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  1. Just checked that, thanks! They had a good memory too, reminds me of the days we had saynotoursoap. Watching some 1988 episodes, did anyone know that Sarah and Gabrielle were initially quite good friends? I will say as ludicrous as this era was (in a months time span Melinda was given electro-shock therapy, Tina posed as a nun and befriended a "giant" named Picollini, Clint is in 1888 and a so called magician has his magic potion and Viki meets with an Indian Chief, Clear Eyes) it never seemed out of the realm.of possibility because the writing and acting was there and the stakes came back to the characters' loved ones/family.
  2. Tom Sutton was Meredith's biological father? Did I miss that entirely? And Tom had a twin? The more we I'm dying to know what other tidbits we don't know.
  3. The cast list for the clip (what the uploader wrote) lists them both with the last name "McKenzie." So maybe that was his real name? Last name, anyway. I never knew he was involved with Marcy or that their stories were intertwined. I hope they continue to upload more. Its amazing how little is known of this time period even with the history books.
  4. Thanks for sharing those! So nice to get a glimpse of that unavailable era. Tom was around a lot longer than I initially thought. Unless I gathered the wrong info from their brief conversation, Tom and Marcy were involved romantically before she went crazy? Did they ever reveal Tom's past/identity? I would love to see the entire Cathy Craig story. I can't believe not one episode of the Odyssey House is available as it must have been groundbreaking at the time.
  5. I was reading old posts from another thread about the Marcy Wade story and saw that Carla once worked at The Banner. Does anyone know what her position was or how she ended up working at the hospital instead?
  6. So I got way behind on the show around 1969. Can anyone catch me up on what happened to Liz and Anna? And after picking back up with Liz Hubbard's return I guess Jody Lee (was that his name? ) is gone too?
  7. Wait so they actually had Marlena possessed by the devil a second time? How did I miss this? And WTF was that with Marlena snatching Belle by the throat but she just sits there as if she's not in danger, pain, anything? Lol.
  8. I'll be happy to be rid of Guy Wilson but this is a huge mistake.
  9. Hallelujah! Paige and Daniel gone. I'm sure it won't be long until their airtime is replaced with someone even worse though.
  10. Gave up on this show months ago. What did Neil do to Hilary?
  11. This show just fascinates me. I am dying to see the Belle/Amy feud and that Brooke Lawrence story.
  12. Just got caught up with the show, mainly to see Hillary and Ashley but caught those Jack/Kelly scenes. That must be some of the worst I have seen on any soap in ages, including GH. Were they supposed to be made for laughs?
  13. Thanks for the help guys!
  14. Agreed! I'm still months behind but peaked ahead to 1969. The Ed/Anna story has been surprisingly at the forefront. I wonder if any other soaps briefly had frontburner black characters like the Doctors. Does anyone happen to have Ed and Anna's first airdates?