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  1. How cool. I didn't realize that Mann and Weil had composed the theme to Morning Star. Both Mann and Weil, and their romance, are featured in the Broadway musical Beautiful, which tells the story of Carole King's musical journey.
  2. I think Raven's right. I saw a thread on another board where it was discussed way back in February that Morgan might be joining Days. One person shared the following (scroll down): "The soap is looking for a sophisticated beauty in her mid-50s or 60s to fill the role [of Evangeline]. The character is described as a powerful, charming, sometimes ruthless businesswoman and will first air this summer."
  3. I always thought it was fan fantasy too. I've known a few people who claimed to be soap writers, yet were uncredited. So I'm incredulous when I see rumors like this one. This person made claims about ATWT and GL that never rang true to me due to the contradictions in her claims and the holes in her stories.
  4. I was skeptical of this person's claims. She claimed to have inside information on lots of soaps but wouldn't reveal her identity. I believe she claimed that Lemay planned the storyline but it was rejected, much like Lemay's plans to have Michael Randolph come out as gay.
  5. Nope. I meant Angie. This person (who never revealed their name) claimed that Harding Lemay had planned a romance between Jim and Angie, who worked for him. Frankly, I was incredulous.
  6. On another board, someone (who claimed to be a soap writer) said that Lemay had planned to pair Jim Matthews and Angie Perrini. Anyone else hear that rumor or know if it's true?
  7. It always seemed that Gwen was a last minute addition in that story. I thought I read that the original plan was to have Willis appear but when that fell through, they substituted Gwen for Willis.
  8. Plus, as I recollect, CBS was toying with expanding SFT around that time.
  9. I think she was an excellent actress. I loved her portrayal of Ashley who seemed like she was going to be a bad girl at first but then became a major heroine who had an entire family built around her. She had great chemistry with both Jerry Lanning and David Forsyth.
  10. From what I've seen, Search went from a 6.3 in the 1980-81 season to a 6.8 in the 1981-82 season (on CBS). The ratings decline happened when the show switched to NBC in 1982, with the show getting a 3.4 rating for the 1981-82 season (on NBC).
  11. The story started in the summer of 1998 and ended in February/March 1999. Head writers Barbara Esensten and James Harmon Brown teased the story in 1998 when Holly became obsessed with baby Maureen Reardon and stated that Holly would eventually "take" the infant. Somehow that story morphed into the nursery rhyme stalker -- which they heralded as never being done before on daytime TV.
  12. According to what I read online, his voice was not dubbed. Rather, he and the actress used an American accent in the the U.S. commercials.
  13. The first arc of the storyline started in the fall of 1979. The story ended in January 1981 with the revelation of Molly being the killer. That week, EON was the talk in my high school, not Luke and Laura for a change! Mady Kaplan played Bobbie Gerard, a waitress at Sid's Tavern. Bobbie was part of the next big stories. She had dated Matt Sharkey, the orderly who had impregnated Emily. Bobbie went to work as a maid for the Whitneys in hopes of proving Gavin Wylie's innocence in the killing of Gunther Wagner, but ended up being murdered by Jefferson Brown/Sky Whitney.
  14. Nancy's nephew Kelly had a clown puppet that was used to cover the hand of a person who murdered club owner Eliot Dorn. The story began when vixen Raven's mother Nadine died in a car accident. A few weeks later, Eliot was killed and then attorney Cliff Nelson was attacked as well. There were a few suspects, including Raven, who had had an affair with Eliot, and Kelly. In time, the killer was revealed to be Molly Sherwood, the meek and friendly housekeeper of April Scott. Before working for April, Molly had worked for Dr. Leo Gault and his daughter Emily. Molly was a mother figure to Emily and very protective of her. April's hubby Draper had amnesia for a time and came to live with the Gaults who found him after a train crash (a long complicated story). Draper regained his memory and reunited with April, leaving Emily distraught and suicidal. To protect Emily, Molly decided to eliminate the competition: April. However, Raven's mother Nadine ingested the poisoned tea and crashed her car. Molly then killed Eliot, whom she believed knew about her crime. It was a long complicated story and details are available on the Edge of Night homepage. It truly showed the brilliance of head writer Henry Slesar who effortlessly wove together three main stories (the murder of April's mother Margo Dorn, Draper's amnesia and connection with the Gaults, and the clown puppet story). As a result, we got a year of dynamic storytelling.
  15. Really? I don't recall him showing up at that time. Did he have any significant scenes?