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  1. And even if she DID ever join DAYS, I think she would quickly find herself in second place to Ken Corday anyway. Whatever input she'd want to make would be instantly shut down by him. Yes, this. I should've read this first before my post above.
  2. Oh goody, the Cigar Store Indian Looking Monavie Pimper is back. What joy. I'm going to stay in my "JDP comes to GH" happy place for now, thank you.
  3. I haven't watched GH in a long while--someone let me know when he first airs, or if he has already!
  4. An old clip of GH in 1984, featuring a guy I like a lot. ;)


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      slick jones

      :D  Eddie Holton

  5. AMEN. Gabrielle will ALWAYS be Max's one true love to me. Yes, I'm pretty sure PL created Lindsay. And, to be honest, even though I like Nora overall, I have always more or less liked Lindsay. I LOVED the story where she went to Statesville, and she and Allison Perkins were trying to figure out how to escape together.
  6. She was, for almost all of 1999 after Pam Long was let go (although apparently Harding Lemay was consulting her in some way, somehow). ABC finally forced her to hire someone near the end of 1999, so she brought on Megan McTavish as her lap dog, er I mean her HW.
  7. She was the one there when Todd punched Tea in the face, which makes me think JFP snuck that in or something, because I could only see Pam Long writing something like that if she intended to break a couple up afterwards, not, you know, actually get married again (I know, that blew up at the reception, but still). I thought Harding Lemay only became a consultant once Jill became de facto HW in 1999. I could be wrong, though.
  8. My state--Maryland--would like to have a word with you on that one. Steve Scalise was the Congressman shot. Regardless of how divided our country is, violence is NEVER the answer. I hope everyone injured there, and especially Congressman Scalise, makes a quick recovery. This is very touching. http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/337719-dem-baseball-team-praying-for-colleagues-after-shooting
  9. Tom Perriello is a good guy, and I think he can still run for another office someday and win. Meanwhile, the GOP race is a dead heat. I completely take back what I said about Gillespie running away with it. I KNEW that might bite me in the ass. Here's the website Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP), which includes maps of support for each candidate. Perfect for the political nerd in your life like myself. http://www.vpap.org/
  10. It's...not a perfect comparison. For one, Tom has quite a few people supporting him who supported Hillary, who are IN NO WAY Bernie Bros (both people who specifically worked for her and people in VA that I know personally). But honestly, I'm Team Switzerland here. I'm happy with either one.
  11. This article is good, too: https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2017/06/virginia-primary-2017-governors-race-perriello-northam/530082/
  12. Happy Primary Day, Virginia! I really hope this race gets more attention now that the primary will be over after tonight, because, as I've said before, the post-Trump election season (not just special elections) really begins this year, not 2018, and Virginia's gubernatorial race is proof of that. It is, by far, the most high profile example of a state that has elections of some form or another every year, due to the amendment in the state constitution barring sitting Governors from seeking another term in office. (They CAN, however, seek NON-consecutive terms in office--some have tried in the past.) For some weird reason, though, Lieutenant Governors CAN seek consecutive terms. Not sure why the difference exists there, but there you go. From what I understand, the real thing to watch tonight--perhaps to no one's surprise--is which of the Democratic candidates wins Northern Virginia (the GOP candidate is all but assured at this point). Ralph Northam--who is from the Eastern Shore of VA--has bases in Metro Richmond and Hampton Roads (which is close to the Eastern Shore), while Tom Perriello, from the Charlottesville area, has his bases in the area known as the Southside (the part of VA south of the James River--Lynchburg, home of the infamous Liberty University, is located there--and this area is really just south of Charlottesville), Southwest (which includes Blacksburg, home of Virginia Tech), and the Shenandoah Valley area. Northern Virginia is the wild card. And I can't help but wonder, with how Democratic NOVA has increasingly become, if that just might be enough for either Dem to carry the state, as both Obama and Hillary did. Especially since Ed Gillespie doesn't exactly strike me as a candidate with much appeal (but with the GOP candidates who have won office recently, what do I know now?). Luckily, for me, since I'm next door in Maryland, AND I get DC stations, that makes it even easier for me to keep track of the race tonight,
  13. I'm the biggest JDP fan ever and I feel the same way. I do feel a ton of guilt about him being on GH, though, if that makes you feel better. I know your fatigue on this issue is pretty damn big. I'll still dodge tomatoes to defend JDP on the show, though, because I'm selfish and happy to see him again.
  14. Nope, leave him in Argentina with Gabrielle! I prefer to think she's alive and with him down there. [!@#$%^&*] Luna.
  15. No more free boobies on Ocean City, MD beaches! This town in my fair state put a quick stop to that.