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  1. Judith Chapman perhaps.
  2. Chris, I will private message you the link. The folks that post the episodes ask that the link not be shared publicly because the episodes have been pulled for copyright issues.
  3. Elise Neal was outstanding as Janie. I recall being so disappointed that the character was killed off so quickly (a plane crash, wasn't it?). Such wasted potential. Frankly, after Janie was gone, I lost interest in Loving and tuned out till the end of the series then the murders kicked off.
  4. Loved today's episodes. Absolutely nail biting. I actually feel sorry for Cathy. The character really has evolved dramatically since we first met her. I try to avoid spoilers but I think John's around until sometime in 1974. Joe Stuart should be taking over as producer of The Doctors sometime in the next six months. According to Susan Bedsow Horgan, whose husband Patrick played John Morrison, Stuart fired Patrick Horgan in 1974.
  5. I'm not sure she's initially an ingenue. No spoilers, but from what I've read she's quite the hellion for a few years before she mellows and becomes an ingenue. That makes sense since she was a bit of a troublemaker and rebellious when Jami Fields played the role.
  6. Oh, I know about OLTL. If they go this route, I'd be curious to see how they explain it.
  7. I believe it was sometime in November 1969. After months of references to the character, Dr. Ann Larimer (played by Geraldine Court) showed up on yesterday's episodes of The Doctors (from January 1973).
  8. WTF? Twin sister? How preposterous.
  9. Jason, thanks for all you do. Love all the information you's fascinating. As for the May return, I sincerely hope it's Gregg Marx as David Banning. David's been gone far too long and would be a welcome boost to the Horton family. His return would be timely now that Valerie is back on the canvas.
  10. It was a scene set in the park around September 1969 after some kind of a fight between Mike Powers and his girlfriend Nancy Bennett. He was bouncing a ball and reciting something like "M, my name is Mike and I'm come from Madison." That's the only reference to the name of the city thus far. As for the state where Madison is located, it's been suggested that Madison is in upstate New York.
  11. I believe that is Ann Williams. She died in December 1985. Right around the time of this commercial, she appeared on Guiding Light as a blind woman.
  12. Contrary to what that video says, I don't think that's Carolyn Jones. She resembles her but the voice and eye color are different than Jones'.
  13. It wasn't only her time on GL where her recollections were wrong. She claims to have been head writer of Another World from November 1980 to November 1982 and that she received head writing credit during that period. Not true. Her head writing credit was removed in November/December 1981 when the awful Corinne Jacker took over. She claims that AW continued to user her bible after she left to join Marland at GL in late 1981/early 1982.
  14. I'm really curious as to who wrote the Annabelle storyline. Browne claims that Guiding Light used her bible until late 1983 though she left the show by late March/early April. Annabelle was actually introduced in April 1983, the period where Carolyn DeMoney Culliton and Gary Tomlin were serving as interim head writers. And the story with the mysterious photo kicked off when Pamela Long Hammer and Richard Culliton arrived in May.
  15. Yep. I was just going to say the same thing. Long declawed both Vanessa and Nola. I loved the rivalry between the two of them. Their cat fight over wearing the same dress at Nola and Quinton's engagement party is a classic. But, very quickly, Long neutered Vanessa through her relationship with Billy. Once Reva arrived in the fall of 1983, she indeed overshadowed Nola and Vanessa. By the following year, Vanessa was hooked on tranquilizers and a totally different character in many respects. According to an interview I read with Kozak, she indeed quit Guiding Light. Her two-year contract was up and she decided to leave to try film and primetime TV. She was through with soaps at that point but accepted the role on Santa Barbara to get herself to California. Bea stuck around Springfield through the fall of 1985. I think she left around the time of Lujack's death -- around November or December 1985. So Long was still writing the show at that time. I remember reading about the character's exit in the weekly soap recaps that appeared in my local newspaper. Sheri Anderson and Joe Manetta reintroduced Bea in the fall of 1986 around the time Chelsea was introduced. Long dropped the character in 1987 or 1988.