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  1. I thought the GC Buzz tv show was a bad idea from the get-go. The only character who I think could truly make a gossip show or any type of show work was Leanna Love. Other posters kept trying to say it was a better fit for Hillary than her corporate origins but this TV show does nothing for her character, in fact, it's made things worse for the Hillary character. At least in the corporate arena, Hillary's guile could've been put to good use, now it's seen as a liability and as a foil to Mariah, who looks like a damsel being pinned to the railroad tracks. No one is ever going to convince me that this GC Buzz nonsense has been a good idea. Speaking of Hillary, Does anyone truly believe that Hillary and Devon are done for good? Because I definitely don't. Even though the dialogue on the courthouse steps was awfully clunky as were parts of Hillary's GC Buzz monologue (MM tried to make it work but somethings were definitely off in the delivery), of all the characters present together in those scenes, Devon and Hillary had the most natural chemistry. Neil being inserted in those courthouse scenes was just awkward and it almost made me chuckle to see him walk right behind, almost between Devon and Hillary as they all stood in front of the courthouse (who did that blocking?!) The insertion of Mariah and Jordan into those GC Buzz scenes felt inauthentic and forced, almost like the four were doing an oddly choreographed square dance where partners kept fumbling as they tried to take each other's hand. Speaking of tableaus, Those tableaus of Jack, Phyllis and Billy- especially in the elevator were very interesting. The dialogue was intentionally awkward and visually, looking at the three of them-- well, at least it wasn't boring. Wouldn't it be interesting if Juliet ended up feeling more attracted to Lily, not Cane? In those scenes I kept watching and thinking what if Cane thought it was all about him but it turned up that Juliet had truly dismissed their daliance as in the past, decided that she was not interested in him romantically but felt drawn to Lily? That could be a twist. Juliet could be non-binary.
  2. Very interesting article that I'm currently reading on The Handmaiden's Tale 

    On The Handmaid’s Tale, Bernie Sanders, And Feminism

  3. I think I saw it on a True Hollywood story once. It might have been mainly alcohol abuse. Now he's an avid Bible thumper.
  4. @Roman pretty much. He and Willie Aames probably got along though. Both weird and oddly rigid personalities. Of course, Charles In Charge was during Aames' drug years so maybe not?
  5. Didn't Baio and Moran live together for awhile? He claims he lost his virginity to her. Seems like that "Thin Line Between Love & Hate" might have been breached or maybe it was a post breakup that had some type of animus. Baio did Bugsy Malone way before HD and it seems like he always thought he was "the sh*t", while his co-stars may have begged to differ.
  6. It appears that the negotiations are now focused primarily on exclusivity contracts, especially as how it relates to writers' ability to write limited series scripts, which, from the beginning, I had the feeling would be a good entry into a sensible negotiation process. JMO, but if both sides can negotiate more flexibility for writers to finish writing scripts for one series then go on to a next, without having to wait until after the previous series is in production (or post-production), writers may show more willingness to give a bit more on the healthcare side. As for soap writers and strikes, it sounds like many on this board feel strikes are unecessary, damaging and foolish for soap writers? That's a possibility but then the only solution would be to make all soap writers' work ineligible for the WGA- I'm not sure whether most of the remaining daytime writers would agree with that. It's like Brexit, you can't honestly expect to remove yourself from the union yet expect to still reap the benefits and rewards...did I say rewards? I meant awards.
  7. Serena did a TED Talk this evening. Apparently, she found out she was pregnant two days before the start of the Australian Open! She also said she accidentally hit send when she was simply taking a photo to save to her phone. As much as I love Serena, I'm not buying that for one instant!
  8. But if people simply ignore how racism plays into issues like gerrymandering and voter suppression (mechanisms that have traditionally and successfully kept people away from the polls), how is that "outreach" going to manifest itself into actual collective action? As for Cornell West, he had the nerve to speak at my school demanding tens of thousands of $$$$ for only 10 minutes worth of talk. He drained the coffers of the Black Student Union and for what? It wasn't even a memorable speech other than the feeling it left that we'd all been hustled. Bernie would probably be better served if he did start a new political party. What good is it to constantly rail about a party while simultaneously using their apparatus and infrastructure?? At least Nader didn't do this. I sort of disagree that Bernie's message is broad, it may appear broad on its face but is actually more specific and narrow to a key set of interests.
  9. Did anyone ever watch the reunion special of Bugsy Malone? It's on You Tube somewhere. Baio's co-star that played his love interest (not Jodie Foster, the other actress) said that initially she didn't like Baio, she thought he was arrogant and full of himself. Even though she claimed she softened her view by the end of the special, I believe she still considered him a jerk. In the special, Baio was practically falling all over himself to try to change her mind about him. I wonder whether Moran might've dumped him back in the day. He seems quite bitter where she's concerned. It's possible drugs may have driven a wedge between them but there seems to be very little compassion on his part, even after she passed away. Others beside Baio also tried to help, they were refused yet they still expressed love for her and sadness that she's gone. Marion Ross also stated that she tried to get Moran help and it was refused but she had tears in her eyes and expressed fondness, love and sadness thinking about the loss of Moran. That Scott Baio, who was intimate with Erin, couldn't do the same is just...there's some underlying bitterness that he hasn't gotten past, IMO, it's just ugly.
  10. I don't even have to watch the scene and I remember it. It was so memorable in such a terrible way with Barbara practically channeling Grouch Marx before jumping out the window. The show truly had its ultimate jump the shark moment. It could only make its final descent from there.
  11. Outside of soaps (the majority of the WGA), it is much more complicated than this. Again, as I've mentioned before, it is not simply about money. It's also about healthcare benefits as well as exclusivity contracts.
  12. Wimbledon will likely follow the French Open's lead.
  13. Cilizza has also been trolling and low-key harassing Chelsea Clinton on social media over things that she has never claimed to say. He has the idea that she will someday run for office and aims to pin her to it. Clinton has never made such claims. Is this what one would call a 'pre-emptive strike'?
  14. Of course, as creator and showrunner, who dared challenge Bell Sr.'s vision?? My point is that any headwriter should accept and wisely utilize the authority that comes with the title to best serve the show's stories, not coddle the talent.