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  1. Finally. GH is good again thanks to #MinionsGH!
  2. GH actors from the good old days.
  3. No way. Someone new. Someone that has never run a soap before. This medium needs fresh blood.
  4. She was on Y&R? Really? Her name was Linda Sanders and I couldn't find that she had been on Y&R. I feel like I remember she did some posing for Playboy or something like that.
  5. Yea, I liked Cheryl & Robert better than Katherine & Robert. For me, Katherine was a bit boring. But because Katherine was paired with Robert, she became popular. And I agree with DRW50, that the writing for Cheryl got worse as time went on. I floved Robert & Holly together. They were my favorite. But I also like Robert with Anna and with Tiff. I didn't like Robert with Jackie or Autumn. Those pairings were not good. And the actress that played Autumn was horrendous. Ugh. Glad she left.
  6. Yea, Edie was paired with Tristan Rogers who was uber popular, and the audience came to love the pairing. Edie was a pianist and NOT an actress. But she was a natural and the fans liked her.
  7. Erica Kane Luke & Laura Those are the big three.
  8. He looks good.
  9. I hear you. But I'd kill for the Monty returns era over today's mess.
  10. OMG. Yes, Tracy did have the exact same hairstyle!
  11. All the shows suck.
  12. I always thought he was such a handsome man....as well as a terrific actor. I'm sad for Kin Shriner. May he RIP.
  13. So much awesomeness!
  14. So cool! Thanks for posting.
  15. Sigh. I miss that GH.