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  1. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic B&B: Promo "An Indecent Proposal"   

    Since soaps now utilize a director in name only, can B&B get Susan Flannery to work behind the scenes as an acting coach for the actors who play Zende and Thomas?
    I feel like Thomas has gotten better when he plays angry but from I feel like anger may be the easiest emotion for an actor to portray.  With proper coaching and direction, I feel most of these guys/gals on soaps can become at least proficient onscreen.  Like I always say, if Jon Hensley can become a decent soap actor, any of these other guys can!
    With Rick & Maya, I feel B&B's desperation to get them back into story, but it can be an interesting twist.  Maybe Mama and Papa Avant will make an appearance.  We can all guess what Papa A.'s feelings would be on this, while perhaps Mrs. A would be more diplomatic while still seeing her youngest as too young to do this.  Maybe in the end Mrs. A could be the one to strike a comprise-- Nicole's eggs but use an experienced surrogate.
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  2. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic B&B: October Discussion Thread   

    You know what?  I actually hadn't thought of that one.  That's kinda brilliant, Cheap!
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  3. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic Soap Stars - Where are they now?   

    Oh cool, I remember her.
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  4. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic As The World Turns Discussion Thread   

    It's funny how even though I was a bit too young to fully appreciate ATWT in '83, by '84 I could grasp more of the stories (by '85, I was hooked-lol) somehow, I always remember the Ariel character. 
    Watching this episode made me wish ATWT had brought the character of Ariel back, even occasionally, the way the show often brought Penny and Don Hughes back every now and then. 
    It might have been interesting to have Paul (and even Barbara) interact with James' sister, while still hating James.  Later on, when the show brought James' mother on during Paul's murder trial, she seemed delusional so it might have provided a nice counterweight to have one member of that family that was clear eyed (Ariel had great eyes, by the way) where James was concerned, rather than make everyone in James' family look delusional.
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  5. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic B&B: October Discussion Thread   

    They could make him a villain but if they make him look like a rapist or even any hint of him taking advantage of a woozy, drugged up Caroline, his character will be very limited in the long run.  I'm all for dark characters but give them complexity.  If they write him too far to the dark side, he won't be a fully viable character.  Anyway, JMO but I don't think BB is good enough of a writer to pull off a villain who won't be marginalized in the long term story-wise.   Then He'll only try to rehab Thomas' character eventually anyway.
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  6. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic B&B: October Discussion Thread   

    Yeah, big mistake in the leery way Thomas has been written.  I still think it's connected to them not taking the time to develop the character and failing to let things unfold organically. 
    There needs to be a twist somewhere in this storyline.  Maybe Caroline recalls what happened in bed with Thomas and to her horror recalls that she was the aggressor in bed.  Something to backtrack on the image of Thomas that they've created.  Instead of making him a charismatic cad, they make him look like an ogre and not the Shrek kind either.  Either fix the character or send him back to Paris.
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  7. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic B&B: October Discussion Thread   

    Yes, Steffy does come off as the elder sibling.  I definitely think that Thomas' character is underdeveloped and  the result is the he comes off as being immature.  This entire storyline with him being Caroline's baby daddy is being rushed and I really think it's all on account of B&B hitting the panic button due to all their other storylines going absolutely nowhere.  This one seems like it too will come to a screeching halt sooner or later.
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  8. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic B&B: October Discussion Thread   

    TK's acting choice to sit down on the floor was interesting, to say the least (lol).  I think the pregnancy/paternity reveal and resolution happened too fast also but I think B&B probably felt desperate to provide some movement on something after so many stalled storylines.  
    Kind of seems like a mistake to not cultivate Thomas' character a bit more, maybe even build a more solid friendship between Caroline and Thomas so that there would be more of an inner conflict with Caroline when Ridge suggests that they never tell Thomas the truth.  Caroline protested a little but her argument about Thomas being her friend rang hollow to me.  
    There is one possibility that might interest me, if they take this route-- if Brooke places herself in the Stephanie role.  Remember when Brooke was preggars with Deacon's baby and didn't want anyone (least of all Bridget) to find out?   I don't expect Brooke to be as judgemental and rough as Stephanie but perhaps maybe while people expect Brooke to blab, she actually becomes oddly supportive to Caroline-- and then support turns to controlling behavior on Brooke's part.  Of course, when the truth comes out, fingers may point to Brooke because perhaps Brooke has expressed to Caroline that these secrets always come out and continues to try to get her to consider telling the truth- but it'd be more interesting if the truth were revealed to Thomas through Steffy, or some unexpected source.
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  9. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic Y&R: October 2015 Discussion thread   

    I had low expectations so when I watched online, the episode wasn't as bad as I expected, although it did sag mid-way through to the end. 
    Y&R was never one of those 'warm' and hearthy daytime dramas but I was surprised by how cold and distant some of these scenes seemed.  Maybe it was just me but that scene between Nikki, Nick, Sage and Victoria seemed kind of soulless.  Sage went up and down between seemingly angelic and demonic, and that was, er, interesting in the acting choices, but it was at least not boring.  And Nick's sense of wariness and fatigue did come across very clearly (though we know it won't be long until he's on top of somebody again) but Nikki seemed oddly detached.  If you didn't know these characters and you just tuned in, Nikki's relationship to Nick might not be clear.  You could've switched Nikki out for any number of other characters, deliver pretty much the same lines and the sentiment would've been pretty much the same.
    I got that same feeling with a few scenes in this episode, like Victor and Phyllis, for example.  These scenes lacked specificity-- you could've plugged in different combinations of characters and the effect would be pretty much the same.  
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  10. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic Soap Stars - Where are they now?   

    Don't judge me but I kinda loved this (lol)!  It was oddly meta and everyone committed to acting out the lyrics.  
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  11. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic As The World Turns Discussion Thread   

    Pam was a role that could've been expanded.  I liked Pam too-- was it Robin Morse's choice to leave or was it storyline dictated?  As much as I love 1980s soap, I think because the storylines were often so sweeping, writers seemed to have difficulty writing industrious characters and making them flawed-- Pam was one example.  As likeable as the actress was and with all that was put into making people care about the character, Pam was destined to always be the confidante and the best friend.  I did like the friendship between Meg and Pam though, especially since there was a time when I thought it was impossible for Meg to ever have a female friend or any friend, for that matter.   
    Jennifer Ashe was terrific in those scenes as Meg after the miscarriage.  Her hospital scene with Margo was very poignant and it reached back to Margo's miscarriage and her bedside scenes with Iva.  Soaps just don't do that type of detail anymore.  
    The Meg character really matured from a girl to a woman, all within the space of a year.  Lily was a pretty straight-forward character but Meg, at least back then had far more complexity, I think.  As I've said before, I didn't care for that Josh/Meg relationship (I think the Snyders clan had too many pseudo-incestuous relationships going on), but the actors performed great and Ashe was particularly standout in '88.  
    Iva and Kirk were quite passionate.  It was the one time that Iva was not written as a sad sack in a relationship, she was quite fiery.  
    Melanie Smith's Emily was the most complex the character of Emily would ever be, I think.  
    ATWT had a boatload of talent in the 1980s, it makes me wonder whether they had any trouble keeping actors on the show.
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  12. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic As The World Turns Discussion Thread   

    I'm bingeing on those same group of storylines, NBA!
    That episode when Duncan found Tonio's battered and limp body in front of Lillith's door.  The expression on Lillith's face did make me giggle a little, though.  Duncan showed more sympathy than she did.  Not only did Lillith look at Tonio like she didn't know him from a can of paint but she looked like, if she could, she would've kicked Tonio's limp body over in front of someone else's door.  I know she was trying to convince Duncan that she and Tonio were strangers (rather than potential bedroom buddies) but she couldn't even muster a look of shock or sympathy over Tonio's unconscious body.  
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  13. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic LATEST RATINGS: Bad Week For Y&R/GH/B&B   

    I'm not even a Days viewer but I think it's awesome that Days was the sole gainer this week.  I don't watch GH but I have suffered through watched B&B this week and they deserve to drop.  Y&R, I can't bother with these days but from reading the spoilers several times a week, Y&R is richly deserving of its ratings dump.
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  14. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic Oregon school shooting - at least 7-10 dead, 20 injured   

    Are you kidding me???!!I
    I haven't been able to watch any news and haven't been on social media most of the day so I had no clue that this happened!  To say this is awful is an understatement.  For me, this will never not be shocking!  
    Does anyone else fear for our collective future in this country with so much unchecked and random gun violence?
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  15. DramatistDreamer added a post in a topic Soap Stars - Where are they now?   

    Anyone who has PBS Channel 13/WNET can see Tonya Lee Pinkins (ATWT/AMC) in the play Rasheeda Speaks.  Hopefully it will also be available on the Thirteen.org website afterward.
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