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  1. LOL, Trump, claiming a "jobs initiative" is taking credit for the Foxconn initiative that started at least a year ago. He's got nothin'! The Trumpists are eating it up.
  2. Has anyone heard the rumor that Rex Tillerson may be considering leaving? That vacay may be starting to make sense.
  3. He also used to do recaps that came on the radio. I remember hearing a few in the 90s. Does anyone remember that?
  4. I've posted it a few times on this board so I'll probably have to PM you when I get the chance so I don't take up more space in this thread. I'll see if I can find the post.
  5. Tweeting is what passes for working toward actual legislation these days. Funny how when the obstructionist GOP dominated Congress tried to block Obama at every turn, they simultaneously criticized him for using Executive Order as a last resort but no one says a mumbling word now that Trump, with a Republican majority Congress and right leaning judiciary, uses EO as a first resort, without bothering to work toward consensus. Trolls want to try to reach and criticize Obama for vacations but if you look at what legislation Obama passed and was actively working toward passing in his first seven months and what Trump has done (without Executive Order), Trump doesn't even rate. But Trumpians are never interested in facts unless they're alternative ones, I guess. Interesting that the Pentagon has issued a statement that they had nothing to do with the transgender decision, so whether Trump can actually accomplish this ban by fiat (his perferred method- like I said previously, he's lazy) or not, is a legit question.
  6. I actually proposed a lengthy treatment/treastise on this and even wrote it out in detail for that Y&R Survey many of us took almost two years ago. Took complicated and too much research for TPTB, I guess.
  7. 16 minutes ago, Vee said: I didn't mean you.
  8. Did I say it was? Trump and genius are two words that you will never hear me utter in the same sentence. Of course, it's a distraction...still the timing of the tweet is quite the coincidence. malicious intent and active distraction are not necessarily mutually exclusive.
  9. I kinda love it too. Cane has been far less dull when being something of a lout.
  10. Trump also issued this announcement while the Secretary of Defense is on Vacation (because when are these Trumpsters not on vacay?) And here comes the topper: This announcement comes on the very date in history that Truman issued a proclamation integrating the Armed Services. How's that for irony? Yes, it is a distraction but it is not only malicious but precisely crafted and timed- much better than any of the lousy shambolic, piss poor healthcare replacement bills that they've been trotting out. Priorities, I guess.
  11. That Philippoussis news is so disturbing on so many levels. Turning to a different topic, Novak Djokovic is done for the rest of the season. Novak ends 2017 season due to elbow injury Wonder whether we'll be getting news on Andy Murray soon?
  12. Boehner predicts Republicans will ‘never’ repeal and replace Obamacare By the way, I just saw a CNN clip with an interview with Rep. Mark Sandford. He essentially agrees with Boehner.
  13. The Trump administration has to be the laziest collection of people in the White House in modern history.
  14. Trumpkins will believe anything.