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  1. Tainted Dreams was terrible! People hyped that up because there was a lot of skin and cursing. But there was no substance and it looked like it was filmed in the 90s! I have yet to see a well written, acted and produced web soap. All seem to at like they are doing something special when they play the same tired stories over and over.
  2. Isn't he Texas raised? This about the third time I heard someone complain about his acting with a Southern accent.
  3. All those people who watched just to drag it put money in the pockets of the people who made it though. I knew it would be Man in the Mirror 2.0 and so did everyone else.
  4. I think the 200th episode did a pretty good job paying homage to the fandom.
  5. From what I read online Lindsey was actually signed to contract before the 1st season even premiered. Same with Ricky because of the positive response for them in the prescreeners for the critics. I don't know why they waited until Comic Con this year to try and act like it was big news.
  6. Ive seen ads for this on multiple channels. I saw a few banner ads on different websites leading up to the premiere. They had a spotify ad contest for this show.
  7. The cake can't be people. I know the science behind this show is not existent but eating immune people would not make the Mt. Weather people immune. I'm tired of Raven always being the one to suffer. I mean Lindsey is killing this shoddy material but Raven is written terribly.
  8. See the team on this show is one of my problems. I really can't stand the way they just through a team together because Berlanti was trying to copy Arrow and all it The Flash. Cisco and Caitlin are boring weak links played by lackluster actors. There's also a lack of chemistry between this team. I haven't been liking these crossovers. Arrow is just different tone wise from The Flash and they don't mesh well together. The Flash has always been lighter.
  9. Star-Crossed was horrible but it also didn't have even close to half the promotion Jane the Virgin has had. The CW has been promoting this more than any other show this season. I've even seen more ads for this show than The Flash.
  10. The Season 2 premiere was horrible. It felt like Clarke and the rest of the 48 were over a week ahead of the other in time. Clarke is just so obnoxious and I'm tired of this show being centered around her while making everyone else non thinking sheep to make her look like the smart one.
  11. I'm not a Felicity fan and between them pushing how amazing she is and one too many corny jokes last night's episode bored me. Especially since Captain Cold just walked away at the end. So anti climatic.
  12. The CW can't afford Dallas
  13. Mark Hapka's 23 Blast was recently released in select theaters
  14. That's not really a Where are they Now. We know where he is he's on GH. He does guest spots on other shows from time to time.
  15. TVOne's The Fright Night Files Screening Here's some info about the trilogy