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  1. I always thought he was such a handsome man....as well as a terrific actor. I'm sad for Kin Shriner. May he RIP.
  2. So much awesomeness!
  3. So cool! Thanks for posting.
  4. Sigh. I miss that GH.
  5. Yea, just what this GH fan wants to see - another Liver. NOT!
  6. I remembering crying when they killed off Alan Q because I knew TPTB were systematically killing off classic GH. I don't think they wanted any reminders of GH's great past because their version of GH (Sonny, Carly & Jason) could never compare to GH's great history. For me, symbolically, killing off Alan Q, was killing GH. It's never been the same since.
  7. Sonny being the be-all-end-all to this show is exactly why I can no longer stand the show. I got tired of this in the late 90s. I'm basically fed up now. The show revolving soley around Sonny is old, tired and unoriginal. It's one of the main reasons this show sucks so much. At least Ron knew that. The current writers do not.
  8. I do not disagree. Guza was fired as I recall. Laura was sidelined. For me, the recast Lucky and Nikolas were awful and had more chemistry with each other than any romantic pairing. Roy should have been left in the past and Bobbie should have had a fresh love interest. Angel and Hannah were both awful replacements for Brenda. We spent forever fighting to get Michael and it made the Q's insufferable. Burton fought his intended pairing with Carly in every scene they shared. Stefan was destroyed. The repeat death for Katherine was a waste. I would rather forget Chloe and that sister for Alexis whose name I can't remember. Luke and Felicia was terrible for both of them. I could go on and on lol. Man, I forgot how truly awful the show became then. And it's gone downhill ever since. Right before this was the last time I was truly invested in this show.
  9. That took guts. Thank you Amber.
  10. Great pics. I love seeing all those people together. Thanks for posting.
  11. RIP to another soap favorite.
  12. RIP to a lady that make a huge impact on a lot of people whether they knew it or not. You don't even have to be a viewer of AMC, OLTL or Loving to know her impact. My thoughts are with her family and close friends.
  13. IA. Guza with Wendy Riche as the EP was great. It's when GH got Jill (the soap killer) Faren Phelps as EP and Guza was still headwriter that the show got so bad. A good EP is very important. This is why GH still sucks. Fire Frank already!
  14. Demi Moore doesn't mention her time on GH.