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  1. Don't understand the demo talk when the teens on soaps aren't even targeted towards the teen demo. If they were they'd specifically promote to that demo which they don't. The only thing they have in common is bad acting. The young people on Famous in Love can't act and neither can that majority of the younger actors on soaps. SC's acting sucks and always has no difference when he's in primetime or soaps.
  2. I'm on episode 5 and the acting is dreadful. And why are you comparing them to the teens on soaps? These are college aged characters on this show. Also that's not really a compliment. Alot of the younger actors suck on soaps.
  3. Shawn Christian is a part of the cast of Famous in Love. He fits in so well with the rest of the horrible actors on the show.
  4. That top screams first job at an office after college.
  5. This girl already looks clearly young adult.Looks like theyre styling her that was too
  6. Yes and it's beyond tired now. Especially since in 2017 folks are not getting married like they used to and for and they're are plenty childless women in their 20s. Young women on soaps aren't going to school and creating a career they're just focused on marriage and kids. Exactly I know twins who are two different shades but this is clearly colorism. They couldn't find two biriacial actors that looked like they could be related? Hell this girl doesn't even look like Lily or Cane. This is diversity without actually having to be diverse. Nothing good has come out of SORAS in over a decade
  7. This is more soap colorism bs. They do the same ish with latino characters by casting white non latinos with dark hair so they can play them off as diversity while still feeling comfortable writing for white people. Or their token latinos will have children with white characters that come out blonde haired and blue eyed and they'll just cast a white actor. Because you know its so hard to find actors/actresses with that type of mix. Shoot they can get rid of Lily and push so called diversity without offending the racist few with this casting. It's pretty common to see parent/child whose actors are about a decade apart on soaps
  8. Yes I take it you missed the All Mixed up pilot I posted. I brought up the same point about their casting on another board and was told by LAME fans to stop making everything about race.
  9. I ended up finishing it and LAWD it was painful! I don't get what the hell it had to do with being mixed either. His family should've deleted that from the web. It's an embarrassment to all involved.
  10. Ana was terrible. She and her singing can stay gone. And instead of adding teens they need to build up the 20s age group. nd actually give them proper stories.
  11. All I did was google these folks and these are the tragedies that came up on the first and second pages. Shoot that girl blocked her first Twitter and opened a second account once she booked the role. You'd think she'd have deleted her crappy acting reel. As for the boy I couldn't find any recent acting from him and it seems his only credit is an episode of Ant Farm
  12. I couldn't make it more than 2 minutes past the theme song but this mess stars the new Charlie
  13. I was just saying that to someone else. I've already been side eyeing how they cast the girl with someone who can pass as racially ambiguous but didn't do the same for the boy. And CK is too valley for me as is. This girl is even moreso
  14. I think this girl is like 18 too or at least she looks that age. Not impressed by her acting reel
  15. Another huge problem with teens on soaps now They are all whiny for no damn reason. They're all rich and get everything they could ever dream for and have parents who love them. I started watching soaps on my own as a preteen and it wasn't for no damn teens. I was watching for the characters in their 20s and the sexy romances are what sold me. I really wasn't a fan of the highschool drama even when I was in highschool I also can't stand singing on soaps unless the soap is a musical soap from day 1. Plus I remember that music stuff with Devon and Noah being awful. And all that came out of it was a bunch of random shipping for them to be a couple.