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  1. I hear Lana is now on contract It was supposedly posted on Vimeo by Kyler
  2. Seems Theo is going away for a year, recast coming IMO
  3. Theo is hospitalized in one of the scripts leaked by Jason Lani preggers, might explain Jack coming back, bet its a WTD story with Eli/JJ BTW video gone, here's the spoiler from SOC
  4. Also confirmed taping today is a bachelor & bachelorette party and mention that Andre has a party. RC previews that Paulson/Chabby r planning a double wedding in the new SOD
  5. Yeah Giddens mentioned that but alluded Greta was lying as he was spoiling the Alamain connection loll, we shall see!
  6. He also said if Budig were to come to Days as a recanted Greta, she couldn't be a new LI to TC's character, hinting they would be related Isn't Greta John, (who is a Alamain), daughter?
  7. They definitely tried it IMO, it was the closest and peeps were complaining a few weeks in, c'mon now lol
  8. According to Giddings, whilst ( abed unbeknownst to) KA/SSM were busy trying to get YR steady, Young was busy writing his own 6 month SL arc for the show, which will air in a couple of months Hopefully we r done with years long cries for de olé Bell/Alden days. They tried it, I liked it, others not so much, on to just making YR a good show
  9. Giddings says TC's character is not Nicholas Alamain but is connected to Vivian
  10. Uh this season started with Jackie coming for Evelyn and Evelyn stating Jackie has payback owed, I ain't a Evelyn fan but just saying!
  11. AW was great in 83-84, they were doing the same formula as GL with the 5 families thing All I remember from the double wedding was Jamie returning in tight pass shorts lol also loved Susan Keith as Shana, loved Shana with Mike, Doug, Jim, and Leo!
  12. I loved Shana/Leo, Burnells was going under and Shana offered Leo $$ help for his sperm and they fell in love
  13. LOL they were screentesting for EJ awhile back, and with AS and ED returning, he could be EJ or Nicholas, just saying
  14. y can't he be EJ?
  15. post DAMN, either he is EJ or Nicholas Alamain!