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  1. I didn't buy that Erica Kane could be a model either These modeling stories are usually unbelievable to me.they always feature women who could never be models.
  2. Well he modeling career is taking off after 30 and we're supposed to believe that
  3. She was almost their godmother. Are they trying to pretend Reed would've never been to events where they were the only other kids there?
  4. Plus isnt his stepmother Mackenzie close to the twins?
  5. I've been saying Y&R needs young people. But not these actors who've obviously never had work beyond extra work. And it's waste of time sticking them in high school. No one cares about that drama. And to be honest this group ain't good looking enough to attract the younger demo.
  6. Shouldnt Anna be in Summer's age group?
  7. No one in the Brave number could sing. Emma has a couple of years more to skate on being cute but the rest of them can't. And who was trying to hit notes they will never achieve? Stiff dancing and autotuned talk singing. And why was Emma performing with girls twice her age?
  8. I rewatched Lincoln Heights last year and I kept thinking afterwards about how Y&R wastes him.
  9. RA is a good actor. I loved him on Lincoln Heights and he was good on Hollywood Heights too. That havent given Noah a storyline worth a damn.The Adriana storyline had potential but they needed a better actress and they randomly dropped it with no resolution. Never did find out what secret she was hiding or where she got that big bag of money that no one ever came looking for.
  10. Nothing about Mattie's looks said doesn't fit the traditional standards of beauty. She fits the traditional standards of beauty. Glasses don't change that. And was Charlie's slang what these writers think black teens sounds like?
  11. Mattie is basic looking to me but she's not fugly. They dont need to go the she's not pretty enought route. There's tons of other reasons not to have a boyfriend while in highschool.
  12. What is this trash on Y&R? Young people do not talk like that in real life. Using slang I heard on Nickelodeon in the 90s.

    1. Khan


      I wish older writers would refrain from incorporating slang or pop culture references into their dialogue.  They never seem to understand that what is hip now will be passe before it even hits the airwaves.

    2. frequentsoapfan


       They need younger writers to write the younger set

  13. These bad acting teens and their dated af dialogue. They're eating the show today
  14. Teen Wolf had a better looking cast