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  1. What a charming story. I'm really not a great James Bond fan, but Roger Moore was the first one I saw, so for me he will always be "the real" James Bond.
  2. The British police has named the suspect in the terror attack in Manchester last night: Salman Abedi, 22 years old, born in the UK but of Libyan descent.
  3. According to the BBC the British police has identified the perpetrator but won't reveal his/her identity yet. 22 people have been confirmed dead, among them an eight-year old girl.
  4. Wouldn't the 30th anniversary take place in 2023 since the Emmerdale plane crash happened in December 1993? 2018 will be the 30th anniversary of the Lockerbie crash, which took place on December 21st 1988.
  5. I guess it could have been worse.... In my opinion Portugal has had many entries that were much better than this without winning, but the competition was much tougher back then. This must surely rate as one of the worst years ever! On another note, it seems that this was the last year we saw Israel in this competition. They have re-organized their broadcasting system in a way which makes it impossible for them to remain a part of this competition according to EBU's rules. It's sad that their entry this year was the last we saw of them. After all, we're talking about the country which gave us one of the most enduring songs ever from this contest.
  6. To counter all the awfulness of this year's entries here is one of the best performances ever in the entire history of this contest, in my opinion. A beautiful, haunting song and a stunning performance by a great artist.
  7. Wow, I just watched the second semi-final and it was every bit as awful as the first. Some entries were so bad all you could do was laugh, but I think the Croatian entry was the worst. It was the most pretentious garbage I have ever heard, and the singer was so smarmy and full of himself it made me sick. To think that once upon a time the songs were written by composers who actually knew how to write songs, and performed by artists that could actually sing..... Former contestants like Céline Dion, Nana Mouskouri, Lara Fabian, Julio Iglesias, Vicky Leandros, Lulu and Sandie Shaw must feel embarrassed to be associated with this contest now when/if they see what it has become.
  8. Ok, I just watched the first semi-final and now I feel slightly nauseous! What the hell was that?! I don't think I have ever heard so much crap before. This has to be one of the worst years ever! Yuck! Just a lot of wailing and shrieking. Belgium's singer looked like she was going to faint, the portuguese singer looked like he was stoned and when Omar from Slovenia winked at the camera I just felt so embarrassed.... And the less said about Slavko from Montenegro the better......
  9. Thank you. It's always a true delight to watch old episodes. I wonder if this was the first sign of marital discord between Matt and Dolly. She's clearly starting to feel that he's giving the farm more attention than her and Sam, and it was this that eventually led to their divorce.