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  1. Mess...things change quickly BTS...but that was already filmed so it was a blatant lie rather than things changing. Priceless! I am living for BTS drama. It's better than the shows.
  2. Assuming the battle is on BTS between Sony and CBS...
  3. Tessa showed up singing outside Crimson Lights and Nikki hired her on the spot and took her home to be Reed's music teacher.
  4. I can't argue there. Which is why I think the current romantic pairings are all a fail. Nothing is resonating for me. Well, nothing except the highly probably ending to Lily and Cane for a few years.
  5. I'm counting on it...for drama purposes only though. I don't think BM is a better actor than JT. Nor do I particularly want him back. But I do love BTS drama. It's been more interesting than the actual shows for at least 6 years now.
  6. I don't think Philly have a future and this triangle is DOA. I think Mac/Billy/Vikki have about the same nothing future especially throwing them into it right after this. Too much of a plug and play feel.
  7. That'll work about as well as this villy/philly one. Does this hinge on BM coming back?
  8. I was shocked about MS. Didn't she give an interview saying that she went to AMcD who said that she couldn't help her. Still don't get why she decided to leave instead of riding JFP out.
  9. Gawd no. What triangle do you forsee?
  10. According to those folks at DC, JFP wasn't a fan of BM. She didn't "get" his appeal.
  11. You know what, I'm over whatever issues you have with me or my posting that I just realized you had a week or so ago which was also the first time I even noticed your handle. Ignore me like everyone else does when they don't like another posters opinions. It's not that hard. You will not silence me, run me off, or change how I post with these temper tantrums. Just scroll. It's just that simple. As for you not being the only one then I advise them to scroll also. This is a message board. Designed for discussion and debate. If someone disagreeing with your opinions is so devastating then maybe this really isn't the place for you.
  12. Oookay. O_O Had no idea my posting was so abhorrent to you. From here on out, I'll not respond to you...mind you, I don't recall responding to you very much anyway. So this seems like a bit of an overreaction. But God forbid little old me is the ONLY reason you feel you can't post on this board. Wait...is this some vendetta because I don't think rainbows shine out of CG nor Mariah's butt? I'm afraid you'll have to continue on with it then. GH? Is he talking about Budig?
  13. 100% THIS!!!!
  14. Any time
  15. They decided not renew. He was allowed to come out and say it was his choice. But we all know it wasn't.