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  1. Yes he had filed a lawsuit against her and she played it on his father who she stated was a crackhead who threatened to kill her, stole from her, and used their son's indetity. It was a big mess.
  2. Leven Rambin (AMC) is trying to be a singer
  3. I don't care for dull ass Devon and Bryton does nothing for me but I don't want Texas Battle anywhere near this show. One of the worst actors I've ever seen. And I'm speaking on his acting outside of soaps because I wasn't a B&B viewer when he was getting regular airtime there.
  4. Anna should be in Summer's age group but they shipped off Summer and Fenn and it doesnt look like they're returning anytime soon.
  5. I'm not making an excuse. I'm making a point about her clearly not having enough experience in the acting world to be in this role. I can't imagine her audition was great. Her reel sure wasn't and her acting on the show hasn't been. She's not been given material too hard to sell thus far and still isn't selling it
  6. Ron loves bad actors and this guy seems like his type so I doubt it was a condition for him to sign. If Galen Gering was out I might actually tune into DAYS for a little while
  7. This girl who plays Mattie only started acting last year and Y&R is the only role she's had. She just got her SAG card for this. I wish they would've chosen some more experienced young actors for these teen roles. I didn't care for this concert thing but I did like the look of the event. Noah needs an woman with alot more fire.
  8. GG is still the same terrible actor he was from Day 1 of Passions and Rafe has no redeeming qualities
  9. Why is Rafe still around?
  10. Ghost Stone added nothing the last time he appeared. Ghostly visits are such lazy ass writing
  11. He's almost 40 yet is good friends with a teen who has alot of personal issues? Also she's best friends with Sofia Richie who was dating some older men. Older men prey on young women al the time by befriending them.
  12. Soap 101 Moobster
  13. Whenever I ctach GH it looks like a stage play. DAYS has better wardrobe too.
  14. Lindsey's been doing some really good acting since GH. Now I find Chloe Lanier to be really bad and she was so hyped.
  15. I never saw her on GH but I saw her in other things as a kid and she could not act.