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  2. i can't say that I'm shocked. Seeing the group of guys he's friends/rolls with being on a soap was probs looked down upon? He needs to hit the acting books harder, tho.
  3. agree w/ this so much. I also agree with the peeps that said it's obvious GT's bored... and I think that goes for the majority of the cast, most notably Kristoff St. John and Sharon Case
  4. after YEARS of hearing "Noah, Kyle, Kevin coming out story in the works?" murmurs it was pretty amazing see Mariah kissing a girl. I personally think CG would slay the material, and would sooo be here for it but the second I saw the kiss it was like "OH!" after hearing rumours of the writers being let go and Kevin returning... Like, what better way to silence suspicions of homophobia than bringing back a GAY actor to the show. LMAO
  5. just tuned in today after weeks, and Mariah kissed Noah's gf... I wonder if this is what has Y&R higher ups potentially showing the head writers the door?
  6. it's interesting how a viewer can see the way one character is written as "assassination" while with another it's "in their nature" so you can buy it... let's not pretend that the writers didn't go WAY ott w/ Phyl when she was recast for a couple of years.
  7. so, you're saying drunk/drugged/whatever Cane cheating on Lily w/ some hew that they tried to duct tape into BFF's w/ Lily was a decent story? Don't even get me started on aging the twins to HS. And this is only one example, and characters I don't even care about. welp.
  8. this entire Cane & Lily ORDEAL (I'm not even gonna call it a story) has been a sloppy mess from go, and not even the good, soapy kind - it's just been
  9. not surprised. The show's been even more boring and badly written, to the point where I've pretty much stopped watching. seems like Y&R heads are trying to undo everything they did? And why we're getting Kevin back... Nicki & Vic reunion, and Jack under a bus in 3, 2, 1...
  12. like, 100ish super-vocal peeps =/= fan faves, sorry. I can buy Maxi because she's probs got a bunch of hardcore DAYS followers still, but Spinelli def not otherwise the show would have used him as more than a joke character/sidekick. They would have more than likely given him a FAMILY and roots in PC instead, connected more new characters to him etc. But that all never happened.
  13. the fact that showrunners continue to believe he's a fan fave/anyone cares, tho.