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  1. I don't know I honestly disagree. I just don't think Porsha is that vindictive to keep lying.... I feel so sad for Kandi but glad she's been vindicated. Aaawwww I love Andy and his love for Cynthia. Such a touching moment.
  2. I think the healthiest gay relationship I saw was Ste and Doug. I was very moved by that pairing.
  3. I'm so sick to my stomach....this is literally disgusting. All I can say is God bless porsha. Say what you will but the girl is too dumb to even lie.
  4. Phaedra was absolutely exposed last week. Kenya should thank Jesus that Phaedra has been so sloppy this season. She's getting off Scott free. Doesn't excuse her past behavior and I still hate her guts. But what Phaedra has done to Kandi is just beyond the pale.
  5. God these ladies on BH are still talking about Erikas undies or lack thereof? WTF. This season has been so boring at least first few episodes I saw and I can't believe they're still on this topic. Thank God my girl Kimmy finally stated the obvious. Lisa Rinnas apology to Kim at Game Night was full of sh"t. "If I hurt your feelings" "this close to dying". WOW. She really wants to keep that diamond
  6. People have been calling sheree out left and right boy all season long. the DIFFERENCE is that sheree isn't talking bout life or death issues or real ish. She's talking petty ish like chateau sheree versus kenyas shack. Or who's rumored to be sleeping with who. Kenya meanwhile is saying things bout Matt that could ruin his life or get him real dangerous situations. She's trying to provoke Porsha yet again even though Porsha is trying to improve herself (whether you believe it or not).
  7. Kenya is disgusting. So annoyed with this b$$$ch. Stirring drama all the time with her stupid shade. Porsha definitely was right to beat her ass 2-3 years ago and if kenya does it again I'm fully Team Porsha. cant stand people who love to provoke sh&t and then act the victim
  8. "I think she worst than dem damn kardashians..." LMBAO. this is about to give me life.
  9. Lmbao I will give miss Moore props for her table at the event. That poster was flawless and she's looking gorgeous these days. and her shade at sheree was well thrown. Sheree def should be ashamed.
  10. Crap I'm tempted to watch BH now.... meanwhile Kenya and these fake tears. 4 years and still paying for fake relationships and drama. Ewww Phaedra and these fake charities.
  11. I may read something wrong it just mentioned him hitting someone but who knows it could have been referring to way back in the past. Hope everyone is doing well.
  12. I was looking up spoilers for upcoming weeks and it was saying how Cain would have to make a big decision soon cuz he's falling apart and acting like his father apparently. is he still with Moira? I thought she was still lusting after Pete. Meanwhile I'm hearing sad disturbing things bout my poor Emma Barton and her sheninagans with Finns love life.
  13. I'm shocked they had Cain hit Moira. Pretty sad too. Need to get caught up on this. Work has been sucking me dry.
  14. This toya lady is so nasty. And annoying loud. Not even funny like Quad. Havent watched since season 1 so I don't know who to root for between Lisa Nicole and this Toya girl. Lol Doctor Heavenly. Mariah looks soooo....worn out. Like life's taken a major toll on her.
  15. LVP can't stand the fact that Eileen is just as confident and secure in her [!@#$%^&*] as she is. I found Lisa to be just meh in the first episode. Her attempts to play the victim are just thin at this point. Lisa Rinna is batshit cra cra and the worst person to expose what LVP truly is but I fully believe her when she says LVP manipulated her. Lips was just too dumb to see it coming. Atlanta: So proud of Kandi. She absolutely destroyed Phaedra in that sit down.