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  1. Actually, it's a highly aggressive form of brain cancer. This makes it difficult to treat and a renowned doctor said that it is extremely difficult to get rid of the cancer because even when the tumor is removed, doctors always feel as there are bits of the tumor that were left behind. There experimental therapies that his doctors might test out, if they choose.
  2. Dina gave Jack a good 'ole-fashioned soap slap! This takes me back to the days when a slap was a slap. Looks like TPTB are teasing Mariah and Tess but whether they go beyond teasing it (especially until they move onto what they think is the 'next best thing') is anybody's guess. The reality is that the only two characters that Mariah has shown any type of possibility of romantic chemistry are Tess and Noah, who is her brother. Also, I said this during Memorial Day and I'm still wondering how long until Devon and Hilary are back under the sheets again. Memorial Day, I said by the end of the summer... let's see how close that projection is. To me, it's probably more realistic that Nikki and Victor have an "Open Marriage". Nikki and Victor are never going to be totally out of each other's orbit. They're always going to have some type of close relationship. Anyone who thinks this is too far out there to play on a soap opera, well...you'd be surprised at how many high-powered couples have one.
  3. While Americans love to use the term "Third World" as a way to denegrate, guess what? The so-called Third World is making real strides in healthcare and they are investing in the universal model of care. I can foresee a time in the near future when it won't just be Canada and Nordic countries that outpace the U.S. in healthcare. In Health Care, Republicans Could Learn From Rwanda
  4. Despite the fact that I disagree politically on probably 99% of the issues that McCain speaks of, I still find this latest news on his health to be utterly sad. Surprisingly, Trump went and did an interview with the "failing" New York Times. Without comment- Citing Recusal, Trump Says He Wouldn’t Have Hired Sessions
  5. With each new attempt, the GOP healthcare plans are actually getting worse.
  6. Don't feed the trolls. Speaking of trolls, the Troll-in-chief ranting about letting Obamacare "fail" reminds me of every spoiled rich kid in every cartoon where once said rich kid is stopped in his tracks from wreaking havoc and chaos with some gadget, proceeds to whine and have a temper tantrum about how his fun has been ruined by 'do-gooders'.
  7. Or Kid Rock. As if either one are relevant.
  8. The Chloe and Kevin scenes draaaggged so slowly and then the scenes with Victor, I was like "let 'em go already!" Speaking of Victor- Boy, he is truly the Pied Piper of the unstable, isn't he?!
  9. Oh yeah, I forgot about those. Or should I prepare for a troll to post a totally irrelevant article about the stock market surge?
  10. So apparently Trump and Putin had a second meeting, off the books in private. Are people still going to claim that there is nothing suspicious going on?? Trump and Putin Held a Second, Undisclosed, Private Meeting
  11. ICYMI Trump administration has also decided to allow 15,000 more H-2B visas, which allow seasonal workers access to the U.S., most likely to the benefit of big industry/business.
  12. Based on what I remember of his backstory, TPTB would have to retcon it in order for Marsino to have a daughter Tessa's age. I'm not a fan of retcons because 99% of what the soaps usually come up with is terrible but hey, that never stops them from doing it, so you never know!
  13. They're all the same anyway. Sugar on top of sugar, with some wheat thrown in, LOL.
  14. Trump quietly signed to extend the Iran nuclear deal he once vowed to end. Trump extends Iran nuclear deal he vowed to scrap
  15. Kelloggs makes Special K. Yeah, I heard about it and don't believe it will go further than a cease and desist order, if Kelloggs wins, because it seems Kokkinakis applied to register Special K for his clothing line and Kelloggs claims to have the Australian trademark for the name.
  16. How the "Kokk" enjoys his time between tournaments, I guess.
  17. Didn't he and Brittany have a son? Where are TPTB going with this emerging rivalry that they're trying to push between Abby and Victoria? I have a guess-- I noticed that, at the recital afterparty, Victor seemed like he was trying to nudge Scott and Victoria toward one another so maybe there are seeds being planted if/when Abby and Scott get together? I mean, Abby and Victoria don't work at the same company so I guess the idea of a professional rivalry will wear pretty thin but Abby and Scott aren't even a couple (yet) so if they are pushing a triangle, they would be making a lot of assumptions that it will work, right?
  18. I guess we now know how TPTB convinced EB to acquiesce to Victor taking a punch from Nick months ago because he knew Victor would be giving it right back to Nick down the road. There was a time when these big events would be the launch of some type of big story (e.g. a murder mystery, a huge downfall for a character, etc.) but are Nikki and Jack part XIIIMC all we're going to get from this?? I still think it would be more interesting if Nikki stumbles on a supper club and finds out the it is owned by Bobby Marsino, who was not dead but in witness protection until the last of the mobsters died/went to jail. It would be an easy storyline to write... Devon and the streaming music service decide that Tess needs to sharpen her stage/performance presence and Tess is booked in some small regional clubs- intimate venues, less pressure. Tess, anticipating late nights and already uncomfortable with the Newman family dynamic, gives Nikki her notice and moves out but doesn't really explain why, which raises Nikki's suspicions and sends her on a fact finding mission. After Nikki does some snooping, she comes across the name of a place that has a name that causes a visceral reaction, although she's not quite sure why. After more digging, she discovers the place is a club just outside of GC in a gentrifying neighborhood. The name sticks in her head and she can't quite figure out why so curious, Nikki drives by the club in the daytime. It's closed but she sees information on a chalkboard outside the doors, scans it on her phone and decides to return when the place is open at night. One evening when Nikki can get away, she drives out to the club where Tess is performing and Tess has just gotten offstage (we don't need to see/hear her perform). Nikki has lost sight of Tess and sits in the back as the night winds down until several customers clear the club and Nikki can see in the distance, Tess talking to some man whose back is turned to her. Tess, peering at the front of the house and sees Nikki before their eyes meet. The man asks Tess "What's the matter?" and Tess says "I see somebody I know". Nikki, who is walking toward Tess, ready to explain why she is there. The man starts to turn around but before we can see his face, we see Nikki's jaw drop to the floor and the man's voice says "Nikki?" and Nikki, stunned utters "Bobby?!" The man is revealed to be Bobby Marsino. I don't know but that party needs to kick-off some type of intriguing storyline, not just another soon to fade dalliance between Jack and Nikki. Now, if it were a kick-off between Nikki and Bobby, then it would've been worth it.
  19. Speaking of not moving on- New citizens received letters of welcome with President Obama's name and signature on the bottom. If only!! White House sends new US citizen welcome letter from President - signed by Barack Obama
  20. Very interesting Op-Ed in the NYT written by a pastor who is renouncing his ties with the Southern Baptist Convention. Why I’m Leaving the Southern Baptist Convention
  21. Aww, LOL, no you didn't! In their mouth and eyes you can sort of see the resemblance to their older sisters. Speaking of the alleged (and also very blond) "Boys" (*coughs, grown-man, coughs*). The jokes are starting.
  22. Well. instead of improving people's lives, with Trump's approval ratings at the lowest for any American president, Trump Inc. decides that slogans will make everything better. Made In America week but wait- White House unveils ‘Made in America’ week, though many Trump products are made overseas But wait, there's more- Trump's lawyer apparently tried to throw the Secret Service under the bus (because the FBI and the CIA weren't enough) with claims that the SS knew and approved of Don Jr.'s meeting with the Russians until the Secret Service clapped back.
  23. The "Boys" Singles Champion. WTF!!! That's why he was crying?!
  24. I'm not going to entertain talk about Venus' alleged impending retirement. Nobody knows sh*t. As she said years ago, people have been trying to retire her for years! People predicted she'd retire after she was diagnosed with Sjogren's in 2011 after she'd been playing with it since 2006! People also suggested that Roger retire years ago and even last year, after knee surgery, people predicted he was done. Yet, here he stands with two Majors. Folks, it's a personal choice and really nobody's business. If you don't want to watch tune out. There are several players that I know I don't watch. No big deal.