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  1. I think that's where the show is heading with Cane. He's the new Brad.
  2. The pacing is terrible.
  3. @GMac @ChitHappens @DramatistDreamer I'm convinced that kiss was a fantasy. It just made no sense to throw them back together like that after a such a long time of angst then being off for two full weeks. That set up and kiss was something that'd come after a small spat. Not after divorce papers have been drawn up. I assume we are supposed to wonder did they or didn't they with bated breath suspense for the next 2 weeks. That being how long it'll be before we see them again.
  4. No you have not. But the same folks pointing out DGs flaws sure have. Yet, you allowed that to pass over you like a cool summer's breeze. The pacing is terrible.
  5. It's always amusing who they give it to as well. I take it Vikki is Jill and Hilary is....Cane? Or is it the other way around.
  6. They rarely, if ever, implement ideas for the person you suggested nor in the manner you suggested it. SMs acting is still not great. But he's managed to turn his looks into a succesful TV career.
  7. Well, I guess this board is properly chastised. However, I'd like to see some of that vigorous defense when said board also goes on tangents about AH's hair, body, teeth, etc. I'm wondering if this story won't take a turn towards Jordan being a male model for the line with lily becoming an exec. The actor seems chosen mostly for his body. It surely wasn't his acting.
  8. Sophia was plus sized. We see how that turned out.
  9. That was my point. The scenes were set up for Cane to be showed up.
  10. He's an eye sore. You did. I saw nothing. I don't see anything with him and lily either. Kinda sad cause I really wanted this pairing for Lily.
  11. Poor DG. The show did him a disservice today.
  12. Why did Jack want Fenmore's again? He's willing to sell it to Jill now, right? What was the point? Why does that point no longer exist?
  13. Yes, definitely possible. The story just is not got those two characters.
  14. I'd date Ravi too if he asked me out. I like my men smart, sensible, and sweet. However, I wouldn't fight over the opportunity to date him. So, I'm side eyeing them. What's this really about? It can't be him. That Chloe reference was a hypothetical. Despite my always having loved EH and Chloe, I don't miss her.