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  1. MissLlanviewPA added a post in a topic GH: Another actor OUT   

    As long as I wonder how Bry Dog and Second Kelly are going to pay for their wedding and Corvette, all is right with the world.
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  2. MissLlanviewPA added a post in a topic Britney Spears Thread   

    Seriously. That's one reason I've never been a huge fan of her music. I just can't with her voice most of the time. But that's just me.*
    From what I've heard, though, Jamie Lynn has a good voice.
    *I will admit to listening her version of "The Beat Goes On" from her first album a lot as a kid. I...made weird decisions as a 10 year old, I guess.
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  3. MissLlanviewPA added a post in a topic Britney Spears Thread   

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  4. MissLlanviewPA added a post in a topic Soap Actress reveals medical malady   

    Thinking of Kassie, Jim, JQ, and Dreama (her stepdaughter). 
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  5. MissLlanviewPA added a post in a topic Britney Spears Thread   

    I really don't know what to think of this. I want to be excited, but it could be very, very bad. And I say this as someone who isn't exactly the biggest Britney Spears fan (of her music, anyway--I like her as a person):
    FWIW, I was once told I looked like Jamie Lynn Spears. Thankfully, it was a compliment.  
    ETA: Britney and her team apparently want nothing to do with this movie.
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  6. MissLlanviewPA added a post in a topic Britney Spears Thread   

    Britney is doing some good to benefit her home state in need.
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  7. MissLlanviewPA added a post in a topic Jack Riley (The Bob Newhart Show) has died   

    Stu Pickles! RIP.
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  8. MissLlanviewPA added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    She actually first dropped her maiden name in 1982,  when Bill ran for Governor of Arkansas again, after losing his reelection bid in 1980--she had been known publicly as Hillary Rodham up to that point. In a way, she actually gained it back later on, as she's officially Hillary Rodham Clinton in her governmental titles, even if most people just call her Hillary Clinton now. 
    Meanwhile, Anne Holton, her running mate Tim Kaine's wife, has ALWAYS been known by her maiden name in public*, both in Virginia and now nationwide. Oh, the irony!  
    *Granted, her father being a former Governor of Virginia himself might help her out in that case.
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  9. MissLlanviewPA added a post in a topic Britney Spears Thread   

    Especially that first photo, BEFORE TAYLOR WAS EVEN FAMOUS. It was a meet and greet photo from one of Britney's concerts, and she was at the height of her career. Of course she wouldn't remember that.
    The 2008 photo? Maybe, but Britney was just recovering from her breakdown, Taylor was more known to country music fans/young girls than the public at large back then (and only her first album was out then--her second album, which did considerably better, was a few months away), and it may have just been a case of two celebrities being asked to take a picture with each other, because why not? 
    I'm not a huge fan of Britney's music (I just can't get past her voice, more often than not--some can, I just can't), but I have no doubt that she's a kind person who wasn't trying to hurt anyone's feelings. That's just not her. 
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  10. MissLlanviewPA added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    Here's another story that includes his involvement. I'm stunned that the story disappeared so quickly, and that it really hasn't been brought up since Pence became Trump's running mate. Seriously, he's vile. And all because their Planned Parenthood shut down and he wanted to punish them for daring to give women abortions, in addition to cancer screenings and HIV tests. I lived there/near there for awhile; I know people in that community. It makes me sick.
    There's also this clip from 2009, on Hardball. I saw this when it aired live back then, and was in shock. Not that Pence doesn't believe in evolution--of course he doesn't--but Chris Matthews--regardless of what one normally thinks of him--asked him a direct question, in such a way that Pence couldn't really talk his way out of it. Chris had him backed into a corner.
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  11. MissLlanviewPA added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    The only time Arizona has gone Democratic for president in years was Bill Clinton's reelection bid in 1996. This is a BIG deal.
    And Indiana, I think, is in play, too. Not only because I suspect Trump is too much for even Indiana's hardcore GOPers, but Pence wound up DESPISED by many there--even in his own party--after that so-called religious freedom law made the state a laughing stock for awhile, and his reelection bid for Governor before he was chosen by Trump was WAY more competitive than it usually would be (although I suspect John Gregg could still win it for the Dems there this year, even without Pence running now). Obama won it in 2008, so it's possible. Romney did win it in 2012, but Trump ain't Romney (stating the obvious FTW!).
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  12. MissLlanviewPA added a post in a topic The Taylor Swift Thread   

    Admittedly, the fact that the conversation was taped opens up questions as to whether or not what Kanye and Kim did was illegal, but the damage has been done: Taylor not only lied as a way to find an excuse to play victim again (or threw them under the bus once she saw the backlash against the line), it looks like she deliberately race-baited, too. It's disgusting.
    Here's the tape in question:
    Do I wish someone other than Kanye and Kim had exposed Taylor? Yes, but as the old adage goes, "Even a broken clock is right twice a day." 
    I like a lot of her music, but she should have just owned the calculating businesswoman side of herself, because unlike any other backlash she's had--even the Nicki Minaj stuff on Twitter last year--this has hurt her credibility more than anything. Combined with her overexposure and her refusal to admit she lied and apologize, it will be VERY hard for her to recover from this. 
    And except for a few Tweets at the beginning from members of her Girl Squad (including Selena Gomez, who quickly put her OWN foot in her mouth), the majority of her famous friends have kept mysteriously silent about this.
    This is a good article, too:
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  13. MissLlanviewPA added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    Good. The bros need to LET. IT. GO.
    Go Liz! 
    I shouldn't be laughing at this so hard, but yeah, I am.
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  14. MissLlanviewPA added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    "When they go low, we go high."  
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  15. MissLlanviewPA added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    Y'all are going to look at me like I'm high but: Hell to the yes. Young or old, doesn't matter. I've ALWAYS had a crush on him.
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