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  1. MissLlanviewPA added a post in a topic Daytime Emmy Winners 2016   

    For decades. Sammy Davis Jr. won one when he was on OLTL back in the day. It was just relegated to the Creative Emmys/gone until a few years back. 
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  2. MissLlanviewPA added a post in a topic Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan exit drama   

    She updated her autobiography for the paperback version right around the time AMC left the air. That newer version includes criticism of Frons and how he handled the cancellation stuff. 
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  3. MissLlanviewPA added a post in a topic Real life soap couple splits   

    Aw, I liked them together. They were sweet. Hopefully things will be fairly smooth for their daughter's sake.
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  4. MissLlanviewPA added a post in a topic Classic GH Thread   

    20 years ago today--for better or worse:
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  5. MissLlanviewPA added a post in a topic 43rd Daytime Emmys Final list   

    The thing is, there are still nominations for talk shows, game shows, cartoons, etc. Ironically, at this point, losing the soaps could actually make the show relevant again, and make the broadcast networks actually want to air it.
    Every Supporter Actor nominee has been on GH at one point or another, LOL.
    I need Bry-Dog to lose so he and Kelly T. lose their minds on Twitter and Instagram over it.
    I want either Maura, Fin, or Kassie to win Lead Actress.
    Yay for Brooklyn!
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  6. MissLlanviewPA added a post in a topic What soap should Kassie DePaivia go to?   

    Well, she does have cult horror movie cred due to Evil Dead 2. She was in another horror movie a few years ago. 
    Primetime would be her best bet, but no matter how good she looks, Hollywood looks at woman above 30 (let alone 55, which Kassie is as of a few days ago), as largely something to ignore.
    She always has theater to turn to, too. Her husband returned to that several times once OLTL let him go. 
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  7. MissLlanviewPA added a post in a topic What soap should Kassie DePaivia go to?   

    The real question is what soap JAMES DePaiva should go to.  
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  8. MissLlanviewPA added a post in a topic GH Actress' Contract Negotiations Hit Snag; Rival Soap Eyeing to Hire   

    She's got three kids to feed, I don't know if her husband is working, and no matter how talented she is/how great she looks, she'll still be 39 in two months and hasn't done any acting besides GH in years, so the only chance she'd have besides it to continue acting would probably be one of the other soaps. As long as she doesn't have blinders on about how TPTB are (and I don't think she does), this really is the best option for her. 
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  9. MissLlanviewPA added a post in a topic OLTL Tribute Thread   

    Yes. Sarah was presumed dead in late 1990, and baby Sarah was born in January 1991. She was given the name Sarah Victoria at her baptism:
    Carl, thank you for that JDP stuff! I haven't been here in awhile and just saw these. I'll watch them soon. 
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  10. MissLlanviewPA added a post in a topic The Taylor Swift Thread   

    I know that this isn't directly about Taylor, but from what I've heard about Demi/Selena, they had a time period where they weren't speaking/Demi very publocly unfollowed Selena on Twitter--maybe Demi was tired of the relationship drama between Selena and Justin?--but apparently over the last year they've become friends again. It seems like Taylor/Selena are much closer to each other now than they are to Demi, though.
    How long after Taylor did Demi date Joe? There's a clip from Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve--going from 2008 to 2009--where Taylor and the Jonas Brothers are there, along with Demi, Lionel Richie, and Ryan Seacrest. Taylor and Joe had just broken up shortly before that and it's SO awkward to see them on opposite sides of each other. The video quality isn't great, but here it is:
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  11. MissLlanviewPA added a post in a topic The Taylor Swift Thread   

    Thanks, love.
    Without getting TOO off topic, that's one thing I admire about Miley Cyrus. I'm not crazy about everything she does, but I love that she started her own organization dedicated to homeless youth, specifically those in the LGBTQ community. In fact, she's been very vocal about gay rights since she was a teenager--she even left Twitter for a year because she got death threats from tweeting her support for gay rights/marriage so often.
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  12. MissLlanviewPA added a post in a topic The Taylor Swift Thread   

    +1 to all of this.
    I actually think there's a good argument to be made on both sides.
    I understand the place Demi was coming from.* There are women who claim to be feminists, even though a lot of what they do or say goes in direct opposition to what most feminists consider to be core beliefs (SARAH PALIN, of all people, claims to be a feminist. Okay, then.). And then there White Feminists who ignore the racial/LGBTQ inequality that women of color feel needs to be addressed in regards to issues such as equal pay and abortion rights, and then there are faux feminists, who appear to either claim feminism because it seems like a trendy buzzword, or use it as a way to deflect genuine criticism because their feelings got hurt (and yes, I do think Taylor falls into the latter category to an extent). Demi didn't make herself look too great because it seemed like mentioning feminism on social media was enough--although, I'm not going to lie, my initial reaction was "YOU GO, GIRL!"--but she--and Katy Perry, for that matter--have actively campaigned for Hillary Clinton, which is both a sign of a feminist stance and a somewhat ballsy move, due to those in their fan bases who might be alienated by that (something Taylor has always been VERY afraid of--I'm not saying she has to endorse anyone for president, of course, but...well, see below.).
    I've said plenty about Taylor and my opinion of her feminist stance before, especially when the VMA thing with Nicki Minaj happened. I think, as the most powerful woman in music, one who has DELIBERATELY cultivated herself as a role model to young women and girls from the very beginning of her career--something many pop stars don't do, and even actively avoid--she has a platform that other almost every other pop star, even Demi, simply can't imagine. Her influence among young women and girls today is virtually unrivaled. So when she came out as a feminist? THAT'S why it mattered, and still matters. It's why I wish she would just own her position as a calculated businesswoman, rather than be offended by it and fall back on the "I'm just the Girl Next Door who happens to be a mega successful pop star" schtick (not that I don't doubt she has a down to earth side, but it's not a bad thing top acknowledge you're a powerful woman, either!). Girl, being called calculated is a COMPLIMENT. It means you're smart. It's obvious you are. 
    And it's obvious she's generous. She's donated to a lot of causes and visited a lot of sick children in hospitals. But as perhaps the most well-known celebrity feminist in the world, it would be pretty [!@#$%^&*] awesome to see her pick a women's rights cause or two to highlight, instead of just sending "I send text messages now" when asked what she learned from the Nicki Minaj debacle, which she did in NME magazine a few months back. That just makes her seem like she's more concerned about looking bad on Twitter than speaking on women's rights. I sincerely hope that's not the case.
    The donation to Kesha is a start (and I softened on her once I learned Kesha's mom mentioned it first), and I'm willing to wait and see what she does in the future. But there's more to be done, by everyone.
    I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make this so long, but as a young proud female feminist who just so happens to be Taylor's age (I'll be 27 on Sunday!), you DAMN well better believe I care about this. 
    *I also understood why Demi said she doesn't have the same kind of money as Taylor, which is obviously true of her and almost every other pop star, both because of Taylor's success and Taylor's upper middle class childhood. At the same time, though, it...didn't help her all that much.
    Okay, I'm done now.  
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  13. MissLlanviewPA added a post in a topic The Taylor Swift Thread   

    This is actually only the second time she has released a bonus track as a single--the other was "Ours" from Speak Now.
    I'm wondering if the video for NR will serve as the so called "tour video" for the 1989 era, like the "Sparks Fly" video did for the Speak Now era, and "Fearless" and "Red" did for...well, take a guess.  
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  14. MissLlanviewPA added a post in a topic The Taylor Swift Thread   

    New Romantics is amazing. It really does have an 80's sound to it, so this makes me happy. 
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  15. MissLlanviewPA added a post in a topic R.I.P. George Gaynes