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  1. I am sick of reboots that ruin the original. It's like the producers are saying " They didn't do it right the first time, so we are going to fix it". It also says that people can't come up with original concepts and have to rip off other peoples work. I read a few years ago they wanted to remake some of the old Doris Day films and one was Send Me No Flowers. The name being dropped for the Doris role was Brittany Spears. I wanted to hurl.
  2. Gordon Thomson in 1971 hosting the kids show The Polka Dot Door.
  3. I can't believe they are going ahead with this. From what I have seen, it has BOMB written all over it. It might make it 1 season (6 episodes). I don't understand why they didn't do the next generation thing with the kids all grown up from the original series like LB, Kristina etc...They also could tie up a few loose ends. When the Colbys ended, Channing was pregnant with Miles baby and planned to abort. They could write in she changed her mind and her and Miles kid and Monica's kid would be in the mix.
  4. Mary Stuart as a guest vocalist on the game show Musical Chairs in 1975. Irene Cara and The Spinners also guest.
  5. Or a Skank with better acting.
  6. LOL....Exactly. I remember a lot of the actors referred to it as "static acting" where everyone was instructed to camp it up. DRW50 Thank you for uploading those clips. There was so many miscastings with The Colbys (and Dynasty). Tracy Scoggins should have been Fallon and Emma should have been Monica. Katherine Ross was wrong for the role of Frankie. I remember reading that Kate O'Mara (Caress) was supposed to of been Frankie. The lack of an english accent on Frankie was bizarre. Charlton Heston looks constipated and confused playing Jason. Another actor would have been better cast. Maxwell Caufield was horrible as Miles. I would have cast Jon Erik Hexum if he had not of died. The character of Bliss was a dud like Amanda on Dynasty. If they wanted to do soemething with her, they should have casted someone Sela Ward if they insisted on Tracy being Monica. Michael Parks was an odd choice as Philip. Philip was also an off the wall character.
  7. Imagine family get togethers with all the rapist and their victims sitting around having cocktails.
  8. I rently bought the series on DVD (after the price dropped) and have been enjoying reliving all the 80's camp. Kim Morgan Green is hilarious as campy Channing. I just finished the episode where she lies about having children from a botched abortion and is taking birth control pills. Her 80's perm was dry and brittle and I kept waiting for chunks of hair to come out every time Miles touched her. Shanna Reed (what ever happened to her ?) has made her appearance as Adrienne Cassidy. Sable has found out Fallon's baby might be Miles after he raped her. It seems every male character in Dynasty and The Colbys has committed rape like it's no big deal.
  9. It's amazing how Ann seems like a nice down to earth person at this point, but to later read that she becomes devious and stashes Carolee away in a mental ward. I know that Carolee Campbell left the show in late 75/early 76 and that storyline helps usher her character out till she is recast with Jada Rowland.
  10. I think Ann and Nick are also about to come to and end, but I read they both come back around 1976. Nick short term and Ann becomes a psycho.
  11. LOL...I know what you mean. I saw him not too long ago in Little Darlings and I now wonder if Tatum O'Neil was holding her breath during their scenes. He was in the pool, so maybe that helped wash the stink off a bit.
  12. That's weird about Armand Assante having body odor, but being the 70's, a lot of people got into that weird hippy all natural thing where they didn't bathe, use deodorant etc... There are a lot of stars now days that are doing that crap. They claim Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts etc....have had complaints about their personal hygiene. John Travolta stated in an interview in recent years that he does not use deodorant. When Armand shows up soon, I will be thinking about how bad he probably smelled......LOL
  13. I know what you mean. Some people seem too look older or mature quicker. Tim seemed to go looking about 15 to 35 in a period of 5 years.
  14. Timothy Gibbs was only 23 here and he looks much older. Victoria was a stunning woman. I wish more of her Y&R work as Leslie would surface.