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  1. Red was way better looking and a better actor IMO than Darnell. That's probably why. The vitriol is just as ridiculous. I saw someone call him a "sterootypical blackman. No job. Jive talk. All about sex." Lane fan of course. I almost vomited.
  2. Lily kissed Tyler a few years ago.
  3. Hey darling! I miss chatting with you more than I miss the show. I'm really sick of the writing for Hilary. Just when I think they may turn a corner with her, the next week it's like nothing happened and they write the same crap. I'm tired of it. Chelsea and Nick are just not good. And making Victor their villain won't help their chemistry. It's a waste. Dina is charming. But they've played the "what ails Dina" story too long so now it's flat. And it's obvious they don't know what to do with Cane now that they've given us the pay off. I can see that he's being turned away by everyone. Is that going to make him desperate enough to do something really heinous? Or is he just in limbo so the show can finally play "the black triangle" with Lily vs Hilary that they've been salivating to play for years now IMO? And I maintain that Jordan isn't worth lily or Hilary fighting over. Villy vs Philly has got to be the most boring triangle ever. You'd think Sally would have made it semi exciting being that she likes to claim phick as the crowning glory of her daytime career. The Phyllis that we've known do long has just disappeared. And the story setup doesn't make sense. I mean, we've got Hilary exposing Vikki slept with The Hoch. Isn't that something that should be used by Phyllis to drive Villy apart?
  4. "The Black Kiss"...dead!
  5. That's the only thing about the story I admire. The show has resisted the urge to do "special" stuff with Tessa and Mariah. They are playing this like they'd play any other couple. I think that's a good thing so as to not confuse the viewers. We all know what these signals mean with hetetosexual couples. Y&R is serving viewers the unfamiliar in a familiar package. Only problem I see is Mariah is a heroine and Tessa is also a heroine. Two heroines together makes for a dull couple that'll need a big bad to make them interesting. Now we have this manufactured drama with them both lying to Sharon for no reason. I can't imagine the point of that at all story wise. To draw Tessa and Mariah closer together? To show Tessa trusts her? But in the grande scheme of the story, where is the drama when the "secret" comes out.
  6. +1 Although, I never consider legacy characters as new just cause they've been soras'd or recast. So I don't necessarily see Mattie, Charlie, Reed, or Scott as new. But agree with your assessment. A bunch of meh, blah, boring, miscast mess. I've grown bored and barely watch nowadays. I spent that hour today researching and reading about what subs, warships, and carriers make up a US Navy carrier battle group. It was quite fascinating.
  7. I'm also predicting that the head of this sex trade is Ben Hochman. Zach is too easy. An obvious red herring. Either him or Jordan gets the bus so Cane can save lily and they get back together. That's very typical.
  8. I saw Crystal and Tessa a mile away. I also predict Noah will fall for her.
  9. Finally saw those Ashley and Ravi scenes. and yeah, that sex scene was just as awkward as it looked on the promo. Ravi just seems so pointless to me. I agree with those who say that Traci should have his role.
  10. Lily wasn't needy or weak. She was disrespectful smarth mouthed brat who needed to be slapped across the face more than she was.
  11. They are two different couples so of course it'll be different. But I was responding to @deedee points about them recycling scripts.
  12. Really? I just don't feel it. With lily and Daniel, they'd both had things happen to them in the past and current that made me really care about their happiness. I wanted it for them cause they'd struggled. Reed and Mattie are missing that element. They're really cute but I'm not invested like i was with lily and Daniel. I care because of who they are related to. Not because the show gave me a real reason to.
  13. It's so obvious. But with so very little character development for Reed and Mattie and without two popular/polarizing capable actresses* to play the mothers, it just doesn't resonate. * I know some folks aren't fond of MS but she made Phyllis entertaining. Dru vs Phyllis was entertaining on levels that Billy vs Cane nor Lily vs Vikki will never be.
  14. Everything is Hilary's fault. Her keeping that video hidden will be the catalyst for everything that has happened, including Juliet's pregnancy as if she put Cane's penis in the woman herself. I don't think SSM hates Hilary. She just sees her as an expendable nothing/nobody of a character whose ONLY purpose on the show is to be used to build up struggling characters or characters they care more about. Next up on deck: Vikki. You're right about this being a set up for Jordan and lily getting together but please don't do some partner swap. I do not want hilary with Cane.
  15. I get it. That could have been anyone though. It didn't have to be Devon. And definitely not at the expense of what I assume the show sees as Devon's long term relationship.
  16. +1 Mal may not have had complete control but he had a hand in everything we see onscreen.
  17. I tend to agree. His role up until the sex could have been given to Traci.
  18. I think she just doesn't get the pairing. It's hard to make it work when you don't.
  19. I think they set Mariah up perfectly in her relationship with Devon. Yes, it was predicated more on folks hating Hilary and rooting for Mariah to win over her than actually liking Devon and Mariah together but it did the trick. Got folks invested. I just don't think that's where the larger story or drama is. The Noah/Tessa/Mariah triangle pulls in Sharon and all the Newmans, much bigger orbit. Could cause conflict between Sharon and Nick with Sharon feeling protective cause Mariah has no one else. Tessa has this relationship with Nikki established. She'd want to protect her grandson's heart. Victor protecting his grandson's wealth, especially if Tessa is pregnant. There is none of that to play if they focus on triangle with Devon/Mariah/Tessa. It'd ultimately boil down to Hilary as some villain and Neil and Lily trying to convince Mariah to be with Devon to keep Hilary away. And I guess Sharon would play a role as Mariah's talk to but I can't see her picking a side. Then when Mariah and Tessa gets together so what? With Noah, they get together then family dinner is awkward. Long term drama.
  20. So you don't think Tessa in between Mariah and Noah is enough? A woman cheating on a man with his sister seems great drama to me.
  21. I got the survey too. @Vizion did a great job explaining what it was about. I also suspect the major reason for it was to guage feelings on the LGBT characters and inclusion. They wanted to know how often we watched and if we changed viewing recently and why? Screams them trying to figure out if they are losing viewers over that story. Also Jordan/Hilary were included in the couples' section, which I thought was odd since neither Lily/Jordan, Mariah/Tessa, nor Devon/Mariah were listed. Yet gloria/Jack and Nikki/Jack were. I also laughed at how the types of stories were listed. I found myself wondering whose story they were describing. "a man starting out tricking a woman but ends up falling for her" (paraphrase). Who is that? Abby and Zack? What religious stories are they looking to tell?
  22. Two things: 1. I'm shocked they finally followed through with Ashley and Ravi 2. Ashley and Ravi dont look sexy in that promo