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  1. i actually found Gabi/JJ super watchable, and was here for it... did the actors not like each other? Why did they break them up? LOL and, personally, I never cared for Eric/Nicole. I always thought he was too good for her, especially when they recast him GV. Nicole was a failed "heroine" and should have remained a vixen that out of Eric's league, who Eric and Sami always went at it over. I think they should have kept up w/ that dynamic - Eric finds himself attracted to the woman his twin sister despises, etc, etc. anyway, GV's far too beautiful for the SL's they have him playing. Bleh.
  2. considering how far in advance DAYS tapes and that it's on the verge of cancellation... why don't they just spoil the definitive amount of time? "Not back permanently" is so vague. 6 months is a solid block of time for DAYS, especially in a medium where peeps sign on for a year as a time. i remember when Freddie was set to return... peeps were sure it wasn't for a long stretch, lo and behold.
  3. maybe, fans are thinking there's something to Camila's comments when there's nothing? That she knows something when she knows nothing? LOL I mean none of the reports said anything about it being a short return, meanwhile the reports of Alison Sweeney's return is an "extended visit" etc. seems like something's being created from nothing. Like, wasn't there a big anti-gay/Chandler following making noise? Probs more of that.
  4. to be fair, 6 months on DAYS = 2 years, so...
  5. lmao, this show is being written by grandparents who probably have NO IDEA what social media is... I mean look at B&B's pathetic attempt at trying to make Steffy have a Kardashian-esque soc media presence. And I'm pretty sure peeps still use landlines on these shows... xD behind the times mess.
  6. i can already see the "big event story" now... Stefano had his brain transferred to John's (to explain why he was gone for months, etc) body and John's brain to EJ's (who actually did die back when) body it pretty much writes itself - EJ/Marlena would begin an affair, Sami would walk in on them doing it, etc. It hits on so many notes and I'm SCREAMING just thinking about it. xD
  7. was this ever validated, tho? I thought they were trying to push this whole "close call" type of story, where Lily had ALMOST slept with danger, etc? I can't say I was too interested, tbh. I only perked up interest when he locked Coleen in the freezer and tried to burn the restaurant down. i still have no idea how he was able to live that down? Gotdamn.
  8. wait, Michael or Kevin? Did Kevin rape someone? I'm confused. anyway, let's be honest with ourselves - Kevin's not conventionally good-looking, so there's no bias there. I mean nuAdam comes on the scene, and because he's hunky it's like peeps are OK w/ all the crap he pulled... w/ no genuine redemption whatsoever.
  9. let's keep it 100%, tho. We all know Corday/Ron saw the Even & Isak SL on SKAM, what it did to SKAM's international + mainstream popularity, probably remembers how popular Will & Sonny were back in the day on tumblr/yt, how they mishandled everything, and wants to recapture all that and use it to reinvigorate the show. IDK why they didn't just make Theo & Patch's long lost son into a thing? I think that could have been HUGE if done right. Even make Ciara into the jealous, Sami-esque character hung up/obsessed with Theo, etc. anyway, I'm wondering if Will's gonna come back brainwashed and thinking he's someone else? And Sonny + the power of their love will bring his memories back? I think it would be cool if the show did a few modern takes on past SL's while also taking a gay couple, which is usually used/seen as fodder and making them into this epic romance. They wanna bring "super couples" back? Why not modernize it with your gay characters.
  10. never came off like that to me? And GH in general is full of actors phoning it in or hamming it up, so... I mean the guy playing Felix seemed to just not be into the campy-ass material he was being given, more than not comfy w/ the guy/guy stuff. again, I don't get why y'all stay hating? Chandler was great as Will. He seemed more down with the m/m than Guy did. Speaking of... I see y'all ain't learned from enduring Guy Wilson's portrayal? It COULD be worse! xD isn't that Charlie Hunnam in ur sig? G0rl, BYEEEE.
  11. lmaooooo, worst kept secret. IDK why peeps stay hating... Chandler never came off to me as "hating the gay stuff" and was just as into scenes w/ guys as he was with girls. he was a good actor, too. I always thought he was better than Freddie, who y'all seem to love... He came off natural. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. perhaps, to harken back to Dylan being in witness protection they could have whomever's after Dylan kidnap, torture, and eventually kill Kevin. Leave his body somewhere w/ the message "you can run but you can't hide, Derek" or whatever his undercover name was.
  13. i'm gonna need him killed off in a horrific car accident - Lily finds out Cane's cheated, drives off in tears, Cane follows after her... Kevin is on the side of the road changing a tire (???) and Lily clips him. RIP. Lily and Cane keep this a secret. Kevin was trash anyway, etc. this has to happen purrdy, plz new regime, kthxbi.
  14. mess @ that guy's flop body... was that supposed to be titillating? Maybe, to grandmas.
  15. good. He can't act for ish. Unload him, plz.