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  1. When did MAB get back? lol
  2. I agree with Khan. I'm glad she is leaving on her own terms. Hope she gets a juicy last episode (oh, who am I kidding?) Enjoy your retirement, Jane.
  3. Yup, that would be my order! Though ranking Queen Joan is useless. She is immortal. It's really insane how amazing she looks at her age.
  4. I'm a little late in my comments but the contrast between great vs good vs awful work is on full display here.
  5. She is divine. Thanks for posting!
  6. June Brown is living proof strong genes will win out over bad lifestyle choices.

  7. How on EARTH did I not know Catherine Hickland married Todd Fisher? When she showed up out of nowhere in that new Carrie Fisher/Debbie Reynolds documentary I was gagged!

    1. DRW50


      I didn't know that either. Wow.

    2. cassadine1991


      Really? I remember in a podcast interview Catherine did when talking about OLTL and her hypnotism stuff while in Las Vegas, Debbie made a small appearance. I think that was when her and Todd were dating

    3. BetterForgotten


      I didn't know until MTS (who is close friends with Hickland) mentioned it on Twitter the other day. 

  8. My AMC nostalgia grows especially strong at Christmastime. So many classic, cozy holiday episodes. How lucky were we this have this show in our lives...
  9. Those 18-34 numbers for DAYS are truly horrendous.
  10. What an absolutely gorgeous home and the views are breathtaking. I can't say I'm too crazy about the green walls, though.
  11. I wish him the best. So that's too OLTL stars battling cancer at the same time.
  12. Man, Austin Peck did not age well.
  13. Who is the woman with the glasses? She looks very familiar.
  14. I am beside myself. RIP you brilliant, groundbreaking, fierce woman. Thank you for Erica Kane. Thank you for Phoebe. Thank you for Angie Hubbard and her Jessie. Thank you for Myrtle. Thank you for Opal and Palmer and Greg and Jenny. Thank you for 'the' Adam Chandler. Thank you for Bianca and her coming out. Thank you for all those heartwarming holiday episodes. Thank you for making Pine Valley a second home for this once lonely, depressed boy.
  15. Greenlee and Leo (AMC) Greenlee and Ryan (AMC) (JK!) Adam and Liza (AMC) Palmer and Opal (AMC) Jessie and Angie (AMC)