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  1. 1981
  2. Y&R....Lorie Brooks. She was the shows powerhouse diva during the shows first decade, but her early 2000's return was a bust. She had a few good sparring scenes with Nikki, but they threw her under the bus when she came back asking for Victor's forgiveness. She was the only woman in the history of the show to screw over Victor Newman, but now here she was groveling at his feet. I wanted to hurl.
  3. They should dig up another old husband of Nikki's like Greg or Kevin for her to play with. Victor's old corpse dried up decades ago and she needs something fresh to sink her teeth into. I wish they would do a story where she goes off the chain crazy and opens up a cat house, strip club or starts having men in during the day to satisfy her needs that Victor can't.
  4. This may have been posted before, but Brian Robert Taylor has a youtube channel with some of his work on it.
  5. I recently bought the two films All My Darling Daughters (1972) & the sequel My Darling Daughters Anniversary (1973). The movies were aired on the ABC movie of the week. Remember TV movies before they became extinct ? Both films star several daytime and primetime stars. Robert Young (Father Knows Best & Marcus Welby M.D.) plays the father of 4 daughters who all wind up getting married on the same day. Sharon Gless (Cagney & Lacey), Fawne Harriman (Somerset), Judy Strangis (Deidre Hall's co-star in Electra Woman & DynaGirl), and Darleen Carr (tons of shows and movies) play the daughters. One of the grooms to be is played by Colby Chester (Y&R). John Lupton (DOOL) also appears as a lawyer in the court room. In the 1973 sequel. Lara Parker (Dark Shadows) takes over for Fawne Harriman since she was on Somerset at that point. Anna Lee (GH) appears as the judge who marries Robert Young to Ruth Hussey. They are pretty good films that are a throw back to the days of syrupy sweet love stories. Too bad those days are long gone.
  6. Here are some clips from Memorial Day 1987 of Jill (Brenda Dickson) flashbacking to the 1970's of her and Phillip.
  7. Y&R.....In 1982-1983 Ashley had a romance with a guy named Brian Forbes who she worked in the Jabot lab with. I think he went to make a phone call and never came back. Eileen Davidson and Jay Kerr who played Brian were all over the soap mags, but they just dropped him.
  8. Heather Locklear with actor Greg Bradford ( Facts Of Life, Zapped etc...) for Sea & Ski 1981.
  9. SPOILER......................... I'm up to the end of 1973 and the writing for Carolee is all over the place. She confronts Mona and spends months trying to convince Steve that Mona is out to get her and break up their marriage. Steve even break away from Carolee for a while for her attacking his mother. Steve discovers everything by way of Dr. Croft spilling the beans and Mona is exposed. Steve then tells Mona off and tells her he can't forgive her what she has done to Carolee. Carolee then comes to Mona's defense and tells Steve he needs to forgive her because she is his mother and she has a right to her feelings. WHAT ?????????????????
  10. The late Robert Osborne host of TCM is featured in a clip from his time on TYM starting at 8:25.
  11. I am sick of reboots that ruin the original. It's like the producers are saying " They didn't do it right the first time, so we are going to fix it". It also says that people can't come up with original concepts and have to rip off other peoples work. I read a few years ago they wanted to remake some of the old Doris Day films and one was Send Me No Flowers. The name being dropped for the Doris role was Brittany Spears. I wanted to hurl.
  12. Gordon Thomson in 1971 hosting the kids show The Polka Dot Door.