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  1. Wimbledon will likely follow the French Open's lead.
  2. Cilizza has also been trolling and low-key harassing Chelsea Clinton on social media over things that she has never claimed to say. He has the idea that she will someday run for office and aims to pin her to it. Clinton has never made such claims. Is this what one would call a 'pre-emptive strike'?
  3. Even though none of the remaining soaps are very good (at least not consistently) but most of us can agree that their absence would not only leave a void but it would be sad, since this would mark the end of an era. This article that I read in the NY Times seems to speculate that a strike would mean the end of daytime soaps. The word the article uses is "death knell", to be precise. With a Hollywood Writers’ Strike Looming, Here’s What to Know I'm not sure whether the author is being dramatic and I don't want to sound like an alarmist or like I'm being melodramatic but I wonder what you all think about this? It was exactly 10 years ago (2007) that the last WGA strike occurred and within two years Guiding Light went off the air, the next year As The World Turns left the airwaves two years later there were more cancellations of soaps. I never thought about the aftermath of the WGA strike having any effect on those subsequent cancellations but is it possible that the strike could've been a factor, at all?
  4. Of course, as creator and showrunner, who dared challenge Bell Sr.'s vision?? My point is that any headwriter should accept and wisely utilize the authority that comes with the title to best serve the show's stories, not coddle the talent.
  5. Very true. Though some need a LOT better balance. Ben's character is new so, he's not fully drawn yet but from what I see, he's already being written too broadly. It hasn't been long enough for his character's balance to truly tip the scales yet.
  6. This! Colleen Zenk and her curious opinions on her 'best' storylines and pairings immediately come to mind as one example of this. How could she fail to see what we all saw?? Over the last decade or so, Y&R has been particularly bad with curbing their actors tendency to want to steer stories in their characters' favor, even if it proves detrimental to the show's storylines overall.
  7. I know you're joking but honestly, nope, would never cross that line. Especially not for a soap.
  8. The votes came in. 93% Voted Yes, in favor of authorizing a strike. So now the pressure is on for both sides to come to an agreement by the deadline or a strike will happen.
  9. Supposedly, this re-branding was done without Trump's consent but the lincensing company knew darn well that her product wasn't selling so they relabelled to move her product off the shelves by whatever means available.
  10. Normally, a story about a clothing label rebranding itself wouldn't be put in a Politics thread but 1) this was before Ivanka Trump (said owner of the clothing label) decided to insert herself into the WH business and 2). there is nothing normal about this current WH. Amidst Backlash, Ivanka Trump Clothing Is Secretly Relabelled as Adrienne Vittadini
  11. Yes, it is it and so French that no one bats an eyelash. Reminds me of a storyline on One Life To Live 2.0.
  12. Ben Hochman could be a character with potential, kind of like how Kirk Anderson was when he was initially introduced on As the World Turns (fans of that show know what I'm talking about). If they'd balance out the character a bit more, there could be some promising chemistry with Ashley down the road. In the meantime, I don't have a problem with Ashley dating Ravi, I don't care about the age difference* and I don't think the pairing is longterm anyway. *By the way, has anyone been following the French presidential elections? The top finisher to go to the runoffs is Emmanuel Macron whose wife is 25 years his senior. She was once his....wait for it...high school teacher!*
  13. The story of Erin Moran's last decade of life continues to become more tragic. She had a very rough last several years.
  14. Trump is unintelligible was trending on Twitter this morning. I don't know whether it still is though. Is sexual harrassment a damn epidemic at Fox NewsChannel?! http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2017/04/23/sean-hannity-accused-of-inviting-fox-news-guest-to-his-hotel-room.html?via=twitter_page
  15. Nobody's gonna mention that Nadal won his 10th Monte Carlo Masters title? TBH, I saw very little of the tournament-maybe one full match and half of two others and I missed the final entirely. It was quite fitting that Tiafoe won the Sarasota Challenger (which made up a T-shirt with Tiafoe's catchphrase "It Can't Be That Good!") beating former Top 10 Jurgen Melzer along the way (honestly, I didn't even know that Melzer was still playing, has he been injured or something??) The U.S. Fed Cup team made it to the finals where they'll face Belarus. Honestly, I don't know what to say other than, even though the U.S. didn't have its best team, The Czech Republic probably had their C Squad there without Petra, without Lucie Safarova, without Barbora Strycova, etc. and with the lesser heralded Pliskova sister (Krystina, not Karolina),
  16. Interesting that the Carrier jobs that were not saved had a mostly female workforce. Trump Saved Carrier Jobs. These Workers Weren’t as Lucky. by the way, those jobs will be going to Monterrey, Mexico.
  17. I don't think I can stomach reading all of this tonight. I'll try again tomorrow. Transcript of AP interview with Trump
  18. This show has already been pushed back once and could get pushed back again, in the event of a strike.
  19. Yeah, I've been reading about what has been occurring in Chechnya and it is indeed draconian stuff. Kadyrov is intent on maintaining an utterly dystopian landscape. This morning, I also read a longform article detailing Comey's decision-making concerning the FBI investigations of both presidential candidates and the more I read, the more I became convinced that Comey was more concerned with his personal reputation and image than he was with even the FBI's image or it's appearance of partialilty. It seemed as though Comey didn't want to risk being seen as doing anything that would make Clinton look good, even if it meant observing normal FBI protocol (to not discuss an active investigation-which he did, publicly), while he seemed unwilling to be forthcoming on the Trump investigation (despite the fact that there was an active investigation and he had already disclosed the investigation of Clinton's e-mails, already breaking FBI tradition of not discussing open investigation). This tells me that Comey felt there was nothing to lose politically for publicly discussing the investigation of Clinton's e-mails (given the venom spewed from many in political circles toward Clinton) while fearing backlash from the GOP and its adherents if he were to disclose the investigation into the possibility of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin-given the tendency of the Republicans to engage in conspiracy theories, especially as it concerns Obama (and Comey was appointed by Obama and was technically a part of the Obama administration). Many have stated that they think it was a mistake for Obama to attempt to be bi-partisan by appointing a Republican but Obama probably believed that everyone would put country above party and do their job to the best of their ability. If Obama made any mistakes it was probably trusting that people would do this.
  20. Try impossible. One of my professors in grad school was a higher up in the WGAE (the East coast division) and told us that if we ever crossed the picket line, even as non-members, we'd never be able to become members in the future. Even though I'm a theater person (Dramatic artists are in a different union anyway), I have registered my work using the WGA and as a student, I once had an Associate membership. I've also written one or two screenplays so I'd like to think that in case any screenplay that I write/co-write has the opportunity to be produced, that would qualify me to become a member of the WGA, so me, personally, I'd never cross the line. Like someone said before though, soap writers aren't really going into any other genres, so this is it for many of them. None of the current soap writers seem to have any aspirations of writing Primetime or for films, so the repercussions for them crossing the line are probably nonexistent at this point. It would be quite different for any writer who has aspirations to write for film or primetime TV. They'd be much more concerned for the future of their career(s).
  21. I was tempted to post that promo of Shannon last week when I posted the episode of Lily and Dusty dancing to Prince's Let's Go Crazy. Thanks for doing it. That one has always made me chuckle. It shows that soaps can actually (and often used to) use humor in their promos.
  22. I haven't paid much attention to today's Fed Cup results but apparently Begu forgot to shake Watson's hand after their singles rubber. And as Belarus was celebrating their getting to the Fed Cup finals, a player accidentally kicked Vika in the face. One last thing on the nocturnal stirrings at that Challenger in Sarasota: ‘I guess sex sells’: An oral history of a disruption at the Sarasota Open
  23. Yes, that's NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio's wife and 1st Lady, Chirlane McCray.
  24. I guess you all have read At a ‘Unity’ Stop in Nebraska, Democrats Find Anything But(or some such similar article), given that you've been discussing the figures involved.