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  1. I wonder if we will get to see that ? I hope RTV keep running them till the end and that guy artax84z keeps posting the episodes on youtube. I saw some of David O'Brien's work on Another World a few months ago. I could tell he was not in good health. He died in 1989 along with Christopher Bernau (Alan on GL).
  2. Oh, OK. I do remember hearing about Brooke and Tony's appearances on the show, but didn't know what the story was about.
  3. I think it would have been funny to see Richard Simmons at Hope Memorial whipping everyone into shape. I saw a 1981/1982 photo of David O'Brien (Steve) where on one side he was holding a cigarette and an ashtray full of butts and the other was him in workout clothes doing push ups. I guess it must have been a promotional ad for stop smoking and getting into shape.
  4. Andrea might be worth a retry or recast with a soap veteran capable of redeeming the Patty character. I wonder what Krista Tesreau would be like ? I only saw her as Mindy on GL, but I read viewers hated her on OLTL. I also like Teri Ann Linn who played Kristen on B&B.
  5. I remember people getting that stomach stapling thing in the early 80's. Was it around in the early 70's ? In the late 70's and early 80's GH and Y&R was doing stories about overweight characters.
  6. I wish they would show a scene of NuPatty ranting and raving like a mad woman talking to someone locked in a secret room and the camera would zoom in and show Lilibet Stern's version of Patty shackled and being held prisoner. It would undo some of the mess.
  7. I guess maybe Bell didn't want to come out and say Stuart had died just in case he wanted to revive the character for story purpose. I often wonder if Bell ever toyed with the thought of bringing back the Foster and Brooks characters years later before he had to leave the show ? I remember during Jill and John's divorce in the 90's, Katherine started naming guys Jill slept with and she mentioned Stuart on the witness stand. Also around the same time Jack was talking to Ashley about Nikki marrying Brad and he said Nikki Reed Foster Bancroft Newman Abbott soon to be Carlton. Her marriage to Greg had not been mentioned in years up to that point. The Patty Williams character also popped up in a phone booth just showing the back of her head and photos of Lilibet Stern were shown. Nothing came of it.
  8. It seems like Y&R's first decade is disconnected from the show. Jill, Nikki, and Paul are the only characters left that were introduced in the 1970's. I wish the writers would find a way to bring back some more ties to that era. Lorie Brooks would be an obvious choice along with Brooks Prentiss. A lot of actors seem not to have anything good to say about Conboy. I bet it was relief when he moved on to Capitol. I read somewhere that Robert Colbert (Stuart) supposedly had a falling out with Bell. He wanted to be used more on screen and complained. I think Stu was supposed to of been at the Newman wedding and walk Nikki down the aisle, but Colbert was gone by then.
  9. I was just a kid when Greg was still on the show, but can't really recall McGillin in the role. I agree he seems a throwback to James Houghton's version of Greg. In my opinion I think Hasselhoff and Hauser were totally miscast. What I have seen of Tom Tammi on ATWT and EON, he might have been a better recast for either Snapper or Greg. I think Sherry Mathis (Liza on SFT) would have been a great recast for Leslie Brooks. It does seem Bell was tiring of the original characters at that point as well as the audience. The final nail in the coffin was when Jaime Lyn Bauer decided to leave the show in 82 and he knew viewers wouldn't accept a recast. Hasselhoff was also leaving for Knight Rider. I think he was already trying to get off the show as early as 79/80 shooting pilots and doing some prime time things. I read that John Conboy felt the show was getting stale as well and there was power struggle between him and Bell. I think he also went to the network trying to have Bell replaced on his own show. Terry Lester came on the show in 1980 and fan mail started pouring in. Bell built the entire Abbott family around him and moved him front burner. The ratings went up.
  10. I didn't see Texas in it's original run, but watched the episodes on youtube. I really like the show. Carla Borelli as Rena is my favorite character. I crack up how she calls everyone honey. Borelli had quite a prime time career before coming to daytime. I saw her not too long ago on a 1969 episode of Adam-12 as a girl interested in Martin Milner. She was wearing a short wig that looked out of place on her. I'm use to seeing her with long hair. The episode also featured David Cassidy prior to PF. Caryn Richmond and Dana Kimmel went on to do other things. Caryn did the 80's The New Gidget. Dana did a lot of guest appearances and had the lead in Friday The 13th Part 3. Randy Hamilton hosted Kids Are People Too.
  11. That's great. When did she leave The Doctors ? Was it her choice or did they write her out ?
  12. Leslie Charleson in a 1973 Cover Girl commercial.
  13. LOL at the Nancy Reagan slogan. That's great Marie and her kids are watching. It's like a living scrapbook from a time in her life. Peter does not look like he's in his 30's in these current episodes. I wish he continued in the role. I did see some clips of him in the 80's on Search For Tomorrow. It's kind of strange seeing Julia Duffy so young playing drama and not doing the comedy she became famous for on Newhart. I saw her not too long ago in a 1979 episode of Eight Is Enough ( I have the DVD's). Her husband Jerry Lacy was also in a 79 episode and so was Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Y&R). Melody was already playing Nikki when she did the episode.