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  1. I wish there was as much investigation into voter suppression in the 2016 election as there has been of Russian interference.
  2. Marat Safin is out of politics and I couldn't be more thrilled. He used to be one of my favorite players. Marat Safin gives up his seat in the Russian Parliament
  3. Whoever made the decision, it couldn't have been Marland, could it? He was dead by then, no?
  4. On some level Lisa Brown had to have enjoyed playing a character that was much different from Nola, at least for awhile. Having written (and still writing) for actors, they really seem to crave variety in what roles they play. I'm thinking that for at least the first 4 or 5 years in the role, Brown probably felt very stimulated to play a character that had such a different trajectory than that of Nola Reardon on GL. I do think that that Iva was meant to be a 'put upon' character for a few years but what confused me (and ultimately disappointed me) was what happened to the character after she was supposed to have come into 'her own'. By the time she met Kirk Anderson, pairing just seemed so smart--it was funny and passionate and had some much witty banter (the dialogue in some of their scenes was reminiscent of Billy Wilder films) . I cannot figure out why Marland decided to undo all that, especially by crippling Iva emotionally, especially after she and Kirk had already consummated their relationship. And to throw it away and then put Kirk and Ellie together, especially since the pairing of Ellie and Kirk just never worked for me. I remember Tom Wiggins in later interviews, questioning why Iva and Kirk were split up as he said that the pairing was highly popular with fans. Years after he'd left the show, he claimed to have encountered fans that mentioned how much they liked Iva and Kirk as a couple and disliked the couple being broken up. Wiggins mentioned the chemistry between he and Lisa Brown. Looking back, another thing that irritated me is that Iva seemed to get the less attractive recasts of a character- from sexier Tad Channing to older, Tad who had absolutely no redeeming qualities. Then there was the younger, more attractive Jason Benedict but then by the time he and Iva met, he was already transformed to a less dapper, less attractive Jason Benedict. Then adding insult to injury, Kirk and Ellie ran out of storyline possibilities and broke up.
  5. Grigor is known for doing this with the other French players since he used to be coached by Mouratoglu, he's friends with many of the French players.
  6. President Lawsuit has more litigation, this time as a result of his abhorrent campaign rallies. I hope there are more to come, especially from people who were assaulted at his rallies. A Trump Campaign Rally Led to Shoving, and Legal Wrangling, Too
  7. Yeah, unless it's a tour de force filmed on 3 continents, I think we can assume that there were likely a host of problems that delayed this production.
  8. All that "winning" is getting too much for him to brag about, I guess. In other news, it looks as if Congress didn't include constraints on the acceptance of refugees in the spending bill that they passed last month. They were probably assuming that since the flow of migrants has lessened under Trump that this the flow of refugees would follow but most refugee experts expect a large flow of refugees into the U.S. in the wake of the lifting of this cap on refugee quotas. Tee-hee. U.S. Quietly Lifts Limit on Number of Refugees Allowed In I was also reading that many Republicans feel like Mitch McConnell, that healthcare may be too difficult to tackle since they have been unable to "replace" the ACA with a better bill. There are divides developing between GOP members that are almost as wide as the ones that exist between the two parties. And remember this name--- Oleg Deripaska! A Russian oligarch whom Putin and Trump have in common has just requested immunity to cooperate with Congress. We'll see what, if anything comes of this.
  9. A bit of satire by the folks at the Simpsons.
  10. More Trump regrets but there is a very interesting nugget about Trump's budget that is not being discussed but it is mentioned in this article. Apparently Trump's disaster of a budget seeks to cut job training by 40%! This seems the antithesis of trying to create a jobs-rich environment but logic seems to be at the bottom of the list with this administration. ‘It’s my only income’: Trump voter shocked after learning he plans to cut key program she needs
  11. Good question. Stan is so unpredictable, lmao! Mischa's movement was so impressive against Kei and Mischa's ball-striking , he was hitting or so close to those lines. I honestly don't know. Stan plays like sh*t all year but then he comes to the Slams and he's dangerous as hell! If Stan plays like he just rolled out of bed, Mischa could get over on him. That has the potential to be a very entertaining match! I just read that Milos was on antibiotics, not feeling well but he hasn't been much of a factor in the Slams this year. In smaller tournaments, he seems to put in respectable results. No one's talking about him lately. Berdych also flies under the radar these days (with good reason).
  12. Yeah, me too. I happened to catch the end of both Thanasi and Nick's Junior careers and they both looked very promising, I liked Thanasi right away, he always struck me as a hard worker (maybe worked too hard?) so hopefully he can catch a break that will ignite his confidence. I have to say that I hope this time around Thanasi can learn to maximize his serve, so he can win some points without having to grind out every single point like he used to (at least on faster surfaces). Nick has learned how to do this fairly quickly and it's yielded great results. From what I remember Kokkinakis had a pretty big serve when he wanted to. I saw some parts of that Kei/Mischa match and Kei was making a lot of double faults. I read somewhere a few days ago that he was having some wrist issues and observing his serve I could believe it. Mischa, on the other hand, seemed to take inspiration from little brother's win in Rome and played his way to a final!
  13. I feel for Thanasi. At least when DelPo went through his struggles, as depressed as he must have gotten, he had experienced the feeling of beating the world's best and winning a major. Thanasi was only just starting his professional career when he was beset by a cascade of injuries. Hopefully Kokkinakis can find what works for his body, to keep it healthy. Kokkinakis reveals his mental torture
  14. You guys who responded are lovely, patient souls. I guess in an ideal world, I'd be more open to trying to call out and rectify ignorance when I see it but it was simply easier to hit the ignore option. Tee-hee! Speaking of giggles, I was reading this blog post by Awesomely Luvvie and have to applaud her for the new nicknames she's managed to come up, as I had believed I'd heard them all. The NATO G7 Summit Group Texts We Won’t Get To See "Fanta Fascist" and "Mango Mussolini". I know we're in serious times but I have to have a sense of humor, if I'm going to get through this wasteland of an administration.
  15. Math (and basic reality) is not something that these folks do well. Trump Team Stands by Budget’s $2 Trillion Math Error
  16. Not a fan of him but is Sock really a Trumpster? He never said who he voted for in the election, I'm not even sure he voted at all.
  17. Most soaps back then, by and large used to take their time to methodically and gradually introduce new characters, that way, viewers could form their opinion of a new character, not based on some contrived 'back story' but by what they see of the character onscreen and maybe even come to care about a "newbie" who would not be at risk of alienating viewers by eating too much show. It was a sensible strategy that today's writers appear to lack the skill to do.
  18. I love how Macron realizes that Merkel is the most powerful person in that group. He shakes her hand before Trump's.
  19. Gianforte will still be facing assault charges though.
  20. Becker, looking pleased as punch with President Obama.
  21. +1 The first time I watched, granted, I was about 10-11 and Craig, I guess was very 'emo' and I guess I enjoyed it because I was very much into the melodramatic (having just read Jane Eyre for the first time around that age). I guess honestly, I still enjoy it, having binged (re-watched) some episodes from that time period. It was the yearning between the two characters that really drew me in. Me too. If they just would've let me in that Writer's Room...
  22. What about those assault charges?
  23. The soap, the telenovela, the continuing dramatic series...whatever you want to call it, has the power to reach people like few non-visual media can. This article describes a series that will air on an Arab TV broadcaster, where producers hope to show the horrific brutality of a terrorist group like ISIS. It looks quite intense but perhaps it will dissuade potentially vulnerable people from romanticization this group. Personally, such a group looks about as appealing as being roasted over fiery hot coals but I've read stories of people who somehow flocked to what looks like a hell-hole to me. This series sounds fascinating but a possibly a tough watch (though I once watched an entire 60 episode series that recounted the horrors of slavery in Colombia, La Esclava Blanca) Arab TV Series Dramatizes Life Under ISIS