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  1. I get the feeling she did that on purpose to be petty. At this point, Vicky Rowell looks more sane than her. That would actually be impressive if weren't also sad.
  2. Darlene Cates, who played the mom in What;s Eating Gilbert Grape?, has died. http://jezebel.com/darlene-cates-who-played-the-mother-in-whats-eating-gi-1793712100

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      Yes, I remember DiCaprio saying such nice things about her in the years after the film came out. It's great that he has held onto that sentiment after all these years. She truly made an impression.

    4. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      Heartbreaking :( She seemed like a wonderful woman.

  3. I agree. There are plenty of great Democrats who are living in red states, or red areas within blue states--maybe it's because I grew up in a rural area myself, and have family from more conservative states, but while I'll concede that there are people who we can't reach, and there are people we have to worry about holding onto, we are still in a minority on every level now--we're at point where we need races of every kind now, from the bottom up. And that includes in rural areas, too. You can still hold onto anger, while also acknowledging the pain of others. They're not necessarily mutually exclusive.
  4. Why not Rita Cosby . While it's still March 25th, in "the universe loves a cruel cosmic joke" news, today is Gloria Steinem's birthday...and Anita Bryant's birthday, too (yes, she's still alive--she's actually six years younger than Gloria). I just find it hilarious and weird that these two iconic, diametrically opposite women actually share the same birthday. I could watch this clip forever. I wonder if Anita still enjoys eating pie. Even better? This wasn't in a so-called godless heathen city like New York or LA. This was in little, All-American Des Moines, Iowa (where I once lived, for the record). Pied by a gay protester in Middle America. I love it. I will say this, though: When I went to the Women's March in DC in January, and got to hear Gloria speak up close, that was such an incredible moment. I wasn't anywhere near the stage, or one of the Jumbotrons, and at times it was hard to hear her over the crowd, but I don't care. I still got to hear her speak in person.
  5. RIP, Chuck Barris! Thanks for the Newlywed Game. I have no idea if you really were a CIA assassin or not, but what a hell of a story. 

    1. Soapsuds
    2. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      A legend! A true 70s icon!

  6. The love child of Ann Coulter and Kellyanne Conway if she were cloned from Hayden Panettiere and sent off to be sold at Dollar General is OUT! And trust me, pro-choice or not, I sure as hell don't claim her. http://thehill.com/homenews/media/324880-tomi-lahren-suspended-at-the-blaze-report (Also, my apologies to Hayden Panettiere and Dollar General.)
  7. He certainly got her mannerisms down, that's for damn sure. That was MERCILESS. And very, very funny.
  8. I love her so much. Sam Bee is almost single-handedly making this presidency bearable for me (well, almost). This is from last night's show--and it's important that Democrats like me listen to this, too. (Mainly the overall message about showing up and voting, but also that it's probably NOT a good idea to show white people rapping a song about a candidate in a special election in Montana. That's important, too. )
  9. Meanwhile, our President's newest target? Snoop Dogg!
  10. I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to lump anyone together. I know that everyone has differences. I hope I didn't sound stupid. I wasn't trying to cause any trouble.
  11. Absolutely. And that's why I'm hoping the Governor's races in Virginia and New Jersey this year will get more attention in the press once their primaries are over--it doesn't start in 2018, it starts this year. And while I understand the distaste by some about thinking the idea that Democrats have to redirect towards rural America/rural white voters, the fact of the matter is the Democrats are in such a minority now--on the presidential level, Senate/Congressional level, Gubernatorial level, and the Legislative level--we have no choice but to talk to and reach out to EVERYONE now. We're just trying to win the lowest ranked seats back, or at all, really. I'm not saying we should cater specifically to Trump voters--to the contrary, there are many people who voted for him that we will never reach--but we do need to show up, everywhere. Campaign everywhere, and talk to people, in part because the idea of a swing state still hypothetically exists. Obviously we need to hang on to the voters we already have, and continue to get younger voters who will voting for the first time these next few years registered to vote, but there are voters all over the country we need to reach, for every level of office imaginable. We're at a point as Democrats where we can't afford to pick and choose anymore. We need to win, and win as big as we possibly can, these next few years. I'm not saying we should waste money in areas we will never win, but we should at least visit/try to recruit people in those districts/areas before we give up entirely. And hell, there are even ways to marry the concerns between rural voters and women/minority voters into one strategy. While there may be a lot more POC living in city areas, there are rural areas--especially in the South--where they make up a significant percentage of that population as well. Obviously that will require work in fighting voter suppression, but it's another factor to consider, too.
  12. It's great to see Kassie looking so well. And at the risk of sounding like both a broken record and a hopeless fan girl, it does my heart good to see a recent picture of JDP again. Have I mentioned how much I love him? I guess it's been awhile. I wish there could be a TV movie where Donna Mills and Morgan Fairchild could play sisters. I always thought they be very convincing.
  13. I have been binge watching Full Frontal clips for days now. I cannot it took me a year to start watching this show. Samantha Bee is in her ELEMENT and is almost single-handedly help make this time in our country bearable to me. 

  14. And then they dare to get upset at those few Evangelicals (or others of faith, for that matter, like the Mormons*) who actually stood up and said Trump was terrible. Hell no. *Well, some Mormons, anyway. Many in Utah wound up voting for Trump after all, although the numbers, I think, and certainly their level of support, was not the same as GOPers have gotten from them in the past.
  15. The only thing I know of for sure is her DUI arrest in late 2007, but that's the only time her health issues have been tied in with legal trouble. If something like an arrest had happened again, it would have been public knowledge and made the press again, like it did back then. OTOH, if she's managed to keep something like a drug problem a secret, than she's luckier than most celebrities these days, with all the social media we have now. I hope she does get the help she needs, especially for her daughter's sake. Here's are two articles about her 2007 arrest for those who don't know about it: http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/life/people/2007-09-11-storms_N.htm http://people.com/celebrity/general-hospitals-kirsten-storms-pleads-no-contest-to-dui/