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  1. Hilary/MM and Lily/CK have more chemistry than Lily/CK and Cane/DG. Antagonistic chemistry is still chemistry.
  2. A lot of people don't get them, but you really get them, you do! Yes, I loved how the dialogue was written for them. I thought, from the very beginning, it was witty and flirty and sharp. If Kirk and Iva broke up, it should've been temporary. If it ain't broke, why fix it? ATWT used to have such sharp dialogue back then and every character had a distinctive "voice". How every holiday, Bob Hughes would muse on Oakdale's constants in a world of change with that Garrison Keillor type quality. Lucinda waxing poetic in over the top Shakesperean soliliquies that occasionally turned edgy. Lisa doling out nicknames and diminuitives to people she couldn't abide by (Lucy, Johnny, Susie Q). Emma with her homespun musings of the charms and trials of life on the farm. John with his wry manner of expression. Tom and Margo's incisive manner of trading barbs, even when masking inner turmoil. No one character of Oakdale sounded alike!
  3. Trump acting like a "drunk tourist"? Donald Trump acted like 'a drunk tourist' on Europe trip that led Angela Merkel to proclaim end of US alliance
  4. Tiafoe is young and I think, hope will learn from this. Fognini, when he's not tanking sets is a talented player, definitely not a tomato can. Francis has to learn how Fognini operates and not be fooled by his 'tricks' again in future. Donald's match went down to the wire. It was just the type of exceedingly grinding match that Ferrer excels at winning. Given Ferrer's lack of consistency of late, I do agree that I'd be surprised if he got very far in this tournament. Then again, I'd never count out a former finalist and clay is his best surface. Mischa Zverev, who was a finalist days ago, went down in the first round to Napolitano, who I'd barely even heard of. So, it's not just American men. Steve Johnson, who I'm not a fan of, is still in the tournament, despite the loss of his father.
  5. Tiger, Tiger, Tiger!

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      He's been in a not-so-good place for years now. He seems to have been struggling emotionally and physically, to be honest.

    3. ReddFoxx


      His expression in his mugshot looks like he just doesn't even care.

    4. DramatistDreamer


      I'm glad nobody was hurt. These people can afford drivers, I just don't understand the decision to drive while impaired. He's lucky no one got hurt. 

  6. Also America detests dealing honestly with issues of race and the way it is used to marginalize and disempower some. It brings into sharp relief the fact that the notion of being "post-racial" was a myth used to make folks feel better about the scourge of America's "Original Sin" and its legacy. Discussing race and how it is used as a function to wield power while making others feel powerless/worthless over America's history honestly makes many people uncomfortable. Race was used as a tool to keep slavery going over centuries to build America's economic machinery. People, to phrase Jack Nicholson "...can't handle the truth".
  7. I wish there was as much investigation into voter suppression in the 2016 election as there has been of Russian interference.
  8. Marat Safin is out of politics and I couldn't be more thrilled. He used to be one of my favorite players. Marat Safin gives up his seat in the Russian Parliament
  9. Whoever made the decision, it couldn't have been Marland, could it? He was dead by then, no?
  10. On some level Lisa Brown had to have enjoyed playing a character that was much different from Nola, at least for awhile. Having written (and still writing) for actors, they really seem to crave variety in what roles they play. I'm thinking that for at least the first 4 or 5 years in the role, Brown probably felt very stimulated to play a character that had such a different trajectory than that of Nola Reardon on GL. I do think that that Iva was meant to be a 'put upon' character for a few years but what confused me (and ultimately disappointed me) was what happened to the character after she was supposed to have come into 'her own'. By the time she met Kirk Anderson, pairing just seemed so smart--it was funny and passionate and had some much witty banter (the dialogue in some of their scenes was reminiscent of Billy Wilder films) . I cannot figure out why Marland decided to undo all that, especially by crippling Iva emotionally, especially after she and Kirk had already consummated their relationship. And to throw it away and then put Kirk and Ellie together, especially since the pairing of Ellie and Kirk just never worked for me. I remember Tom Wiggins in later interviews, questioning why Iva and Kirk were split up as he said that the pairing was highly popular with fans. Years after he'd left the show, he claimed to have encountered fans that mentioned how much they liked Iva and Kirk as a couple and disliked the couple being broken up. Wiggins mentioned the chemistry between he and Lisa Brown. Looking back, another thing that irritated me is that Iva seemed to get the less attractive recasts of a character- from sexier Tad Channing to older, Tad who had absolutely no redeeming qualities. Then there was the younger, more attractive Jason Benedict but then by the time he and Iva met, he was already transformed to a less dapper, less attractive Jason Benedict. Then adding insult to injury, Kirk and Ellie ran out of storyline possibilities and broke up.
  11. Grigor is known for doing this with the other French players since he used to be coached by Mouratoglu, he's friends with many of the French players.
  12. President Lawsuit has more litigation, this time as a result of his abhorrent campaign rallies. I hope there are more to come, especially from people who were assaulted at his rallies. A Trump Campaign Rally Led to Shoving, and Legal Wrangling, Too
  13. Yeah, unless it's a tour de force filmed on 3 continents, I think we can assume that there were likely a host of problems that delayed this production.