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  1. There were jokes going around yesterday that her fiance Alexis had better take her dog Chip with him and sleep on the couch for the rest of the tournament.
  2. The ex governor of North Carolina is such a small and petty man. McCrory didn't hand over social media keys to Cooper
  3. Perhaps, after they've tried to strip other things out and are unsuccessful. That will depend on how vociferously the public fights it. As it is now, they're already experimenting with taking Medicaid to grant blocks assigned to states, instead of federal funding. This would be a big change with the possibility to inflict damage on states that have large ratios of very vulnerable people.
  4. Trump’s health care plan would repeat the failures of welfare reform
  5. Just read an article showing the list of lies that Spicer and Kellyanne (Ms. "Alternative Facts") Conjob have been spouting over the last several days. This administration is definitely now known as the Compulsive Liars Club. They make demonstrably false statements that are easily proven false, possibly as a diversion tactic in order to obfuscate, confuse and muddle while they proceed to wreck the ACA, Medicaid (with their disastrous idea of 'block grants') and civil rights policies.
  6. So when is Trump going to divest himself of his company holdings? Because until that paperwork gets filed in those three states, he's still in violation of the rule. A few weeks ago, I read all about how a certain peanut farmer had to give up his business for the Presidency, so why should any one president be an exception to this rule?
  7. Has this been posted? Well, this is interesting but hardly surprising.
  8. This is why I cannot feel sorry for Melania, check her spouting her hubby's birtherism remarks at 1:54
  9. Having Devon trying to trick Hillary is a terrible idea.
  10. It's not old but if you're stuck in a 1984 mentality, like McEnroe, you were practically chased into retirement by then. Maybe this will be the year people finally stop taking McEnroe's words as gospel.
  11. Probably Wimblegeddon- that year that a whole lot of players crashed out in the first week, a few years ago. Nothing else comes to mind.
  12. Stacey Dash was a tool. Everyone knew this except for, maybe, Stacey Dash. Besides, now that FoxNews Channel's preferred party managed to secure the WH and Congress, while riding on a wave of hate, they no longer have to pretend to tolerate Dash and those of her ilk. They can now pretend to hate celebrities again, even ones on the D List like Stacey. Don't know whether I posted this but apparently a bakery confirmed that they made the Trump inaugural cake and that they were asked to copy Obama's inaugural cake (is there no end to the plagiarism with Trump folks?) but apparently the cake was hollow and had styrofoam on the inside- a very fitting analogy for what we can expect from this administration. Interesting take on the neo Nazi punch heard/seen around the world.
  13. The Trumpkins won't care about this, but On his first day in office, Trump broke 34 promises It's utterly ridiculous that anyone would make promises to complete over three dozen acts on the first day in office but sanity won't apply with this administration.
  14. I didn't even know that Madonna had appeared until I saw a headline on news homepage online. I guess a lot of people were talking about it, but not in my particular circles. On an international note, the former president of Gambia, Yahya Jammeh has finally conceded (after the African Union, the UN warned that they would intervene and several of his cabinet ministers resigned, etc). A flood of people had crossed over into bordering countries like Senegal as a peremptive measure, fearing violence, while Adama Barrow, the newly elected president, went to Senegal for security reasons, to be sworn in as president. It was feared that Jammeh might have the military at his disposal but several military were quoted as expressing confusion over the fact that they seemed to have two commanders-in-chief, and they can only serve one commander-in-chief at a time. As I read about Jammeh boarding a plane for an unknown destination I thought "what a shame that a president can stay in so long and have his constituents get so sick of him, that they want him removed from the country, he cannot even stay in his country, that's how bad he made things!" It also made me reflect on the fact that President Obama was always cognizant of the fact that many of his detractors would be only too eager to label him as an 'African dictator', of sorts, which is why he never even entertained the idea of staying on and made an extra point of using words like "citizen" when talking about what he planned to do next. (I remember his speech in Ethiopia where he only half-joking talked about being perplexed about why certain leaders would want to be president for decades when for him, two terms was enough and how he looked forward to a post presidency where he could go to a beach somewhere and relax while drinking from a coconut--many people cheered this as they themselves were from countries that had experienced dictatorships and "presidents for life"). Of course, reasonable people know the U.S. has term limits but like the nutters screaming about Obamacare 'death panels' and Kenya, there were bound to be people who actually believed he would try to wrest control of the presidency for longer than two terms because they simply "didn't trust that man". To their chagrin, Obama left in the same elegant fashion that he entered the presidency.
  15. Yeah, but there has often been a considerably large (though not majority) faction in the Philippines that has been fairly anti-American for decades. What has changed is Duterte's opinion of the man occupying the White House. Unstable recognizes unstable. Speaking of yesterday's march, There is an article in NYMag that Jared Kushner's brother was spotted at the Women's march. Not really surprising, since I heard that the family is split ideologically, if you can call it that- basically Jared has split off from the views of several family members including his brother.