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  1. Definitely no tension on the show. Not even in scenes that should have it. Ex: Jordan and Devon in the park. The words were antagonizing. But for some reason it seems the actors played it like they were buds. Not sure if that was directed or not. It was very weird.
  2. It was a mystery type thing where we saw CKs hand. Word was the show was going to make Tyler's ex a Lily doppelganger. But in the end the show decided to use CG. But Tyler and Mariah were never an onscreen couple. He faded away after he broke up with Abby. JFP admitted in an interview she thought Tyler and Abby needed some help. That didn't help one bit.
  3. Yeah you're right. I don't know what I was thinking. Especially with Sally invoking 1990 sentiments.
  4. I don't know. It's not like tptb is interested in Mariah romantically. She's neither Newman nor abbot so i dont think they value her much. She's the only white woman I can see them "throwing away" on Devon.
  5. You know....I am not so sure hevon will reunite or that Hilary gets pregnant. This may all be to push Devon to move on. They might really try it with Mariah and Devon. Not sure where that'll leave Hilary though. Maybe the folks who wanted Hilary as a young Jill will get it afterall while Mariah gets the long term love pairing as heroine with Devon.
  6. The show had ample opportunity to build Devon and Mariah but never did. Instead they focused on Hilary/Mariah antics. Now weve get devon making the stupidest statements as in he and mariah are long time friends and have always been close. All I can think is they're not even close now and only met 4 months ago. The show had some chance to build hilary and Jordan but instead he was saving Lily. Yet, Hilary is sleeping with him out of the blue. They had to have known the story for this guy and his purpose, why not build more so Hilary doesn't look so pathetic. Why not have him save her.
  7. CI has too much rooting value. The show wants to give them something they can end and have them lose on a dime and it not have historical context/meaning or larger consequences, i.e. Devon's record company and indigo.
  8. So I take it the show hasn't decided on what Neil and Devon's company will be. This doesn't bode well. It's haphazardly put together and is screaming plot point.
  9. I get it. But I still say it's their only hope Victor will skate
  10. The show is already tormenting Hilary with Devon and Mariah being this light. Didnt you see mariah and Devon throw their relationship in hilary's face in some of the most heavy handed scenes. Plus Kudos to MiM for keeping Hilary from looking totally s.hit upon by her performance (facial expression, body language, line delivery). If Devon and Mariah get more depth it'd be for him to play loser in a Kevin and Mariah romance. I doubt it's anything related to Devon/Hilary/jordan/lily. I wouldn't doubt Hilary marrying Jordan. But whatever happens with them, it'll hinge on Devon and Lily to give it relevance. They can't carry it alone. Two unconnected AA folks paired up is a recipe for disaster that could end with both leaving town together (i.e., Damon Porter reconnecting with his wife). The show has tried to move things on from Victor and Adam to Jack and Billy. I judge it a fail. Chelsea hasn't been presented as a villain since her entrance story. I'm hard pressed to believe they will do it now. Even when she lied about Connor's paternity, the show made Chloe the heavy, which was the beginning of the end of that character.
  11. You're correct on Jordan and Hilary being very light. The scenes have no depth and are very short in duration. They speak of nothing but Devon and shallow talk of Hilary's charms. Lily and Jordan seem to have more weight to their scenes. But then Devon and Mariah are just as light. They speak of nothing but Hilary and a replay of Mariah's shock that Devon would look at her twice. Well, I let that slide since it's also a shock to me. I figured Juliet would be a catalyst for Lily and cane divorcing. But you're right. What am I thinking? That'd never happen for a Lily/Jordan pairing. I don't mind EB taking a step back. The show needs to wean itself off the dependency on him. But I'm not sure if the writing team can pull it off. The pacing, the character actions, the story POVs are all off.
  12. They seem to want Lily and Hilary fighting over a man they both can sleep with. Otherwise, Lily's position on Hilary dating jordan makes no sense. You'd think she'd be happy hilary is out of her family. Why does Lily care if Hilary sleeps with Jordan? She's reacting the exact same way she did when it was Devon. It's very odd. The question is, will the show go all the way with Lily and Jordan before his secret is revealed and he disappears without an exit story. But HE WILL disappear without an exit story...that's a given...if he isn't tied to Devon and hilary's story. Victor doesn't normally interact with everyone either. They concocted a reason for him to play savior cause the show wants to redeem the character and Sally writes like it's 1990 with victor as the show's big hero. Plus they want the new guy in scenes with main players to build him up. He's writing victor's memoir and tutoring sharon to facilitate it. He also met everyone who came to the undeground last weak except Hilary (the owner of a news program) and jordan. LMBO. I agree about the second run. I was very young when the first one occurred so I may not remember it as it was.
  13. I think there will be more than just triangle going. Juliet/cane/lily/jordan/Hilary/devon/Mariah/Kevin (with chloe leaving theyll go back to kevin and mariah in some way) as one big pile a poo. Plus I'm convinced Hilary will have a WTD or there is no point of her offscreen/implied sex with Devon. As a family sure. Everything typically spends off someone in one of those families. But no one particular character interacts with the entire canvas, I don't care who it is or who the character is paired with. Jack might be the closest. But everyone else is limited to a core 5. Well i think we've all agreed that romantically it's limiting. But as far as being relevant to major story (mostly business), it did not. Which you agreed with a few posts prior.
  14. No one is involved with the entire canvas. And Neil and Dru being married never isolated them from the goings on around town. I'm not sure why you are stuck on two black characters being paired together romantically is such a limiting or undesirable thing. Sally didn't put the stop to Neil and Nikki. That was done a year before she came aboard. I'm currently at a loss why Neil and Ashley aren't an item. It has made sense for some time now. Especially since winters interact so heavily with Abbots now. But it's being ignored for this unimpressive odd ashley/Ravi story Nick and Chelsea are going to need a villain to help them out. They need someone to drive story for them. That won't change the lack of chemistry but it's make them more interesting.