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  1. VirginiaHamilton added a topic in Music & Movies   

    "Straight Out Of Compton" Called Out for Erasing Dr. Dre's Abuse Against Women
    Frankly, I'm surprised that so many didn't know about this since this definitely made headlines (in the same vein of Chris Brown/Rihanna) when I was a kid:

    (And, yes, I'm aware there's another thread on this movie, but I refuse to validate the existence of SON's resident David Duke.)
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  2. VirginiaHamilton added a topic in PrimetimeOxides   

    Hollywood Divas
    Frankly, I can't tell who is more loathsome on this show--Tracee Ellis Ross' ashy friend from Girlfriends, Keith Sweat and Ed Hartwell's ex-wife, or Ice Cube's annoying girlfriend from Friday:

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  3. VirginiaHamilton added a post in a topic Antenna TV Thread   

    Call me when they do the same for The Carol Burnett Show.
    (I'm salty that I don't have UP or ASPIRE [whichever airs The Flip Wilson Show] on my lineup.)
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  4. VirginiaHamilton added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    My favorite delusional housewife of all time has returned to grace us with her messy presence! Come through, queen....

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  5. VirginiaHamilton added a topic in Off Topic Lounge   

    Bobbi Kristina Brown Has Passed Away
    Rest in peace in heaven, sweetheart:

    And, yes, my heart goes out to both Bobby and Cissy over this tragic loss.

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  6. VirginiaHamilton added a post in a topic Lifetime Strikes again with BTS film about 90210   

    *side-eyeing the hell out of them casting a better-looking Tori than Queen B*
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  7. VirginiaHamilton added a post in a topic Unsung   

    I could've sworn that they did an Unsung episode on Maze featuring Frankie Beverly (or am I confusing this with another show?) already. Candi Staton is an Unsung that I'd love to see. 'Victim' is one of the most tragically underrated disco classics of all time.
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  8. VirginiaHamilton added a post in a topic The Rihanna Thread   

    Tamar's absolutely spot on, regardless of her intentions. The industry's racism results in their being lazy enough to categorize Rihanna in an R&B category when nothing she's done has come close to being that--at her expense (after all, they'll drag their heels against acknowledging her as the pop superstar that she is while propping up white acts that haven't had a tenth of her success) and at the expense of true R&B artists (who don't get a fighting chance because they aren't mainstream enough for them to celebrate enough).
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  9. VirginiaHamilton added a post in a topic The Nicki Minaj Thread   


    Someone who thrives off of shitting on Black women for shits and giggles yet'll be quick to hide the hands that she throws the rocks at a white girl with


    Someone who's been riding high off of her white privilege since a dusty squirrel went and made her cry on an awards show that hasn't been relevant since Arsenio hosted it

    Needless to say, I'm on Team I-Hope-Both-of-Their-Careers-Implode
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  10. VirginiaHamilton added a post in a topic Unsung   

    Very late to this thread, but:

    I'm mad that I missed the Chuck Brown/GoGo episode (stupid DVR taped over it) and hope that they air it again in the near future. While I'll concede that Xscape were unsung (compared to groups like TLC and SWV that enjoyed a higher profile), I'm side-eyeing the lie that they were the first R&B artists to wear hip-hop attire when the aforementioned had been doing it for at least a year before they were a thing (The stan in me will also mention that Mary J. Blige ushered in that era of hip-hop soul glamour when she first came out before all of them.) I'm thrilled that they closed the season with Kid n' Play (and do believe that House Party deserves its own Unsung Hollywood episode), as it brought me back to my childhood (when having fun in hip hop was the norm and not the exception to the rule). I sure hope that that bucktoothed backstabber Steve Harvey isn't involved in tomorrow night's season premiere of Unsung Hollywood with the dearly departed Bernie Mac and that they get into one of the main reasons why I loathe that fool.
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  11. VirginiaHamilton added a post in a topic Bill Cosby   

    Since everything worth mentioning has been said, I'll just sit back and sip the sweet-tasting nectar of karma.

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  12. VirginiaHamilton added a post in a topic Antenna TV Thread   

    So, I finally caught the legendary Newhart series finale and while I found it cute, I believe that I would've found it much more delightful if I'd watched The Bob Newhart Show (which I've never seen in syndication).
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  13. VirginiaHamilton added a post in a topic Dawsons Creek...   

    Hopefully, they'll air the episodes with the music that originally aired (I hate what they replaced it with on my DVDs). That said, I watched the show (seasons 1-4) within the past year and:
    I've yet to make it through season 5, so it remains to be seen whether this is truly the season that made the show jump the shark. (I fell off on watching the show halfway through season 4 because college got in the way). As much as Dawson was hated by many (with good reason at times), I found Joey just as loathsome now--especially when threw both Dawson and Pacey under the bus to put her special snowflake ass on a pedestal post season 2. Speaking of, Season 2 remains my favorite season precisely because that was when the show gained its footing and when there weren't any blatant favorites (hell, even my girl, Abby, got a sympathetic episode or two) to shove down our throats. I remember hating both Jen and Grams in the original airing, but can appreciate Grams as the smartest person on that show and Jen as the "bad girl" who was more than what folks wanted to paint her as. I'll always resent this show for throwing Andie / Pacey and Andie under the bus to facilitate Pacey and Joey / prop Joey's ass--especially since I far preferred the former character / relationship over the latter. And, oh, Pacey has and always will be my favorite character.
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  14. VirginiaHamilton added a post in a topic Blood Sweat and Heels   

    All and all:
    I'm glad that my favorite, Mica, made the wise decision to scale back this season, as she's the one that benefitted the most from it. I can see why Daisy isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I give her a pass for her behavior because I recently had to endure a loved one battling (and losing her fight to) cancer who went through the similar mood swings. Still don't like Demetria (never have and never will), though I will give her a smidge of credit for resolving the issue with Geneva head on instead of taking the word of that twit. Though it was a treat to see Chantelle hand Demetria her ass, I'm not feeling her "I see no race" self, either. All I have to say about Gonzo and Never Was is that they're not needed next season or any time thereafter. Knowing that the alleged "Machine Gun Melly" was mollywhopped from top to bottom warmed my cold black heart since I never liked her bandwagon-riding ass. Though Geneva is hated by many (since last season for good reason), she is the one that grew on me the most this season. Once I got to see her do more than polish Demetria's ass, I realized that she wasn't that bad in spite of her (obvious) faults.
    I'm thinking that may have to do with Geneva's pending lawsuit (probably the same reason why we're not getting a reunion).
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  15. VirginiaHamilton added a post in a topic Blood Sweat and Heels   

    Back when Geneva and Demetria clashed early in the first season, Geneva implied that Demetria's sh|t wasn't quite so rosy and the rumor was that Greg dipped out on her throughout their relationship and even tried to pick up some random while they were either on vacation or at one of her events. I say rumor because it hasn't been confirmed (nor has the other rumor that Geneva alluded to about Demetria stalking her last boyfriend [prior to Greg] and attempting to ruin the professional reputation of the woman that he'd left her for [i believe they're either engaged or married now] since Geneva/the woman/Demetria are in the same industry).

    I noted this because of Greg's overreaction to Geneva, as well as Demetria's instant forgiveness of Geneva back in season 1 (as opposed to Daisy and Mica, who she kept at arm's length).
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