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  1. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic As The World Turns Discussion Thread   

    I agree with you @DRW50, the 80s them was suitable to the times and it had its charms (and I happened to be quite fond of the 80s theme).  The 70s theme was sweeping and majestic, but as the time changed, it might have seemed a bit too grandiose for everyday viewing- (I couldn't imagine hearing the 70s theme when ATWT's budget started to nosedive and longtime characters disappeared or became unrecognizable) which is why I suggested that it be used for special occasions like an Anniversary show.  Given that TPTB at ATWT knew when their last season was approaching, it would've been nice to do a variation of the various ATWT, I mean, even if they were on a tight budget, if someone on You Tube can do it, why couldn't they?
    I just think that by the show's last decade, TPTB could truly care less about adding special touches like that.
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  2. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    Interesting Op-Ed by a Princeton Poli-Sci Professor on the aspect of Sander's supporters, (particularly the young ones) not truly supporting his policies.
    Do Sanders Supporters Favor His Policies?
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  3. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic As The World Turns Discussion Thread   

    I grew up on the 80s theme, so I admit to having a fondness for it but was it was 2nd best compared to the previous one.  I would rather either one of those than the cornfield one with music best suited to a Crest toothpaste commercial.
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  4. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    We knew that the Sanders campaign was having money issues because of all the staffers that were fired but it seems that his money problems may be here to stay:
    Money is becoming a challenge for Bernie Sanders
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  5. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic The Tennis Thread   

    Apparently there is a L'Equipe interview that gives more insight into why Amelie and Andy parted ways and it wasn't just about her wanting to spend more time with her son.  
    "Andy is complex.  On court, he can be the opposite of what he is in regular life.  That can be unsettling.  I was there to help him.  I had the feeling that I couldn't make things progress any more." 
    -Amelie Mauresmo
    Some are interpreting it as Andy being verbally abusive but I wonder whether that is true and if so, to whom is he being verbally abusive?  We know that Andy does a lot of yelling at himself and toward his box during intense matches, that alone would probably be a challenge to deal with but does this behavior extend to training sessions?
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  6. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic The 10 worst Y&R actors   

    How can they not know what David Tom looks like?  Someone doesn't have an editor.
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  7. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic Soap Stars - Where are they now?   

    OMG, Lamman Rucker (ex Marshall Travers, ATWT) witnessed a shooting today near the White House:
    Actor Lamman Rucker Witnessed Shooting Near White House
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  8. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    I try not to get too ahead of myself, as things can change really fast.  World events can intervene and it can upend thinking.  
    Even though I haven't read it, I know that some are deriding this op-ed article dismissing polls but frankly, I thought everyone knew the weakness of polling.  It's usually a very small sampling and with quite a noticeable margin for error.  I still remember being alarmed yet dubious of the polls which predicted a Romney win over Obama with a healthy margin 2012.  When the actual results came in, those same prognosticators were left scratching their heads and asking "How did we get it so wrong?!
    For now, I'm going to wait and see how things look by the summertime, after the primaries have concluded and each party has had its convention, as well as what world events occur in the meantime.
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  9. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic As The World Turns Discussion Thread   

    Marland was very good at improvisational writing.  I think it was a Catch-22 for him, particularly in the 80s.  He wrote some very compelling work for a number of actors, some of whom would leave their roles for various reasons and he had to write in response to what he had.  At some point, it was probably becoming clear that Marx wanted out and Marland had to adjust the writing for that reality.  
    Based on the fact that he had put Hal as a third (or was it 4th?) party in the earlier story between Barbara/Tom/Margo, it must have seemed natural to put Hal and Margo together (even temporarily) much later when it became obvious that Marx would not be returning the next year- had it been the other way around, had Marx decided to stay- NO way would Hal and Margo have consummated their attraction, let alone have Margo get pregnant with Hal's baby.  
    HBS and BH had great chemistry and could even tilt it toward romance but Gregg and Hillary were smokin' HOT and as good a writer as Marland was, even he could never truly write a believable storyline with HBS' Margo choosing Hal over Marx's Tom.  As it was, Margo started seeing Hal because she needed a shoulder to lean on when she felt betrayed by the affair that she believed took place between Tom and Barbara.  Margo and Tom even reconciled before it was revealed to them that Barbara lied about the whole thing.  So even thinking that Tom cheated, Margo eventually chose Tom.  Even when they were supposedly going through a divorce, they still conceived a child (which ended in miscarriage).  It was after Marx left that the writing decided to play up this inescapble attraction that Margo and Hal were said to have for each other.  Every Tom and Margo afterward operated on that premise until the writers ultimately dropped it.
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  10. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic The Tennis Thread   

    Monfils also out of the French Open with a virus   
    The top half of the Women's Draw looks like a complete clusterf*ck!
    If they both make it, Nadal is expected to meet Thiem in the Round of 16.
    I'm hoping that on the Men's side, in particular, that someone will emerge out of nowhere to take it this year.  I'm tired of seeing the same names in the SFs and Finals.
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  11. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic The Tennis Thread   

    This has to be the first time in ages that Federer will miss the French.  I'm sure that many of Nadal's would be opponents in the top 20 are glad that he can get one notch higher and father away from meeting them in the earlier rounds.
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  12. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic Y&R May Sweeps spoilers   

    On the CBS Daytime survey, I proposed that Jill and Hillary should be sharing scenes as often as humanly possible based on the chemistry they've displayed in their interactions at Jabot in the past.  I proposed that given the fact that with Devon's $$$, Jill was able to secure CI from Victor, Hillary should've used that to wiggle a position at CI, citing the need to help protect her husband's investment, but Jill will see it as a naked power grab.  That although the two of them have a somewhat antagonistic relationship, to their surpise (and Jill's dismay), they work well together and make CI a success, overtaking Newman and Jabot as the most successful Fortune 500 company in Genoa City.
    (looks like they used parts of my idea with Hillary using Devon's $$$ to get in on that ridiculous research story and wrangle a seat on some meaningless society board)
    Sharon and Hillary had great chemistry, each understanding what it means to have been regarded as a pariah.  I suggested on the survey that this relationship should've been explored more in the writing.  I proposed that Hillary, now at Chancellor would create a position for Sharon at the company, overstepping Jill and getting board approval, which results in more conflict with Jill and a potentially uncomfortable work climate for Sharon.
    Oh well, TPTB went the way they want to, with Victor directing most of the action from jail and Jack pretending to fend him off.  We're supposed to believe that while Jess Walton made herself available and was a trooper through that stupid music box debacle that somehow she would be unavailable for a decently written story that gave her character some depth.  
    Oh well.
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  13. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic The Tennis Thread   

    I heard Sharapova's hearing was today at an undisclosed location.  I have no idea what happened and I doubt there will be any specifics of what occurred today, but I've heard that  we can expect a judgement by Wimbledon.
    Oh, have you seen this?
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  14. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic As The World Turns Discussion Thread   

    They're divorced now though, like many of the ATWT alums who were once married.  I'd say that must've been some interesting time, the 80s.
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  15. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    I would agree that Sanders supporters are not as vitriolic as Trump supporters, but I disagree that some Sanders supporters aren't racists. If their posts on social media are any indication, they are condescending and over the line toward racist as they say that if Blacks knew what was good for them, they'd vote for Sanders and calling anyone of color, in particular, who doesn't vote for Sanders, ignorant and uneducated.  
    Bernie did himself no favors making that ridiculous 'deep South' statement.  I know quite a few people of color who were Sanders supporters who dropped off one by one after this series of occurences, and after this latest incident, they have fallen silent in regards to him.  
    I myself, for over a decade used to watch and admire him when I used to hear him speak but I've been completely turned off after seeing the way he's run his campaign.  Can you imagine what would've happened to Obama had he run his campaign this way?!  Names like thug would've been bandied about openly.  Sanders tries to align himself with the underdog while operating from a position of privilege- this is the main reason that many voters of color are not really voting for him in earnest and his stubborn refusal to speak to the rabid wing of his supporters speaks to this privilege and how he wields it.
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