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  1. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic The Rihanna Thread   

    Didn't Tidal mess up the roll out or something?  I think I read somewhere that Tidal accidentally released early (i.e. 'leaked') some songs (or something) before the time, so Rihanna had to go with it and release the album.  I think the free downloads may have been Rihanna's attempt to manage the situation.
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  2. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    Bernie Sanders is in Harlem today, which should be interesting since downown Harlem was once the location of Bill Clinton's office.  I have thoughts but I'm going to hold my tongue and juust wait to see how this goes...
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  3. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic As The World Turns Discussion Thread   

    I'm watching episodes from 1990 with Heather Rattray and perhaps this has been discussed before (please tell me if it was) but I'm wondering whether there would have been less or little to no backlash if TPTB had waited a little while longer before recasting Rattray in the role?  I'm comparing it to Frannie and I think Mary Ellen Stuart worked pretty well because there was a period of time where we didn't see JM's Frannie, plus I think because Frannie had been recasted a few times in the past viewers may have been more open to a new actress in the role.  Martha Byrne was only the 2nd Lily and she was the one to play most of the events in the Lily's life.
    And the shift in Lily's personality, from naive young woman to sophisticated and worldly  femme fatale aspiring business mogul must have been jarring for some fans of the Lily character.  Taken in isolation, those scenes between Heather and Burke Moses are fantastic (as well as her scenes with Michael David Morrison and Elizabeth Hubbard), and Lily's champagne scene with Sean Baxter, with her blunt manner of seduction but it is a vast departure from the Lily last seen a very short while ago.  Contrast that with the Frannie character, who also underwent a shift (somehow I couldn't imagine JM's Frannie having such a big fallout with her sister Barbara) but her shift was gradual with a lot of time for viewers to get used to it that by the time Frannie and Barbara had become mutual antagonists.  Although, I have to be honest, I was never too keen on what was once a very tight sisterly bond being dissolved like that.
    Remember when some of us were wishing that Iva had not been written to put everyone else's happiness above her own?  I was just thinking, what if Iva had interrupted Kirk and Ellie's wedding?  I think that could have been cool as hell and Lisa Brown, Tom Wiggin and Renée Props probably would have played it wonderfully.  And someone should've stopped that tacky azz wedding anyway.
    I feel badly for Casey who doesn't feel comfortable in some social situations.  Too bad those robotic arms were not in use back when this storyline was being written.  Casey would not have been so self-conscious about eating in public.  Did Bill Shanks decide to leave the show or did they just decide to end Casey?  I thought there was plenty of story left for the character.  Oh well.
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  4. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic Soap Stars - Where are they now?   

    This is a clip from the play Margaret Colin and Tom Wiggins (Margo Hughes #1 & Kirk Anderson, ATWT) are in, City of Conversation.
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  5. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic Y&R: February 2016 Discussion Thread   

    If they had brought back a Brooks descendant to revive the publishing/newspaper industry in GC, as some have suggested, there could have been a parellel story with a reporter (perhaps the Brooks character) investigating Fairview (undercover maybe ?).  Y&R used to do complex stories, way back when, even the B story had more to it than what was on the surface.  
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  6. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    That clip of Jeb Bush speaking in New Hampshire and pretty much pleading with the audience to applaud something he just said was funny and pathetic all at the same time.
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  7. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic As The World Turns Discussion Thread   

    Yeah, I have to agree that the writers' lack of intense storylines for the older characters toward the end of the show's run spared them from a lot of potentially character annihilating storylines.  A good writer would've been able to put them in the midst of active storylines without putting them OOC but we know good writers were almost completely nonexistent toward the end.
    This is probably going to be an unpopular opinion but I'm not even sure that Lily and Holden should ever wind up together, their indecisive ending actually appeared true to form when you think about their history as a couple- they spent enormous amounts of time apart, were married to others at least twice,etc.  They spent so much time "on the outs" with each other that it seemed fitting that as the show was ending, they were again "on the outs" , with a slight possibility of reconcilation. To a lesser extent, Carly and Jack would've been headed in that same direction since that seemed all the writers were capable of at that point.  They only seemed capable of creating these convoluted make up to break up storylines.  I guess that was the one saving grace of the old characters being somewhat neglected at that stage.
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  8. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic Guiding Light discussion thread   

    I loved Rusty and Mindy too.  Now that these shows are off the air, I wonder if asked, would these actors spill all the tea?
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  9. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic As The World Turns Discussion Thread   

    It's amazing how consistent a character Susan Stewart was through various regimes.  Actually characters like Bob, Kim and even John (with the exception of a wayward storyline here or there) were remarkably consistent over decades.  My one quip is that the final decade, the writers made Susan quite oblivious with the Dr. Rick Decker storyline but the writing was far from top shelf at that point.  But when you compare these characters with characters like Craig, whom they took a sledgehammer to in the final decade and even having Barbara jump out of windows, many of the characters who were created in the 60s and 70s remained pretty true to their personalities-- you didn't see a whole lot of OOC stories.
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  10. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    I'm not sure the campaign knows best how to utilize Bill.  The media is no better.  One day, I read an article praising Bill for a new understated style where he puts the focus on Hillary and apparently away from himself.  The day after next, I read an article that claims that Bill is too understated and seems to be holding back.  No one wants to admit that Bill was very effective when he related policy to the public by using stories and anecdotes that personalized facts and figures, he made what seemed to be impersonal very personal.  He's probably been instructed to tamp down on all that.  And Bill became very effective at going into attack mode, especially the years when he went up against Republican opposition but he has to check his instincts to go on the offensive and try to land the first political punches or else, we get statements like the one he made in 2008 (the fairy tale remarks).
    Hillary needs someone who can be fiery and energize her followers and undecided voters but it can't really be Bill and when Hillary tries to do it, it often comes out forced or just plain shouty.
    Bill is in kind of a weird and unprecedented position.  Has there ever been a case where a former President of the U.S. is campaigning on behalf of his wife's presidential bid?  How does Bill be the campaigner that people expect, the campaigner he was known for during his '92 campaign, while not taking the focus from Hillary?  Seems like they have yet to find the right balance.  And judging from the remarks in the media, no one really knows how to effectively do this.
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  11. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    You're welcome, @marceline.  I must admit to being a bit embarrassed by that typo though.  Roll, not role.  In my defense though, I was headed out and away from my desk when I was typing this.  The only thing I didn't mention though, is that many younger Cuban Americans, despite the vast majority believing the embargo needs to be done away with, many feel a bit conflicted with having diverging views than their parents.  I once had a conversation with a guy whose parents are Cuban and he ddn't really know why the embargo was still in place but he felt that he had to respect the fact that his parents were vehemently anti-Castro and didn't want to be in disagreement with them, so he openly expressed ambivalence about the entire situation.  
    I'm glad I helped clarify a bit.  
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  12. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    @quartermainefan, Rubio is trying to curry favor with the 'old guard' of Cuban expatriates who are staunchly anti-Castro and pro-blockade, even past the point of it making sense.  
    Many young Cuban Americans are in favor of opening diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba and putting an end to the blockade because it has not worked.  Many of the 'old guard' expatriates will not be satisfied until Cuba is (re)made in the way they want it to be re(made).  I used to have relatives who lived/worked and went to medical school in Cuba and I know from conversations that the young people in Cuba, while they don't really care for Castro, they also fear that the ex-patriates from the U.S. will try to come in and take over the country and make it into a Miami-satellite.  And while they want more personal freedoms (which are currently happening very very slowly), they don't want to lose certain things like their education and health systems or what they refer to as their sense of Cubanísmo.
    But in short, I think that many of the ex-patriates want things all their way or no-way at all.  By the way, many people would have you believe that every Cuban migrated to the U.S. to get away from Castro, but I know people whose relatives left while Batista was still in power.  Batista, that was backed by the U.S., was utterly corrupt, and while it was profitable for many U.S. businessmen, a select group of wealthy Cubans and some U.S. mobsters, the average Cuban felt humiliation at how they felt they were being treated.  Had Batista governed with a modicum of integrity, Castro would never have been able to role into the city from the countryside- there would be no Castro as president.
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  13. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic The Tennis Thread   

    Good point, @Soapsuds!  I'd forgotten how both tend to play rope a dope.  Simon seems to sustain it a bit better than Murray, maybe because most of Simon's matches tend to go the distance, while Murray tends to play a bit more efficiently over the past few years.  Even his losses to Nolé take less time.
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  14. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic The Tennis Thread   

    For some reason, Murray vs. Djokovic has become a bad match for Murray.  And yes, it has been boring to watch the last several times I've watched them, especially in the Slams.  Funny to think that Simon came the closest to being a real challenge to Nolé during the entire tournament.
    Seeing the women, not just in Oz but in other tournaments, upset the status quo and go for the upsets, I wonder when the guys are going to do likewise.  The men appear to be too respectful of the hierarchy and status right now.
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  15. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic The Tennis Thread   

    Did anybody watch the Men's Final?  Anybody?
    I woke up in time to see that Djokovic was up 2 sets to 0 and seriously wondered whether it was worth it to watch.  Murray had broken back and I decided to try to watch what turned out to be the Final Set, nodding off along the way.  As soon as the last ball had been struck (an Ace by Djokovic), I was already closing out browsers and getting ready to shutdown my computer.  I didn't watch the Trophy presentation, I just went back to sleep.
    The Women's Final, which I got a chance to watch the last 2 sets was much much more entertaining.  I'm not casting aspersions on either guy, it was what it was and that is not very entertaining and for me, not worth getting up at 5:30 in the morning for.
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