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  1. The conversation between Phyllis and Lauren seemed like a very realistic conversation that a lot of brick and mortar stores have been having over the past several years. How much time and energy to devote to e-commerce and should it be its own entity? Or should the online simply be a way to lure people into the store? Hopefully this story plays out in a way that is entertaining yet stays relevant. In other words, keep the ball rolling, don't let it drop, please. Seems as if SSM and KA are trying to shift Victor's personality to one that has far more nuance, rather than a mustache twirling, villain-type. Too early to tell but they may actually make him a viable character again! Still, I hope that he's not going to be on everyday- I know a lot of people complained that he was on way too often and everytime I read a show summary, he seemed to be in the middle of everything! Maybe with this trip he and Nikki are taking, they won't feel the need to show them every episode. I too thought about Colleen when Traci and Billy were talking about the importance of enjoying being with one's children while they're young enough to enjoy the magic of Christmas. I couldn't help but think that Adrienne Leon and Beth Maitland would probably have great chemistry. In the previews, I already saw Devon and Mariah so it looks like the show is now trying to rotate their characters so we see different stories throughout the week. I think this may be an especially good idea (if done well), if they plan to plot out more methodical storytelling without being too plodding. I went to some other boards to lurk, out of curiosity and saw that some complained (already?!) of slow pace. Yesterday, I wrote that a few scenes did drag a bit but overall, I loved the fact that characters took time to have actual conversations. I suspect when there is no longer a need for as much exposition (when viewers who've watched Y&R less than 10 years now) and everyone is 'caught up to speed', the scenes won't be weighted down with history as much. Until yesterday, I hadn't watched the show much, so I got a chance to detach from the wild, frenetic pace that the show had become known for over the years. I suspect that a lot of viewers who complained about the pace may have become used to that crazy pace and are having difficulty adjusting to anything more moderate. Hopefully they will, because a more moderate pace of storytelling may actually ensure we get storylines with a beginning, middle and end and not the madness of incomplete storytelling Y&R had become known for.
  2. Yet NYC overwhelmingly voted for Hillary. So I definitely believe that the Trump vote being about economics is not convincing.
  3. LOL. After writing this, I immediately thought of my niece who is now a teenager. I was thinking of asking her parents if they'd be okay if I gave her a year's subscription as a gift.
  4. I posted about this last night that I thought the dialogue was laying out quite a bit of (what writers call) exposition at times but I thought it was likely necessary to re-introduce many viewers who have only watched over the last 7 or 8 years who may be unfamiliar with the longterm histories of these characters. SSM and KA are likely thinking of them while they 'right the ship' of some of these characters, so new-ish viewers appreciate where these characters' motivations and stories are likely to sprout from. It could be a bit clunky, at times but I think the actors finessed it reasonably well.
  5. Would it be weird if a grown ass lady started subscribing to Teen Vogue? They've been doing some very good reporting lately putting the Newsweeks and the Time Magazines of the world to utter shame. The First Witness in the Dylann Roof Trial Delivered a Terrifying Testimony
  6. Technically-speaking, in a previous post, I already mentioned that I actually liked that acoustic guitar variation of Nadia's Theme in Sharon's scene but there was one weird transition...did anyone notice it? It jumped out at me. We go from seeing Sharon processing her memories of Sully/Christian to Dylan walking to Victor and Nikki's front door and it was this kind of weird Dissolve. I'm not sure whether I like it or not. I'm not sure whether it is retro or trying to be modern but it took me aback a bit, kind of like when you're watching 3D and something onscreen jumps out at you! Like everyone else though, I appreciated the improved styling of the characters and Traci looked great- so much like the Traci I remember growing up that I wondered whether Beth had lost weight but I just think that in the past few years whenever she visited, tptb had her styled very matronly, perhaps in clothes that were too baggy and ill-fitting.
  7. Apparently, Christina McHale is too busy retweeting Ryan Harrison and John Isner to figure out why she can't win matches efficiently or under 5 hours. I will stop bothering with her and her dimming tennis prospects from now on.
  8. I hope this is not true but already it's reminiscent of Russia and their state news vehicle RT. “Trump TV” announces new 24-hour network will get access to White House press briefings
  9. This was definitely a marked difference in tone and if you're going to go sentimental, doing it so close to the holidays is definitely the time to do it. Seriously though, does someone from Y&R read our messageboards because I remember once discussing how much could be accomplished while the Abbotts were simply sitting around the breakfast table and Voila! There was a lot of exposition being delivered by Traci and Jill (and even a bit by Billy in his conversation with Victoria) in their respective scenes but I think it was the necessary thing to do for any viewers who may have only started watching in the last several years and may not be familiar with any of this history- it is kind of re-introducing viewers to the characters that many of us who started watching decades ago would know but not recent viewers. The music cues didn't bother me- I did notice that there was an acoustic take on the Nadia's Theme when Sharon was looking at those old photos, which I thought was a nice subtle touch. A good episode and not one 'one-liner' or snarky remark in sight, proving that it can be done! A few scenes dragged but based on those previews, I actually found myself interested in what would happen in the next episode and I haven't said that in years, it seems!
  10. In the comments section on You Tube, someone brought that wacky jewelry commercial to my attention, what fun! As a kid, I remember that song by Janet Jackson and Herb Alpert and thought it was a clever use of the song in a commercial, lol. They also taked about the semi-incestuous scene between Billy/Beau and Laura. I think we've discussed some similar storylines (Iva and "cousin" Josh/Angel Laing and father Henry Laing) that Marland has done over the years. Seems like there was a progression from pseduo to a real incest story on ATWT. I'm not sure why Marland was fascinated with writing one but maybe it was due to the taboo nature of the topic.
  11. Time Magazine's "Man of the Year".
  12. There is the defense of free speech but history tells us to be wary of when speech crosses the line into action. The problem is that in America, there has been a history of white supremacists also being terrorists. The Klan would most likely be regarded as a white supremacists group yet historically their members were known for committing crimes like cross-burnings on the lawns of Black families in the South, as well as lynchings and kidnappings. Sure, now they are known for marching and meetings in conference suites in federal buildings but White supremacists also have a history of transgressing beyond hateful speech. For someone like me, who would most likely be in their cross-hairs, it becomes muddled and more complex than a simple question of whether they have the right to exist as an entity.
  13. For awhile, it seemed like Becker and Marian Vajda had a good thing going because Vajda didn't want to travel as much and Becker did lift Djokovic to a more consistent player, but I always thought that Vajda was going to be Djoker's main coach, even with Becker's supercoach status. I don't know what 'upset' that balance or if it was just that in the end, Djokovic felt that Becker was never meant to be longterm (over years and years). Several weeks ago, Becker also claimed that he felt Novak became less motivated with that absence of Federer and Nadal. Was that really a factor though??
  14. ICYMI, relying on militias can be a dicey proposition, even when there is little else choice but Libyans are cautiously optimistic about driving out Daesh: Jubilant Libyan Militias Declare Victory Over ISIS in Surt