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  1. did they have pics of him in thongs or did he just mention wearing them?
  2. I like how they focused more about what's going on in Twin Peaks. I really hope they are allowed another season
  3. I wanted someone to shut that b**** up that wouldn't quit honking her horn
  4. and who could forget him as Meryl Streep's pool boy, Garcia, in She Devil
  5. this has to be one interesting thread; any really kinky underwear for the guys?
  6. Pence will pardon Trump if he gets impeached
  7. you can probably erase Steven Beale from being bi since the show apparently wants you to forget that he came out
  8. they did; guy on CNN even said electing Trump was a white lash against Obama & a changing country
  9. if the Dems go after Caitlyn (should she run) the Republicans can call them homophobic for attacking a trans woman
  10. Robert's ass looks great in those jeans when he decides to move back into Aaron's house
  11. Kyle MacLachlan looking sexy shirtless
  12. I'm starting to get the feeling that Robert isn't really the father of Rebecca's baby