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  1. LOL......Yes. Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon also had a big fro.
  2. Thanks. I guess his voice sounds like someone from commercials or cartoons.
  3. I agree. Thomas Connolly looks and sounds familiar for some reason. He may have done voice overs or acted in commercials. I tried Google but came up with nothing on him.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. I watch the show daily along with Match Game, Card Sharks, Press Your Luck and Wheel Of Fortune. I miss seeing Sale Of The Century.
  5. I wonder what happened to the Cliff DeSales character played by Thomas Connolly ? He is no longer being shown and only mentioned, but someone posted on youtube that the role will be taken over by another actor.
  6. Thanks for posting the 1981/82 shows. It's weird to look how the show evolved while still watching 1973 shows on youtube. I see Mona is still as prickly as ever. It's funny to see Jada's version of Carolee talking disparagingly about Matt when Carolee Campbells version saw him as a saint. Liz was pretty much turning into Lucinda at this point. I read that NBC hated Alec Baldwin and wanted him gone. I guess they had ESP about how he would turn out.
  7. Glad to see you posting again. I agree. The show is being forgotten in time. They also need to air it on one of the retro channels to get new generations of viewers. There is a poster on youtube called vcrcooking or something like that, who has posted episodes from later seasons. John Rubinstein who plays Jeff looks like singer Leo Sayer, especially in the pilot.....LOL
  8. My Mom watched Y&R from 1973-2000. I watched Y&R about 1981-2000 on a regular basis.
  9. The episode where Jennifer discover she has breast cancer aired in 1975. Three episodes of that story line where on youtube at one time. I would love to see those 1970's episodes listed.
  10. We know that the drunk actress she is speaking about is Jeanne. That pic of her at 17 looks more like it was taken in the late 70's/early 80's. She would have been 17 in 1966 and that doesn't look 1960's.
  11. It seems Paul Carr mostly played heavies. There are few roles I have seen where he's the good guy. I know he will appear on The Doctors as a dastardly Doc around 1976 if we get to see them that far. He also originated the role of Bill Horton on Days and had roles on Y&R and Dallas. How long was he in the role of Peter ?
  12. I would love to see them too. I agree about Brooke Bundy. She was a popular guest star on a lot of 60's.70's TV, but what bits of her Diana I have seen, she overacted the part. I was noticing how Craig Huebing reminded me a bit of actor Paul Carr and come to find out Paul briefly originated the role of Peter in 1969 before Craig took over. Paul appears to have played many short term roles on soaps. He was a popular guest actor on may series and films, I guess he couldn't commit long term to a soap.
  13. I read that Craig Huebing died pretty much a recluse. In the photos of I have seen of Valerie Starrett she reminds me a bit of Marla Adams. Marla Adams
  14. I saw a clip on youtube from a few years ago where the cast was being interviewed at Paley. Roberta stood up in the audience and asked MTS why doesn't Nikki call her sister. MTS was surprised and glad to see her. So I assume they might be friendly again. Roberta looks a bit different from her Y&R days. If she would return to the show that would be great, if not they could do a recast. I suggest someone like Lindsay Wagner (she's in my profile pic with Lee Majors) who is an excellent dramatic actress and has that smokey/husky voice like Roberta.
  15. Casey needs to be brought back. If Roberta Leighton isn't interested or if TPTB insist on a recast, I could see Lindsay Wagner in the role.