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  1. It didn't have to be a scene with Sonny for Massey to appear disinterested I thought his love scenes with Sonny were good, the shower scene was good! Massey left Days to continue his education not to be a big star!
  2. YAAAÆSSSS BTW, I don't see RC "de gaying" Will
  3. WOW @ RHOA! Guess we can say that Phaedra DID call the Feds on Kandi/Cynthia!
  4. Does anyone know what de bombshell is at the RHOA reunion?
  5. There is a bachelorette party spoiled, so no to Paulson No way imho would Ron leave out Doug or ShawnDouglas out of Rope's engagement festivities, we shall see
  6. Why would Theo be at Rafe's bachelor party? IMO its either Abe or JJ.
  7. JJ looks to be engaged IMO
  8. On the voids I saw, the actors had an accent. Abed really accents, race, hair color and so on are not canon re a recast (ie NuRidge on B&B)
  9. There are YT videos of actors screentesting for EJ, so I ain't surprised she is returning!
  10. Jason and Gina did a fan event together in Canada over the weekend. Jason and Gina also confirmed that a Philly reuion is happening. Jason said the Bella paternity story will be coming out soon, in the next few weeks. Kevin or Billy..
  11. I think Scotty is meant for Sharon, at a fan event today JT spoiled that Philly is coming back The Newman Bros buried he hatchet shortly b4 Adam blew up, so yeah he cares!
  12. Uh NO, Sharon hs NEVER EVER encouraged to omantically fight another woman, but I am liking this new Sharon!
  13. Good show today LMAO, they done reduce Sharon to pimping Nick & Chelsea.....i ain't mad!
  14. I hink Writers have been with YR since conception, I think Lorilee Brooks was a novelist and Chris Brooks worked at de family newspaper
  15. I remember that year Reminds me of Nora Fulton story, who started with Nicole/Miles, moved into the Whitney story and introduced us to Preacher Dian Frances Heflin's (Mona AMC) daughter play a actress at Whitney heater?