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  1. Hopefully, just as Victor's memoirs are about to launch, an anniversary edition of Ruthless is put into circulation, along with a surprise appearance by Leanna Love on GC Buzz. This show could use a good surprise right now.
  2. Your two favorites are playing. Kidding but I hear Isner is frustrated. He lost the first set to Johnson.
  3. I guess the problem for me truly is PB because other than getting shot, I have difficulty imagining nowaday's Jack being able to pull most of this off . If Jack got a complete overall and possibly recasted, perhaps I could see this but Jack in his present state is far removed from his days as a dynamo and lothario. I can't pin my hopes on anyone who can be so easily whipped by the likes of Gloria to show enough dynamism to draw both Jill and Hillary.
  4. It's been effective enough in getting some Berniebros to stand down. I've noticed that the two have been presenting a united front since the conclusion of the DNC Chair race. It's certainly better than the contention and open hostility of the Democratic primary several months ago- we all saw what result came of that.
  5. There is some good news on the voter registration (aka, fight against voter suppression) front. Apparently, the number of states that have bills that will expand access to voting/voter registration outnumber those states that seek to restrict voting. Voting Laws Roundup 2017
  6. PB basically. I don't think Jack has been successfully skirt chasing since the 90s. Jack doesn't seem like a step up from Devon at all. At least with Devon and Hillary, it seems like there is something to be gotten out of it on both sides. Anytime someone floats the idea of Jack and Hillary, I only hear what it would do for Jack's character, I never hear what what Hillary gets out of it in terms of storyline. Hillary's her own woman, she shouldn't be presented as just some 'dime piece' that is reviving another character's vitality. We've already been there with Neil and it wasn't pretty. I wasn't fond of the Jack/Sharon pairing but the storyline(s) surrounding them at least gave some rationale to the circumstances. Phyllis and Jack had a bonafide history and Stafford and Bergman did have chemistry, even though Stafford would spurn the pairing in the end. I'm now interested in what specific storyline possibilities do people see for a Hillary/Jack pairing? I can't think of any but maybe someone can convince me otherwise. And I need specific examples. Anytime I comment on characters/pairings, you guys all know I give storyline possibilities (sometimes, at length), so that's what I need to convince me that there would be life to this pairing. Be specific, please.
  7. For me, it's not the age difference, it's the Jack difference.
  8. With all those folks screaming about Benghazi, the silence is deafening in regards to this disastrous raid. A thorough investigation needs to be done on this.
  9. Sorry but I have absolutely no interest in seeing Jack and Hillary together in any romantic capacity. If you think Y&R's ratings are struggling, try a Hillary and Jack pairing and watch it fall further down the tubes. I may be in the minority, but irrespective of storyline, I have no interest in seeing this pairing.
  10. A woman doesn't have to be a social climber to be a vixen. There have been plenty of vixens who built their own careers and maintained independence without marrying 'big'. On Y&R in the 80s, Lauren was a vixen. On ATWT in the 80s, Barbara Ryan was a vixen. Neither women married 'ballers'. Both women had personalities, drive and cunning/manipulation abilities on their own irrespective of who they were dating married to. It would be better if Hillary continued to be a vixen based on her own personality regardless of who she is involved with/married to (the 'social climber' vixen strikes me as very 1960s and out of date), she doesn't have to have anything to do with chasing someone's bank accounts or some status symbols but the writing just has to be there for her to be a modern (gosh, 1980s, at least) vixen.
  11. We're not all obsessed like you @Soapsuds!
  12. There was lots of nipple talk. I didn't notice but then again, I only got to see about a set worth of the match in total.
  13. Two stories of how the new administration's immigration policies are complicating how people perceive immigrants and migrants (in the U.S. and abroad) and how the U.S. regards them. After Kansas Shootings, Indians Are Wary of Coming to U.S. He’s a Local Pillar in a Trump Town. Now He Could Be Deported.
  14. Gabby Giffords chided several Senators and Representatives when she commented that two days after she'd been shot, her office was open to constituents.