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  1. https://www.tvinsider.com/148327/joshua-morrow-young-and-the-restless/
  2. How long is GV gonna be with Days, is he done with Queen Sugar?
  3. I saw the heat and passion on NYE, I thought it was sweet and touching, especially the ring part Sharon holding Christian still creeps me out but I love how SSM is writing Sharon!
  4. Oooooh I liked the Chick sex scene!
  5. How long is GV staying, maybe Ericole ride off with baby Holly?
  6. looking forward to Nick and Chelsea this week and next week Is Sean Corrigan gone?
  7. He was also on the EON!
  8. Sharon has used hr illness as an excuse, and their have been many instances of Sharon not being irrational, acknowledging her issues juxtapositioned with her feeling and doing the opposite to make anyone wary, she built that house LOL
  9. JM & MCE will be doing a FB live Chat next weds, I cant wait!
  10. Yup, she Is for RJ
  11. In with the Spectras, out with the Avant!
  12. I like Jordan Awe Chick was sweet today I was liking Sharon until she wanted to abandon Faith again for a man. Damn shame Mustache hd to remind her bout that!
  13. Uh, everything is written fir story purpose LMAO
  14. Love SSM respecting Nicks love 4 Sage. Peeps said he'd b sexing it up soon after she died, its almost a year, but ready 4 him 2 b happy I like this version of Sharon!