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  1. I think it's Colton Shires, who played Little Ethan.
  2. Nope. Laibson and McTavish were gone by the time Phillip and Harley were paired. Brown and Esensten were head writers when they became a couple.
  3. Sunday's episode was truly riveting and mind blowing in some many respects. After the episode ended, I went to bed and those scenes replayed in my mind again and again. Now, two days later, the episode is still affecting me in so many ways. We truly have never seen anything like it on television before.
  4. I recall seeing an article about The Doctors where Marland was critical of Julia Duffy (for leaving the show abruptly) and Elizabeth Hubbard (for changing her lines). Those comments weren't as catty as the one about Hulswit.
  5. I recall reading an interview with Mary Stuart who said that she was slated to join GL in 1987 after the cancellation of Search for Tomorrow. She was supposed to play the role of Hannah Bauer. Like Jack, Lainie, and their kids, Hannah (to my knowledge) had never been mentioned before. I wonder if Hannah was going to be Johnny's mother originally.
  6. Didn't GL create a few scenes featuring Gentry and Ellen Parker as Maureen? I kinda remember that. And wasn't McTavish toying with a Ed/Nola romance before Peter Simon left in 1996?
  7. I recall the episode where Pamela assumed the role of Allison. Her first appearance was in Eli's store as I recollect. Beyond that, I don't recall her Allison being as prominent as Kathy had been during her stint. I was only 10 at the time but remember being very disappointed that Kathy had left the show.
  8. Nope. Margaret DePriest, for one, has more head writing/co-head writing credits. Eight soaps.
  9. The character's name was Dorothy Conrad. She was a former nurse who had been married to Dr. Jerry Kane. She also stalked Jerry's new wife Heather. At the time, Bassey went by the name of Joan Bassie.
  10. Didn't that happen back in 1981? The story goes that Don Chastain, who was on Search for Tomorrow at that time, wrote the show during the writer's strike. He continued writing the show after the strike ended.
  11. How cool. I didn't realize that Mann and Weil had composed the theme to Morning Star. Both Mann and Weil, and their romance, are featured in the Broadway musical Beautiful, which tells the story of Carole King's musical journey.
  12. I think Raven's right. I saw a thread on another board where it was discussed way back in February that Morgan might be joining Days. One person shared the following (scroll down): "The soap is looking for a sophisticated beauty in her mid-50s or 60s to fill the role [of Evangeline]. The character is described as a powerful, charming, sometimes ruthless businesswoman and will first air this summer."
  13. I always thought it was fan fantasy too. I've known a few people who claimed to be soap writers, yet were uncredited. So I'm incredulous when I see rumors like this one. This person made claims about ATWT and GL that never rang true to me due to the contradictions in her claims and the holes in her stories.
  14. I was skeptical of this person's claims. She claimed to have inside information on lots of soaps but wouldn't reveal her identity. I believe she claimed that Lemay planned the storyline but it was rejected, much like Lemay's plans to have Michael Randolph come out as gay.
  15. Nope. I meant Angie. This person (who never revealed their name) claimed that Harding Lemay had planned a romance between Jim and Angie, who worked for him. Frankly, I was incredulous.