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  1. It's necessary. I still don't think fans love this version of Billy enough for what the show wants him to be. They've thrown Cane all the way under the bus to achieve it. To the exclusion of everything else. I don't think Cane is that obsessed with Billy. And if he is, why?
  2. DG really hates this story.
  3. Bella was named after the Bell family by Angelica McDaniel. Which lets me know that she was intended to be Billy's. Would CBS really name Kevin's kids after the show's creators? I think not. This is probably just a way to shelve her paternity cause the show wanted to focus on Philly/villy triangle. And Billy having a kid didn't factor into that. I like you scenario and I think it's spot on. Chloe will be vindicated.
  4. The show could have built Lily and Juliet more. But they couldn't spare the airtime away from Vikki and Billy. I still use flash drives fory more covert technological operations. Ex: leaving a new job I must take all my work with me. I'm not going to download that to a cloud.
  5. That's always been the case for me. We sure did trade down. But years ago when I was complaining about how Chloe was being thrown under the bus for angst to Chelsea's life, I was told Chloe was a nobody anyway so it didn't matter.
  6. I don't know. It could go either way here. The show has made sure that viewers root for Hilary by ensuring that Cane deserves comeuppance. And of course, Lily is always in hilary's face talking smack plus she mocked her for Hevon's divorce so she deserves it too. But those recently soras'd teens don't. They could easily write it as characters thinking Hilary is doing lily a favor. If it was Mariah, every character and their momma would be praising her as the conquering heroine. Rah rah Women and all that. Unfortunately, writers enjoy having everyone (but Jack) hate Hilary. So I'm fairly certain your assessment is current. Hilary, the messenger, will be shot. She will be the scapegoat for the entire story.
  7. Sadly, I agree. Jordan serves no purpose really other than someone for Lily and Hilary to fight over that they both can sleep with. Nate, Moses, Devon, nor Neil can do this. As long as Nate and Moses remain related to Lily, they'll stay offscreen. So no worries there lol And they aren't doing a thing with Neil. He's playing supporting to Devon. But with buzz so low, not sure how long they'll allow Devon to lead it. Not that Neil has potential to get better buzz. He doesn't. But they still see him from the 90's lens when he was in more popular stories.
  8. I said awhile ago that Hilary was the new Sharon. Even down to being thrown under the bus to prop Devon's new failed romance. That definitely won't float without her as the heavy. And even then, they'll only muster luke warm responses. Neil and Devon, both salt of the earth good guys together, on the up and up in business? Recipe for insomnia. They need to start disagreeing on fundamentals soon or all interest with be gone. But instead of doing that, they'll throw Hilary in between them to cause problems.
  9. Well, I think they do have him being more aggressive than Neil ever was. But that's cause they have to. With all his money, he just can't be working for Newmans and abbots. They have the sense to not even try it. But they've already started everyone saying how he's a "good man". No matter what happens, his intentions are always good. Now would it kill them to have Devon ONLY dating Mariah to hurt hilary? The romance is unbelievable anyway. Or have her wearing Hilary clothes to get back at Hilary? Instead they have him actually truly liking that girl and playing innocent and altruistic. They've taking what could make him interesting and just shoved it under the rug. I'm telling you, if Hevon doesn't get back together before long, they are going to forget about Devon and he will slowly fade into the background. Only thing that'll keep him somewhat relevant is them knowing Hilary needs an anchor and he's all they are willing to use. I noticed that despite viewers wanting Devon and Neil to own a company and be power players, that story has so little buzz. I think they wanted Devon and Hilary doing their own things for a good while before putting them back heavily in each other's orbit but they might have to throw her in Hamilton Winters story to give it oomph like they are doing with Brash and sassy and Cane/Juliet.
  10. Devon alone (and with Hilary as a couple) had alot of potential to be something for the show other than their attempt to reinvent Neil. But with all things black characters related, they could NOT get away from the formula from the 90s. He's about ruined. Much like Dru with neil, Hilary has become better without Devon in less than 2 weeks. Poor BJ. I suspect he will be forgotten and backburned again before long. Cause this crap with Mariah is a dud and everyone knows it. And no way the show hasn't realized Hilary is better on her own. More potential for story without him. +1 As I said above. The show just can't get away from reinventing the success of the 90's with their young black cast. Devon should be dating models and doing drugs or some mess. Not playing the magical negro for Mariah.
  11. @edgeofnik agree that Dina selling to Devon and Neil doesn't compute with Dina's goal. I'm assuming it's for the inevitable battle for Mergeron when Dina dies. Winters vs Abbots is fresh (er) than abbots vs Newman for the thousandth time. Agree @detroitpiston. Hilary is far more entertaining when she's allowed to just be instead of being the heavy for saint Mariah. Also far more fun without Devon chastising her for everything including breathing.
  12. New fans don't even know her so I can't see how it's for them. Older fans are the only ones feeling the nostalgia. The newer, younger fans aren't interested in this "boring" story.
  13. Dina will have her feel good moment and reconcile with her children before she dies.
  14. Long as it doesn't result in Hilary having to lay under liver spotted Jack, I don't mind. However, I agree with @deedee. Phyllis seems a bit too old for Hilary. Grandparents don't need to hang with the 20 somethings unless it's in a mentoring role. The young adult set needs Hilary to lead it. They don't have much without her (and Lily) it seems.