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  1. and when Steve Burton comes back you to GH you can bet ur ass oldJason will somehow get together w/ Nina as an FU to Y&R, if Michelle Stafford hasn't fled to Y&R as well by then. LOLz
  2. ya'know whether y'all are men or women on here, the way you lot go in on Amelia Heinle's looks is all kinds of dead wrong.
  3. Steve Burton's gots bills to pay.
  4. they need to dump the entire Teen set except for Patch's long lost son, Abe's son, and Shawn & Belle's daughter. They're not the best actors, but they're not as bad as the rest. And they have potential. They can deage Ciara, and bring back that little girl who used to play ha, damnit! Patch & Kayla's song has too much baggage, so put him away for a while.
  5. honestly, if those hashtags are anything but the guy taking the piss out of rumours, then he's a mess and a pretty bad PR person to boot!
  6. er, I don't believe he's confirming or denying anything but poting a bunch of rumours in hashtags and you've played yourself...? LOL aren't the rumours that Chandler's only back for the summer and then going back to school or just trying to get another emmy and then he's gone? Read ALL the hashtags, not just the ones that fit your agenda/narrative.
  7. honestly, Eric is the most believable older male character on any soap, right now. I'm glad B&B doesn't play him fake like Y&R's Jack/Victor or GH's Sonny. It's about time we got some realism. Men, especially older men, are easily lead around by their nether regions & ego. And that's Eric, pretty much. LOL i also love how Eric stays pursuing younger women when they always, in the end, creep w/ a more age appropriate guy... usually his son. ROTFL
  8. so, what was today's twist?
  9. idk what was going on bts but it's been pretty clear that, at least, the hair people @ DAYS hate Arianne Zucker's guts.
  10. lemme guess... Ivy's doing it @ Quinn's behest to frame Katie? Or what, Rick as a throwback? bold: so are we supposed to believe Sheila's legit out of prison? Otherwise who cares if she shot at Quinn? The rap sheet goes on and on... LOL
  11. dumb or not what's done is done... just dropping SL's willy-nilly is a big complaint from peeps on here. You can't pick and choose what past you want a show to ignore. Be true to it all or screw it all, etc.
  12. um... doesn't she look like Phyllis (or Lauren? I don't remember), tho? You can't share a universe and drop each other's storylines like that. Lazy, tbh.
  13. but WAITTT... he looks so good. I was expecting him to be botoxed to hell... well, slay a bit. Hope his SL doesn't suck.
  14. i think this is what is killing soaps... soap fans are far too sentimental and the power of nostalgia is very real. :/
  15. honestly hope this is the beginning of Katie becoming Sheila-type character... the actress is far too great to be wasted like she continues to be, and she plays "unhinged, yet sympathetic" really, really well. If B&B do this right they can turn Quinn into a 3 dimensional heroine w/ a backbone, and Katie into hell in heels...