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  1. No doubt Barbara will be laughing about it live on The View the day after the live boardroom.
  2. I used to LOVE Liz. Even when she was being a hypocrite and looking down on frenemies and bitches like Gia and Carly. But Liz is completely useless. She's a brood mare and all she ever does is just run around town trying to keep her vagina warm. It's embarrassing for her and it's annoying for me as a viewer.
  3. Yep. I still think Disney will sell ABC at some point. After they've raped their sports department for ESPN, of course. I'd love to see Wal-Mart buy ABC. It'd be unexpected, trashy, and completely inappropriate. And you guys thought Disney was conservative? LOL. That's a good point.
  4. Liz Webber is trash. Just watching this character is exhausting. She has no room to judge anyone when she's been carelessly gambling her kid's money away on a "chance" at independence from Nikolas. And what happened when the stock tanked? She went right back to sniffing Nik's ass.
  5. RT: "Have you lost your mind?!" UGH! STUPID FKING LIZ! How ironclad is Rebecca Herbst's return contract? Are they cycles 13 weeks? If not, can she appear only ONE day a month, ala Amy Vining towards the end of her run?
  6. Heather's got it too easy at B&B. More vacation time, a much better work environment, less drama, etc. Vail Bloom returning would be pointless. They would make her Heather boring again.
  7. Terry Lester as Jack Abbott
  8. Even ABC at least has a screencap behind it's closing credits. It's just embarrassing and bad! And they don't even play the theme anymore. Just lots of D. Brent Nelson crap!
  9. OWN needs scripted programming. Something that Harpo and Discovery can sell DVDs on, etc. and profit from residuals. Not saying it has to be a soap opera or a soap opera-like series. But that's the only thing that is gonna pull OWN out of its rut.
  10. Oh Lord, what mess has Oprah got herself into now? Will do. All of the US News Outlets are. It's all pop news, sadly. That said, I still love my Nightline!
  11. +1 I'm glad B&B still does proper closing credits even if they don't air on TV. Days placing their credits in a basic font on a black background is just lazy and cheap. Also love how the closing credits music isn't just a repeat of the same parts of the theme music over and over again(like the atrociousness from 2004-now).
  12. Boy am I glad you posted a new link. I didn't even see these replies! In comparison to Domestic CNN! I visited some friends abroad for a week about a year ago, and I was shocked by how there was no mention of Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, or even anything really TV related. It was just very thorough, like Domestic CNN should be. Never seen BBC World, so I can't compare those two. 1.) More people are dropping their cable subscriptions for OTA TV and NetFlix. 2.) People get their news through blogs and online articles instead of watching/listening to cable news. 3.) People get their news ABOUT these talking heads from Drudge, HuffPo, Finke, and even TV sources like Daily Show, Colbert, and The Soup. Clips are already up before the show even finishes its first run. So, why watch the full show when you'll get the reader's digest version later.
  13. I knew Lisa was gone the second the men's team won. Dionne is such an ignorant old bat. I can't stand her. And IA Cheap with the whole, "People have told me she's a legend." But I don't think that's just because she's deaf. And Money, I am in total agreement. I want to see Marlee take Star or ESPECIALLY Dionne down. LOL.
  14. Those viewers aren't coming back. They're gonna watch something else on cable.
  15. This is all that needs to be said. Period.