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  1. Not true. She said that Prospect Park owed her money along with other actors, but she did not say that she never saw a cent from them.
  2. Yes, he was the one who wrote Althea out. In the interview that Carl referenced in this thread, Marland also described how Liz would frequently rewrite dialogue, which apparently didn't sit well with the scribe. He also complained about Julia Duffy leaving the role of Penny so abruptly and said that it was very unprofessional since he and the show had invested a lot of time in the character and had major story planned for her. I guess once Penny left, the feeling was there was no room for Althea. I remember reading that interview and feeling dismayed about Marland's opinions of the show. He felt it needed to be retooled to focus on family. Hence, the show focused on the Powers, Aldrich, and Dancy families. Reading that article, I got the impression that Marland truly didn't understand the concept of The Doctors.
  3. I wouldn't count Christie out quite yet. I live in NJ and work for a local university. We're hearing rumblings that he may be up for Secretary of the U.S. Department of Labor with the goal to bust unions. Not sure if it's true, but the source is highly reliable.
  4. I just read about the Canadian filmmaker who was attacked on election night and then struck on the head with a beer bottle. Be forewarned that the photos are graphic and gruesome. Thankfully, there are a lot of great people out there willing to take a stand and do what's right. Today, I ran into a colleague in the school where I work. We commiserated about what's happening. She then told me that she's getting involved in Planned Parenthood to protect women's rights over their own bodies and then, out of the blue, told me she has my back and will do anything and everything to continue the fight for GLBT rights. I was so touched and encouraged…some real hope amongst all this darkness.
  5. I recall reading The Wonderful World of TV Soap Operas, which was published in 1974. A section of the book about Guiding Light referred to "Bauer Power". So the term apparently predated Allen Potter's stint as executive producer.
  6. Thanks. You just gave me the 'OK' to skip everything from 'January 1972- last week'. I hate playing 'catch up'. If you skip those months, you're missing some amazing plot points and riveting performances.
  7. Sherry as Phyllis, whoa and then Gina as Victoria Steve Burton? What primetime success did he have?
  8. I don't believe Hibbard was the killer. He was a red herring. I think the killer was a character named Rivera, played by Lloyd Battista from Love of Life.
  9. I feel the same way. According to Walt Willey, he suffered a heart attack on Saturday, which I believe was his birthday. I recall people wishing him a happy birthday last week. Too sad.
  10. Though I have yet to see confirmation, Walt Willey just posted on Facebook that Larkin Malloy has passed away as a result of complications from a heart attack. Update: Sharon Gabet just confirmed his passing. She's encouraging his fans to post condolences on his Facebook page.
  11. Back around 2006, I was in the MFA writing program at Rosemont College in Rosemont, PA. When I found out Agnes lived in Rosemont, I suggested to the writing program's director that we reach out to her to see if she'd be interested in coming to campus to talk about her writing career and her work on soaps. To my absolute disappointment, the program expressed no interest. I kick myself that I didn't push harder. Here was an talented and prolific writer living in the town where the program was located and there was no interest in having her come to campus. What a wasted opportunity to not only honor one of the town's writing luminaries, but to hear firsthand from a woman whose work touched the hearts and lives of so many people.
  12. Thank you! I thought that was Vernee Watson. By the by, the late Angela Thornton was the mother of Adam Storke, who played Ryder on Search for Tomorrow in 1985-1986.
  13. Though I doubt it's her, the redhead bears a striking resemblance to Mary Kay Adams.
  14. The thing is people is Jean and Shelly killed Monica off it would be too drive story. Thats part of the process of their unbrella storyline. I wouldnt want them to do that but u all have to trust these women they are writing complex soap. Kiling Monica off would not drive story. Had she been killed off in the 90s when she was a pivotal character, it could have driven story in many ways. The character is peripheral these days at best.
  15. The Vicky Spaulding in the 90/00s was a different character than the one introduced in 1984. Victoria Tamberlaine was introduced in 1984 as the daughter of Brandon and Sharina. Vicky Spaulding was Victoria Tamberlaine's daughter. When Vicky showed up and was revealed to be Brandon's granddaughter, there was a throwaway line that Victoria Tamberlaine was dead.