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  1. Loved it might be going too far, but I didn't hate it.
  2. He IS called Tom, though, so that didn't bother me much. And I don't see him being like John Kerry, but YMMV.
  3. I love Dexter Fowler. As a Cubs fan I wish he hadn't gone to the Cardinals (they're our main rivals ), but good for him for standing up to the idiots out there. All of this. Congrats to Tom, and I'm looking to seeing him and Keith work together.
  4. Didn't some Democrats actually win a few seats in the state legislature there last year, in large part as a response to the damage Brownback has done? That should at least be somewhat promising, especially if people are getting elected at that level.
  5. I don't think they're pointless AT ALL. The Democratic Party is at a true crosswords right now, and with a Hillary/Bernie debate basically going on by proxy between Perez and Ellison, we need to see what they want to do with the party, while also taking steps to unite it at the same time. Well, I have roots in Indiana so it didn't bother me. (Of course, Perez is from Maryland like I am, but that's not my reason for supporting him in the first place--that said, I'll admit he could've been stronger tonight.) But I understand where you're coming from.
  6. I agree. For the record, my top 4 choices are: 1. Tom Perez 2. Pete Buttigieg 3. Jaime Harrison 4. Keith Ellison I LOVED seven year old Toby speaking to Tom Cotton. My parents grew up in Northwest Arkansas, so needless to say, I'm quite proud of those roots right now.
  7. David Cassidy has dementia. :( 



    1. Khan


      Sad to hear, but as Cassidy himself admits, it wasn't a total surprise.  Not just because of his family's history, but also because of his past troubles with alcohol.

    2. DRW50


      I'm so sorry for him and his family.

  8. It's a shame David Boren retired when he did (not that I blame him for wanting to), because you guys lost a truly great public servant when that happened. And for years, despite Republican dominance in OK since at least the Great Depression, there was until about 5-10 years ago an advantage for the Democrats in terms of voter registration--I guess because of older voters who were too lazy to go to the DMV and change it to Republican? There's a famous country/bluegrass music show called Mountain Stage--produced by West Virginia Public Broadcasting--that's in danger of losing funding (I think that might have been the Appalachian program you had mentioned a few days before?), except bizarrely, some of that is actually coming from newly elected WV Governor Jim Justice--a Democrat (but also a billionaire, one of the few in his state). And WV can use all the positive representation it can get nowadays.
  9. I think Jeremy Scahill went after Bill having Milo on his show in part and in particular because of his role in getting people to go after Leslie Jones on Twitter last July (which resulted, thankfully, in Milo being permanently banned from Twitter). But even more importantly, Bill had Tomi on his show too recently. And he's still having other Trump supporters on his show. He's always had conservatives on his show, which is fine, but I think JS felt that Milo was a bridge too far, a sign that Bill has NOT fully adjusted his show in response to what Trump supporters are like compared to "regular" conservatives. I understand the need to want to have people of different sides speaking/debating each other, but at this point it feels like Bill is normalizing people like Milo who SHOULDN'T be normalized. I've been a huge fan of Bill in the past (don't hurt me!), but I feel he's starting the miss the mark here, in terms of guests. He still does some GREAT New Rules, but he should think twice about inviting people fully aboard on the Trump Train to his show.
  10. Happy 60th Birthday, Vanna White! :) 

  11. His insistence on capitalizing certain words on a frequent basis (SEE YOU IN COURT, anyone?) and topping it all off with an exclamation point really drives the importance of these issues home. Or something.
  12. One of the good ones. RIP.
  13. This.
  14. Without sounding too stupid, I HATE how Fox News made money on the idea that all blonde women are dumb, industinguisable robotic conservative Republican apologists. There ARE smart, hot, young, non-generic looking blonde progressive Democratic women out there. I should know. I'm one of them. (Hopefully!) Just give me time to become famous and do good in the world. Oh believe me, I don't always. But I feel like someone has to. "Nonetheless, she persisted" and all that. Choosing between Trump and Pence is like choosing between projectile vomiting and explosive diarrhea. I don't particularly want either of them, but I'll take the latter in each case. (Sorry, I know that's graphic.)