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  1. I cannot wait until October ends. All of these different entities trying desperately to come up with an October Surprise and they're all flopping.
  2. A lot of Republican women may be abandoning the GOP, and they may not return. Abandoning Donald Trump and, for Some Women, the G.O.P., Too Very interesting stats... Hillary Clinton Leads by 7 Points in Pennsylvania Poll
  3. Most articles that I've read have stated that that GOP will lose the Senate and Republicans are preparing for this. They may barely be able to hold onto the House. Everywhere I've read has reported that most Repbublican Senators believe the Senate is lost to them and they're strategizing on what to do.
  4. They say sunlight is the most effective disinfectant, so I'm glad there is more consistent reporting of voter suppression efforts going on under cover of darkness but still, it is so disheartening and I hope this forces greater scrutiny of the GOP and helps restore voting registration rights to everyone unfairly targeted. Trump campaign boasts of ‘major voter suppression’ effort targeting women and black people North Carolina Republicans Tried to Disenfranchise a 100-Year-Old African-American Woman
  5. This is a bit disheartening but I guess the suppression continues in other ways. As ID Laws Fall, Voters See New Barriers Rise
  6. ICYMI, Marco Rubio got booed at a festival called Calle Orange (Orange St.) last weekend. Attempting To Woo Latino Voters, Marco Rubio Gets Booed At Orlando Festival
  7. @ChitHappens, I'm no fan of Konta nor her shady strategically timed bathroom breaks. Her overly dainty service motion has really started to bother me. I know a few tennis fans from the U.K. who complain about growing weary of Konta due to her being overhyped by the British press. I recently had to remind some Serena fans that Serena has been playing (and winning) matches for 20 years now and she just may need a bit more time to recover and refresh the mind and the body and as youthful as Serena appears to be, that level of play takes a toll on the body. This is why I've always said that to me, it does not matter whether she ties or exceeds Steffi's record, there will always be people who will complain that it's not enough, that she needs to do more. I've even heard "fans" grumbling and claiming that had she applied herself she could have/should have had 30 majors. Are these people f***ing serious?! Like Andy Roddick recently said, people don't appreciate what an achievement it is to win one major title, let alone 22 major singles titles? And if you count doubles (which are also very important to her), she's already exceeded 30. That's why I say, she should just do what makes her happy and forget other people's expectations, including fans. From what I saw of that Serena documentary, she spent most of 2015 getting sick due to stress from carrying hers and everybody else's expectations all at once. Something had to give. In her Instagram videos, she looks very happy, so good for her! Speaking of people's expectations and fans talking, boy are people speculating about Venus and Lewis Hamilton! I assumed they were just friends when someone posted pictures of them at some party over the summer but Vee was at some big race of his and when he won and embraced her in the garage after the race, the rumor mill went into overdrive! Someone even claimed that they held hands. Some Formula 1 fans were pissed because a reporter approached Venus during Hamilton's race and she basically declined to be interviewed. She had on a dark hat and dark glasses, I think she was trying to go unnoticed. Hamilton, who has also been criticized by the British press, I think got a kick out of Vee snubbing a reporter and proceeded to tweet his thanks for her being there and celebrating with him. Feliciano Lopez sounds like he's having Twitter sex with Andrea Petkovic. I'm going to start calling him Deliciano Lop-sex. Between intense twitter flirtations and pictures of him with apparent morningwood (or is it evening), he just seems to be setting thirst-traps wherever he goes. In actual tennis, lots of people losing matches. Raonic and Grigor lost early in Basel, Stan barely hangs in. After Muguruza and Halep talked all that mess about others stepping up in Serena's absence, they've each lost already at the WTA Finals (they're lucky it's Round Robin). Thiem is probably going to fall out from playing way too many matches- he's becoming a regular Davydenko. I'm on Kei watch to see if his body holds up or will he be covered in Scotch tape and kinesio tape by the WTF in London.
  8. Randomly came across this article written six years ago and I need to clarify one thing: did Eileen Fulton originate the "Granny Clause" or not? The article states that she is "credited with inventing the soap industry's 'granny clause' in the late 1960s..." http://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/07/arts/television/07soap.html?_r=0 Since Carly came along in 1995, like 2 years after Marland's death that might be a bit of a stretch, no? According to Wikipedia, the creation of Carly is attributed to Richard Culliton, although Wikipedia may not be the definitive source but I think it was @DRW50 who mentioned that Marland generally liked to write his leading ladies and vixen as cool and stoic, while Carly was fiery. A Bit of Trivia: Does anyone know about a character by the name of Mark Galloway? Apparently Anthony Herrera play him in '74 and '75 before he ever played James Stenbeck. I'm intrigued.
  9. Oh, I've been seeing article after article about the modest ways in which individuals are boycotting Trump products. From the once faithful customers who now refuse to purchase his ties and are destroying or selling what they have. To the women who have bought, then immediately set about returning dresses and shoes from Ivanka's clothing line. To the avid golfers who are refusing to book vacations at his golf resort, choosing other alternatives instead. Not to mention the small companies and startups that are refusing to book their conventions and meetings at the hotels that bear his name. I read that New Yorker article about the travails of his DC hotel, I am also reading about tenants in the NYC towers that bear his name (most of which he no longer owns, but leases his name to the owners) are sending petitons to the rest of the building's occupants to get the Trump name removed from the buildings, some already removing the Trump name from welcome mats in front of the building as well as from the uniform from doormen and building staff. But I guess Trump has found another hobby to pursue other than the presidency, a TV station as I read that he's already tested out a model on Facebook Live yesterday. It's only his followers who think that Trump is devoted to helping anything other than his own bank account. He is truly odious. I've believed this since I was a kid and saw him on the news bellowing about executing teenagers and I will always believe it.
  10. For me, it's not about Trump's days of debauchery but the fact that he lies about everything (he's even lied under oath while giving a deposition) and even more than that he has shown himself to be utterly offensive in every conceivable way. He (along with his father) used Trump rental properties to openly discriminate against swaths of people based solely on color. He has cheated vendors and people who have done business with him in good faith. He has promoted openly racist, sexist, xenophobic and otherwise offensive proposals and made false statements repeatedly, even after his statements have been proven false. He has quoted white supremacists and retweeted white nationalist and used Nazi imagery during his campaign. As a woman and a person of color, I could never waste my vote even considering this man for any job in public service, let alone the highest one in the land. His debauched days are the least of what's wrong with this man. If I were a Republican and I had to choose between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, I'd choose NEITHER. Ironic to read your post @quartermainefan, after having just read this Op-Ed. I wasn't going to post it but I have changed my mind because it seems very appropriate after having read your post. Dear Republican Voters ... OMG, replace the candidate's names, the dates and the site of the convention and this commercial is so utterly prescient. Incredible!
  11. This foreign donor scandal has been brewing for some time but gets little media attention, it seems. Exclusive investigation: Donald Trump faces foreign donor fundraising scandal
  12. I like reading Charles Blow's Op-Ed pieces. I hope he does more videos on Facebook, they were a hoot! I've been reading recently about POTUS' post presidential plans and although many wouldn't consider it 'sexy' political work, it is very impactful and therefore, I find it highly interesting. Obama’s post-presidency political focus: Redistricting
  13. How can a billionaire who owes taxes still be allowed to run for governor...anywhere? I don't care whether he's Democrat or Republican, that is ridiculous! I guess only in coal country with a coal magnate. Ugh. West Virginia candidate for governor owes millions in taxes
  14. Oops, I forgot to state this, thanks for reminding me. I will edit and add the name. Re: the question of whether Jack/Carly were Caleb/Julie knockoffs. I say mostly no but I'm just going to put it out there: I think had Julie stayed on, there would be no Carly. The fun in having the Julie character around is that she would sorta be reformed (as another poster put it) but not entirely. Julie was always going to have slip ups, often times money related, as Carly often did. One character would've been redundant with both on the show. As for Caleb and Jack, the cop thing is just too similar, although their personalities...not so much. I will say this-- when Jack first came on the show, TPTB gave Jack a slightly shady side. Yes, most likely it was due to Jack's being an agent but they clearly tried out a much 'darker' Jack in the beginning, similar to the type of leanings of Caleb (Michael David Morrison). I don't no whether they were conscious of this but at some point, they clearly put a stop to it and decided to make Jack a stand-up "G Man". Michael David Morrison had irrefutable, off the charts, chemistry with Susan Marie Snyder, which I just don't think carried over when Graham Winton took over the role. Unfortunately soaps were too much into the Super Couple phenomenon (which helped, then hurt soaps) and probably saw the minimal chemistry between Snyder and Winton and eventually decided to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Instead of saving Julie, decided to toss her. By the way, I have a question: Speaking of Carly, does anyone think that Linc Lafferty's wife (the blonde) may have been an early prototype for Carly? Not exactly the same (Linc's wife was a lot more ruthless) but scheming and driven. By the time Carly was introduced, the character type was a lot more nuanced and some of those rough edges had been sharpened considerably. ETA. I meant that the rough edges had been refined considerably and the Carly character was sharper. You've a point @P.J. , I think that Lisa was probably the prototype for a lot of young, restless 'bad girls' about Oakdale, Carly, Julie (down to the redhair) are two examples. Kind of a shame that while so many know who Erica Kane is, so few seem to know about Lisa Miller who came before. To me, it just speaks to how 'under the radar' ATWT was in terms of promotion and press. Lisa never got into the culture the way an Erica Kane did, I guess sometimes timing is everything.
  15. I was about to say, consider the source (*coughs* Breitbart), who is not above/below distorting information. In any case, if something is truly 'amiss' as the article claims, then it is the responsibility of the Governor (who also happens to be a Republican) to fix it. Having dead registered voters on the roles indicates a lack of administrative oversight. Now, if many of those dead registered voters are actually voting, that is an entirely separate (and worrying issue) and two voters hardly qualify as worrying. What's more, the post (I won't even call it an article) didn't mention what party those two dead voters were affiliated with, had they been Democrats, don't you think the post would've mentioned this? I call foul on that post, "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing".