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  1. Burton posted the promo of his return to GH on his IG
  2. I loved de fact that 4 almost the last decade of AW, the 4 tentpoles of the show were women, Rachel, Iris, Donna, Felicia; later IMO Iris was replaced by Etta Mae!
  3. But yeah it is, take de DD crap back where it belongs LOL, and back to Burton...... Is BM leaving?
  4. This HILARIOUS coming from you, you need a mirror and pot for obvious reasons DC confirmed Burton to GH a few hours ago!
  5. Here's Glidden's teaser earlier b4 reveal If a face launched a thousand ships, this news will ignite at least 5 fanbase wars.l
  6. Michael Logan and Jamey Giddings tweeted Steve Burton returns to GH
  7. OMG, Monday is gonna b guest as a Chick fan!
  8. She ain't a fan , hence y she created Phick, and sid she wanted to create her own coupling with Nick U gave it less than a year in Jan, ya got 6 more months LOL
  9. Too soon, ? I didn't give a timeframe it ain't happening while Sally is HW and Sony never seems interested lol I didn't say never, like Lily/Holden or Josh/Riva and probably Ridge/Brooke, they will reunite in the last episode of the series!
  10. No he didn't! LOL at all the complain, repetitive dialogue is classic YR, Ashley and Jack always had the same dialogue over and over back in de day I agree with some of de critique bu I enjoy de show No Nick does not need to go to CL, I am glad Sally ain't no Schick fan cuz I like him with Chelsea, they have long term story potential BTW, did we get the annual Cassie death anniversary grave scenes at de end of May?
  11. YAY Nene's back next season!
  12. This looks like déjà vie from Rick/Caroline/Ridge shooting promo!
  13. I have been liking YR lately LOVE Dina's return LOVE Philly LOVE bad Cane and the B&S story LOVE Chick, seems they do have story sans paternity story Speaking of no story...... uh Sharon!
  14. It didn't have to be a scene with Sonny for Massey to appear disinterested I thought his love scenes with Sonny were good, the shower scene was good! Massey left Days to continue his education not to be a big star!