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  1. Messy but correct.
  2. Ha! I was leaning more towards Victoria shooting her. They've given her the brain injury to justify it. Where is Paul??!!
  3. I remember you saying that. I halfway expect the show to kill her off.
  4. They didn't have much of a relationship at all. I can only remember them sharing scenes 3 times. Once at the Top of the Tower when Vikki, Hilary, and Juliet had scenes with Ashley in the bathroom. Secondly, when Hilary interviewed Vikki, Nikki, and victor at the ranch before the concert. Then lastly on the red carpet for the concert.
  5. I've concluded that they don't want her as human or relatable. We are supposed to despise her. Maybe the writing will change when Mal Young's stuff starts but I won't hold my breath. I just see more of moving her from character to character as their antagonist.
  6. I had completely forgotten about Sharon and Dylan drama. I think Mishael is giving them exactly what they want from her. When Hilary is written to be concerned, Mishael plays that. She's rarely written to be sincere. We know this because a scene later or the following week, Hilary does or says the complete opposite of whatever she said previously. You aren't supposed to trust her. You aren't supposed to like her. You're supposed to root for whatever character they put up against her. I don't mind her being bitchy when almost every scene she has is someone calling her evil, nasty, disgusting, etc to her face. If it weren't for Mishael's line delivery, the [!@#$%^&*] on Hilary routine would look even worse than does. If this isn't some who shot Hilary story with the entire canvas as suspects then the writing is even more assinine and heavy handed than it appears to be.
  7. No problem I feel like every female character the show thinks needs a win or a story boost gets to rival and talk down to hilary. They've played the same story/beat with hilary and several characters for over a year now. First, Ashley. Then Mariah. Over the last 3 months we've had Tessa thrown in for good measure. Cane. Nick. Now Vikki. It's overkill.
  8. Totally agree here. Someone connected to canvas needs to be taken.
  9. I said last week how tired I was of the writing for Hilary. It's the same thing over and over just using different characters. It's tedious and uninteresting.
  10. The irony of the description is Cane is jobless, "oh baby baby" lies to lily constantly, and was shown constantly sexing lily to the exclusion of any other real story. So according to them, Cane is a stereotypical black man I suppose.
  11. Red was way better looking and a better actor IMO than Darnell. That's probably why. The vitriol is just as ridiculous. I saw someone call him a "sterootypical blackman. No job. Jive talk. All about sex." Lane fan of course. I almost vomited.
  12. Lily kissed Tyler a few years ago.
  13. Hey darling! I miss chatting with you more than I miss the show. I'm really sick of the writing for Hilary. Just when I think they may turn a corner with her, the next week it's like nothing happened and they write the same crap. I'm tired of it. Chelsea and Nick are just not good. And making Victor their villain won't help their chemistry. It's a waste. Dina is charming. But they've played the "what ails Dina" story too long so now it's flat. And it's obvious they don't know what to do with Cane now that they've given us the pay off. I can see that he's being turned away by everyone. Is that going to make him desperate enough to do something really heinous? Or is he just in limbo so the show can finally play "the black triangle" with Lily vs Hilary that they've been salivating to play for years now IMO? And I maintain that Jordan isn't worth lily or Hilary fighting over. Villy vs Philly has got to be the most boring triangle ever. You'd think Sally would have made it semi exciting being that she likes to claim phick as the crowning glory of her daytime career. The Phyllis that we've known do long has just disappeared. And the story setup doesn't make sense. I mean, we've got Hilary exposing Vikki slept with The Hoch. Isn't that something that should be used by Phyllis to drive Villy apart?