hevon has chemistry in spades. They are great even with simple scenes. They're gonna have to keep them out of scenes together if they hope to convince me that they are moved on. Their new pairings just don't compare. Although I think Mishael could make it work if she had the slightest bit from DK. But he gives her nothing.
  19. You can feel it with MiM and BJ. They've always had "it" and that's the only reason they've gotten this far. They've never had the writing. Ever. You'll love today's show cause that "it" was on full display. I complain about how the show keeps them out of alone scenes together but as someone said, @edgeofnik I think it was, the audience knows what it feels. I guess you can't sell Devon falling for Mariah while he's radiating heat onscreen with Hilary while he and Mariah are just giggling. That painful smile BJ keeps plastered on his face in Devon and Mariah scenes does not chemistry make. And it's not fooling anyone. Lol The problem with Jordan is that DK can't act and isn't pretty/sexy enough to make up for it. I don't like him either and I don't get why the show thrust Hilary into a romance with him instead of a connected character like Noah or bringing on recast Kyle or chance. We all know this thing isn't going anywhere unless it's an exit story for them both. Waste of time. This pairing gives MiM/Hilary nothing. She's isolated to him, GC Buzz, and Mariah. And I guess Devon when he shows up. I like Juliet as well. But Lane was a terrible place to put her. They could have made her Jack's new assistant and PYT for all those who wanted to see him with Hilary so badly. I think Scott is wasted on Sharon story wise. Luckily, I don't think he will stay with her. I still think he will land with Mariah with Devon and Sharon used as angst for them. Don't get me on Philly. I don't mind them because I think they have hot chemistry that leaps off the screen. Mal Young's obsession with them will make them somethimg they shouldn't be much like phick became. I'm sure I'll learn to equally resent them. I don't know what happened last month but i feel like pratt is back in the building. No bueno.
  20. Hevon fans are complaining over the writing for Hilary. The show threw Mariah in hevon's orbit, villainized Hilary to prop her up as more worthy, pushes the narrative that hilary is evil while Mariah is a "better abd honest" with everyone including devon verbalizing that all to justify giving her hilary's husband and life. Not to mention Devon's double standards for the women and treating Mariah like she's better. Plus mariah being an employee but talking down to Hilary. Too heavy handed. They have a legit gripe IMO. Lane fans are upset cause the show is recycling the same story they've seen many times plus writing Cane as incompetent to prop up everyone. Also a legit gripe. They aren't even broken up so that's not their complaint. Villy fans complain about the writing for Vikki. We've done so here. They were never together so it's not their complaint. Philly fans complained cause Sally said Philly were unlikable and ended them. So yeah, it's cause they weren't together. They are the only ones who were complaining over just that. Now Philly ate together, the show is now amazing. Lol LMBO I honestly don't see much of that on the Twitter timeline. I do see a bunch of Sharon fans convincing everyone that Chelsea and Nick have no chemistry though. They don't IMO. But I know most of those complaints are agenda. Typically happens during Showtime when they are on. A random Saturday/Sunday only has Philly and Hevon fans talking about the show. Most of them have moved on to Philly now.
  21. If you throw in Lane fans, who are equally pissed, that's the ENTIRETY of #YR twitter. Any given day, search the timeline outside of showtime, you'll find people talking Hevon, Philly, Lane, Villy and not much else.
  22. I don't think most fans are couple shippers. Well, I wasn't saying that. But since he's gay I suppose it's accurate. I agree. Very noticeable shift in tone. I think ratings are to blame for her loss of power. And the Twitter TL, which seems to universally hate her.
  23. Back then when they were trying to redeem him, I think he was pretty good. Now he plays himself.
  24. I think Hilary proves that everyday. Her tame sins and she's evil and toxic...unworthy. With the likes of Gloria passing judgement. But you know what, I will not start... I understand wanting to keep GR because he can act. Maybe they should have given Kevin a twin. Too cliche and part idea problem?